Grace, JohnGrace, John, 1988

Understanding Aspects of Covert Interaction With Alien Culture, Technology And Planetary Power Structures

Note from the author

This project is the distillation of over fifteen years of research. Out of those fifteen years, the last year has been most significant. Most of the controversial data has appeared in the last year. Although some of it may seem a bit "far out", much of it has been corroborated from so many sources that it is no longer a question of coincidence.

I am convinced that the following basic items are true:

There are many more areas to cover, and I am sure that you will reach some conclusions yourself. These conclusions may not be comfortable, but they will appear. You will think very hard after reviewing this book. That's the purpose of it. To stimulate thought and change within the consciousness of those who read it.

We're all after peace in our lives. We all want and need the same kind of things out of life (in the end). Someday, we may see a better world and a better life for all beings, no matter where they come from. This book is intended to be part of the start of that process. Read it, reflect on it, and do a little checking on your own. You'll be glad you did.

V. Valerian.

Notice: All information and data for this work were obtained through various sources in the public domain.

This report is a confidential work that is intended for review by the serious researcher, and assumes a basic familiarity with the general subject matter in the field. It was not produced specifically for the general public.

Many thanks go to the following researchers who have made a real contribution to the store of knowledge we have about these subjects:

Gray Barker Linda Moulton Howe Ralph Epperson Leonard Stringfield Budd Hopkins Whitley Strieber Jozaa Buist Jacques Vallée John A. Keel Ivan Sanderson John Lear Trevor J. Constable Wendelle Stevens William Steinman Bruce Cathie Riley J. Crabb Alson Fry D. Hatcher Childress Ted Holiday Michael Smith Barry Greenwood Lawrence Fawcett George Andrews John Andrews Tom Adams Tom Bearden Lew Tery Nikola Tesla Joseph Cater C. W. Leadbeater Shakti Gawain William Moore Clifford Stone Helena Blavatsky Lyall Watson J. Havelock Fidler Rho Sigma Aileen Edwards Don Wilson John Moray Wilhem Reich Rudolph Steiner Ray Stanford Jerome Eden D. Scott Rogo Andrija Puharich Cherrie Hinkle Marge Blakely

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