Birds of a Feather No Longer: Policy Split Divides Aviary UFO- Secrecy Group

Boylan, RichardBoylan, Richard: Boylan, Richard, 1995 (1996 revision), 1995

Since a time apparently in the 1970s, a number of individuals with extremely high security clearances, who were working on various aspects of the UFO phenomenon, began to interact with each other on a regular basis to pool the information each had from their highly-compartmented assignments. The objective was to coordinate data, see the big picture about UFOs and extraterrestrial contacts with Earth, and to use this privileged information pool to gain access to additional secret data, to understand the policies of the elite, hypersecret Majestic-12 (MJ-12) UFO information-control and policy group, and to gain special influence through having this highly-privileged information.

This elite group of perhaps 14 individuals working in National Security assignments eventually gave themselves code-names, using mostly bird names. Collectively, they came to be called The Aviary (bird enclosure). A reader warning is in order: This affiliative network may exist as reported, or the accounts of this grouping may include disinformation generated by The Aviary themselves to obscure their membership.

The relationship of The Aviary to the MJ-12 (ultimate UFO information control and policy) Group is murky. It is the estimate of more than one UFO researcher that there is some overlap in membership; meaning that MJ-12 has quietly infiltrated The Aviary to keep tabs on it and to keep it under control.

It has been reported by Dr. Steven GreerGreer, Steven M., Director of the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (CSETI), that the MJ-12 Group is now designated as PI-40 s1Personal communication, January, 1995. This hyper-classified group deals with the most sensitive compartmented information regarding extraterrestrials, and is so covert a Special Access Program, that reportedly the President and Congress do not exercise control over PI-40, and only know of its existence through rumor.

Dick D'Amato, National and International Security Specialist for Senator Robert Byrd, and a member of the National Security Council (NSC), in 1991, stated that UFO information should be released, but that an incredibly powerful black arm of the government has been keeping it secret, and spending enormous sums of money illegally in this operation. D'Amato said that the NSC is trying to find out who these people are. [Personal communication with Jesse Marcel, Jr., M.D., Washington, D.C., 1991; as reported in eUFOria, the Black Hills UFO Network Publication, 2:2, May, 1995.]

Ironically, the answer may be right under their noses. It is quite possible that PI-40 exists within a hyper-compartmented Special Access Program, yet with informal informational links to the National Security Council's 5240 [Black Projects] Committee. s2Timothy Good, Above Top Secret, 1983; L. Fletcher Prouty, The Secret Team, 1973.

While there may be some overlap between The Aviary and the PI-40 group, they remain two separate entities. PI-40 is clearly at the top; for PI-40 is the policy and decision group who have orchestrated the UFO Cover-Up since 1947, while simultaneously releasing little fragments of UFO/Star Visitor information, to gradually condition the American public to the slowly-dawning realization of UFO reality.

The Aviary is the group of individuals with histories of working in UFO-related National Security projects who have obtained more complete information (and thus power) by closely coordinating the data, informants, and efforts each is involved with. Now, leaked reports from sources close to some Aviary members suggest that there is a split within the Aviary, (which may well mirror a split within the PI-40 group.)

On one side are those members of The Aviary who feel that the time has come when information about UFO reality and ET contacts should be broadly disclosed to the public. These Good Guys feel that the public is ready for this information, and generally can handle it. Others within the Aviary, on the Dark Side , resist such disclosure. The Dark Side members do not want to lose the power which a UFO/ET-information monoploy has given them. From their behavior, it appears that they do not welcome close public scrutiny of their role in the UFO Cover-Up. Additionally, one or two among them have reportedly engaged in not-properly-authorized, illegal, and sometimes injurious projects and operations. The split over disclosure versus maintaining the Cover-Up is creating a climate where there are increasing leaks, as the Good Guys try to force disclosure, and establish for themselves a track record of belated candor with the American public. It is important not to demonize all the reported members of The Aviary. Most are presumably well-intentioned scientists or (former) military or intelligence officers, with careers spanning the Cold War, and who no doubt sincerely believed that UFO secrecy was vital to maintain. Any crimes committed by those few of the Dark Side will have to be determined in a proper military or civilian court of jurisdiction.

The following is a list of reported members of The Aviary.


Besides the main members of The Aviary, ancillary helpers *reportedly* exist who are more or less witting of the purposes and membership of The Aviary, and choose to participate in a variety of supporting roles.