Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena: Implications on National Security, Public Safety, and Government Transparency

Subcommittee on National Security, the Border, and Foreign Affairs Hearing, Wednesday, July 26, 2023
Hearing video

[Grothman opening statement]

[Burchett opening statement]

Burchett: And I yield back the remainder of my time, I think, is it, to Representative Luna, Mr. Chairman?

Grothman: Yeah, we'll call Ms. Luna for her statement.

[Luna opening statement]

Grothman: Thank you very much. And I'd like to thank you and Mr. Burchett for bringing this topic to my attention. Now, we'll recognize National Security Subcommittee ranking Member Garcia for ten minutes.

[Garcia opening statement]

Grothman: Right, now, I'd like to introduce our witnesses. Our 1st witness is Lieutenant Ryan GravesGraves, Ryan. He's the executive director of Americans for Safe Aerospace. Lieutenant Graves is also a former US Navy F-18 pilot with his own UAP experience.

The next witness, David GruschGrusch, David is a former senior intelligence officer with the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and was a senior technical advisor for UAP issues.

And finally, retired Navy Commander David Fravor, squadron leader, who worked as a Naval aviator for 18 years. Mr. Fravor has his own UAP experience, known as the "tic-tac" event.

I look forward to hearing from all three of you today. Pursuant to Committee Rule Nine G, the witnesses will please stand and raise their right hands. Do you solemnly swear or affirm that the testimony you are about to give is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God.

Let the record show that all the witnesses answered in the affirmative. You may be seated. We appreciate you all being here today and look forward to your testimony. I'll remind the witnesses that we have read your written statements, and they will appear in full in the hearing record. Please try to limit your oral statements to 5 mn. As a reminder, please press the button on the microphone in front of you so that it's on and the members can hear you. When you begin to speak, the light in front of you will turn green. After 4 mn, it'll turn yellow. And the red light when that comes on, it tells you your 5 mn have expired.

I'll now recognize Mr. Graves for five minutes for your opening statement.

[Graves opening statement]

Mr. Grusch?

[Grusch opening statement]

Thank you. Commander Fravor?

[Fravor opening statement]

Thank you very much. I know it's very difficult for all of you, all you've done in the past, to try to eliminate this issue. Calling myself first for some questions.

[Grothman questions to witnesses]

Okay, thank you very much. Now we'll go to Mr. Garcia.

[Garcia questions to witnesses]

Thank you. We'll go to Mr. Burchett himself.

[Burchett first questions to witnesses]

Very good, Mr. Raskin.

[Raskin first questions to witnesses]

Thanks. And Ms. Luna.

[Luna first questions to witnesses]

Good. Mr. Moskowitz.

[Moskowitz questions to witnesses]

Ms. Fox.

[Fox questions to witnesses]

Mr. Frost.

[Frost questions to witnesses]

Mr. Comer.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman. Let me say I want to thank you for having this hearing, and I want to thank Mr. Burcht, Ms. Luna, for leading this hearing. And with that, I yield my 5 minutes to Mr. Burchett.

[Burchett second questions to witnesses]

Thank you. Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.

[Ocasio-Cortez questions to witnesses]

Mr. Biggs.

[Biggs questions to witnesses]

First of all, without objection, representative Nick Langworthy of New York has waived on the subcommittee for purpose of questioning witnesses at today's subcommittee hearing. And then we go to Mr. Burlison.

[Burlison questions to witnesses]

[Gaetz questions to witnesses]

Ms. Mace.

[Mace questions to witnesses]

Okay, now we have Mr. Langworthy. Is he here? Okay.

[Langworthy questions to witnesses]

Mr. Ogles.

[Ogles questions to witnesses]

[Burchett third questions to witnesses]

Thank you. I'm going to do something a little bit out of the ordinary here. We're going to give 3 people a chance at additional 3 minutes. So, Mr. Burchett, do you want to keep going?

Burchett: Why don't you come back to me? Mr. Chairman. Ms. Luna, is she on that list?


[Luna second questions to witnesses]

Okay, we'll go to Mr. Raskin for 3 mn.

[Raskin second questions to witnesses]

Very good. Mr. Burchett.

[Burchett fourth questions to witnesses]

Thank you much. Mr. Garcia.

[Garcia closing remarks]

Thank you. I'd like to one more time thank Mr. Burchett, Ms. Luna, for bringing this to our attention. It's a topic that has interest me since I was in school. It was a very illuminating hearing. Obviously, I think several of us are going to look forward to getting some answers in a more confidential setting. I assume some legislation will come out of this...

Burchett: ...


BurchettI apologize, Mr. Chairman. I need to compliment the folks in my office that did a lot of the work on this. Rachel and Noah sitting behind me here, they're very quiet and humble, but without them, this thing would not have come off like it did. So I apologize.

Thank you. I think we're going to want to look into what we can do to make more of this information public. I think there's certainly a time period after which it should always be made public. And people have been concerned about these issues, like I said, since I was in high school.

But in any event, like to thank everybody who was here sticking through the entire hearing without objection, the members will have 5 legislative days to submit materials and to submit additional written questions for the witnesses, which will be forward to the witnesses for their response. If there's no further business without objection, the subcommittee stands adjourned.