Still Waiting: A List of Predictions from the "UFO Culture"

Kottmeyer, Martin S.: The Anomalist, 1998


The collection of predictions that is presented here arose out of long study of the UFO phenomenon. Most of them were sought out in the early 1980s during a period when I was interested in the application of Murphy's law to UFO study. I had intended it as a chapter of a book I was writing. During a bout of nostalgia I recently reread it and decided to update it. One motive was a realization that this information constitutes a fascinating measure for assessing the nature of the UFO phenomenon and the quality of our collective thinking about it. It is sometimes said that theories about it are unfalsifiable, yet there is obviously a body of discourse here which not only can be falsified; it has been.

It will be noticed that this collection contains references to something known as Fetridge's Law. It was an important feature of the original study and I have decided to retain it. Fetridge's Law derives from an unfortunate fellow named Fetridge who ambitiously decided to do a live broadcast of the return of the swallows to Capastrano. The swallows were known to infallibly return each year to that town on a certain date. Of course, that year the swallows decided to procrastinate. The dictum learned from this debacle states, "Important things that are supposed to happen do not happen, especially when people are watching you."

The UFO phenomenon follows this law with almost spooky conscientiousness. The few predictions that do come true in this collection are always about basically unimportant things happening or important things not happening. Unbelievers tend to have a better success rate than believers, but that seems to be largely because their predictions tend to be of a modest and forgettable form like the UFO phenomenon behaving more or less as it always has with no high consequences. When they get a little ambitious, they get cut down as well.

I make no claim this collection is exhaustive. There are doubtless many other predictions out there that I missed or forgot about simply because virtually nobody can read and digest the whole UFO literature. There is an obvious bias towards items predating the Eighties. I read much less of the literature nowadays. I state this merely to warn people against seeing a trend of predictions getting fewer ergo people are wising up. That is doubtless wrong. I also tended to avoid predictions from psychics and tabloids. I favored proclamations from ufologists and individuals claiming direct contact with aliens. For those who argue the UFO phenomenon extends back through history, a few predictions associated with ancient astronauts are included to demonstrate the ubiquity of Fetridge's Law.

Though imperfect, this collection is large enough and representative enough to derive a number of solid conclusions and recommendations. The aliens in the UFO phenomenon, be they those of contactees or abductees, do not give accurate information about the future, particularly when the information concerns matters of great concern like the destruction of the planet, war, or profound changes in society. Whether this indicates deception, folly, or mere error can be argued about, but the basic upshot is that their pronouncements deserve no more weight than the opinion of an average man in the street. Theories by ufologists, particularly those derived from the ETH (UFOs=extraterrestrials), have a poor track record and can be considered falsified in the sense of showing trustworthy or practical results. You can safely ignore aliens and ufologists in figuring out how to live your life. When they say the world will end, don't end your own. The historical record gives you ample precedents to judge them as unworthy of your attention.

What I Saw After I Waited

  1. "I will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate from the tower of Syrene even unto the border of Ethiopia. No foot of man shall pass through it, nor foot of beast shall pass through it, neither shall it be inhabited 40 years." Ezekiel 29: 10-11. Less ostentatiously, Ezekiel also prophesied Tyre would be taken by Nebuchadnezzar and trodden down by horses and chariots, never to be rebuilt. Nebuchadnezzar never destroyed Tyre and the city flourished for centuries. St. Jerome of the fourth century professed astonishment at Ezekiel's prophecy failing so utterly.
  2. Doxographic sources ascribe to the early Pythagoreans, among them the cosmographer Philolaus, belief in the moon being inhabited all over by big, beautiful animals and plants. "The animals in their virtue and energy are fifteen degrees superior to ours (and) emit nothing excrementious." There was believed to be a danger of their destruction by means of a weather catastrophe involving suffocation in the glassified, cool water element of the moon-heaven. It is suspected this cosmic catastrophe was being predicted to occur at the end of a world period such as that found in Babylonian and Indian religions. Even allowing an ambiguity of a few thousand years for expiration, this prediction can be declared impossible by virtue of the failure of the Greek system of teleological physics.
  3. "What retribution thou dost destine for the two sides, O Wise One, by thy bright fire and by molten metal, give a sign of it to souls, to bring harm to the wicked, advantage to the just." Thus spoke Zarathustra (628-551 B.C.) in the Persian text Yasna. Zarathustra was hoping for the imminent transfiguration of the world, the renewal of existence. Good was to totally triumph over evil by the will of Ahura Mazda. Zarathustra's proclamation of imminent eschaton was among the first to depart from the cosmic cycles predominant in preceding religions. Zarathustra has been considered a contactee in Oahspe.
  4. Roman writers such a Pliny, Lydus, and Obsequens spoke of flying shields and their aerial kin as portents of future evils and worldly disorders. Joannes Lydus treats UFOs in prophetic terms in De Ostentis. When they moved east to west it was said to foretell "a future movement of the hated Parthians." North to south movements signaled thunderstorms.
  5. Deferring to that faction of UFO study that advocates the contactee status of Jesus, we enter him because some theologians, especially those following the studies of Albert Schweitzer, feel his prophecy that the Kingdom was "at hand" was central to his ministry. Matthew 10:7. Its subsequent failure prompted some interesting hedging by his disciples.
  6. April 14, 1561. The Nuremberg Broadsheet illustrates a "dreadful apparition" of crosses and rods and globes fighting vehemently among themselves in the morning sky till they fell from the sun down upon the earth where they burned and wasted away with immense smoke. Its author warns against ridiculing these high signs or "God may send us a frightful punishment on account of our ungratefulness." By this reasoning, "the God-fearing will by no means discard these signs, but will take it to heart as a warning of their merciful Father in heaven, will mend their lives and faithfully beg God, that he avert His wrath, including the well-deserved punishment, on us, so that we may, temporarily here and perpetually there, live as His children." The Nuremberg apparition would have been more timely had it preceded that century's violence rather than follow it.
  7. Emanuel Swedenborg was strongly driven by a millenarian impulse that held the Christian Church was due to be overthrown. He taught that the Flood ended the Most Ancient Church and the Crucifixion ended the Ancient Representative Church. The third judgment, prophesied by Christ and foretold in Revelations, would usher in a new age. The many evils of his age he catalogued in his Spiritual Diary served to confirm to him his expectation of Apocalypse. Swedenborg felt The Last Judgment occurred in 1757 in the world of man's spirit, but the state of the mundane world admittedly had not changed outwardly. Swedenborg has been credited with more material prophecies such as the Stockholm fire of 1759, but these accounts are not first-hand and have debatable worth.
  8. November 17, 1896. One of the first sightings of the Airship Mystery includes a comment by the operator of an airship that almost hits a tower on a brewery. "We will get to San Francisco about half-past 12," was what R.L. Lowery overheard. If they got there, nobody noticed. Sacramento district attorney, Frank D. Ryan, surmised the signs and wonders meant the advent of the millennium. A letter to the Stockton Evening Mail a couple days later theorized whimsically, "It is probable that in a short time (the Martian Lord Commissioner's) ambassador will make a call on the President," but it was waiting for McKinley to take charge of things.
  9. April 9, 1897. An encounter between James Southard and the occupants of an airship in Nebraska reveals an intention to destroy the Spanish Navy within the week.
  10. A.C. Clinton, alleging to be an airship inventor, promises to appear before the directors of the Omaha Trans-Mississippi Exhibition on April 17, 1897 and demonstrate his craft. Similarly, guys descended from the ten lost tribes of Israel in the North Pole area claimed they would appear at the Nashville Exposition on June 18 and 19. This was according to Judge Love and his fishing partner, Mr. Beatty of Waxachiw, Texas. Neither airship exhibited themselves.
  11. The prophecy received from the Virgin at Fatima contained an assurance World War 1 would end that very day, October 13, 1917. Some accounts misreport the prophecy as being about Communism.
  12. Eros Urides, a Martian communicating through a medium in 1920, predicted a great awakening for the earth and promised communication with Mars and other planets would be "realized in a short time."
  13. During the mediumship of George Valiantine a prophecy came through that the Martians would get through to us before we got through to them. They were saying, in the 20s, this would happen before long and, incidentally, they were already trying to communicate with us.
  14. Kenneth Arnold, after his sighting, received media attention and got a call from a Texas preacher who was getting his flock ready for the end of the world because the saucers were harbingers of doomsday.
  15. Reverend Lester Carlson, pastor of a La Grande, Oregon tabernacle, was witness to a flying saucer on June 27, 1947 and was led to predict the end of the world also.
  16. M.F.S. Hehr, who was in contact with Venus, reports saucers were manned by Atlanteans in training "for the salvage work necessary in 1960." Persons and material must be collected for the restart of civilization.
  17. The national commander-in-chief of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Louis E. Starr, of Portland, Oregon, revealed on July 5, 1947 he was momentarily expecting word from Washington which would "help explain the discs." A telegram concerning the "fleets of flying saucers" was due 3 p.m. EST, but it apparently never arrived.
  18. "Saucers were all a part of a prophecy - one of the things man was to see and not understand," explained an elderly Negro man to Louisiana governor Jimmie H. Davis. "The time was not distant when the world would know no seasons - winter will come in summer, spring in fall, and fall in spring - men will walk before they crawl, cotton will open before it blooms, the watermelon will come before the vine. The governor commented, "The watermelon thing I gotta see."
  19. Speaking of the saucer craze in July 1947, Orson Welles said, "I'll bet ten to one this will fizzle out." Newsweek also assigns them a premature burial with an item titled "Broken Saucers." It lamented, "As quickly as they had arrived, the saucers disappeared into the limbo of all good hot weather stories."
  20. Donald Keyhoe, in his historically important article for True magazine in January 1950 intimated we might get a surprise revelation like contact by spacemen in 1950. Keyhoe also noted that since saucers showed peak activity in July 1947 and July 1948, we could expect it to peak again in July 1950. (No. It peaked in March that year.)
  21. March 9, 1950. Mexico's government newspaper El Nacional quoted a Mexican scientist as saying his claim that flying saucers carry visitors from Mars would be confirmed in the near future.
  22. "The official explanation may be imminent." --Donald Keyhoe, 1950, in his book The Flying Saucers are Real.
  23. Mr. Silas Newton, infamous from the Scully hoax, prognosticated that saucers soon would land on the Earth, because they had nearly completed their survey. The date might be winter 1950, or at least by the fall of 1951.
  24. Is Another World Watching? was Gerald Heard's question titling one of the first books to appear on the saucer mystery. Heard speculated Martians were concerned our A-bombs might blast Earth into a cloud of dust which would yield a nuclear winter on their world. Inversely, they might also be concerned the bombs would accelerate sunspot growth such that an X-ray summer would follow or even, physics forbid, a nova.
  25. In February 1951 Keyhoe predicted an upswing in UFO activity for the spring of 1951 due to scheduled atom bomb tests near Las Vegas, Nevada. (No.)
  26. Lonzo Dove, Chief Astronomer of the IFSB, advanced one of the droller claims of having made a successful prediction. Dove was floating a Martian launch theory derived from prior saucer sighting dates and charted a 1952 arrival date for the space armada between April 14 and 16. On the 16th, Dove felt he had been vindicated when he photographed "a huge cloud 30 miles in diameter and 15 miles up in the sky, a double track a mile wide." He found added significance in the simultaneous appearance of an "equally abnormal double cloud" hanging some 60 to 90 miles over a region of Mars.
  27. Walter Winchell, the columnist, announced on June 30, 1952 that "Scientist at Palomar Observatory, California are supposed to have seen a 'space ship' land in the Mojave Desert, in May last. Four persons stepped out, took one look, and went off again. The U.S. Army may officially announce it in the fall." (No.)
  28. "Within the next few days, they're going to blow up and you're going to have the granddaddy of all UFO sightings. The sighting will occur in Washington or New York - probably Washington." A few days later the great Washington National flap began. The timing is indeed uncanny and it has the impressive distinction of having been made to the head of Project Blue Book. The scientist based this on a buildup of UFO cases then happening on the East Coast. The scientist was unnamed however because of security reasons. Nobody gets credit. Funny how that works.
  29. Writing for Look magazine in 1952, Donald Menzel put forward his mirage explanation for certain UFO sightings and concluded triumphantly, "I believe these experiments will eventually cause the saucer scare to vanish - most appropriately into thin air, the region that gave birth to it." A less sanguine colleague, Urner Liddel, penned remarks for the Optical Society of America that proved better grounded. "I have no delusions that all 'explanations' which may be given will stop the flood of saucer stories. They are but facets of this stage of history. People believe what they want to believe - not necessarily what is true."
  30. Readers responding to a major article in Life magazine in the summer of 1952 gave editors the impression that they were resigned to visitations from space and they expected a landing momentarily.
  31. In January 1953, Edgar L. Plunkett predicted we were on the verge of a breathtaking discovery with respect to saucers.
  32. Between January 14-18, 1953 the Robertson Panel predicted UFO sightings would "increase again this summer." (No.)
  33. In April 1953, Albert K. Bender editorializes on natural disasters he sees wreaking havoc and predicts a pole shift may be due in 1953.
  34. In July 1953 Edgar R. Jarrold, President of Australian Flying Saucer Bureau suggested saucers occur in two-year cycles and might be connected to Mars in some way. Because Mars would be even closer in future oppositions, he said we should anticipate greater number of sightings in 1954 (No) and 1956 (No). The years 1953 and 1955 should be fairly light ones. (Yes & Yes) In fairness, 1954 saw a heavy flap in France, but not here.
  35. Max B. Miller of Flying Saucers International interpreted Nostradamus as predicting for 1953 "A third world war will come to the world. A great ship from another world of higher intelligence shall land and intervene."
  36. Donald Keyhoe hoped his book Flying Saucers from Outer Space would prepare Americans for the "final act of the saucer drama." He termed 1954 a "possibly fateful year" in which Russians could stage a mass A-bomb attack by paralyzing defense efforts with rumors that alien machines were actually secret Red weapons.
  37. E.R. Chamberlin, in his study AntiChrist and the Millennium singles out the first contactee work, George Hunt-Williamson's The Saucers Speak, as a technological dispensation of the millennial impulse. Telepathic communications with Saturn's tribunal established "A new Golden Age is about to be ready to be born on the earth." It was understood that a fleet of Martian spacecraft would arrive in 1956. Chamberlin observes, "In the 1963 edition of the book, the author speculated that the fleet may, in fact, have arrived as promised - but in secret, a curious echo of Charles Russell's belief that Christ arrived in 1874 - invisibly."
  38. The Yada proclaimed in 1953 that the discs portend the expansion of the sun into a supernova, the heating and crystallization of the understrata of the earth under increasing cosmic radiation, and the forming of hollows in the Earth.
  39. Three Men-in-Black told Albert K. Bender in September 1953 that the U.S. Government would reveal the secret of the UFOs in either 5 months or 4 years. A 1976 prediction by Bender stating, "In 1977 something spectacular will take place involving space" fared no better.
  40. In 1953, a pair of miners reasoned that since flying discs had appeared at Brush Creek, California on April 20, May 20, and June 20, it might reappear on July 20. John Black's June encounter had been so close he even saw the pilot - a little guy dressed in green trousers, a tie, a jacket, and a green cap. "He looked like someone who had never been out in the sun much." A crowd of over 200 people assembled in anticipation. It included cameramen from United Press Movietone and Telenews Corporation and a pair of telepaths. Someone attributed the no-show to bow-hunters being present.
  41. Orfeo Angelucci's alien friends were right about one thing: "There would be no mass contacts." Promises that their next campaign would be "more revealing than the one of 1952" seem less on target. Intelligence about atomic warfare with Russia being imminent, success over cancer arising, and Christ's reappearing soon can be deemed disinformation. There are a great many other predictions offered up in Angelucci's Million Year Prophecy. Those that have already expired include a Grand Committee of the world's finest humans coming into full flower by 1984, an exodus from an economically bust California in 1984, a subsequent turnaround for California by '75, George Wallace's Third Party becoming a might force by '72, the disproof of evolution in '69 leading to its complete discrediting by 1999, and lastly, the mystery of life and the mystery of Sleep being known by 1980.
  42. July 28, 1954. Affa of Uranus passes along a message through contactee Frances Swan indicating, "This earth is really going to end as stated in the Holy Bible around 1956."
  43. In October 1954, James Moseley announced "The Flying Saucer Mystery - Solved." He had in his possession irrefutable documented evidence from a high official source solving the saucer saga. He promised it would "be presented in full in the November issue" of his publication Saucer News. In the next issue however he apologized and revealed only he was not permitted to publish the information and would not elaborate why. Eventually it did appear. In the June-July 1956 issue the solution was finally unveiled. Saucers were built by the "The Organization" - a super-secret group entirely separate from the U.S. Government. Their mission: "absorbing excess radioactivity in our atmosphere."
  44. Easily the best account of a failed prediction concerns the saga of Dr. Charles A Laughead and Mrs. Dorothy Martin that was chronicled in the famed sociological study When Prophecy Failed. It tells of the reception of a prophecy from Sananda of the planet Clarion. Chicago would be flooded at dawn on December 21, 1954. A great tilting of the American continent would follow it. Other continents would variously submerge or rise up. A group of believers in these teachings were to be picked up some time before the cataclysm. Phone calls from a Captain Video informed them the pickup time would be 4 P.M. on the 17th. These and other predictions never came to pass. "The cataclysm was stayed by the hand of the God of Earth." That excuse was a bit too pat for some believers and they left. Others stayed and stepped up their proselytizing efforts. Not one new convert was made however and circumstances caused a dispersal of the band of disciples. While the sociologists were correct in predicting increased proselytizing, their expressing a faith that the group would have grown under the publicity they received had not circumstances intervened, hints that the absence of converts ran counter to their expectations.
  45. By his own account, Aime Michel, in the spring of 1954, correctly predicted a wave would occur at the end of that summer. He then predicted a new wave would occur in eastern Europe or the Middle East near the end of 1956. (No)
  46. George Adamski's aliens suggested they were foretold by ancient prophecy as a sign of deliverance. His aliens acclaimed the approach of a Cosmic Age for the Earth, but they also warned a drastic tilt of the earth "could happen at any moment" and change the face of the planet. They were concerned this would alter the lanes in which they travel through space. In his final book, Adamski berates in no mealy terms the landing prophecies and evacuation promises of "phoney" contactees and attributes these "dubious" psychic messages to subconscious origins.
  47. Aliens informed George van Tassel that the explosion of the hydrogen bomb would "extinguish life on this planet." There was a clarification after this failed to happen that only the detonation of a "true" hydrogen bomb would do this. Bombs using deuterium and tritium isotopes didn't count.
  48. George Hunt-Williamson, in Other Worlds - Other Flesh, indicates an event his space friends call the "Great Telling" must be getting close. On that day, millions of citizens would know "beyond the shadow of a doubt" that aliens exist because every device capable of receiving a message, from phones to radios, would be made to give their announcement of intent. It was going to happen soon because weird events in Canada proved they were running tests on earth equipment. These events consisted of radios turning themselves on and off, phones ringing with no one on the line, and automobile gauges that go wild - except when at the garage for repairs.
  49. Based on theories that saucers levitate through the action of sound, Desmond Leslie predicted that with more jets crashing through the sound barrier "soon an entire house will be raised and put down in another site." After authorities investigate this, science would soon be "well on the path to Adeptship in the dark arts."
  50. Harold T. Wilkins wrote in August 1955, "We cannot for one moment doubt that the artificial earth satellite to be launched within two years - by the United States and/or Soviet Russia - will definitely establish the existence of space ships in our atmosphere." Wilkins also hints that a Martian "Death Ceiling" is meant to prevent future lunar and interplanetary voyages by terrestrials.
  51. August 30, 1955. David Ankenbrandt was given one week to deliver a message to the government. "If there were any more wars here, 'they' would have to take over." He did not deliver it, even after he received a second visit emphasizing the matter. Blue Book found out anyway and, as the kid feared, they dismissed him as a head case.
  52. December 25, 1955. "The next war, if fought, will be on American soil. America will be destroyed, then civilization all over the world will be destroyed," according to Bucky of Venus.
  53. If free will does not prove our undoing, mankind will culminate his evolution by attaining the age of light and life wherein mortals will experience final fusion with divine Adjusters. This will take place in the safety of Morontia temples that can withstand the blazing glory that consumes and obliterates the physical body. Afterwards, evolution will proceed unto yet higher levels till the superuniverses settle into light and life and the totality of the grand universe will be perfected and its finite destiny fulfilled in the achievements of life, harmony, beauty, truth, and goodness. A Mighty Messenger temporarily assigned to Earth's Archangel Council says that after this most profound occurrence in the annals of eternity "There are those who hold the Supreme Being himself will emerge from the Havona mystery enshrouding his spirit person and will become residential on the headquarters of the seventh superuniverse as the almighty and experiential sovereign of the perfected creation of time and space." The timescale implied by the Urantia Book presumably forbids calling this a miss in our lifetime or in billions of years, but every consumer knows if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  54. Truman Bethurum jotted down some impressions he received during his visits with the people of Clarion. These include the absence of atomic wars, a return to the soil via small farms and country estates, and the disappearance of class with equality for all. These are arguably correct in a small, measured degree, but there were other predictions much farther off the mark. Political partisanship was to disappear but did not. The third new President was to be female but was not. Battleships andbombers were not obsolete by 1980. Nations were not eager to settle their differences by 1961.
    Building for destruction multiplied horribly rather than ceased in the decades after Bethurum's contact. Space travel was to proceed after the elimination of greed, class, and race hatred. Lastly, and tragically, Bethurum was wrong in predicting the five-year-olds of 1955 would not have to carry guns into battle when they grew up. Vietnam happened.
  55. "I wouldn't want to hazard a guess as to what the final outcome of the UFO investigation will be, but I am sure that within a few years there will be a proven answer." When Edward J. Ruppelt of Project Blue Book began, he was still divided over whether that answer would be the ETH or the "It's All Nonsense" theory. Eventually he entered the latter camp and warned that until we actually meet up with spacefolk, "we're stuck with our Space Age Myth - the UFO." He also predicted "Project Blue Book will live on." Blue Book is no longer with us though, in fairness, it did survive over a decade after Ruppelt wrote that. Whether there was a proven answer depends on whom you talk to.
  56. Gray Barker, in They Knew Too Much about Flying Saucers, included Hugh Brown's theory that cosmic ray bombardment directed at the North Pole was melting the polar ice cap that might yield a poleshift cataclysm.
  57. Waveney Girvan predicted reports would continue, maybe increase, and yield more believers (Yes) In time it will turn into a landslide (Yes). A stream of books or, less likely, a landing in Hyde Park may gradually sway timorous scientists. They won't affect our behavior (Yes). They may bring a revolution in our transportation (No).
  58. Rolf Telano, engineer or whatever, predicted on January 23, 1956 that some great catastrophe is likely to take place very soon. The magnitude and nearness are uncertain, but there would be relatively severe loss of life and property. It would manifest as a series of natural calamities like earthquakes and floods caused by ethereal stresses generated by atomic experiments and certain mental attitudes.
  59. In Morris K. Jessup's ufological study of the bible, a large section is devoted to a reinterpretation of the 13th chapter of Mark. To Jessup it prophesied the coming of a shining powerful Mothership that will rescue the remnants of those who survive a cataclysm that might be either a pole shift, a meteor bombardment, or atomic holocaust. They would live for a time after this event in celestial regions. Jessup finds signs of the endtime in contemporary thermonuclear devastation by assigning its identity to the earthquakes in divers places mentioned by Mark. Developing a line of logic presuming Christ's prescience, Jessup figures if we have a margin of about a generation in which to anticipate destruction, then we can say roughly that something should be expected within a thirty year period starting sometime during the postwar decade. Should we say then, between 1950 and 1980?
  60. June 16, 1956. Jaoa de Freitas Guimares is taken on a brief hop through space chauffeured by two tall aliens. They arranged to meet again on August 12, 1957. The appointment was not kept.
  61. "Will they perform cruel experiments with us, to see what makes us tick? ...This may sound frightening, terrifying, and unbelievable, but it may be part of your Incredible Future." Criswell, New York Enquirer, October 22, 1956. Did Criswell foresee the abduction phenomenon? That's wild!
  62. In the waning years of his life, Wilhelm Reich believed he was involved in a war being waged from outer space with deadly orgone energy. The environment was drying and dying and he declared seeing far and wide a DOR emergency. "Complete destruction of the globe of mother earth looms on the horizon of the future."
  63. In the May/June 1957 Flying Saucer Review someone expresses the opinion there is credence in the possibility "that authorities may shortly announce that saucers exist and that they consider them hostile."
  64. August 20, 1957. A lone sentry tried to draw on a disc but the gun stuck in his holster. A voice reveals they are concerned over man's use of atomic energy and would establish contact shortly.
  65. "This is the year that the American people shall begin to thoroughly understand these Ophanim, or flying saucers, as the world would like to call them." - H.R.H. Mystikita Fa Sennta, High Priestess of the Helien Temple, 1957.
  66. Dino Kraspedon's alien contacts from Ganymede and Io revealed plans to study the effects of a monstrous celestial body that would soon become visible and catastrophically join our solar system towards the end of the century. Survivors would peacefully set up a new millennium under the light of two suns.
  67. The first contact account after Sputnik was turned in by Reinhold O. Schmidt; the infamous contactee who would eventually be convicted of fraud in association with the promotion of quartz that saturnians claimed had healing properties. In the first meeting with Schmidt they spoke of planned satellite launches and warned "the first two will never leave the ground and the third will go up, but won't send back much data." Schmidt, writing in 1959, claimed this prophecy was proved. The nation will never forget the embarrassment of the Vanguard TV-3 blowing up on the launch pad on December 6, 1957. The second launch on January 31, 1958 however successfully put into orbit Explorer 1. It lived longer than later Explorer satellites and is not regarded as a disappointment by history. The third launch, TV-3B, flew 57 seconds before breaking up. What is curious about this affair is why Schmidt did not phony up his tale to be more historically accurate.
  68. "Do you want to see a flying saucer?" the unusual stranger asked John Whitworth in his shop in Bedfordshire, England. John was game and drove to an isolated spot he was directed to. He was not disappointed. A year goes by and the unusual guy turns up again. This time Whitworth gets a convoy of pressmen to come with him to the spot on December 2, 1957. Nothing. An anonymous call explains he should not have brought a crowd.
  69. August 3, 1958. Necoma of Jupiter warns Americans by ham radio that they must stop hydrogen and atom bomb tests because they will eventually cause the entire solar system to blow up.
  70. A warning of imminent attack by Venusians was relayed to UFO groups and VIPs around the world. All nuclear weapons and atomic energy plants would be destroyed. A world republic would be set up. For money you get a position in the new government. Karl Mekis, Venus Security Commissar and ex-Gestapo agent amassed $300,000 selling survival kits and graft. Postponements were issued and Mekis ended up serving time on 17 counts of fraud.
  71. A little group at Point Reyes Station, California headed by an amusing, yet frightening dark-haired female believed extraterrestrials would transform their Inverness meetinghouse into a flying saucer when the world ended on April 22, 1959. The group inspired Phil Dick to write his novel Confessions of a Crap Artist.
  72. Richard Hall disclosed a scientific evaluation of UFO flaps suggested that UFOs came from Venus. Expect a flap in June 1959. (No)
  73. Margit Mustapa did some dictation for a Venusian Brother around 1958 that revealed the Earth was "destined to become a sacred planet." The process would take some decades and would involve elimination of the self-pride of mankind. Thought reading would have to become common as well. One prediction now testable was that the children of her time would become representatives of a "new race" that would bring in a culture founded on fourth-dimensional thinking. To the extent this was connected with the inner man and his growth, it was arguably a correct prediction. To the extent these new age individuals should have felt increased spiritual speed and velocity in a vortex of radioactive love calling from the planet Venus, it appears certainly wrong. A later prediction that Mustapa relayed from Saint Germane also seems wrong: "An immediate release from the evil powers will be introduced during the Xmas time of 1959."
  74. The world-famous psychologist Carl Jung wrote his book Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky as a warning that UFOs signaled the end of the Age of Pisces, i.e. the era of Christianity, and the changing of the "gods" attendant with a long-lasting transformation of the collective psyche that would lead to the Age of Aquarius. Well there was the Sixties radicalism and the death of god theology fad, but they were short-lived and Christianity seems firmly entrenched in American society now even as UFO belief continues as strong as ever.
  75. Ray Stanford falls unconscious and a voice speaks through him. "Have your cameras ready: we are going to give you an opportunity in broad daylight to film extraterrestrial craft in the skies over Corpus Christi within eight days." Six days later, two cameras run by Stanford and a friend do manage to capture an image of an UFO or UFOs that they sight from Corpus Christi on the afternoon of July 29, 1959. The image on the films however lacks any identifiable structure because the UFO is too far away. Some opportunity. Next time, don't call us, we'll call you.
  76. . In an emergency transmission from Master Aetheius to the Space Scientists of Earth, we were warned our behavior was being closely watched. Throw a bomb in to the Serene Face of the Moon, Earth, and you, will die! Ranger flights and Apollo boosters have been deliberately crashed into the Moon without apparent retaliation. More benevolently, they acclaimed, The time when a great beam of Understanding and Transmuting Light, which will be thrown deep into the foul, black, cancerous growth (of great conspirators from the centre of the Earth) is shortly due to come.
  77. Dr. George Marlo had his secretary Ottmar Kaub send invitations to Jack Benny, Jack Paar, Arthur Godfrey, Art Linkletter, Long John Nebel, Gray Barker, and Ray Palmer for an all-star excursion in an alien vessel sometime in early 1960. The trip was later rescheduled and eventually canceled.
  78. Beings from a pure crystal Venus reveal to Ralph Lael in 1962 that man is on the verge of splitting the electron. Correct! Electron-positron annihilation is now a common research tool in nuclear physics. Lael spoiled the feat however by adding When he completes the process he could start a chain reaction that will blow up the whole planet. Venusians said it happened once before when mankind used superweapons while on Pewam.
  79. Richard Ogden passed along some predictions he received in mental communication with a scientist on Neptune. One includes the information the President would die in the first term. The President would be either Stevenson or Nixon. When Kennedy received the nomination, Ogden revised this to involve Kennedy. This becomes almost interesting, but is diluted further by the failure of his other predictions like the beginning of World War 3 in West Germany in 1966.
  80. 80. Using the theory that Martians time their arrivals with respect to the oppositions of Mars, Harry Lord of the Tynesdale UFO Society predicted flaps would occur in late '62/early '63 (No), early '65 (No), late '67 (Yes), late '69 (Way No!), and a large peak in late '72 (No). This looks worse than chance expectation.
  81. Andy Sinatra, the Mystic barber of Brooklyn, revealed during a February 4, 1962 demonstration that if the Peoples of the World would not unite within 90 days terrible destructive forces would be released and probably lead to the toppling of the U.N. Building by his invisible army of Martians.
  82. Daniel Fry's aliens indicated it would be at least 4 years before they adapted to our environment, but they added a loophole that existing political tensions would have to be eased before they made a mass landing. Fry to have correctly predicted the youth revolt of the sixties, but his Curve of Development mistakenly had the high school students of 1963 standing on the surfaces of Mars and Venus before they were 30.
  83. Gary Wilcox, a dairy farmer in Newark Valley, New York encountered two UFO beings on April 24, 1964 who mentioned that astronauts Glenn and Grissom would die of exposure in space within one year. Quite wrong, but John Keel adds an annotation that Yuri Gagarin died exactly 3 years later on the date of the encounter. Grissom died in the Apollo launch pad fire of 1967. John GlennGlenn, John remains alive as I write in 1998 with word he would fly on a Space Shuttle mission.
  84. 21 Sunday. The Toba tribe of Argentina/Paraguay's Frontier at Chalas performed a sun-worshipping ceremony for halo-enveloped entities. A voice tells them not to fear. The Space People would soon reveal themselves to Earthmen and bring peace to the world.
  85. Wednesday, July 21, 1965. Felipe Martinez was told by a little Martian they would soon reveal themselves to people everywhere and they return for him and his family on December 3, 1965 before burning up our planet for not accepting their existence. The story purportedly started a large wave of reports that 'They' would invade Earth on that date.
  86. Two parties of students from Mexico City were taken to a space station in August 1965. The extraterrestrials told them they would make a mass landing in October 1965 and make a peaceful conquest to teach man how to use the power of creative thought effectively.
  87. Raymond Fowler tells an amusing anecdote associated with the Exeter incidents. People had been gathering for UFO watching at an UFO site and an officer of the military finally decided to put this folly to rest by proving to them that they were simply watching reflections of light from Pease AFB. He joined the crowd and radioed the base to turn the lights on. After a brief wait, he repeated the order. The base informed him the lights were on. Oooops. Fetridge's Law strikes again.
  88. I think our solar system is drifting through space on a collision course with a large body of matter, mostly hydrogen, in a very rarified state. I estimate this mass to be about 330 times that of our sun and about 150,000 times the diameter of our solar system. Within this embryonic star there is bound to be quite a collection of cosmic debris; and if we are due to pass through the middle of it we shall be in for a pretty tough time...increased solar activity...increase in temperature...earthquakes...general change in topography --Anthony Brooke.
  89. Arthur Shuttlewood indicates that prophecies about the end of the world are being reexamined and reinterpreted and the day of revelation may come between April 1966 and the end of 1967.
  90. Frank Edwards, author of the popular Flying Saucers-Serious Business, wrote in 1966 the Overt Landing or deliberate contact cannot be far away. If we have indeed gone through 6 phases in 19 years - then the final phase would seem to be due in the next 2 or 3 years - or it could come tomorrow... In his 1967 sequel Flying Saucers-Here and Now he intimated ultimate contact with the UFOs is possibly imminent - or probably imminent and suggested that astronaut transmissions are tape-delayed because it would make good sense for the UFOs to contact our astronauts in orbit.
  91. Coral E. Lorenzen warned in the 1966 book Flying Saucers-The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space, The UFO problem embodies an urgency which defies expression. Certainly procrastination is no solution. To leave matters as they are would indicate we are anxious to relearn the bitter lessons of history: Billy Mitchell - Maginot - Pearl Harbor - and so on. In the sequel there is a slightly less ominous prediction: If UFO events continue as they have in the past year, it should be evident before the end of 1968 just what the UFOs are.
  92. In his Project B 1966, John Keel was also emboldened by the heady atmosphere of the flap then ongoing to write how altogether these thousand of reports mount up to an alarming picture. Perhaps they indicate that the UFOs are now engaged in a massive final stage of operations. Next year, he also wrote, The final solution, however, will never come from the Air Force or the government but will be delivered by the UFOs themselves. That day may not be far off.
  93. ames McDonald predicted the UFO issue is soon going to blow wide open to Jim Hughes in 1966. McDonald was even gathering references for a post-breakthrough nose-thumbing of exobiologists who had slighted the UFO problem. T.H. Hoult, head of sociology at Phoenix, predicted McDonald's interest in UFOs, and the saucer craze itself, would soon wane and McDonald would wonder why he ever became involved.
  94. I think that 1967 may well be a vital year in respect of the UFO enigma. Dr. John Cleary-Baker.
  95. Case 19 - The Condon Report: A project investigator was at the site of a predicted UFO landing. The UFO landing did not occur. Condon took a fancy to this one guy's claim that he was in telepathic communication with extraterrestrials and decided to play out the invitation in the best scientific tradition. He claimed 'they' would land in Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats at 11 a.m. on April 15, 1967. Condon dispatched committee member Wadsworth along with several patrolmen and a brass band to the scene and had them wait for the arrival. To insure 'they' had not confused Mountain and Pacific Time Zones, the group even waited an extra hour. It rained at Noon. They left 12:30. We thank Condon for this replication, as should all good scientists.
  96. In the spring of 1967, a communication from planet Ummo indicated an Ummite spaceship would land at a place outside Madrid, Spain, pick up some of their contacts, and take them to their planet. Witnesses are said to have seen an UFO and photographed it at the predicted time. The photos however were hoaxed and the alleged many witnesses were anonymous or untraceable. In the Nineties, the whole Ummo affair was confessed to be a hoax.
  97. An entity named Karne contacted Arthur Shuttlewood and predicted that trouble would soon erupt in the Middle East. Some would mistake this as a sign of World war 3, which it would prove not to be. War between the Arabs and the Jews broke out a few days later, in June 1967. Another prediction, cast-iron, was that there would aerial manifestations in late October to make disbelievers sit up and take notice. That they did. They ridiculed the sighting of flying crosses at the end of that month. Karne also warned Shuttlewood not to buy into a prophecy being made by Interplanetary Masters that the first minute of of the first hour of Christmas 1967 would be of momentous importance to our planet. Rumor said it would be the Second Coming. Karne announced, Christ, the Alpha and Omega of our Solar system, will arrive not later than 1975 and possibly before the end of 1972. Shuttlewood concluded, By the end of 1974, at latest, my humble guess is that many amazing things will come to pass.
    In a sequel, Shuttlewood meets two Visitors, Joab and Micah, who prophesy a spiritual war of Purification which would be signaled by the Sun rising with a grey halo. This would bring about the Complete destruction of the earth or usher in a New Age. Other events at Warminster cause Shuttlewood to speculate the Awakening would involve a confusion of tongues (ala Tower of Babel) as normalized hydrogen streams through a breach in the Van Allen belts and cause human to squawk like Donald Duck. It would also cause blackouts, the befouling of water, and the stilling of autos. An outflowing of Cosmic consciousness during the adaptation to the new state of affairs would make it all a vibrantly joyous event. The wake up call was scheduled for 1974-5, but the broader impression he got was that 1971-1980 will be a momentous decade for Man on Earth.
  98. John Keel's extraordinary odyssey through the UFO phenomenon climaxes in a series of prophecies related by contactees and purportedly originating from an entity named Apol. The style and atmosphere of Keel's books cannot be captured by mere iteration of the events reported by him. One feels like a vandal trying to offer a summary like the following chronology, but it would be a greater crime not to include some sort of account of so important an example of this phenomenon.
    May 1967: Silent contactees predict giant power failure.
    June 5, 1967: A massive power failure occurs in the Northeast USA. Its scope is less than the 1965 Blackout.
    June 19: Apol predicts things will get more serious in the Middle East. The Pope will go there on a peace mission and be knifed to death. Then, the Anti-Christ will rise up out Israel. Apol adds the Vatican would send food and aid to refugees.
    June 21: Keel hears by way of another ufologist that a famous newsman in the Midwest would soon die.
    June 23: Frank Edwards, a newscaster and author of two flying saucer books, dies of heart failure in Indiana.
    June 28: The Vatican announces they are sending assistance to war victims. Apol and others step up their warnings about the Pope. They add a man in a black suit with a black knife would attack him in an airport. More predictions warn of impending plane crashes and Robert Kennedy being in grave danger.
    Also in June: In the wake of '67 Blackout, there is a warning a yet bigger power failure would happen. This would be followed by natural catastrophes. New York City would slide into the Ocean on July 2. Rumors spread and hardware stores sell out of candles and flashlights. Keel, himself, stocks up on water.
    July 2: Nothing.
    July 20: The Vatican announces the Pope will visit Turkey. Contactees date his assassination for the 26th. They add it would be preceded by an earthquake and followed by three days of darkness.
    July 22: A deadly earthquake hits Turkey.
    July 25: The Pope lands in Istanbul.
    July 26: The Pope leaves Istanbul. The visit is without incident. Keel however does see UFOs on this date. Ha-ha-ha. Undaunted, Apol and company predicts a new big event for December 15. They also predict the dollar would be devalued (No), Red China would join the U.N. (Yes), and Keel would move to a New York apartment on the ground floor. They also foretell a terrible disaster on the Ohio River - people will die. They imply a plant will blow up. With time, details of the December 15 event fill in. Space people would time a countrywide blackout to happen the moment Lyndon Johnson lit the White House Xmas tree. Considering this the sort of thing those perverse aliens would do for yuks, Keel buys into this prediction, albeit warily, and prepares for a blackout.
    October: "Hopi and Navaho Indians will make headlines shortly before Xmas."
    December 16-26: There is a rescue effort to help Southwest Indian reservations hit by a snowstorm. Among them are Navaho and Hopi.
    December 15: LBJ throws the switch. Immediately comes news that a bridge along the Ohio River has collapsed during rush hour. Keel had crossed that bridge many times in the past. People died.
    December 17: The Prime Minister of Australia goes for a swim in rough surf and his body vanishes. This was predicted, says Keel.
    December 18: An Air Force jet plows into a Tucson shopping center. Keel indicates this was predicted the day before. (This is incorrectly dated in his account as December 11.)
    Undated: An unprecedented event is scheduled for December 24. A great light will appear in the sky and then...
    December 24, 1967: Nothing
    June 6, 1968: Robert Kennedy assassinated.
    November 27, 1970: A man dressed in black and wielding a kris, a black knife, attacks the Pope in an airport. Not Istanbul: Manila International Airport. Benjamin Mendoza AMR Flores, a surrealist painter, was outfitted in a priest's cossack to do the deed. An art critic commented that Flore's art was contrived, but betrayed no madness. Those familiar with Keel's concept of reprogrammed humans doing things in the name of the phenomenon may be puzzled to find Flores had no voices in his head egging him on. His act was in opposition to hypocrisy and superstition - an act of ideology. On September 2 of that same year an individual who had been hearing voices in his head did attack the Pope, but with stones.
    Keel interprets all this as some sort of perverse game to lure people in and then make them appear foolish when they have people's attention. Acceptable, but one could alternatively interpret this pattern as a working out of Fetridge's Law. It is always the most important events that fail to live up to expectations.
  99. Fourth grade students in Roosevelt, Utah are playing with a Ouija board and are informed that a flying saucer would appear above Roosevelt Hospital at 8 p.m. on February 23, 1967. On the scheduled evening, the children of Clyde McDonald's family rush outside to keep the appointment and run back inside. It's out there. The parents confirm there is indeed a big orange ball of light in the southeast over the hospital. It was the talk of the school the next day as many of the other fourth grader saw it, too. Several other people are documented as having seen the round light traveling in a south to north direction over Roosevelt. An orange ball may not be a flying saucer, but this still seems to be a impressive sounding success given the multiple witness status, the specificity of the predicted time, and the lack of an obvious source of misinterpretation (Hoax balloon?). As Frank Salisbury point, the really perplexing thing is that the prediction came from a bunch of kids playing with a Ouija board. What can a non-superstitious twentieth century scientist say about this? Perhaps it is precisely because no important person would ever take such a prediction seriously that this particular prediction came to pass.
  100. In August 1967, an unnamed American researcher of note was promised he would get the Nobel Prize in 1972 for a cure for cancer the aliens would give him. He nearly suffered a nervous breakdown before he wised up to the fact that this was not going to happen. He subsequently dropped out of the field.
  101. Knud Weiking, with friends, built a lead-lined bomb shelter preparatory to a holocaust scheduled for December 24, 1967 by a space entity named Ashtar.
  102. The growing UFO problem must be solved in 1968 or the explosive situation of unidentified flying objects may easily get out of control and reap a real disaster beyond all imagination, according to saucer researcher George D. Fawcett.
  103. In a pair of whimsical notes to Scientist magazine, Walter F. Cannon offered this prediction: Since William Dunbar had square UFOs, and we have round UFOs, the next step would seem to be triangles. If NASA would only make our spacecraft a little pointier...we may not have to wait for the twenty-first century. Later he wrote, "I still believe triangles are the coming thing, although my reasoning, being more Freudian than documentable, is not such to convince a skeptical astronomer. The Space Shuttle conforms to Dunbar's requirement of a pointier spacecraft. Oddly this prediction seems to be coming true. The Grand Boomerang of March 1983 was a well-publicized early example and more recently a flap in Belgium starred triangular craft. They do seem to be much more numerous than when Cannon wrote his note.
  104. Larry Klein, a researcher believing fallen angels are behind the UFO phenomenon, issued 12 predictions based on his analysis of the Bible - an analysis we might fruitfully note included the identification of Satan as a gynecologist. Several involved UFOs The U.S. would soon capture saucers and their fallen Angels would be shown to be non-human and in top government positions. By 1983 there was to be a Landing en masse near Egypt and by 1984 Archangel Michael would battle Satan in saucers. Even sooner, five saucers would land at the U.N. His other predictions fared equally badly, such as Reagan quitting in 1968, Romney becoming President, and the star Wormwood falling from the skies onto the
    Earth before 1972
  105. At the very least we appear to be on the verge of exciting new discoveries about the atmosphere around us. We may even be on the threshold of initial contact with other civilizations in space. The 'signs in the sky' may portend another great intellectual revolution, one that leads to a fascinating new perspective on man's relationship to other forms of life in the universe. Richard Hall, 1968.
  106. Arthur Shuttlewood warns, It may well be that the central core, the very heart of our planet, has outlived its usefulness...The ball is tired, exhausted, growing fearfully hot and threatening to explode...fiery shockwaves would absolutely wreck the soft 'outer casing,' bursting through the weaker fabric and decimating all life thereon.
  107. "Saucers End" Time January 19, 1969.
  108. April 3, 1969. Jacques Vallee learns from a friend that Jerome Clark has become so convinced that an extraterrestrial invasion is imminent that has he been driven close to a breakdown.
  109. Judgment Day was due to commence November 22, 1969 according the entity named Ox-Ho. It would involve a series of cataclysms that would culminate in the tilting of the earth's axis. The contactees, Light Affiliates, claim Judgment Day did take place as scheduled, but they frankly admit they misinterpreted the messages about the world's collapse.
  110. John A. Rimmer, in a 1969 Merseyside UFO Bulletin, offered a prognostication of the UFO scene for the Seventies. The bulk of his predictions were of the 'more of the same thing' character such as his pronouncement the Great Revelation will not take place in the Seventies. These were all admirably correct. The only error was foreseeing the possible advent of professionals taking over the scientific side of ufology and maybe the evolution of an UFO journal which would be "known, respected and contributed by a wide scientific community, not just ufologists."
  111. In a paper for the AAAS symposium on UFOs between December 26 and 27, 1969 Donald Menzel offered, I do predict however a continued decline of public interest in UFOs The people seem to have taken up a new cause: Astrology...I further predict that scientists of the 21st century will look back on UFOs as the greatest nonsense of the 20th century. The decline he saw was only temporary and the comment on astrology seems dubious.
  112. Robert Kepley, a frequent observer of UFOs, predicted UFOs would intensify as the years go back. Other mysterious activity would occur including violent physical and spiritual changes. Taking a scriptural perspective, he believed the time had come for the lord to gather his "remnant" scattered across the Earth.
  113. John Busby, a British lecturer on the occult, said large-scale landings could be expected as early as 1970.
  114. The Interplanetary Parliament warns that a tremendous bomb will be exploded during an underground test. The power will be so mighty that the earth's crust will be cracked. This will create enormous natural disaster. The polar ice caps will melt and whole continents will be drowned under the raging waves. Those of the Aetherius Society will hole up on their sanctified peaks and await the arrival of spaceships from the Universal Brothers.
  115. In May 1971, Alan Vaughan predicted a spacecraft in the shape of the sun and "controlled by some form of super-intelligence" would land on the Earth before 1976.
  116. Paul Solem once seemed to have some success contacting UFOs and having them appear before crowds. Venusians promised four major demonstrations to Solem. "This one will be in broad daylight and we'll have reporters and cameramen from the big networks so there won't be any questions any longer." One of the faithful added, "This is the greatest event in the entire solar system." 1500 people, including newsmen, assembled Easter 1971 for the landing of the extraterrestrials. When they failed to appear, Solem blamed bulldozers on the landing site. He canceled the other three demonstrations.
  117. The happy people of the utopian world of Lanulos, located close to the galaxy of Ganymede, had not landed yet because they feared they might have to kill earthfolk should the government refuse to let them leave. Why take chances? Even so, Woodrow Derenberger assured us "before long" scientists would have to tell the truth about UFOs for "they will eventually land among us and make themselves known to all." Information about Saturn being bowl-shaped and the rings simply being rainbows shining off its ice does not seem to have been confirmed by Voyager spacecraft.
  118. In December 1971, NICAP predicted there would be a flap in 1972. Reports were increasing and researchers had found a five-year cycle in UFO records. In March 1973, their UFO Investigator boasted in headlines "1972 Upholds Five-Year Cycle." In small print however you would have discovered 1972 had 152 reports compared to 137 in 1971. Such an increase can only be termed trivial and absolutely not a valid indication of a flap. Just how trivial was demonstrated later when a true wave surged forth in 1973. Their November headline implicitly accepted the cycle was broken: "First Flap in Six Years Resurrects UFOs as National Controversy."
  119. "The Eternal Subject - the continuing saga of the flying saucers - is now reaching a momentous stage. There are signs we are near a denouement." Brinsley LePoer Trench, 1971.
  120. In 1972, the Universal Party, claiming contact with space brothers, said there would be an intervention by 1976 and their candidate would probably win.
  121. In June 1973, Uri Geller held out the possibility of much greater contact with extraterrestrials in the following three years. Andijah Puharich is told by Geller's Intelligence in the Sky, a.k.a. IS, to prepare for a mass landing. "It may be some years or sooner...Many, many thousands of people will see us. At a later date, they hedge, "But the landings might be invisible, and only visible to you." The landings, you see, are only meant to charge up the beings."
  122. Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman believe the UFO myth is saying man is on the brink of catastrophe because our age has denied him belief in the magical and wonderful. "If this balance is not soon restored, the UFO myth tells us, nature will have its way. The collective unconscious, too long repressed, will burst free, overwhelm the world, and usher in an era of madness, superstition and terror - with all their sociopolitical accouterments: war, anarchy, fascism." Well, the accouterments part is pretty clearly wrong. Fascism has been in blatant decline, anarchy seems confined to places like Bosnia, and warfare has been of a historically unusual limited variety. Whether one considers the world more mad and superstitious is hard to put into objective measures, but it smacks of moralizing rather than a serious prediction.
  123. Edward Ben Elson, a Madison, Wisconsin lawyer, predicted Comet Kohoutek would flood our planet with petroleum. The comet was actually a spaceship and 144,000 persons would be taken aboard. Elson was appointed as agent in order to sell 1,000 tickets ranging in price from $10 to $100. This assignment was given to him by a "beautiful black angel encapsulated in a glow of pure light." The other 143,000 were delivered to Elson for temporary storage in ten-bushel baskets. They had miniaturized down to an inch in height. Embarkation was set for December 24. The media ate the story up. This was one of a delightful string of stunts "Crazy Ed" had played over the years. Among these was his nude candidacy for mayor, the banana-shaped universe theory, and the Disciples of Aten cult. It openly planned a heist of King Tut's rings in order to activate Cheop's pyramid to create a Messiah possessed and illuminated by alien energy. He also sent an Algerian double of himself to a Real People celebration that involved a story they did on him once. Dick Gregory, the comedian, rightly called Elson's Kohoutrek apocalypse tale "Brilliant...In illusion and imagination this is real...beautiful."
  124. William K. Hartmann, one of the Condon committee members, observed after the AAAS UFO Symposium, "In view of the growing popularity of television science fiction serials, and soon to be published evidence from mariner 9 that Mars was once more clement in the past, one might anticipate a resurgence of UFO interest by the date of this book's publication." David M. Jacobs berated Hartmann for failing to build a scientific thesis to justify this slight to ufology. Jacobs leaves unsaid the momentous aspect of Hartmann's prediction that prompted this fatuous remark. 1973 saw a massive UFO wave and Hartmann's prediction actually came to pass and it was his only prediction: A 100% success rate. This is unique. Hartmann had no duty to construct a thesis and, had the prediction failed, nobody would have cared about how he reasoned it.
  125. "We predict that by 1975, the government will release definitive proof that extraterrestrials ar watching us." Ralph and Judy Blum.
  126. February 4, 1972. An UFO commander encountered in the Sonora desert warns, "A nuclear blast will destroy an American city in six years."
  127. Eric Norman's Gods and Devils from Outer Space bears a chapter asking "Earth Changes: Is Our World Coming to an End?" it begins, "Someday a historian of the future may sit down at his desk and attempt to reconstruct the details of the devastating earth changes that shattered our planet in the 1970s." Contactees and psychics warned people, but nobody listened. Norman goes on to chronicle the predictions of Dick Miller, George King, Dan Martin, Ted Owens, Tenny Hale, Edgar Cayce, Doc Anderson, John Pendragon, Bertie Catchings, John Catchings, Joseph De Louise, Joseph Donnelly, Irene Hughes, Beverly Jaegers, Komar, Al Manning, Ernesto Montgomery, Harold Shroeppel, Dr. Ingrid Sherman, Ruth Zimmerman, Daniel Logan which point to that conclusion. Can so many people be wrong? Yup.
  128. In 1973, Jerome Eden predicts "with almost absolute certainty" 1) Planetary water supplies will shrink and drought will bring about worldwide crop failures (No). 2) "Dust bowl" deserts will eat away at the land accompanied by an unprecedented increase in tornadoes and hurricanes (No). 3) Increased temperature extremes (Don't know). 4) Increased static electricity leading to disasters involving magnetic compasses, guidance systems, and communication interference. 5) Generation of electric power will break down due to DOR production and "direct withdrawals of power by UFOs" and temperature extremes (No). 6) Outbreaks of DOR sickness, "killer smogs" that will kill thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands. 7) Planetary famine and consequent wars for survival. 8)"When the Interplanetary DOR-Carrying Invaders from Outer Space feel the planet is thoroughly reeling with chronic weakness, divisiveness, and chaos, so widespread that Earthmen can no longer defend their planet or themselves, the signal will be given for an open assault on the entire globe. Thousands of "stars" will suddenly drop and swoop toward Earth..."
  129. In conjunction with an October 25, 1973 incident involving UFO creatures, Stephen Pulaski encounters a Grim Reaper entity who reveals the whole world would burn in 1976.
  130. "There have been 25 years of buffoonery and ridicule, of government neglect and worse. The last chapter of that era, I think, has been written." J. Allen Hynek, 1974.
  131. At the 1974 APRO Symposium, the Lorenzens predicted the government would ease up on UFO secrecy over a 3-year period. Later: "I was wrong. Essentially the same information had been leaked to me through 3 separate channels giving me confidence that I was onto something. In retrospect I feel either I was 'set-up,' i.e. fooled into thinking I was onto something real, or that such a plan did exist but had since been reversed."
  132. October 15, 1974. "Five years ago I heard from the highest authority in Washington that before Xmas the whole UFO cover-up will be ended. There will be public admission that UFOs have been real, and that for the past 25 years the United States government and the Air Force have known they were piloted by human-like beings." --Prof. Robert S. Carr.
  133. Malcolm B. Morehart, a financial statistician, issued a technician's chart for UFO sightings in the U.S. Southwest and predicted rallies for the first quarter of 1974 and the third quarter of 1977. Contrarians knew the true outcome.
  134. In a 1974 interview, the Pascagoula abductee Charles Hickson said, "...I think before the year is out, that our government - particularly our Air Force - is going to come out to the American people and tell them these things exist. In 1982, Hickson offered an even more dramatic prediction: "They'll come down in force. We're going to see something I can't even comprehend. There's going to be a strange power or energy released on earth that will work on our minds and turn our minds from different things besides war." Hickson claimed this would start by 1983 and by 1984 they would arrive. The aliens told him; "by 1984 we'll be softened enough and changed from our bad ways. They are coming down to see what they have accomplished."
  135. In early 1974, the chaplain of a French air base, Rather Mollisson, learned in a hypnotic session with a young man that a landing of an UFO was to take place. He evaded pinning down the moment or hour but did speak of the period of the full moon. Confused and skeptical, Mollisson discussed the case with a professor of German at Orange who was a friend. Hypnosis was performed again and the event was narrowed down to happening around the 23rd of 24th at St. Gilles, France. That was in 3 days. It was decided to form a sortie of 7 persons and two cars and travel down to St. Gilles to check it out. Equipped with a camera and binoculars, they stationed themselves on a hill overhanging St. Gilles with a clear view of the surrounding countryside. It was clear, very cold, and windy. An hour before midnight, a light appeared in the SSE behind St. Gilles. It slowly descended along a curve against the wind. It was described as luminous with an electric blue fluorescence. Its contour was hazy and in the shape of a ball. Subsequently 4 more balls appeared along the same course - rather like boats traveling a canal I would surmise. They stopped descending at one point, they think to avoid the village. Panic apparently seized at least one member of the sortie. One of the witnesses took photos, but nothing probative or convincing was captured. No one else in the region reported the UFOs The party reported no landing and the low definition of the UFO instills no confidence it is truly inexplicable.
  136. John H. Womack was told in April 1975 that our leaders have sold us out to the devil. People are becoming too selfish and irresponsible for effective self-government and will lose the freedom they presently enjoy. "Your only hope for real peace and joy is to discover your own anti-demon drug." I suppose thorazine didn't count as an anti-demon drug for some reason, but the prediction about loss of freedom is debatable.
  137. "I'm not saying the aliens are going to land, but I do say there is going to be an official announcement from on high about it." -- Stanton Friedman, 1975,
  138. Abducted by aliens on August 13, 1975, Charles Moody revealed, "Within three years from now they will make themselves known to all mankind. It may be as early as midsummer 1976."
  139. October 27, 1975. Robert Barry of the 20th Century UFO Bureau predicts, "The government will tell us what's been going on in a series of television documentaries over a period of months...The entire story is slated to be disclosed by the 200th anniversary of the Independence on July 4, 1976."
  140. In late 1975, "the Two," Bo and Peep," expected to be martyred "within weeks," rise up from the dead, perform miracles, and be "beamed up" to UFOs that would carry them off to an androgynous heaven called the "Next Evolutionary Kingdom." This is the group that years later led to the Heaven's Gate suicide.
  141. In 1975 The Middle Ufologist, Allen H. Greenfield, issued a series of predictions for the coming year: Motion picture coverage of the UFO problem (No). Substantial theoretical impact from Hynek and Vallee's joint book (Hah!). More representation in media of the opinions and concepts offered by independent ufologists (No). More organized efforts on the part of independent skeptics (CSICOP?). A continuation at the present level of general attention to the subject of UFOs itself (Ho-hum).
  142. A saucer séance held near the George O'Barski encounter site conjured up an alien who said his people would visit Times Square on July 4, 1976.
  143. Before the end of 1976, The One World Family Commune expected direct intervention in human affairs by the galactic Command Space complex. A worldwide consumers strike would topple both Capitalism and Communism and power would pass to Allen Michael, "the Comforter."
  144. Between June 9, 1976 and December 31, 1977 an UFO will land in Oklahoma City and pick up two persons who will be given information that will upset the entire planet, according to "Two Witnesses."
  145. Stanley Ingram, an ultraconservative from Tennessee, was told by his entity Dzezd to write a newspaper column predicting a major earthquake. He did. It didn't happen. His acquaintance, named Swanner, was taken on a time journey to where there was a massive housing project where thousands of men, women, and children lived naked as jaybirds. He asked the aliens what year it was. It was 1984."
  146. The English theoretical journal MUFOB gave itself the Jeanne Dixon prize for unfulfilled prophecy when; hearing of a film titled Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it opined, "I can see that title being changed before release."
  147. In the Garden Grove case there is this garbled version of John Gribbin's infamous Jupiter Effect prediction given in the voice of an alien entity: "Of this known Earth orbit - of this helious alignment - third outer orbit - of this to pass 1982 - of this beware - of land will topple into the ocean - of this - The ocean will devour the land - of this projection to you - do you not see." Dr. Wanda M. Lockwood similarly recalled from her 1964 encounter with an alien visitor, the warning "Remember 1982 and keep the faith." The doc figured this also might refer to Gribbin's cataclysm as that year approached. Gribbin had second thoughts about the logic of his argument as '82 approached and he withdrew the prediction. By the time his book was reprinted, he waffled back to acceptance. Gribbin and his co-doomsters were wrong of course. The scientific community was not surprised. For those wondering what went wrong, some comfort can be gained from the encounters of Oscar Magocsi. His friends, The Psycheans, take credit for staying the catastrophe.
  148. Vera Gregovic convinced a Beverly Hills urologist that space aliens in league with the CIA would trigger a nuclear war on May 1, 1976. He gave her $174,100 to purchase a home in a safe place: Scottsdale, Arizona. He moved there shortly before Doomsday. During the subsequent legal battle she denied the prediction while admitting only predictions about a major Los Angeles quake.
  149. "I have a feeling that there is a Dark Age coming which, in effect, represents the externalization of the individual descent into the unconscious as a sort of cesspool of unacceptable human desires. I think that needs to be gone through before a state of superconsciousness can be reached in some kind of permanent way." Dr. Kenneth Ring indicates this would be an "absolute prime requisite of the next stage of evolution." He puts no time-scale on this, but the trend is not obvious at present.
  150. October 26, 1976. Joy Summery mentions that a group in Andover, Massachusetts experienced "visions of beings descending to bring news of global catastrophe." Eugenia Macer-Story tells her plenty of other people in this area had been having visions of global catastrophe.
  151. On November 7, 1976, Jeffrey Mishlove received from Ted Owens an agreement to demonstrate his psi abilities given him by Space Intelligences. For the following 90 days Owens would telepath to the aliens "to produce, not one, but at least three major UFO sightings" in a target area 100 miles around San Francisco. Alien life forms would be produced before startled human eyes and magnetic and em-fx in California would cause many strange things to happen like power blackouts. Mishlove announced the demonstration to 70 scientists and government officials. On November 26, a large power blackout caused by high winds hit the area. On December 3, Owens said an UFO sighting would happen in a few days. Distressed by the delay, Mishlove, on the 6th, emphasized the need for the event to be seen by many in a way that cannot be questioned. On December 8, it happened. Hundreds watching an aerial art display saw an UFO. Some did not see it, including a man who accidentally caught it on videotape while shooting the art display. On February 2, 1977, two alien life forms appeared before a Concord man who was abducted and paralyzed temporarily. No magnetically caused strange events were noted.
    The December 8 event was considered by Mishlove to be "one of the best-documented UFO sightings in the annals of ufology" during the initial phase of his investigation. This glowing appraisal was subsequently downgraded in his research report. There he felt it was the best case ever in the Bay Area. He reveals his co-investigator, James Harder, "felt that this sighting wasn't very interesting" and that the videotape had "little authenticating value." Suggestions the UFO was a weather balloon was weakly countered with witness comments it moved against the wind. Winds aloft often differ from ground winds. Assuming one accepts this is a major event, we find Owens exactly wrong - one, not three major events, occurred. In a review of 140 claims made by Owens over the years, Mishlove found about half are clearly disputable or outright lack any evidence. The other half is "suggestive, not conclusive evidence of PK or Space Intelligence activity." The highlights of these claims form a picture of havoc that Jehovah might envy - lightning strikes, storms, tornadoes, blizzards, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and the occasional sports upset. My impression is that the collection of claims builds on a false assumption that extreme weather is rare. That may be so for any given point in the country, but for the country as a whole a person can pretty much expect extremes to occur on a monthly to seasonal basis.
  152. On December 30, 1976, Greta Woodrew channeled an alien warning that Nature planned a "holocaustic endeavor to cleanse" the Earth. A "beaut" would hit our part of the globe. UFOs would soon appear in increasing numbers. "In the coming decade the people on your planet will be prepared for the vibrations of the landings. In your time frame, much of the activity will be in the next one hundred moons." That period has now passed without incident. Woodrew further revealed Andrijah Puharich had brought together 36 SpaceKids who were collectively warning, "In the coming decade we would have a series of drastic shifts in land masses." Volcanoes, earthquakes, famine, and disease would accompany it. 40% of the world's population was to have been decimated.
  153. April 18, 1977. "Before the year is out, the Government - perhaps the President - is expected to make what are described as unsettling disclosures about UFOs" -- U.S. News and World Report.
  154. Mrs. Ruth Norman, a.k.a. "Spaceship Ruthy," placed wagers with Ladbroke and Company amounting to thousands of dollars that spacecraft would land by certain dates. "They will come soon. How soon might be a matter of months. Or to the end of the century, but probably this year. They don't give us a date," she said in 1977.
  155. Jim Hurtak had a series of contact experiences with Enoch. Hurtak revealed to Jacques Vallee, "I believe that the Earth will be contacted within the next 18 months by highly evolved beings from other worlds." Vallee commented on the typical failure of this sort of prediction.
  156. The entities of the Betty Andreasson affair indicated their association with the Second Coming of Christ. Eschewing an exact date, they said in 1977, "the Master is getting close."
  157. Cecil Michael had an astral vision in response to his request to entities to see the immediate future. Among the elements of import is his witnessing the atomic vaporization of a great glistening city. The timescale is highly indeterminate however with intimations that immediate might mean a few hundred years.
  158. In deference to ufologists who identify angels as extraterrestrials, let's include Roland Buck's experiences. On January 21, 1977 Buck finds himself in God's Throne Room where the secrets of the universe are stored. Buck is apprised of a number of these secrets and is given a piece of paper that has 120 predictions on it. Fortunately they also emblazoned into his mind because the paper self-destructs on the following day leaving some furry ashes which, in turn, evaporate into nothingness. Buck is amazed when the predictions all begin to come true in sequence. Number 113 bore special fascination since it involved Karol Wojtyla of Poland being named Pope over a year before it came to pass. Asked by a radio interviewer if he had information we could forward to, Buck slipped in the catch to this marvelous record: "I have written it down. However one of the things that is so important, that god impressed me with, because of the impact of many of these things, he doesn't want them out before he releases them. Sometimes he releases them ahead of time. I feel a definite restraint in releasing some things. For example, this one (about the name of the future Pope) would have really been devastating ahead of time."
  159. David Saunders believed he found a pattern of to some gradual UFO waves. They were separated by 61 months and moved eastwards in 30-degree steps. Saunders claimed he thus predicted in advance a 1972 wave in South Africa. Allan Hendry criticized Saunders by characterizing the wave as a minor flurry of reports and not a true wave. Hendry also disputed Saunders' methodology by noting that Bloecher inflated a 1947 collection of reports into a wave by intensive research into news files. The Blue Book files showed no such wave. Saunders predicted a December 1977 wave for the Soviet Union and some credit the post-Petrozavodsk jellyfish wave as fulfillment. There are grounds for dispute here as well for the wave did not have a gradual onset as Saunders' pattern demands and the jellyfish UFO has been solidly explained by James Oberg as a rocket launch. Waves for January '83, February '88, March '93, and April '98 never materialized.
  160. UFO predictions by psychics are too ubiquitous to merit consistent cataloguing. A good sample exists in a book called Predictions for 1977. Of 45 psychics, 25 issued predictions related to ufology. Most gravitated to predictions about increases numbers of UFO sightings (Countess Amaya, Laurie Brady, Elizabeth Burrows, Ann Fisher, Dr. Joseph Jeffers, Dr. Joseph Pinkston, Aquarius) and government revelations (Ralph Campo, Tenny Hale, Dahrla McComb, Bright Star, U.S. PsiSquad). Intimations the UFO mystery would climax were variously advanced in claims that UFOs would: become a known fact (R.C. "Doc" Anderson, Reverend Lawrence A. Ball), show a scientific pay-off (Ted Owens), appear in large cities (John East), land in every state at the same time (Dr. Paul Lynch), reveal themselves (Dr. Ingrid Sherman), send a formal delegation to the U.N. (Grant Wylie), invite people on a five-year tour through an announcement on television (Ralph Campo), or start universal conflict (Joseph Donnelly). Only one denied the time for an UFO breakthrough was due and predicted instead bizarre contacts (Aquarius). This was right, but trite. Other predictions included UFO-caused blackouts (Bertie Catchings), a plane crash with an UFO (Rev. Robert Hill), the release of previously held-back research (Lou Wright), the construction of flying saucers by earthmen and a Washington UFO fad (U.S. PsiSquad). Psychics, incidentally, were not unanimous about UFO origins: Russia (Elizabeth Burrows, Joseph Jeffers), the inner earth (Dahrla McComb), twelve different galaxies (Ralph Campo), and an alien base in Georgia (Joseph Donnelly).
    Two psychics from this book preferred to save their UFO predictions for Timothy Green Beckley. When he chose to ask ten psychics about their impressions of UFOs Ellen Evans predicted 1977 would be known as the great flap year (No) and J. Josephs talked of UFO entities guiding humans to a third set of biblical scrolls. Beckley drew a consensus from his ten psychics that UFO activity would increase and alien entities would make themselves known in the near future. Consensus failures among psychics are almost lawful. Some think their agreement connotes reliability, but it is quite the opposite and I remind people of a book called California Superquake - 1975-'77 which was stuffedwith psychics and visions predicting that non-event. 1977 also marked the failure of Jeanne Dixon's prophecy about aliens "from a planet on the opposite side of the sun...transmitting their secrets to us." Dixon's impressions of UFOs include notions of secret devices by man to create blackouts and women beyond Jupiter who will teach us about solar energy.
  161. Clarissa Bernhardt, purporting contact with space brothers, predicted that beginning in March 1978 the West Coast would change geologically with much of California going under the sea. Phoenix would be a port city before ten years passed.
  162. Philip Klass predicted that 1978 would see the next great UFO flap because of the release of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. A graph of UFO reports compiled by Allan Hendry perversely shows a substantial lull during the run of the movie with reports increasing only after the movie left the theaters. The movie invested UFOs with awe instead of fear and probably defused anxieties to a degree that it contributed to a long depression in UFO numbers.
  163. In a 1978 holographic vision to the UFO investigator/contactee of the Dapple Grey Lane incident, Zeta Reticulans reveal Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hoaxes and an upcoming nuclear bombardment of the East Coast would fail when the warheads would go unexploded. A Middle East crisis would include another Arab shutoff of oil in 1982 (No). Terrorist nukes would force diplomatic relations by 1984 and bilateral disarmament by 1987. Official UFO contact would ensue to preserve the peace. A number of weeks after the vision, the contactee checked into a crash/retrieval assertion by the aliens and concluded none of the aliens' statements could be trusted.
  164. In 1978, a person in telepathic communication with the aliens claimed some crucial contact with extraterrestrials would happen, perhaps with someone like the Archbishop of Canterbury. In a March 17, 1978 letter to ufologist Nigel Watson he added he had a strong foreboding about a big chemical or fuel company accident. It did not happen. In a 1980 letter, he indicated thermonuclear war is likely in the near future.
  165. June 26, 1978. PLW is regressed by R. Leo Sprinkle and he foresees a worldwide system of disasters circa 1993 involving fires, quakes, and California falling into the sea.
  166. Guido Franch of Villa Park, Illinois predicted the landing of the spaceship Neptune for 9:30 p.m. November 24, 1978 near Warrenville. Five hundred people, including newspaper and TV reporters, showed up in freezing temperatures to watch the skies. The Neptune, with "Cutty Sark" emblazoned on it to take advantage of a contest, would be manned by the Black Eagle Galaxy patrol of which Franch was admiral. His ground crew failed to show up and this prompted Neptune to abort touchdown. Franch felt humiliated.
  167. "I see the apocalyptic/occultist strains becoming more dominant in ufology. Perhaps as in Arthur C. Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama we shall actually see a church of Jesus Christ Cosmonaut..." Roger Sandell presumably missed the Sixties' appearance of Bob Geyer's Church of Jesus the Saucerian. The apocalyptic and occult elements of ufology are perpetually present, but I could offer a quantitative argument that they decreased for a time in the Eighties. The Nineties have seen a resurgence.
  168. John Weldon and Clifford Wilson, advocates of the Demonic Hypothesis, prophesied increased acceptance of UFOs, its occult tie-ins, von-Danikenism (No). More government revelations, physical evidence, and attempted contacts by scientists should occur (Arguable, but I say No). "Great signs and wonders" will be seen and they thought it was possible significant proof would appear along with a serious chance of contact with key world governments existing. This is in concert with a belief that demonic activity would step up as the time of the Second Coming approached.
  169. Soviet UFO authority Felix Zigel felt UFO sightings would "not just continue but increase. The more information that extraterrestrials obtain about us, the more curious they must become." By inference, the actual decline must mean they got bored.
  170. In a 1978 interview, Rex Stanford deduced the demise of little saucer organizations and the increase in quality research (Yes and No). "But quite frankly I think there are going to be some breakthroughs perhaps in the next year or so." Allan Hendry's UFO Handbook came out in 1979 and those of the psychosocial persuasion would consider that a breakthrough work, however there are reasons to doubt Stanford was thinking in those terms. Call this a probable No.
  171. In December 1978, Fortunato Zanfretta of Torriglia, Italy encountered an ugly, monstrous being ten feet tall with dark, green skin. Under hypnosis he recalls they came from the "third galaxy" and they will "soon return and in numbers."
  172. Filiberto Cardenas was told by an entity named Kiostras that an UFO bearing 6 people would deliver a message on April 3, 1979. Kiostras also predicted California would sink into the sea; the illness of an actress which would prevent her from becoming First lady; the end of Sadat's rule before '81; the death of Liz Taylor; a cancer cure; and China fighting Russia for control of Asia.
  173. A thousand people partied on a stretch of unfinished interstate highway north of San Diego in response to posters distributed by Mark Block who claimed extraterrestrials would land 11:49 p.m. on June 21, 1979.
  174. "Diophantes" made it known that the inhabitants of Sirius II knew our civilization would end and a new one set up by 1980.
  175. "We're trying to arrange an encounter for you so you can get on with the new book." Ruth Montgomery, ever the skeptic, wanted to see an UFO first. "How could I do a book about flying saucers or space aliens without actually seeing one and becoming convinced they are real?" Evidently you do it by reading letters by contactees and giving up asking for proof in the face of excuses about Ruth living on one of the busiest avenues in Washington. Could she dare have denied us her book Aliens Among Us for so petty a reason as not being sure?
  176. Referring to Val Johnson and his 14 minutes of missing time, James W. Moseley suspected Johnson would find an explanation for those missing minutes. "Our Psychic Prediction is that this police officer is our next well-publicized abductee." Wrong, but that is probably because he didn't count on Allan Hendry's involvement who argued against it.
  177. Based on first-hand space channeling, Jane Allyson and Robert Short believed UFOs would evacuate people from natural disasters in 1980 and '81.
  178. Jenny Randles has claimed success in predicting UFO activity in the Pennine area of Great Britain by recognizing a 21-month cycle in a base period from 1973 to 1979. She predicted UFO waves for November 1980, August/September 1982, May/June 1984, and February/March 1986. 1980 was a dismal year for UFOs, but a concentration of impressive cases happened in November, she asserts. She also asserts the August/September 1982 happened right on time. The Pennine UFO Mystery has her confidently predicting "May/June 1984 should prove rather interesting." It wasn't. By her account, 1984 saw only 23 cases with the best clustering happening between April 15 and 25. She finds these 5 cases interesting while admitting they may be associated with military exercises. Writing in 1986 she acclaims, "Somehow (I don't know how) my prediction had come true." Sure.
  179. Brad Steiger polled the Starseed and the prophetic consensus of these folks as of January 1980 was that the following events would happen: A pole shift beginning from 1982-84. A worldwide famine has begun and will worsen in 1982 (No.) World War III may happen in 1982-85. Armageddon, the last great battle between Good and Evil, starts in 1989 or 1990. Worldwide UFO contact would apex in 1986 (No). The New Age will have its ups and downs until the year 2000 (Okay, but trivial). The Earth Changes will sporadically shudder the planet in earnest from 1984 until the end of the century (No).
  180. Edilcio Barbosa made a nationally televised announcement that at 5:20 a.m. March 8, 1980 a spaceship from Jupiter would land at Casimio de Abreu. Fifty thousand people showed up. Profound silence at the moment of truth. Then, "Hey, where is the UFO?" A massive traffic jam ensued. Barbosa was nowhere in sight.
  181. "Of late the UFO front has sitzkrieged. But, for 2 reasons I predict there will be a bull market in early 1981." The reasons, hilariously enough, are 1) Marjorie Fish's research on the Hill star map (Hendry was just giving the coup de grace!) and 2) The Roswell Incident. So said D. Keith Mano of the National Review. 1981 was a bear market and the Roswell case would gain prominence more into the early Nineties.
  182. Analyzing the course of the UFO phenomenon, Ann Druffel predicted a progression from material to psychic UFO aspects that will expand into philosophical questions of being and finally it will teach us "what they might know about God." Stephan Denaedre's UFO Contact from Planet Iarga comes to mind as fulfilling Druffel's expectations. It also qualifies as the dullest book in all ufology. Theological comments actually are present in contactee literature back to Adamski and beyond. At best, the book represents a verbose climax. I discern no progression.
  183. UFO beings directly gave psychic Barry Andrews the revelation "The mass landing will take place in all the world's capitals on June 24, 1982."
  184. Contactee Ken Macmillan says three predictions he made in 1981 came true. 1) Earthquakes in China (as usual). 2) A "natural disaster" in Japan. He points to the airplane crash of a Boeing 747B northwest of Tokyo on August 12, 1985. 3) "Great bloodshed in Poland." Actually he meant Africa - it's just that the Earth spins so fast his Landanian contact could not pinpoint it properly.
  185. One case to emerge from China involves a scientific researcher who on three consecutive evenings in May 1981 had UFO experiences. The last included a chat with a blonde girl during which the researcher asked her if they could have one of their crafts for research purposes. She responds, "The request is acceptable, but at the moment we don't have any craft to spare. We will satisfy your request in the near future."
  186. November 14, 1981. The abductee Bill Herrmann pens an essay titled "Inevitable Destruction" which warned that current Geopolitical Events were leading Humanity on a Collision with Thermonuclear Holocaust.
  187. The Halloween 1982 episode of Real People featured a segment on contactee Wayne Aho waiting with friends for a flying saucer to land. After a few hours the TV crew leaves having been quite unimpressed.
  188. La Verne Landis perished of starvation, dehydration, and hypothermia after weeks of waiting for the arrival of an UFO which higher powers told her and Gerald Flach to expect. From October 5 to November 15, 1982 "They kept telling us they would be picking us up. It never happened. Every time it never happened."
  189. Stan Seers chronicles a "mysterious cooling of the earth's climate in the last 30 years" which "could spell disaster for much of the life on this planet." He also notes an increase in earthquake activity. The sun's magnetic field may be reversing. This portends a "cataclysmic future for Earth and its inhabitants." UFOs are here to study this event. "There will be no history." Fashions change of course and it is global warming that worries people now. Seers was belatedly recycling the fears of those predicting a new ice age, a common notion of the 1970s.
  190. Walter Andrus comments in the July 1983 MUFON UFO Journal, "I am predicting that the forthcoming book titled Clear Intent...will force the Pentagon and our government Intelligence agencies to reveal why they have conducted a 'Cosmic Watergate' or cover-up with respect to their involvement with UFOs"(No) In March 1992, Phil Klass "predicts that such Government action could not, and will not, ever occur." (Yes)
  191. Amid the myriad lunatic prophecies issued in the holy Book of the Sub Genius is one with an UFO theme. For the year 1988 they predict "Tribulation Money dropped from UFOs" It was revealed in 1990 that a case had happened at some unknown date wherein a beam of light shot out of the bottom of an UFO. "Suddenly, we heard a clanging sound on the roof and the pavement. There falling from the sky were 50 and 100 lira pieces. "It's raining money!" Call this a possible hit.
  192. March 1986. Whitley Strieber has a press conference in Washington dealing with predictions about the dangers of upcoming ozone holes that would create measurable crop damage in the 1990-93 period. In Secret School, he cites plant stomas somewhere were getting smaller in 1995, but no word if these were crops or if this is truly damage. He mentions some plankton was dying for some undetermined reason, however any link to UV would seem absurd. None of this convinces to farmers since grain is so plentiful in 1998 that prices have hit record lows. The ozone problem would also generate weakened immune systems in animals and a resurgence of disease. He alleges a 200 percent increase in rabies proved this prediction right. The visitors predicted further ozone holes over the Arctic and Strieber later indicated in a MUFON paper that this prediction came true. No confirmation of this however exists. Strieber indicated that haze has been increasing and would spread rather dramatically over the next three to five years (No). There are going to be some extremely controversial and profoundly unsettling revelations in the next year or so (No).
  193. April 9, 1989. Whitley Strieber has a vision of giant boulders sailing off the edge of the moon along with a realization that the moon's exploding means, "Oh, this is the end of the world." The dream also had images of a nuclear plant being destroyed mere weeks before Chernobyl. Could the moon part come true, too? He decides it could.
  194. June 11, 1989. Scott Corder relays 34 predictions given to Donna Butts who is in contact with an Amorcan named 'Peter.' The more blatant failures include: a limited nuclear exchange by March 1991, UFOs cause panic when they retain a Space Shuttle by 1990, Bob Dole becomes our last and greatest President, open contact by Amorcans in 1990, world temperatures rise by 10 to 30 degrees and there is flooding from melting ice caps, a nuclear strike involving Nicaragua, the end of fossil fuels in "91, the Anti-Christ takes power in '92, and S.D.I. is unsuccessfully used to defend the earth against an evil race of aliens. Most of the others look wrong or too uninteresting to bother checking e.g. quakes, volcanoes, new oil reserves, etc.
  195. Raymond E. Fowler reports Betty Andreasson's warning that "man is going to become sterile" and extinct. Says he, "Their very improbability adds to the probability of their truth." However inconceivable it is, he sees "signs are all about it us that attest to its authenticity." The terrible damage man is inflicting on our planet will be the cause. "Life on earth would become extinct."
  196. Jerome Clark argues the Nineties will be "The Last Decade" of the UFO mystery. "Among some close observers of the UFO scene there is a growing sense that the UFO controversy as we have known it since 1947 may not survive the coming decade." Roswell and Gulf Breeze are breaking the pattern of secrecy and this openness seems to him to be accelerating. "The day is coming, we may be sure, when the scientific community abandons its near criminal negligence and concedes its shameful failure to address the most important scientific question of the 20th century. When that happens - when we ufologists are proven to have been right all along - we will be lucky to enjoy half an hour's worth of vindication before we get trampled to death in the stampede." It is safe to say that Sagan's book The Demon-Haunted World shows that the scientific community is not ready to concede that ufologists are right.
  197. David Clarke and Andy Roberts offer six predictions. 1) UFOs will continue to be reported but they'll be larger and more complex (Clearly they have continued. The Hale-Bopp hoax purportedly involved a spaceship four times the size of the Earth. Pat Parinello claimed around 1992 that a giant spaceship - 150miles across by 30-50 miles wide was heading for Earth (document). The issue of increased complexity can be argued either way.) 2) No government announcements with consequent escalation of cover-up claims to include aliens running the government (Such claims already existed pre-1990, but they are better known and spreading) 3) Further invalidated MJ-12ish documents will emerge (Yes-The Special Operations Manual delivered to Tim Cooper in 1992 and revealed by Friedman in 1996). 4) The abduction craze will continue and become something far stranger (Yes - the MILAB cases, Jacobs future takeover by hybrids, praying mantis leadership) 5) An ET-based religion will emerge involving abductions with something similar to 'casting out of devils' (Don't know - does Druffel's fight-back strategies count?) . 6) Ufology will remain an unsolved mystery 25 years from now.
  198. June 28, 1991. Stanton Friedman, while on the "For the People" radio talk show," predicts there will be an "an international announcement. They will show pictures. I think they will clearly establish that we are dealing with Alien visitors and I think they will convene an international conference of religious, economic, and political leaders."
  199. UFO Magazine does a cover story on 1992 Predictions because a sense that the year would see Something Really Big was out there among the buffs approaching a level of excess. Bill Hamilton thinks increasing revelations meant, "we're going to learn a lot more in 1992." Tal LeVesque says a high-tech fascist takeover is underway and believes 1992 will be the year of the UFO threat as researchers drop out, death threats increase, and cults increase. Gary Schulz feels "1992 is apparently going to be a pivotal year for ufology" and elitists will pull off the grand unification of Europe (No). Richard Hall, Scott Smith, George Knapp and Charlie Hickson predicted nothing would happen and that it was all b.s. (Yes).
  200. Joseph W. Ritrovato, in the March 1995 issue of MUFON UFO Journal, offers a forecast of a flap based on a combination of 4 alleged cycles of UFO activity of 13, 21, 32 months and 5 years in length. Most of the year, or December 1994 through September 1995 will show an increase in observed UFOs...The best viewing should be during the entire spring season (perhaps starting as much as a few weeks before the spring equinox) but most especially on every other Friday through Sunday from the second weekend in April to the third weekend in May...if the wave crest doesn't occur at the end of April it should be no more than three weeks from that time." Phil Klass counter-predicted "IF there is UFO Flap this year, it will not occur until August, when Congress adjourns and goes home and the summer doldrums set in. SUN predicts there will be no UFO Flap in 1996 because UFOs know they cannot compete with the presidential elections for media attention." According to Paul Ferrughelli's NSRC Yearbook, the highest monthly total in 1995 occurred in August. Second highest occurred in June. April was third-highest and May tied for sixth and seventh. We don't know if there was a flap in 1995 because Ferrughelli's database acquired new sources that year making a higher average for the year probably artifactual. There was no flap in '96.
  201. John Mack's tribe of abductees offer a nice variety of world destruction fantasies: earth will be puking us off with geological and meteorological convulsions to rebalance itself (Ed), a plague of communicable AIDs (Scott), nuclear war (Jerry, 1992), Brazilian-type deforestation repeated everywhere (Jerry, 1991), an electromagnetic catastrophe from negative human technology (Joe), a huge planetary shakeup (Sara), earth changes involving great shifts in the continental shelf with a tidal wave engulfing the South and East Coast before 2002 (Peter), the collapse of Earth-connected systems and a tearing of the cosmic fabric essential to the unity of the universe (Carlos), and a cosmic water balloon floods the Earth suffocating everything (Arthur).
  202. March 18-19, 1995. The so-called stealth Disney UFO documentary predicts the release of government documents about ongoing alien encounters. Most Americans will likely explore outer space aboard crafts of alien origin.
  203. Scott Mandelker offers a study of what Brad Steiger called the Star People. They still predict natural disasters, a major transition, man-made conflicts, California going into the sea, Earth Changes, catastrophes, and crises. The new time for the harvest tends to be around 2010 and he notes the end of the Mayan calendar and The Ra Material suggested this.
  204. Richard Boylan argues at length that the extraterrestrials are planning to reveal themselves and are employing a 4-element Game Plan. 1) The number, boldness, and openness of UFOs are increasing. 2) The increase in close encounters reported to therapists and the public. 3) An increased sense of mission among experiencers and researchers. Such an increase among researchers was predicted by myself as part of the evolution of the paranoia in ufology. 4) Greater governmental leaking. He anticipated an "announcement of the first openly-declared, official ET presence on Earth" in 1997. He concludes this "will make it virtually impossible by 1998 for any informed person to deny extraterrestrial reality. Subsequently he talks about UFO overflights of various capitals around the world and wonders when they will overfly Washington. "Surely that open appearance will spell the end of the UFO Cover-Up. It will also mark for us the beginning of a new and cosmic chapter in our history."
  205. At a 1995 press conference, John Mack comments on the fate of the world, "The fact of the matter is that we have 15 to 20 years before the psychological, moral, physical, and environmental collapse of the Earth as a living entity becomes altogether a reality. This scientific, predictable fact if you just move the clock from what's going on now." Abductions seem to be an effort to change our consciousness to alter that fate. Asked whether our continued existence two decades hence would prove him wrong: "I don't think so because we will know exactly what brought about the incredible transformation of our behavior and consciousness that would be required for that to happen."
  206. February 5, 1996. Though expressing doubts, Richard Boylan relays second-hand information by way of a CIA UFO specialist and the Aviary UFO Group that EBE claims "a major public extraterrestrial landing" will occur on April 24, 1997 near the White Sands Missile base. EBE also told them of a series of upcoming Earth cataclysms in 1998.
  207. The Guardian through Ruth Ryden beseeches, "Look to the heavens at night, for just as cloud formations are becoming unusual with symbols and signs, so will the stars begin now to startle humanity with movements and formations that are not in the plats of astronomers. As your solar system is experiencing many changes along with your planet, so will star systems begin to change their orbits." Falling stars, volcanic eruptions, and focused crustal-generated violent weather patterns will increase.
  208. Alexander Collier, friend of Andromedans, predicts between now and 2007 that Saudi Arabia will become the North Pole. Atlantis, Lemuria, the hollow inner earth, and reincarnation will be scientifically proven. Our alien genetic heritage will be proven. Extraterrestrial life will make contact and their range and presence acknowledged. Aliens will vacate our planet and leave us alone.
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