Alien Autopsy Proof: Email Communication

Eric Davis: Anonymously posted on 2019-06-04, supposedly from Edgar Mitchell archives, Friday, March 23, 2001

To: Bob Bigelow

From: Eric Davis (NIDS)

CC: Colm Kelleher (NIDS)Kelleher, Colm

Date: 23 Friday

Re: Revision of Memo 2/23/01: Kit GreenGreen, Kit's professional evaluation of the "Alien Autopsy (from the Roswell Incident)" Film/Video and other related information

Bob and Colm:

I have learned from recent discussions with Hal that he shared with Kit the contents of my Memo 2/23/01 to you, and together they poured over the points that I summarized regarding Kit's evaluation of the Santilli alien autopsy film/video and his official briefings info on same. Kit then realized that he answered in haste mine and Colm's e-mail questions because he was rushed for time during our correspondences. Kit is taking responsibility for using imprecise language and/or not providing us with the complete or accurate details of his briefings information. So he and/or Hal asked that I correct Memo 2/23/01 by inserting some additional information and make minor modifications to the text. There will be NO changes to the APPENDIX (E-mails #1 - 4). Newly added text in Memo 2/23/01 will be notated below by a check mark and modified text will be in bold and italicized.

Since spring 1999 me, Colm and Hal have undertaken a series of back and forth conversations with Kit GreenGreen, Kit regarding the Roswell Incident aliens, their bodies, the crash retrieval program, the Santilli alien autopsy film/video, etc. The sum of the data Kit has provided us during these conversations has now reached a critical level where we can summarize the following facts: