The report on Unidentified Flying Objects

Ruppelt, Edward J.Ruppelt, Edward J.,
Original book cover
Original book cover

Les "Objets Volants Non Identifiés" - que sont-ils exactement ? S'agit-il de vaisseaux spatiaux interplanétaires pilotés par des êtres intelligents ? Ou tout ce qui tourne autour des ovnis ne constitue-t-il juste qu'une masse de canulars, hallucinations, et phénomènes naturels facilement expliqués ?


  1. Le projet Blue Book et l'histoire des ovnis
  2. Commence la période de confusion
  3. Les classiques
  4. Boules lumineuses vertes, projet Twinkle, petites lumières, et Grudge
  5. Les heures sombres
  6. Les presses tournent - l'Air Force s'agite
  7. Le Pentagone gronde
  8. Les lumières de Lubbock, intégral
  9. Le nouveau Projet Grudge
  10. Projet Blue Book et le grand montage
  11. Le grand survol
  12. Le carousel de Washington
  13. Canular ou horreur ?
  14. Digérer les données
  15. L'histoire de la radiation
  16. La hiérarchie pondère
  17. Que sont les ovnis ?

This is the first serious book about UFOs to be written by anyone actively connected with the official investigation of these phenomena. As chief of the Air Force project assigned to the investigation and analysis of UFOs, Mr. Ruppelt and his staff studied over 4,500 reports and discussed them with everyone from out-and-out crackpots to top-level scientists and generals

All reports received were subjected to military intelligence analysis procedures. Astronomers, physicists, aerodynamic engineers, and psychologists were consulted in the course of the Air Force's exhaustive investigations. The official Air Technical Intelligence Center reports of their findings, many details from which are revealed for the first time in this book, contain some completely baffling detailed accounts of UFO sightings by thoroughly reliable witnesses.

Here are the complete official accounts of the classic cases - the Lubbock Lights, the Utah Movies, the Florida Scoutmaster, the Washington Sightings - as well as a wealth of less-publicized but equally amazing incidents.

While others who have written books and articles on UFOs imply that they were conferring with officials in the inner sanctum, Mr. Ruppelt, as this fascinating book makes clear, was the inner sanctum.

About the Author

From early 1951 until September 1953, Edward J. Ruppelt was chief of the United States Air Force's Project Blue Book, an operation of the Air Technical Intelligence Center. Since 1953 the author has been in close contact with the present project staff and recently made a trip across the country to check current developments. Mr. Ruppelt is now a research engineer for the Northrop Aircraft Company. - 1956.