Matrix 2

Grace, JohnGrace, John, 1990

The abduction and manipulation of humans using advanced technology

Valerian, Valdamar: 3rd edition with added material, Leading Edge Research Group, 1990


Oftentimes have I heard you speak of one who commits a wrong as though he were not one of you, but a stranger unto you and an intruder upon your world.

But I say that even as the holy and the righteous cannot rise beyond the highest which is in each one of you,

So the wicked and the weak cannot fall lower than then lowest which is in you also.

And as a single leaf turns not yellow but with the silent knowledge of the whole tree,

So the wrong-doer cannot do wrong without the hidden will of you all.

Like a procession you walk together towards your godself.

You are the way and the wayfarers.

And when one of you falls down he falls for those behind him, a caution against the stumbling stone s1Gibran, Kahiil: The Prophet


Matrix 2 is the result of Matrix plus 2 years of intense work. We feel that it is probably one of the most significant works that has even been accomplished. The knowledge contained within it is a product of the blood, sweat and tears of many people. The abduction and manipulation of human beings by other species is a natural process that occurs when the awareness and intelligence of one species is less than another. It is the collective goal of many on this planet to raise the awareness and intelligence of the human species, as well as the awareness and intelligence of the human species, as well as the awareness and intelligence of some alien species, to a point where unmanipulated evolving harmony can occur. The conflict, we feel, is based on energetic societal variants called "service to self" and "service to others". It is quite obvious that many species, including the majority of humans, do not realize the true possibilities that expanded awareness can bring. We have tried to balance the problem of polarities whith in-depth discussions about states of mind that do not require polarities, which provides individual entities who read this material with an "out". Since the abduction of humans is a primary goal for some species, it is important that individual entities know the scope of what is happening to them and why. We have looked a lot deeper into what is happening with humans here, including alien mind sets and a construction of the societal structures and operation of some species. This information was obtained in the interest of all the species involved, and should be digested by all parties involved with this composite multidimensional scenario called "reality".

This book is dedicated to all entities who are growing, learning and teaching ; to all entities that are the manipulators and the manipulated ; to all entities that are "victims" and "participants" and to the continued evolvement of the Universal Intelligent Matrix that is generating all that they perceive. It is dedicated to those who view with judgement or non-judgement - so that they may understand each other.


We are indebted to all the researchers whose efforts and trials have provided us all with more understanding and knowledge of the drama unfolding around us. To all the researchers who have contributed material, we are deeply grateful. Hopefully, this effort will be a demonstration of how people can work together toward a common goal.

Special Acknowledgements

Special thanks to go Nexus Seven for allowing use of selections from his forthcoming Book Top Secret/Apotheosis - A Multilateral Set of Hypotheses ; Lenny Lapon for Chronology of Psychiatry and Eugenics in the United States and Germany from his excellent work entitled Mass Murderers in White Coats ; Jason Bishop III for his long standing contributions of data and graphics ; Cynthia Ozzimo for her contribution of special artwork ; Chan Johnson for his advice, patience, insight and fantastic graphics ; Christa Tilton for her contribution of artwork, data and experience and sustained courage ; Kristie Bjork for her frank discussions of her experience ; Martti Koski and RObert Naeslund for their revealing expose on Canadian brain transmitters ; John Lear for his courage and inspiration in the face of disbelief and hostility ; ...