Les ovnis et le Rapport Condon – Critique d'un scientifique

James E. McDonaldMc Donald, James E., mercredi 12 février 1969

Synthèse d'une allocution du Dupont Chapter of The Scientific Research Society of America (RESA), Wilmington, Delaware, 12 février 1969.

Quiconque qui lit cette étude will, je crois, lay it down with une nouvelle perspective sur les valeurs et limitations humaines Walter Sullivan, dans l'Introduction à l'édition paperback du Rapport Condon, Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects, Bantam Books, 1969

Les conclusions et recommandations negatives du Rapport Condon concernant l'étude scientifique des ovnis sont maintenant une question d'archives publiques. Je conteste ces conclusions, les contestant et les critiquant sur les bases suivantes :

My own estimate is that absolutely no further general progress towards scientific clarification of the UFO problem will come until the inadequacies of the Condon Report are fully aired in as many ways as possible. I intend to devote all possible personal effort to that objective; and NICAP is in process of preparing an extended rebuttal report. So small a fraction of the scientific community is currently aware of the potential scientific importance of the UFO problem that this rebuttal will probably be slow in taking effect; but the Report seems so unrepresentative of good scientific work, so highly vulnerable to scientific criticism, that I believe its negative influence (except with respect to USAF decisions about Projet Blue Book) will be quite short-lived.