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L'observation de Kenneth Arnold (cas 39) tomberait dans cette catégorie, même si la ligne de 9 disques qu'il vit faire des écarts à l'intérieur et l'extérieur des pics entre le Mont Rainier et le Mont Adams (I-2,3).

Cas 33 - 24 juin, près de Joliet (Illinois)

A 13 h 50 (CDT), l'ingénieur de chemin de fer Charles Kastl, de 267 Webster Street, à Joliet, marchait le long d'une route nationale à 10 miles environ à l'est de Joliet lorsqu'il vit une peculiar formation de 9 objets circulaires plats allant plus vite que n'importe quel avion que j'aie jamais vu. Ces 9 disqus, comme ceux d'Arnold, were stretched out in a straight line at an estimated height of 4000 pieds et volaient en direction du sud depuis le nord.

"I could see no connecting link between them," rapporta Kastl, "but they acted as though the leading disc had a motor in it to power the others, because when it flipped, the others would, too. When it would right itself, the others would right themselves."

Kastl, who had 14 years of experience with the E. J. and E. Railway as an engineer, said the objects were "not very large." When asked by newsmen if he had been drinking, he answered sternly, "I was on my way to work, and you know a railroad man never touches the stuff on or before duty hours." His friends and neighbors all agreed that Kastl was not the sort of man given to telling tall stories.

Cas 240 - 4 juillet, près de Craig (Montana)

Curt Dennis, Great Falls artist and sculptor, and his wife, were fishing on the Missouri River a few miles north of Craig at Hardy Bridge, about 38 miles southwest of Great Falls. During the mid­afternoon their attention was drawn to the sky by a brilliant flashing. Dennis looked up and saw a group of silver-colored objects to the south. Because they had to look into the sun, the configuration of the objects was difficult for the witnesses to make out clearly.

"They were flying in a single-file formation," Mr. Dennis said. "There were about 12 of the objects and they 'shined-up' like silver and looked like a string of plates going over." He and Mrs. Dennis watched the formation travel at high speed in a northwesterly direction until they had disappeared beyond the high and rugged horizon to the northwest in a matter of seconds.”

In his follow-up of this sighting, Dr. McDonald learned that Dennis was no longer alive, but he was able to get in touch with Mrs. Dennis, who verified the details of the original news report.

She had been the first one to notice them and called them to her husband's attention. She described them as round and disc-like, silvery and flashing in the sun. Their first impression had been that they were ducks, but the objects were too bright and too big. She added that it had been her impression that the objects -- at least ten of them, she recalled -- had been tumbling over and over, although at the time she said her husband was not so certain of this detail. However, Mrs. Dennis had put on a pair of sunglasses to view them, as they were first seen in the direction of the sun, and she suggested that this motion may have been an oscillation, rather than tumbling. She was certain that they were not moving smoothly, like aircraft. They were high up and, to her, looked huge. No sound was heard. Mrs. Dennis told McDonald that the experience came back to her vividly as she spoke of it over the phone. He was favorably impressed with the results of his conversation with her.

Cas 315 - 5 juillet, Augusta (Maine)

Newsman and program director Dan Kelly, of Station WRDO in Augusta, reported to the Civil Aeronautics Administration that he and a friend had seen a dozen disc-like objects flying northward over the city at 1:15 p.m. EDT. He said they were moving "very fast" and that they were in "a very straight line like a string of beads."

Kelly described the objects as being greyish in color and "about as big as a dime," traveling faster than any aircraft he had ever seen. Bangor officials, alerted by Kelly's telephone call at the time of the sighting, were on the lookout for the objects, said to have been traveling in their direction. However, no sightings were made from Bangor.

Cas 481 - 6 juillet, Kankakee (Illinois)

A formation of five disc-like objects in a row, which appeared to the witnesses to be "strung together" by invisible wires, was reported seen by Jesse L. Hendrickson, of Kankakee, as he sat on his front porch with a friend, Frank Abrogast, at 9:30 p.m. CDT.

The witnesses described the objects as "rolling along leisurely" on their edges, in the attitude of a wheel. Their height was estimated to be about 300 or 400 feet. The discs were luminous, casting a "light blue glow," and they appeared to the 2 men to be "about the size of ordinary dinner plates"-- an uncertain estimate, probably based on a relative comparison. The witnesses heard no sound, and they were both quite certain that the objects were not balloons.

Cas 563 - 7 juillet, Redlands (Californie)

A Redlands bread-truck driver, H. J. Stell, reported that he had seen 8 disc-shaped objects at 6:12 a.m. PST, as he was making his deliveries. The objects were "swishing" overhead in a southwesterly direction, headed toward March Field. Stell described the formation of discs as appearing "like silvery eggs in a straight line."

Cas 580 - 7 juillet, Dorchester (Massachusetts)

John Stewart, of 197 Talbot Avenue, reported that he had seen four silvery-white objects sometime during the day. He described the objects as "flying in a row," and traveling faster than a plane at an estimated altitude of 5,000 feet. Stewart added that a friend, with him at the time of the sighting, had also observed the objects but disagreed about their color.

Cas 573 - 7 juillet, Willow Springs (Illinois)

A “buzzing noise" coming from overhead caught the attention of Robert Meegan and his son John, 14, as the two worked in the fields near their home in Willow Springs, on the Des Plaines River a few miles east of the Argonne National Laboratories. Looking up, the Meegans saw "13 round objects all going east, single file in a straight line." None of these objects "weaved or wobbled," and the witnesses described them as being "bluish-grey" in color. The objects, reported as round and flat on bottom, were estimated to be "probably the size of a house" by the viewers.

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