JAN 09 2018

The Honorable John McCain
The Honorable Jack Reed
Ranking Member
Committee on Armed Services
United States Senate
228 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington. DC 20510

Dear Chairman McCain and Ranking member Reed.

(U//FOUO) Based on interest from your staff regarding the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)'s role in the Advanced Aerospace Threat and Identification Program (AATIP) please find attached a list of all products produced under the AATIP contract for DIA to publish. The purpose of AATIP was to investigate foreign advanced aerospace weapon threats from the present out to the next 40 years.

(U//FOUO) There are 38 reports associated with DIA's involvement in the program documented in the list. All are UNCLASSIFIED//FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY except for attachment 37 which is a SECRET/NOFORN version of attachment 38 State of the Art and Evolution of High Energy Laser Weapons. All are available for Congressional staff access on the Capitol Network (CapNet) except for attachment 12 and 15, respectively titled Ficici EJ.F·c:ts on 11iological 'f'i.,·sttl!s and .·In lntmduction/n the .\ uaisJical Dwke l·.'(j/Wtion . Wear· also happy to provide: them lircctl:· t1pnn rcqu~·st. LJ) :::ihL)UJJ )\)U ha\'C m~ que tion ·. kasc nw ·t rn y Congrcsiona l ( perations ead. ,(b)(6) I l(b)(6) I


List of attachments