FlyBe Jersey 912G (BAe 146)

At 1413:33, immediately after receiving the Jetstream's initial negative reply, Paul Kelly contacted the pilot of a FlyBe BAe146 northbound from Guernsey to Gatwick whose flight path had crossed behind the Jetstream and would take it NE towards R41 on a course reciprocal to that of Capt Bowyer's Trislander. Kelly advised that the object ...would be roughly on your course towards ORTAC, probably below, could you advise us if you see anything in the vicinity of Alderney?

At about 1414 Kelly was advising Capt Bowyer that he had a primary echo possibly corresponding to UAP #2 near the Casquets. Seconds later - at almost the exact moment that the Blue Islands Jetstream was reporting on the Approach frequency that he had a an object in sight near Alderney - Kelly called the 146 which was now flying west of the location and advised that there is a primary [radar echo] just on your right hand side now, vicinity of the Casquets, about a mile to your right. The pilot indicated that he would look. However at about 1417:30 after a second query from Kelly - anything down your right hand side this time? - the pilot responded that he had seen nothing, and thereafter was handed off to London Air Traffic Control for his cruise.

In radio discussion with Capt Bowyer during the latter's return flight to Southampton, Kelly remarked: I think the FlyBe was too high. Capt Bowyer recalled that the BAe146's altitude was between 6000 and 8000ft.

(see Section 2)