Transcript of Radio Communications

Jersey ATC kindly provided wav. files of all air/ground radio communications involving Channel Islands Control Zone and Jersey Approach Control during approximately two hours after the start of the sighting time. All exchanges on three ATC frequencies with reference to the UAP sighting have been extracted and transcribed below against time of transmission, beginning with Capt Bowyer's first call to Jersey Zone at 1409:32. Refer to radar map, Fig.6.

Jersey Control Zone frequency, 125.2 Mhz

JZ = Jersey Control Zone
AL = A-Line 544 = Aurigny Airlines 544
BI = Blue Island Airways 832
JG = Jersey 912 Golf.

1409:32, AL: Jersey Zone, A-Line 544.

1409:37, JZ: A-Line 544, pass message.

1409:40, AL: Do you have any traffic, er, can't really say how far, about my 12 o'clock, er, level?

1409:50, JZ: Er, no, no known traffic at all in your 12 o'clock.

1409:54, AL: Roger, I've got a very bright object, er, [unintelligible word], well, as I say it's difficult to say how far, extremely bright yellow, orange object, straight ahead, er, very flat platform, looking at it through binoculars as we speak.

1410:10, JZ: A-Line 544, rog, I do have a, er, primary contact now, er, very faint primary contact, just to the left probably to your 11 o'clock this time and a range of, er, about 4 track miles.

1410:31, AL: Roger.

1411:07, AL: A-Line 544, any more information on that aircraft please?

1411:11, JZ: A-Line 544, er, negative, there's just a primary contact [that/but?] we sometimes get anaprop on the radar. There is something possibly your left, er, 10 o'clock at a range of 3 miles this time.

1411:26, AL: I've got a definite contact, my 12 o'clock, very bright yellow object looking like, well, a cigar.

1411:38, JZ: A-Line 544, er roger, nothing at all in your 12 o'clock, erm, for the next 40 miles or so.

1411:47, AL: Roger 544. Anyone else see that?

1411:51, JZ: There's, er, nothing really in the area - Blue Island 832, er Zone?

1411:57, BI: Er, go ahead, what's the position of, er, the A-Line? ?

1412:00, JZ: Er, that traffic is in your left, just behind 9 o'clock, can you see anything in that direction towards [Ortac/ORTAC] ?

1412:07, BI: I'm having a look, stand by.

1412:28, JZ: A-Line 544, er there's still nothing seen, could you confirm this traffic is at a similar level to yourself?

1412:36, AL: Roger 544, just confirming, now all the passengers can see this . . . aircraft, er. I've got the island visual, it's dead ahead, can't say how far, probably 5 miles, but it's staying the same size, er looks to be off the north . . . north-north-west coast of Alderney [break in transmission] over Burhou-ish at the moment, but I can't really tell.

1412:58, JZ: A-Line 544, er, roger, we'll try and get hold of Alderney tower, see if they can, er see anything.

1413:03, AL: Roger.

1413:05, BI: Blue Island 832, I can't see anything in that, er, position.

1413:09, JZ: I think we crossed there, say again.

1413:13, BI: It's Blue Island 832, er, I - I have nothing in that, er, position at all I can't see anything.

1413:16, JZ: Blue Island 832, roger, descend Flight Level 40.

1413:22, BI: Descending Flight Level 40 Blue Island 832.

1413:24, JZ: Blue Island 832, contact Jersey Approach now, 120 decimal 3.

Fig. 6 Map based on merged ELVIRA images from Jersey ATC showing Trislander, Jetstream and BAe146 courses. A best-fit to the Trislander radar plot (solid red line) is shown compared with a straight 207° heading (broken red line). Range rings are at 5nmi intervals.
Fig. 6 Map based on merged ELVIRA images from Jersey ATC showing Trislander, Jetstream and BAe146 courses. A        best-fit to the Trislander radar plot (solid red line) is shown compared with a straight 207° heading (broken        red line). Range rings are at 5nmi intervals.

1413:30, BI: Jersey Approach, 120 decimal 3, Blue Island 832.

1413:33, JZ: Jersey [912?] Golf, Zone?

1413:35, JG: Go ahead, Jersey 912 Golf.

1413:37, JZ: Have you been listening in to the conversation with the A-line?

1413:39, JG: Affirm, Jersey 912 Golf.

1413:41, JZ: Roger, that, er, object would be roughly on your course towards ORTAC, probably below, could you advise us if you see anything in the vicinity of Alderney if you look down at all?

1413:53, JG: Er, we'll keep a visual eye out, Jersey 912 Golf.

1413:56, JZ: Roger.

1413:59, AL: A-Line 544, er Jersey.

1414:02, JZ: Pass message.

1414:04, AL: Well, looking through binoculars as I am now, er, there's a second one just appeared behind the first one, um, from where I am.

1414:12, JZ: A-Line 544, roger, and er, are they still between yourselves and Alderney?

1414:16, AL: Negative, I think over maybe to the west of Alderney.

1414:23, JZ: Roger . . . erm, I do have a primary contact, just one . . . blob if you like, er, 8 miles or so to the west of Alderney in the vicinity of the Casquets.

1414:36, AL: That would possibly be the second one, furthest out that I can see. The first one is maybe closer, looks like Burhou area or beyond Burhou from me in a straight line.

1414:47, JZ: A-line 544 understood, break. Jersey 912 Golf, that would be roughly below your position this time.

1414:55, JG: Rog, this is Jersey 912 Golf, still looking, er, I can't see anything.

1414:58, JZ: Roger, there is a primary just on your right hand side now, erm, vicinity of the Casquets, about a mile to your right.

1415:07, JG: Roger, Jersey 912 Golf, just looking.

Jersey Approach frequency, 120.3MHz

(overlapping previous exchanges with Zone on 125.2 Mhz)

BI = Blue Island Airways 832
JA = Jersey Approach Control

1414:43, BI: Jersey, Blue Island 832. Zone asked us to look if we could see an object which is, um, being seen by A-Line at the moment, I've got something about 8 o'clock resembling the description.

1414:55, JA: Blue Island 832, roger, what range would you estimate that target?

1414:59, BI: Around about a similar range to Alderney from us now.

1415:04, JA: Blue Island 832, and at the same level, or lower or higher?

1415:08, BI: Er, lower, I would suspect about 2000 lower.

1415:12, JA: Blue Island 832, roger.

Jersey Control Zone frequency, 125.2 Mhz

JZ = Jersey Control Zone
AL = Aurigny Airlines 544
JG = Jersey 912 Golf
GR = Golf Romeo Romeo
SL = Sky Elite 597 Papa
511 = Jersey 511
03 = 03
GC = Golf Charlie Sierra

1415:13, AL: Yeah, the second one appears to be beyond the first from where I am, in other words towards the south west. Er, it's exactly the same, it's got a gap. It's a cylindrical . . . object, very bright yellow, and there's a gap in light about two thirds of the way along it from, er, left to right as I look at it, and the second one is exactly the same.

1415:33, JZ. A-Line 544, roger, would you like descent.

1415:36, AL. Please, I better had go down I think.

1415:38, JZ: A-Line 544, as you descend towards 2000ft the QNH is 1021

1415:43, AL: Descend 2000 feet, 1021, they're very plain to see from where I am now, without, er, any binoculars.

1415:49, JZ: Roger.

1416:31, JZ: A-Line 544, er, anything more?

1416:35, AL: Er, certainly two objects now, passengers can both . . . see, or passengers can see two objects. I'm going to be in a straight line with them on, er, sort of final approach into Alderney. Two very bright lights.

1416:47, JZ: Roger. Have you any idea of the scale of them?

1416:49, AL: Er, I'd say, from here, difficult to say how far away they are, I'd say the furthest one is 10 miles away, closest one is 4 miles away, 5 miles away, maybe 7, erm, don't know, like - the size of 737, something like that?

1417:06, JZ: A-Line 544, Roger.

1417:09, AL: Both stationary.

1417:10, JZ: Roger. And, er, what sort of level?

1417:14, AL: Low to me now, er, I'd say 2000 feet, 1500.

1417:19, JZ: Roger.

1417:28, JZ: Jersey 912 Golf, anything down your right hand side this time?

1417:32, JG: Er, negative, Jersey 912 Golf.

1417:35, JZ: Jersey 912 Golf, er, roger, contact London now, 132 decimal 3.

1417:39, JG: 132 decimal 3, Jersey 912 Golf.

1417:42, JZ: Golf Romeo Romeo, Zone.

1417:44, GR: Er, Golf Romeo Romeo Golf?

1417:46, JZ: Er, have you been listening in on the conversation with the A-Line?

1417:49, GR: Affirmative.

1417:51, JZ: Do you know that traffic is about 18 miles ahead of you this time, if you could keep me advised if you see any objects on your way towards Alderney.

1418:00, GR: Er, Golf Romeo Romeo, will do.

1418:02, AL: A-line 544, I've lost the objects now in the haze in descent.

1418:06, JZ: A-line 544, that's copied.

1418:35, JZ: A-Line 544, we've advised, er, Guernsey and they've advised Alderney about, er, whatever that is. You can call them now on 128 decimal 650.

1418:43, AL: Roger, thanks, A-line 544.

1423:55, JZ: Sky Elite 597 Papa, when ready descend Flight Level 50.

1423:59, SL: When ready descend Flight Level 50, Sky Elite 597 Papa.

1424:03, JZ: Sky Elite 597 Papa, er I think this happened before you were on-frequency but some previous traffic into Alderney reported seeing some unidentified objects [laughs at unheard comment] in the sky in the vicinity of Alderny. Could you advise me if you see anything?

1424:20, SL: [unintelligible] Sky Elite 597 Papa.

1424:24, JZ: What you're looking for would be cigar-shaped very bright yellow objects emitting light.

1424:34, SL: Er, yeah, yeah [laughing] we'll, er, keep a good look-out, Sky Elite 597 Papa.

1424:39, JZ: [unintelligible] we had a Trislander into Alderney over a period of about 10,15 minutes, all the passengers saw the objects as well, there were two in the vicinity of Alderney and one at the Casquets.

1424:52, SL: [unintelligible] and we are visual with Alderney at the moment, keeping a good look-out, Sky Elite 597 Papa. [unidentified voice: ". . . trying, it's such a laugh!"]

1424:59, JZ: Thank you.

1427:49, JZ: Sky Elite 597 Papa. If you can keep a good look-out, er, on your way down and advise Guernsey if you see anything, 128 decimal 650.

1427:57, SL: OK, and Guernsey 128 decimal 650, Sky Elite 597 Papa.

1428:08, JZ: Golf Romeo Romeo, Zone.

1428:10, GR: Er, Golf Romeo [unintellible].

1428:13, JZ: If you could keep a good look out as you pass down the side of Alderney, er, towards Alderney and the west. We've a cross-reference from some traffic inbound to Jersey from the south which saw the objects from the vicinity of Sark towards Alderney at the same level.

1428:28, GR: Er, Golf Romeo, we copied all that, keeping a good look out, certainly.

1428:31, JZ: Thank you.

1432:11, JZ: Golf Romeo Romeo, you're passing down the east side of Alderney now, er, anything seen at all?

1432:16, GR: Er, Golf Romeo Romeo, to my disappointment, nothing.

1432:21, JZ: Golf Romeo Romeo roger maintain altitude 3000 feet continue with Jersey approach 120 decimal 3.

1432:28, GR: 120 decimal 3 maintaining 3, thank you.

1432:30, JZ: Bye bye.

1432:31, GR: Bye bye sir.

1436:39, JZ: 511 Jersey?

1436:40, 511: 511 go ahead.

1436:41, JZ: Er, if you can just bear with me a bit whilst I explain this to you, we had an Aline who landed in Alderney about 20 minutes ago, er, he reported two cigar shaped objects, bright orange, approximately, well, between 5 or 40 and surface level just off the NW corner of Alderney, so if you could keep a look out for anything at all on your way down to Guernsey.

1437:05, 511: Yeah, will do, sounds very strange, maybe there're UFOs in the area.

1437:10, JZ: Yes, maybe indeed, er, the pilot reported it and, er, all the passengers saw it as well. And, er, we had a separate, er, aircraft [unintelligible] just east of Sark who also confirmed it north of his position, so like I say, if you could keep a good look-out and advise us if you spot anything.

1437:23, 511: Wilco, thank you.

1437:29, JZ: [unintelligible] 03, did you copy that?

1437:30, 03: [unintelligible] 03, we'll keep an eye out.

1437:31, JZ: Roger.

1440:31, JZ: Jersey 511, continue again to your approach 128 decimal 650 and if you could advise them if you do spot anything on the way down

1440:38, 511: 128.650, wilco, Jersey 511, bye - not seen anything yet.

1440:42, JZ: Bye bye, cheers.

120.3MHz, Jersey Approach frequency

GC = Golf Charlie Sierra
JA = Jersey Approach Control

1441:46, JA: Golf Charlie Sierra, Approach

1441:50, GC: Approach, Golf Charlie Sierra

1441:52, JA: Golf Charlie Sierra, for your information we've had some reports of some strange objects in the vicinity of Alderney in the past 35 minutes, at the same level as yourself, so if you could keep a good look-out towards Alderney and advise if you see anything.

1442:04, GC: Er, wilco, Golf Charlie Sierra.

Jersey Control Zone frequency, 125.2 Mhz

JZ = Jersey Control Zone
PH = Papa Hotel Bravo
511 = Jersey 511
932 = Beauport 932

1443:18, JZ: Papa Hotel Bravo, Jersey Zone?

1443:21, PH: Go ahead.

1443:22, JZ: Papa Hotel Bravo, um, approximately 20 minutes ago we had a Trislander landing at, er, Alderney. He reported seeing, er, two, erm, cigar shaped objects apparently off the northwest coast of Alderney. It was confirmed by another aircraft and the passengers on board. I was just wondering if you could see anything from your present position towards Alderney?

1443:46, PH: OK, we're looking.

1443:48, JZ: Beauport 932 did you copy that?

1443:53, 932: Affirm, 932.

1443:56, JZ: Yeah, it was just to the west of, er, Alderney, they were between Flight Level 40 and surface level so I mean if you could, or if you do see anything at all if you could report back?

1444:05, 932: Roger

1446:51, JZ: Papa Hotel Bravo, anything seen at all to the east of you?

1446:54, PH: No, had a good look, nothing observed.

1446: 59, JZ: Papa Hotel Bravo, roger, thanks for that.

1525:01, JZ: Hello A-Line 563, Zone.

1525:03, AL: Go ahead please.

1525:04, JZ: Er, I believe my colleague wants to have a quick, er, word with you, so when you have the chance if you could, um, contact him on 118 decimal 550.

1525:13, AL: 18 55, coming across now.

Jersey Control Zone spare frequency, 118.55MHz

JZ = Jersey Control Zone
AL = Aurigny Airlines 563

1525:22, AL: This is A-Line 563 on 118 55 box 2.

1525:26, JZ: 563, hello. Er, we were talking before when you were southbound reference the objects - um, I've spoken to your Ops in Alderney, they faxed me through a copy of your flight log, I believe, with the diagrams on. I was wondering if when you get a moment you could take - write down whatever details you can, er, draw the diagrams or whatever and then fax them through to us here at Jersey?

1525:51, AL: Roger, wilco. Have you got a telephone number?

1525:55. JZ: Yeah, it's ----- --- ---.

1526:04, AL: That's --- ---.

1526:08, JZ: That's correct - and, er, for the attention of myself, that's Paul Kelly.

1526:16, AL: Paul Kelly, wilco. Er, any other sightings? I understand a FlyBe got it.

1526:20, JZ: Er, well . . . the FlyBe 146 I think was too high, but, er, a Blue Island Jetstream passing, er, down abeam Sark on its way down to us, once it was at a similar level I think, 450, saw the objects - er, opposite direction to yourself in the vicinity of Alderney, estimated range from them about 10 miles.

1526:44, AL: Roger, thanks very much. Did he see two objects like I did?

1526:48, JZ: Er, he didn't say actually, um, we can double-check that, but he certainly saw one in the vicinity of Alderney, perhaps the other one, if it was further west, would have been actually behind him as he was heading down to us.

1526:59, AL: Yeah, that would confirm what I saw. Thanks very much, I'll be in touch by fax.