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The mid-April sighting made by meteorologists at the U. S. Weather Bureau in Richmond, Virginia is included in this category (I-1).

Cas 151 - 1er juillet, Louisville (Kentucky)

U. S. Government Meteorologist E. E. Unger, in charge of the Weather Bureau at Louisville Kentucky, and a weather observer with over 30 years of experience, reported that he and his wife had seen a round, luminous object at 10:10 p.m. CST as they left a movie theatre in the Highlands district of the city. Unger reported that the object was flying, "close to the earth" and was "giving off an orange light." He said that his wife had seen it first, as they came out of the theatre. "It appeared to be traveling about 100 miles an hour toward the southeast," Unger said. "Of course it could have been an airplane, although the glow was too bright for wing or tail lights of a plane, and we didn't hear any noise, although it was quiet enough to have heard a plane motor," he explained. "I only know what I saw and I don't know what it was."

About an hour and a half earlier, J. L. Laemmle, of 710 South Ormsby, reported that he had seen a glowing disc "flash through the sky" (Case 146), and another sighting was made at an unspecified time during the evening by a Mrs. E. A. Simpson.

Cas 347 - 5 juillet, Zanesville (Ohio)

Weather observer and CAA Communications Operator Miss Barry Peruzzo, at the Zanesville Airport control tower, said that she had seen two disc-like objects flying over the field about ten minutes apart. She reported that she had seen the first "fairly oval" object at 8:55 p.m. EST, while she was checking the ceiling visibility, one of her duties. "I had just stepped outside when the first object came over at about 5,000 feet," she said; it was flying under the ceiling of clouds. The second disc followed it five or ten minutes later (Case 353). "They went very fast, headed in a northeasterly direction," she added. The witness declined to estimate the speed of the objects, as she was uncertain of their size. "I saw them for only about 15 seconds at a time," she said. She heard no noise.

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