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Case 194 -- July 3, San Diego, California:

Two Navy Chief Petty Officers, Robert L, Jackson and William Baker, were at the Naval Station when they observed three disc-like objects approximately 20 miles west of the Station, over the Pacific Ocean. The officers said the objects, flying at an estimated speed of 400 miles an hour, came in from the west and circled, then flew back out over the ocean.

“They were about half-way from the horizon," Jackson said. "They appeared to be round as saucers and were flying fairly close together in formation." The wire service accounts of this report did not say whether a report had been made out to Navy officials.

Case 257 -- July 4, Lake City, Washington:

Yeoman Frank Ryman, of the Coast Guard, photographed a disc as it flew over Lake City (IV-3).

Case 326 -- July 5, Seattle, Washington:

Marine Sgt. Raynor L. Cain, of 364l 26th Place West, reported that at 12:40 p.m. PST he had seen two disc-like objects flying over the city. "They looked like night footballs - the silvered kind you use for games under lights. The first one banked slightly at about 8000 feet, and then seemed to shoot up and out of sight, heading north. The second one, following about a minute behind, appeared to be wobbling in flight, but it, too, headed north, climbing out of vision," Cain said.

Case 403 -- July 6, Denver, Colorado:

LeRoy Krieger, Aerologist Second Class at the Buckley Naval Air Station, east of Denver, reported he had seen a bright object which he was convinced "was not an airplane." At an unspecified time during the day, he and James Cavalieri, a Buckley Field hospital apprentice, reported they saw an object "round and shiny, like silver," to the east of the field, "shooting up and down." It made no noise, and after several minutes of this peculiar maneuvering, the object left at high speed. "It was going like a bat outa hell," Krieger reported. His companion agreed.

Case 769 -- July 8, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii:

At 5:30 p.m., HST, more than 100 Navy men watched an oblong shaped object over the base at Pearl Harbor. It was described by most witnesses as "silvery colored, like aluminum, with no wings or tail, sort of round or oblong-shaped, and moving both slow and fast." The object was "very high," and moving westward toward Honolulu in "alternating bursts of speed" and in a "slow, zigzagging" flight path. Among the Navy men reporting the object were Yeoman 2c Ted Purdue, 21, of McClain, Texas; Yeoman 1c Douglas Kacherle, 22, of New Bedford, Mass.; Seaman 1c Donald Ferguson, 19, of Indianapolis, Indiana; Yeoman Morris Kzamme, 13, of LaCrosse, Wisconsin; and Seaman Albert Delancey, 19, of Salem, West Virginia.

Navy officials at the base reported that they had begun an investigation of the reports. A check of balloon flights was made and it was learned that at 4:35 p.m. a weather balloon had been sent aloft from the Honolulu Airport, but had risen quickly and was carried off to the southwest with prevailing winds. Honolulu police said that no reports had been received from the city. They confirmed that both military and civilian authorities were making a check of the reports. The sighting, however, is not among those in the Air Force files.

Case 835 -- July 12, Seattle, Washington:

Seaman John C. Kennedy and Seaman Ben Bobberly were on duty at Sand Point Naval Air Station in northeast Seattle on Lake Washington when, at 6:35 p.m. PST, they saw what appeared to be a disc-like object flying overhead. "It was headed east, toward Kirkland, over Lake Washington," Kennedy later reported, "and at, I should say, a 12,000-foot altitude. It was silvery, perfectly round and made no noise that I could hear." He said they had reported the sighting to officers at the base.

In spite of its having been officially reported, it is not included in the Air Force files. However, at about the same time the two seamen made their observation, three disc-like objects were reported over the area around North 82nd Street and 11th Avenue, going north very fast and very high (Case 834). The two teenagers who reported this sighting, Arnold Bergh and James Calahan, said the objects were "silvery and flashing in the sun," and appeared to be "swerving a little, back and forth, and up and down."

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