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Cas 12 - Autour du 17 juin, Madison (Wisconsin)

Dr. E. B. McGilvery, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, had spent the evening playing cards at the home of Mrs. Mary North, on Middleton Road. He had hardly left the house, quite late, when he saw a bright, round object, about two-thirds the size of the full moon, moving through the sky from southwest to northeast.

Professor McGilvery described the speed of the object as "quite rapid, but not as fast as a meteor." It left no trail of light as a meteor usually does, and it did not appear to be fiery, but looked more like an "illuminated body." He called to Mrs. North to come look at it, but by the time she came out the object had vanished in the northeast.

Case 67 -- June 26, Logan, Utah:

Glen Bunting, a local school teacher, reported seeing a silvery object flying eastward at 7:43 p.m. MST. He told his wife about the sighting, and although she was reluctant to believe her husband's report, two other witnesses called the local paper independently to say they had seen the same object.

Case 125 -- June 30, Knoxville, Tennessee:

C. E. Brehm, acting President of the University of Tennessee, reported that at 9:30 p.m. EST, while sitting with his wife in the rear yard of their home at 1721 White Avenue, an object resembling "a long cylinder" was seen arching across the sky "at terrific speed, leaving in its wake a shower of sparks." Brehm said that "it happened with surprising suddenness and disappeared in a second or two, cut off from our view by our house." He described it as "the most peculiar phenomenon I've ever seen. I've seen many a falling star, but never one that behaved like this thing. It was high in the sky, though much lower than the stars." He said he was "mystified as to what the thing was, but probably it was one of those flying saucers we are reading about in the newspapers. It surely had all the earmarks," he added.

On the same night, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Bellam, living on Route 7, also reported seeing a shining object in the sky, but described it as a "100 Watt bulb with a tail on it." The object made a whistling noise as it passed over at low altitude just a short distance away, above a nearby forest (Case 127).

Case 147 -- July 1, Charleston, South Carolina:

Richard Bischoff, a teacher at the Citadel, in Charleston, was at his mother's home on Sullivan's Island, when he and three others saw an object fly overhead at 9:55 p.m. EST. While on the back porch with his mother, Mrs. J. Fred Bischoff, his sister, Mrs. Chandler Hewett, of California, and a neighbor, Mrs. J. Albert Von Donlen, a cry from Mrs. Hewett brought their attention to the disc-like object, of a reddish color, moving over at a terrific speed. One of the women said it appeared to be "between the size of a saucer and a tea plate," and the witnesses said it had "grown paler as it disappeared" from view to the south. Mr. Bischoff said he got only a brief view of the object.

            Less than a half hour before that an object had been seen 150 miles northeast of Charleston, at Wilmington, North Carolina; reported by two independent witnesses, it was seen "flashing southward." A third witness, about a dozen miles south of Wilmington, at Carolina Beach, verified seeing an object flying south at the same time.

Case 456 -- July 6, Norman, Oklahoma:

W. H. Carson, Dean of the University of Oklahoma School of Engineering, reported that he had seen three strange objects flying west over Norman at about 6:00 p.m. CST. He was alone in his back yard when the first object, of undetermined shape, flew over. His wife and three neighbors joined him immediately after and all five saw two more objects fly over in the same direction -- one slightly above the other. The witnesses had an unobstructed view of the objects from their position in the yard.

"From my observation of aircraft flying at various altitudes, I judged them to be 15,000 to 20,000 feet up," Carson said. "It was impossible at that height to determine their shape. However, they appeared to be moving at incredible speed." He said none of the witnesses heard any sound of motors, despite the fact that there was no wind at all when the objects flew over. Carson, who had scoffed at reports of flying saucers until he had seen them himself, reported that he planned to write to the War Department about the sighting, hoping that the information might be useful to the Army, if it had been conducting secret tests. If the Army, or War Department, received the information from Carson, it is not now included in the official files of Project Blue Book.

Cas 424 - 6 juillet, Long Beach (Californie)

Howard Shriver, an Army aviator during the First World War, and his sister, Miss Beulah Shriver, a school teacher, reported that they were returning to San Diego from Los Angeles by automobile when, between 1:15 and 1:30 p.m. PST, a disc-shaped object flashed across the sky just south of Long Beach. The disc, which they estimated to be 7,000 feet high, appeared to be flying north directly toward them when "it swerved broadside towards the ocean," and then "side-slipped" to the west and vanished from view. Miss Shriver said that in their "broadside" view of the object, it had the appearance of "a large serving dinner plate" reflecting the sun. Her brother compared its reflective brilliance to "a mirror's reflection of the sunlight." They viewed the object for 3 ou 4 s before it disappeared from view. Both admitted that they had been "awed by the terrific speed and brilliance" of the phenomenon and were now "among the believers,"

Cas 711 - 8 juillet, St. Louis (Missouri)

Thiemo Wolf, school teacher living at 3515 Hartford Street, who had previously "doubted all reports of flying saucers," changed his mind when he saw one himself as it flew over St. Louis shortly after noon. Wolf said the object appeared to be about the size of an automobile and was pink, with a dark spot in the center. The object sped over his home at a height of from 5000 to 10 000 feet, and disappeared "after swooping down out of sight."

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