Objets en forme d'aile et de V

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Case 227 -- July 14, Troutdale, Oregon:

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Berry, of 915 N.E. Killingsworth Street, Portland, reported that they and an unidentified friend had seen an object that bore a resemblance to "a star" to the naked eye, as it traveled in a northeasterly direction over Troutdale at an unspecified time during the day. They examined the object through binoculars and said that through the glasses the object appeared to be V-shaped. It was flying in a straight, level course, but seemed to be "dipping a bit" as it flew along, and flashing in the sun, according to the witnesses.

Case 444 -- July 6, Darlington, South Carolina:

While swimming in the Black Creek late in the afternoon, J. V. Watts, Jr., an attorney with the law firm of State Senator James F. Mozingo III, said that he had seen ten or twelve wing-shaped objects flying in a V-formation, and weaving up and down as they moved at a comparatively slow rate of speed. The objects appeared metallic and bore no resemblance to reported "discs" or "saucers," according to Watts; they were clearly wing-shaped. He saw no propellers or fuselage on them, and he estimated their speed at between 150 and 200 miles an hour, and their height at about 3,000 feet. He added that shortly after their passage overhead he saw an Army plane following in the same direction. He was of the opinion that the pilot of the plane could not have failed to see the objects ahead off him. However, no report of such an encounter appears in the official Air Force files.

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