Arrêts soudains et inversions de trajectoire de vol

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Case 338 -- July 5, Albany, Oregon: 

At 3:20 p.m. PST, two Albany men, Ted Tannich and William Lemon, said they saw a silvery, disc-shaped object flying in a straight course to the south. The disc made a sudden stop, reversing its course almost instantaneously and moved back north. The entire maneuver took place in less than 15 seconds, according to the witnesses.

Case 441 -- July 6, near Greenwood, Missouri:

Miss Helen Chiddix, of 711 Admiral Blvd., Kansas City, had been visiting her mother at her family's farm home, about one mile east of Greenwood. At 5:00 p.m. CST, as she was preparing to leave for her return trip to Kansas City by bus, Miss Chiddix said "I saw this object moving from south to north in the sky. At first I thought it was a shining airplane, for it appeared about that size and seemed to be moving at about that speed.

“My mother and I got out into the yard so we could see better, when it turned out not to be a plane. It was real large and silvery, and sailing along like a plate -- thick in the middle. It was as large as a big plane, and it sailed along flat, not too high and not too fast."

As it moved along steadily to the north, Miss Chiddix reported, it suddenly "turned on edge, returned south and vanished in the sky." She added that she wouldn't have believed her own eyes if her mother hadn't been there to confirm what she had seen.

Case 653 -- July 7, near Rome, Maine:

Four members of a fishing party on Great Pond reported watching the maneuvers of three "weird objects" at 9:00 p.m. EDT. Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Williams, of 14 Toward Street, Waterville, and their neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Grant, of 12 Toward Street, saw something resembling a "spinning rocket" come out of the southern sky at tremendous speed and abruptly stop overhead, where it remained hovering "like a ball of fire."

Shortly after that, a second object, similar in appearance, came hurtling out of the east, passing close by to the first object as it flew westward, disappearing into the clouds. Then a third object appeared, again coming from the east. This one stopped near the first object, hovered there motionless for a moment, and then continued its westerly course. Following the disappearance of this object, the first one began to move again and it retraced its path to the south at high speed. The display had lasted several minutes.

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