Protubérances : dômes, ailerons ou Knobs

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The report by Richmond meteorologist Minczewski in mid-April, describing a domed disc, would come under this catagory (see I-1), as well as prospector Fred Johnson's report on June 24 (Case 30), near Ukiah, Oregon, who described seeing five or six discs with fins, or tails (see IV- 3).

Case 94 -- June 23, La Grande, Oregon:

On or about this date, Leland Jones, La Grande high school student, and two Catholic nuns, saw nine disc-like objects "weaving in and out of formation." Jones said "They looked bright and round and seemed to have fins."

Case 294 -- July 4, Denver, Colorado:

While driving home at 11:00 p.m. MST from a holiday party, Mrs. John Perrin, of 1852 Wazee Street, saw "an aluminum-colored saucer do a flip-flop over the Union Depot." She said the object had "a big dome," and "a tail of flame." She was certain she hadn't mistaken it for a roman candle, or other fireworks.

Case 313 -- July 5, Denver, Colorado:

Less than twelve hours after Mrs. Perrin's report of a domed disc seen over Denver, Ed Zimmerman, a veteran and rocket-motor experimenter, of 1354 Elati Street, spotted a disc from his back yard. The object was directly over the dome of the capitol building, moving in a northeast direction. Zimmerman was able to observe the disc with binoculars and described it as being shaped "flat, like a pie-pan," with "a bulge, or knob on top, like a pilot's cockpit." It was dull-aluminum in color and from it trailed a cloud of vapor, suggesting to Zimmerman some kind of jet propulsion or rocket power. He estimated the height of the object at between 5,000 and 6,000 feet, its diameter at about 20 feet, and its speed between 1,100 and 1,200 miles an hour.

Case 413 -- July 6, Hagerstown, Maryland:

At 4:30 p.m. EDT, Mrs. Madelyn Ganoe, of 349 South Cannon Avenue, saw a group of five "saucer-shaped" objects flying eastward at "terrific speed'' through cloudy skies. She described the flat objects as having "something on the back end" like a fin. Mrs. Ganoe said the objects emitted a sound "the likes of which I have never heard before." She described it as "like the roar of a far away train," but was otherwise unable to compare it with anything familiar. She said the objects were quickly lost to view when they disappeared behind trees.

Another report was made at about the same time, which may provide an explanation for Mrs. Ganoe's sighting: Park W. T. Loy, of 55 East Irvin Avenue, said he saw five P-80s flying over the local airfield and verified their peculiar noise. However, the only report of jets flying over the city was made by the Hansen Flying Service at the local airfield: two P-30 jets had flown over the field a half an hour earlier, at 4:00 p.m. No other reports of either jets or UFOs was made. There was an air show at Martinsburg, West Virginia, some twenty miles to the southwest, during the afternoon, in which a number of P-80 jets participated.

Case 752 -- July 8, Seattle, Washington:

At 3:30 p.m. PST Earl Klenpke, of 9004 17th Avenue S.W., in company with his mother, saw a "very shiny, oval­shaped" disc with "a glass dome on top of it" flying over the city in a northwesterly direction. It was flying at a moderately slow speed, 75 or 80 miles an hour, and "moving in a straight line with an up-and-down motion." Klenpke estimated its size at about eight feet high and ten feet long. He and his mother watched it for seven minutes before it disappeared from view.

Case 786 -- July 9, Chicago, Illinois:

At about 1:00 a.m. CDT, after returning home from a movie, William Valetta, of 4328 South Emerald, saw five or six objects streaking eastward as he stood on the sidewalk in front of his home. He described them as resembling saucers, with the cups sitting on top (domes). "They made a swishing noise," he said, and there was a "blue flame" coming from under each object, as well as what appeared to be smoke coming from the tops.

Just 15 minutes before, another report of four or five objects that made "a swishing noise" and emitted gaseous trails, like a "blue streak," was made by Thomas O'Brian, of 553 West 42nd Place and Timothy Donegon, of 4141 Wallace Street, as they stood outside O'Brian's house, just a few blocks from Valetta's home (Case 785). However, they described nothing that might have been domes, and the objects they saw were going southwest at a moderate speed of 180 miles an hour.

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