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Case 291 -- July 4, Salt Lake City, Utah:

Former State Treasurer Oliver G. Ellis, his son Richard, and a neighbor boy, Kyle Sessions, reported that they had seen a group of disc-like objects going through strange maneuvers in the sky west of the city on the night of the Fourth.

Mr. Ellis said the luminous objects behaved like radio-controlled devices as they maneuvered in a horizontal, circular pattern. Then 2 of the discs suddenly broke loose from the group, as if they had been "snapped from the end of a giant pop-the-whip," and went careening southward at a terrific speed on a gradual slant toward the earth,

Following the disappearance of these two objects, the rest of the group reassembled and resumed their horizontal, circular movement, slowly working into a chain-like line, and then forming a V-shape, similar to a flock of geese. The formation of luminous objects then moved off to the southwest at a "terrific speed" until they disappeared from sight in the distance.

Case 671 -- July 7, Detroit, Michigan:

Early on the night of the 7th, Mrs. Elizabeth  Mason, of 1179 Wellington, reported that she saw two luminous, disc-shaped objects "sweep out of the horizon," and "bounce together a few times," before they faded from view, each in opposite directions. She described the objects as "round, red saucers, which were definitely not searchlights." According to Mrs. Mason, the discs made a "sort of splash" as they came together, although they did not appear to be "harmed by the collisions."

Cases 707-709 -- July 8, Denver, Colorado:

From mid-morning until noon, several groups of UFOs made repeated appearances in the sky over Denver, in reports similar to those made in Portland, Oregon, on July 4, but without the same kind of widespread publicity and, typically, lacking adequate news coverage.

Reporting to the Rocky Mountain News, Fred Cullins, of 233 Inca Street, said he saw two groups, one of three and one of ten, dart through the sky from the west, scatter over the downtown area of Denver, and hover there for minutes before resuming formation and sweeping back to the west. He added that sightings of discs were "thick" all morning in his neighborhood.

Mrs. D. E. Marvin, 3432 West Gill Place, also saw several formations of discs; hers "swooped" out of the area of the sun at "terrific speed and altitude" and then flew back toward the vicinity of the sun. One of these objects, she reported, turned flat and "looked like a half-moon." Her aunt had phoned her from another part of town to let her know the objects were being seen.

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Ebert, of 3375 West Custer Avenue, and three neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Groom, and Mrs. Ted Dilley, said they, and at least a half-dozen other persons on the block, had seen the discs from their backyards in the Westwood section of Denver. Ebert was the first to notice the phenomenon, and called his wife and others. He reportedly saw only one of the objects, which he described as "white and very high" and, as Mrs. Marvin had reported, appearing to "come out of the sun." He described it as "round and flat" and said there was no noise; it "appeared to leave vapor trails like a high-flying plane."

Others in the group reported seeing as many as five objects. Mrs. Ebert told of seeing several, which appeared to "dance in the sky, moving backward and forward and at times rising and falling." The witnesses in the Westwood area said the objects were visible for a period of an hour and a half during the morning, before they finally veered off to the west and disappeared.

Donald Wentee, eight years old, of 2321 Champa Street, reported that he had seen a disc from the roof of his apartment building (Case 728). He described its color as orange, said it was "the size of a quarter," and looked to him to be about 3,000 to 4,000 feet high. Its speed was much faster than a plane.

Private First Class Richard McNulty, and other patients lying on the lawn of Fitzsimmons General Hospital, saw a number of the objects at noon (Case 723). The discs were coming out of the southwest at high speed at estimated heights of 10,000 to 12,000 feet, and were visible only briefly before they disappeared.

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