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Cas 123 - 30 juin, Boise (Idaho)

At about 5:45 p.m. MST, Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Donofrio, of 917 East Bannock Street, were driving westward just outside Boise to play golf when they saw a bright, silver object ahead of them, stationary in the sky. It appeared to the witnesses to be a "half-circle" in shape and was "just as bright and silvery-looking as a mirror caught in the rays of the sun." The witnesses added that it seemed to be "clinging to the edge of a huge cloud." They watched it for several minutes until they lost sight of it when driving under some trees. In the Air Force files this sighting is explained as a "sun dog."

Cas 215 - 4 juillet, Alexandria (Virginie)

Mrs. Martin Kole, of Valley Drive, Alexandria, was awakened some time after four in the morning by "something shining in her face" through the bedroom window. Looking out, Mrs. Kole saw a large, round object floating stationary in the southwest sky. She watched the "blazing object, about as big as the sun," for a few minutes, and then went back to sleep. The object did not move during her observation; it was still there when she went back to bed. No other reports of unusual objects in that area during the early morning hours were received.

Cas 271 – 4 juillet, Hauser Lake (Idaho)

George Aster, of E. 3607 Fourth, reported that he and “at least 200 others” watched a disc-like object for a half an hour at about 7:00 p.m. PST at Hauser Lake, a few miles northeast of Spokane, just across the state line. Aster, the first one to see it, said “I pointed it out to the others and they all stood around and followed it for about 30 minutes while it circled overhead.”

He estimated its height at 20,000 feet. "It was going very fast," he said, in an account found in the Spokane Daily Chronicle (7/5), "and looked like a silver dollar as it circled overhead. Then suddenly it shot straight up into the air and vanished from sight." Others in Aster's party who said they had watched the object were his wife; Mr. and Mrs. O. N. Daerwold, of S. 665 Helena; and Mr. and Mrs. Noble Hunvlade, of S. 408 Freza, all in Spokane.

Dr. McDonald was able to contact George Aster and he learned the following: Aster and his party had been celebrating the holiday at Hauser Lake and were setting off fireworks when they first saw the object, which he described as plainly disc-shaped. When first seen, it was hovering, not circling, as reported in the press account. The sun was still up and they saw it clearly at an altitude they estimated was from three to four miles. It was shiny, like aluminum, and Aster thought it must have been at least 30 feet across.

It was not, as described in the paper, directly overhead, but at an elevation of about 30 degrees above the horizon. The "circling" motion described in the paper was clarified by Aster: while it hovered, the witnesses noticed a lateral motion from side to side by a distance estimated to be about its own diameter. There was no mistaking this motion, Aster told McDonald. It was not circling. After some time, the observers noticed a small aircraft heading toward the disc. When the plane came somewhat near the object, the latter shot up at tremendous speed and was quickly lost to view in "a fraction of a second."

Aster informed Dr. McDonald that Orville Daerwold, one of the original party, was now dead. His wife is alive and has remarried. The Hunvlades, who ran a grocery store in 1947, subsequently moved to Montana. Aster's recollection was that there were 40 or 50 other witnesses in their immediate area at the time who were also watching the object. He was emphatic that this could not have been an aircraft because of its peculiar lateral oscillations. After his conversation with the witness, Dr. McDonald was confident that Aster had described as best he could something that had actually happened.

Cas 397 - 6 juillet, Tucson (Arizona)

Wallace B. Magness, of 1132 East Blacklidge, employed at the office of the Air Materiel Command at Davis Monthan Field, and Miss Fay Edwards, of the same address, reported seeing a bright object at about 10:00 a.m. When Magness first observed the object, it was hovering in the eastern sky, stationary except for a wobbling motion, "like a kite." Magness said that "it did not glitter, as if made of metal, but looked like snow," and was exceedingly bright. After a few minutes, the object began moving in a northerly direction at great speed, "until it disappeared." Magness would not estimate its height or speed because he did not know the size of the object.

Dr. McDonald was able to locate Mr. Magness and learned that the details of the news account were essentially correct. Magness had been out in his yard working the morning of the sighting when he happened to look up and saw a very bright, round light in the eastern sky. He recalled it as being brighter than the sun. He told McDonald "I never saw such a bright light."

The object was stationary, as reported. It remained in one spot long enough for Magness to summon a neighbor, Mr. Weirson, who is now dead. He also called Miss Edwards, a roomer in the Magness home at the time; Miss Edwards has since married and is no longer in Tucson. Also present was Weirson's grandson, who was seven at the time.

After several minutes, the object suddenly moved off to the northeast, through Redding Pass. Magness described in some detail the amount of kidding he received at the Air Base where he was in charge of cost accounting in the Air Materiel Command office. Base personnel went to a good deal of trouble to rig up a mounted saucer which was presented to Magness by a Base official. With all the fun and games going on, there apparently was no time left to make out an official report of the sighting, for the case is not included among those in the Air Force files.

A possible confirmation of this report may have occurred with the sighting by the head football coach of the University of Arizona, made at about the same time. Niles Casteel saw a disc while driving east along East Speedway; however, Casteel described the object he saw as moving south at a rapid speed. (Case 396)

Cas 385 - 6 juillet, Newark (New Jersey)

A bright, blue-white object was reported by Mrs. Helene Berard, of 179 North 12th Street. She said the strange, round object hovered at tree-top level over her back yard during the early morning hours. This close-up observation unfortunately got no more coverage than this in the account from the Newark Evening News (7/7).

Cas 550 - 7 juillet, Rutland (Vermont)

Early in the morning Mrs. Albert Steele, of 13 Forest Street, was awakened by a heavy rainstorm. She noticed that the sky outside was bright and, believing it was time to get up, checked her watch. It was 2:05 a.m. EDT. Looking out her bedroom window, she was startled by the appearance of a brilliant object hovering directly over the Central Vermont Public Service Corporation gas plant.

The object, casting a bright light all over the immediate neighborhood, was oval in shape, and Mrs. Steele could see "jagged edges sticking out in all directions. The edges were of different colors, but the center was like a brilliant white light," she said. Because it was so bright, it was difficult for her to watch it continuously for any length of time. Although she was unable to estimate its altitude, Mrs. Steele said that it was "not too high." It appeared to her to be "about the size of a bathtub." She woke up her husband, who glanced out the window, saw the light, and went back to sleep. The bright object hung motionless over the gas plant for 15 mn. When the rain began to let up, it just "disappeared." Mrs. Steele described it "like nothing I have ever seen before."

Cas 542 - 7 juillet, Pittsburg (Californie)

Mrs. Edward Puckhaber, of Pittsburg, reported watching a disc-like object hover over her yard for a short time before it moved off rapidly toward the east. With her were Mrs. William Deaver and Harold Brown, who verified her report. Local accounts, which were not available, undoubtedly contain further details.

Cas 642 - 7 juillet, East Peoria (Illinois)

In another report containing few details, Forrest L. Higgenbotham, a Caterpillar Tractor Company employee, is said to have seen 25 to 30 disc-like objects in a straight line, hanging stationary in the sky about 7:00 p.m.

Cas 687 - 7 juillet, près de Wessington Springs (Dakota du Sud)

Emmitt Barta, a farmer living 32 miles northwest of Mitchell, South Dakota, reported that about 11:00 p.m. CST he had been awakened by an aerial explosion outside his home. Through the window he could see that the barnyard area was momentarily lighted, and then two more explosions occurred, in a matter of seconds. Through the window, Barta said, he saw a bright red object, "about the size of a bushel basket," hovering over his farmyard. After a moment, the object disappeared.

Cas 704 - 8 juillet, Chicago (Illinois)

Miss Mabel Winterum, 4036 Western, reported seeing a round object "about the size of an apple" at 9:05 a.m. CDT. She described the object as spinning while "standing still" in one spot, before it suddenly took off at a rapid speed "right over the Martha Washington Hospital" at 2318 West Irving Park.

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