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Cas 8 - 12 juin, Weiser (Idaho)

Mrs. Herbert Erickson, of Route #2, Weiser, and a neighbor, reported that they had seen two small, round objects brightly glistening in the sun, flying over Weiser on a southeasterly course at 6:15 p.m. MST. One object followed the other, both at high speed, after an interval of several seconds. The sky was clear and the witnesses said the objects emitted vapor trails that held their shapes and drifted slowly across the sky for the next hour.

As the objects passed over, each made two rapid descents toward the ground, "shooting up and down," as Mrs. Erickson explained, before circling back up and resuming their southeasterly flight. Each of the objects had been in view for several seconds, according to the witnesses. Included among the sightings in the Air Force files, the official explanation for this report is "contrails." Nothing is said about what is was that left them there.

Cas 400 - 6 juillet, Logansport (Indiana)

Fifteen-year-old Robert Miller, of Rural Route 5, had been harrowing a field six miles northeast of Logansport during the day when he heard a "whining roar" overhead. Looking up, he saw a disc-shaped object plummet down through an overcast sky. It hovered there momentarily, whirling on its lateral axis at high speed, and then suddenly rose up and disappeared into the clouds. Miller described the object as "plate-like" and grey in color, and said it moved at "a terrific speed." It "whirled like a top" at an estimated altitude of 15,000 feet before disappearing again into the sky. He said the size of the object appeared to be the same as that of a two-motored plane at about the same altitude.

Cas 632 - 7 juillet, Phoenix (Arizona)

Scores of Phoenicians watched two silver, ball-like object race across the sky over the Salt River Valley north of Phoenix at 3:30 p.m. MST. A score of persons in the upper floors of the Heard Building had an unobstructed view of the objects as they crossed the sky from west to east.

Witnesses were all agreed on two main points: first one object was seen, moving in a straight, level course eastward; this was immediately followed by a second object moving in the same direction, but at a lower altitude. Both objects were identical in size and were traveling at very high speed. Toward the eastern side of the valley passage the lower ball climbed sharply in a sudden ascent to the level of the upper object and continued its straight, easterly course.

Estimates of the objects put them at "about 5,000 feet high," and they appeared to most people to be "about twice as large as an airplane." They were in view for about 25 to 30 seconds, and the estimated distance they traveled while under observation indicated a speed well in excess of 1,000 miles an hour. A number of the witnesses commented on the stillness of the air at the time of the sighting, noting that columns of smoke were seen rising straight up and flags were hanging limply on poles. This would rule out a possibility of the objects having been balloons carried rapidly eastward by high winds.

Cas 674 - 7 juillet, Salt Lake City (Utah)

"It was big enough so that when someone said, ‘What's that in the sky?’ no one had to ask where," said Mrs. Jack Coffey, of 464 Third Avenue, as she described a maneuvering "ball of fire" she and 14 others saw between 8:30 and 9:00 p.m. MST. Mrs. Coffey had been horseback riding with a group of friends when they spotted the object from 13th South and 4th West. "We didn't have to look twice," Mrs. Coffey reported. The object was round, orange or amber in color, and appeared to be "on fire." Mrs. Coffey said it was quite bright and seemed to be "twice the size of the spot that appears on the sky from a searchlight." The object was below the clouds and seen to the west, moving in a straight line toward the north against the twilight sky.

"We noticed it first when it seemed to make a vertical drop of several hundred feet," explained another member of the party, a former anti-aircraft gunner in World War II. "Then it leveled out and moved rapidly northward. It seemed to be dropping just north of the Fairgrounds, as best we could orient it by the searchlight at the Centennial Exposition." The object was too far off to estimate its size. The group watched it for three or four minutes before it finally disappeared from view in the northwest sky.

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