Formes cylindriques et torpilles

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Case 6 -- June 2, near Lewes, Delaware:

Pilot Forrest Wenyon's report of a "mayonnaise jar shaped object" falls into this category. For details see Pilots' Reports (III- 9).

Case 104 -- about June 29, near Ottawa, Ontario:

R. S. Gauthier, of Ottawa, and two companions, were in a boat on Lake Deschenes, eight miles west of the Canadian capital on the Ottawa River, when they saw a high-speed object crossing the lake from the north. There was no sound heard as it passed over at an altitude estimated by the witnesses to be about 1,200 feet. Mr. Gauthier reported that rather than looking like a "saucer," the object appeared more like a "flying stove-pipe" -- that is, cylindrical in shape.

"It was glowing such a white-hot color, you could almost feel the heat," Gauthier reported. "The light was blinding, almost like the sun." The object crossed overhead and passed out of view in 30 seconds, the trio reported.

Case 125 -- June 30, Knoxville, Tennessee:

C.E. Brehm, University of Tennessee professor, sighted a "long cylinder" at night -- for details see reports by Educators (III-2).

Case 189 -- July 3, near Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island:

Ewen McNeill, a farmer in Village Green, reported that at 5:45 p.m. ADT he had seen an object cross overhead as he worked in his fields. His attention was attracted to the sky by "a very bright light," which McNeill described as "even brighter than the sun."

The light appeared to come from the rear of a black projectile whose shape resembled that of a rocket, or a wingless plane. The flame behind this black object was blindingly white. Behind this white flame there trailed a long plume of smoke, in which could be seen occasional "puffs, which looked like smoke rings." The smoke trail appeared to be two miles long. The object was estimated to be at an altitude of 10,000 feet, and was traveling in an easterly direction at "tremendous speed." It was in view for 15 seconds.

Two other reports were made from other parts of Prince Edward Island at exactly the same time (Cases 190, 191). Neither report agreed with McNeill's in direction, or description of the cylindrical object he had seen.

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