Case 598 - July 7, Glasgow, Illinois

A brightly shining object "about a mile up" caught the attention of J. C. Star, restaurant owner in Scott County, at an unspecified time during the day. With the aid of a portable telescope he carried in the car, Star said he saw a "conically-shaped, highly polished object with a round base;" he estimated the base was 25 or 30 feet in diameter. He said that the object was oscillating slowly from side to side, and then suddenly "began to move swiftly toward the west" at about 300 miles an hour.

Case 758 - July 8, suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer (7/9), "scores" of Philadelphians had reported UFOs during the preceding evening. The number of objects reported ranged from one to a dozen. 'Virtually all sections of the city and many in the suburbs contained at least one resident or visitor who reported he viewed the phenomenon," Only four specific sightings were printed; the descriptions in each case were exceedingly brief, as shown by the following report, quoted in its entirety:

Thomas Miller, 17, of 6448 Palmetto street, said he and a group of friends spotted one while playing baseball in Tookenay Park, Cheltenham Township. But when he and his playmates started to chase it, the "saucer" disappeared. Miller said the object resembled a huge lamp-shade, being cone-shaped and colored grey.