Manoeuvres circling

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Case 17 -- June 20, Hot Springs, New Mexico:

On June 30, Mrs. Annabel Mobley traveled from Hot springs (now Truth or Consequences) to Albuquerque with her daughter, Luanne, to report to the Albuquerque Journal their sighting of ten days earlier.

She reported that she and her daughter had seen nine objects crossing the sky toward the northeast. These objects were in groups of threes and each group was revolving about in a "wheel-like circle." She said that the discs in each group "seemed to be fastened together by invisible cords." The three groups were all revolving at the same rate of speed. The witnesses thought at first that the objects may have been balloons, but they changed their minds after watching their weird behavior. Mrs. Mobley then thought that they may have been some kind of "gas bubble" set off by the earlier atomic explosions in New Mexico, until she read of similar reports elsewhere.

Case 36 -- June 24, Emmett, Idaho:

In a letter she wrote to the Idaho Daily Statesman, a woman in Emmett said she had seen a group of objects maneuvering in the sky on the same afternoon that Kenneth Arnold had made his observation.

Asking that her name not be quoted, the woman reported that she had seen a group of round, shiny objects in the sky due east of Emmett "at what appeared to be quite a distance and height." She said the "shiny objects" were "weaving and circling very rapidly in formation. . .and after awhile they dispersed in all directions."

Case 228 -- July 4, Portland, Oregon:  

During the afternoon, while others were reporting seeing discs all over the city (see III-15), Frank Cooley, formerly a Marine Corps observer, and employed by radio station KOIN in Portland, confirmed the numerous reports of disc-shaped objects.

            Cooley reported seeing twelve of the objects flying overhead at an estimated altitude of 20,000 feet. He flatly declared they were "operated and maneuverable devices," and believed that they were larger than generally supposed,

            "They plainly exercised maneuvers in the sky," Cooley said. "At one time a number of the discs would get into formation and fly circles around another disc. It was hard to follow their behavior exactly because of the great height, their gleaming surface and their nature." He said that they could only be seen clearly when "tilted to catch the sun's rays." He was convinced, he added, that the discs were operated either "by some human or remote control." He quickly dismissed suggestions that they might be ordinary, light­weight objects "tossed around by air currents."

            At approximately the same time that Cooley made his observation, a number of similar objects were seen from the windows of the International News Service office in the Journal Building (Case 229). INS employees said that "at first they appeared to he high-flying birds, as their motion undulated, and it appeared (as if) some kind of wings propelled them," INS reported.

            "They banked sharply and without apparent system of direction. Two objects were so high that reports of their disc-like appearance could not be verified, but they seemed to move with high speed. They were last seen heading south after circling sharply over the west-side area,"

Case 277 -- July 4, Madison, Wisconsin:

Mr. and Mrs. William Ecker, of 2071 Winnebago Street, reported that they had watched a strangely maneuvering object over Madison at 9:30 p.m. CST. The object was first seen by Mrs. Ecker, who called her husband out to see it. According to the witnesses, the object appeared to be flying in circles over Madison's downtown section, a mile south of their home. "It would fly in a circle for about five minutes," reported the Ecker's, "then shoot off a mile to the south, tear back again, stand still for a half a minute, and then start circling again." The Ecker's said the object, described as "round and bright," repeated this maneuver three times before it finally disappeared to the south in a straight course, "going very fast."

Case 373 -- July 5, Janesville, Wisconsin:

A disc-like object performing similar maneuvers to those observed the previous night in Madison was reported by four people in Janesville. Mr. and Mrs. Al Sievert and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roth told radio station WCLO that at 11:35 p.m. CST they had seen a disc-shaped object flying northwest "just like a plate on edge." The object was then said to have circled counter-clockwise in a wide, oval flight pattern "at terrific speed," stopping abruptly, and then flying out of sight at great speed. The object then came back into view, hovered momentarily for two minutes and then resumed the same counter-clockwise circling as before.

The witnesses described the color of the object, as varying from yellow to silver. Just before it disappeared, they noticed it had "three short tails," and when it vanished, they said it "just popped out." It had been in view for about ten minutes.

Case 742 -- July 9, Sacramento, California:

For a period of 20 minutes, beginning at 1:45 p.m. PST, Mrs. Savina Rosetta, with her son, Dempsey, and several neighborhood children, watched a shiny, disc-shaped object maneuver overhead.

"When I first saw it over Southside Place, it was moving north at about 1,000 feet up," Mrs. Rosetta reported. "Then it started to spiral up until I could hardly see it." After making its circular ascent, the disc leveled off and resumed its northerly flight. Mrs. Rosetta and the children finally lost sight of it at 2:05 p.m., high in the northern sky.

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