Power and the Great Pyramid

Adamski, GeorgeAdamski, GeorgeLeslie, Desmond, 1953

I had intended to write a great deal upon this fascinating building, the largest, and possibly the most ancient, structure in the world, which stands today at Gizeh as the finest surviving proof that a race of scientific giants once passed this way, whose knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and geophysics appeared to equal our own, and whose mastery in building far surpassed us.

I had made copious notes on its original purpose; notes on the evidence that its date of erection long preceded the sinking of Atlantis; notes on its amazing magnetic properties (particularly their relationship to the Earth’s poles) as recently discovered by Professor R. Weissenbach of Bologna and by Dr. Pommeret, who proved that a pyramid of the Egyptian proportions, when orientated towards the North Pole, produced a magnetic condition in which small animals immediately died but did not decompose and that metals that normally deteriorate could be preserved indefinitely.

I had long notes showing the relationship of this phenomena to the conditions necessary at the great Initiation Ceremony that took place in its secret central chambers, and how Weissenbach’s findings on pyramidal inverted polarity gave us another strong clue to the methods of saucer propulsion.

I discussed at length its occult symbolism and the relationship of its proportions to certain cosmic forces. I showed how later Pharoahs found these peculiar ‘preserving qualities‘ ideal for the interment of mummies, and thus adopted the pyramidal shape for later tombs, long after the original sacred uses had been forgotten. In fact, I found that once one starts to write upon the pyramid one never stops. So this will have to wait for another book. All I shall discuss now is how the great stones were brought long distances and fitted together with great accuracy by use of sound.

The Great Pyramid was built, say some, by thousands of slaves hauling great stones up ramps—a method undoubtedly used in many of the later pyramids of inferior masonry long after the old methods had been lost and forgotten. But anyone who has examined the few remaining casing stones is in for a disagreeable shock. On the north face, near the base, some of the great 15-ton polished casing blocks that escaped the despoilers are still in situ. They are fitted together with an accuracy of one-hundredth of an inch—less than the thickness of an ordinary visiting card. A thin piece of paper can scarcely be inserted between the cracks.

To anyone not connected with the building trade this may seem quite ordinary, until inquiries disclose that modern masonry, using handy-sized blocks that can be manœuvred into place, is very pleased with itself when it obtains an accuracy of one-tenth of an inch between the joints.

Yet the pyramid casing stones weigh 15 tons each. No matter what method was used to lay them—gangs of slaves, winches, even modern derricks, there is no conceivable way in which they could be fitted so that a visiting card would not pass between them. Once a 15-ton block is down, it is down for ever. There is no nice manoeuvring about; no tapping it into fine adjustment later. No modern builder would undertake such a contract. He would tell you it is not possible. Nor would he undertake that such a Vast and heavy structure would preserve its internal shape after several thousand years. Even stone bends in time. And the colossal mass, remorselessly squeezing the galleries and chambers, would eventually distort them. But the planes and angles inside the Pyramid still rank as one of the most—if not the most —accurate pieces of construction in the world. The more one studies it, the more one gets the distressing feeling that it was built by men whose power and scientific knowledge out-strips anything we may have to offer.

And all this for a tomb ? A tomb that was never used ? Used it was—but for a very different kind of ‘death‘ and ‘burial‘ than the interment of a mummified corpse. So how, in the name of everything-we-know-to-be-possible were the pyramids built ?

Arcane tradition asserts, quite calmly, that music was used to aid the construction—an expression that now means more to us than it did. Some graphical information is given in the legends handed down to the Arabs. The clearest of them says:

‘When the King built the pyramids the great stones were brought long distances from the quarries. The stones were laid upon pieces of papyrus inscribed with suitable symbols. Then they were struck by a rod, whereupon they would move through the air the distance of one bowshot. In this way they came eventually to the place where the pyramids were being built.’ 64

64/ Kingsland, The Great Pyramid in Fact and Theory.

The ‘magic rods‘ used by ancient scientists were cut to precise lengths corresponding to the wavelength of the vibration required. Whether the properly-pitched sound containing power was produced by the ‘Lyre of Orpheus‘ or by the lute that mechanised the construction of ‘The Work of One Night’ in County Louth, Ireland, 65 or by Keely drawing a bow across a bow string in New York, the results and the principle are exactly the same, as we may discover through costly laboratory equipment before this century has closed.

65/ In County Louth, near Dundalk, Ireland, there is a prehistoric mound of which legend says the great stones were moved by music. ‘The builder played his lute and the stones moved into place of their own accord.’ (See ‘Louthiana’). A fine example of the vibrationary principle used for building construction.

Walter Owen gives an interesting example in More Things In Heaven:

‘Sound is a power whose possibilities are unsuspected by the profane; and its use, known to the sages of antiquity, is a science lost or scoffed at by the incipient physical science of the present day. By the power of sound the frame and fabric of the cosmos is sustained, and by the power of sound it can be dissolved into nothingness.... The priests of Egypt knew it; and the words of power, the "maht-heru", opened for the initiate the successive portals of the regions of the dead. In the ante-room to the King’s Chamber, the Granite Leaf, now wedged immovably in the grooves of the wainscot as a result of the subsidence of the foundations, was originally lowered or raised by the sound of a spoken formula, and when the candidate stood beneath it, and the hierophant pronounced the word of loosing, only the knowledge of the master key-word prevented it from grinding him to powder.’ And in Chaldean Magic, Lenormant tells us:

‘Certain it is that in ancient times the priests of On... by means of magical words raised storms and carried stones for their temples through the air which a thousand men could no lift.’

And when one looks at the 70-ton blocks of red granite roofing the so-called ‘King’s Chamber’ brought from quarries 600 miles away, it is difficult to imagine any other way of moving, and setting them, with such incredible precision.

A. P. Sinnett, who, in the 1880’s studied under one of the few Mahatmas ever to take Western pupils, wrote at some length on the Great Pyramid from information he received from his illustrious instructor, as to its true history and origin. Using the knowledge so gained, he and H. P. Blavatsky performed some remarkable experiments with the levitation and apportation of furniture as demonstrable proof that powers really existed. Later he wrote an interesting paper on Gizeh and its construction:

‘The manipulation of the enormous stones used in the construction of the Great Pyramid itself can only be explained by the application to the task of some knowledge of Nature which was later lost to mankind. The Adept custodians of that knowledge concerning the mysteries of nature can—and always have been able to—control the attraction of matter in such a way as to alter the whole effective weight of heavy bodies at will. That is the whole explanation of the marvels of megalithic architecture. 66

66/ A. P. Sinnett, The Pyramids and Stonehenge.

‘The great stones of which the pyramids are composed were treated in the same manner as at Stonehenge. The Adepts who directed their construction facilitated the process by the partial levitation of the stones used.’

Annie Besant, a remarkable woman with considerable knowledge of Arcane science, wrote:

‘Those (Egyptian) stones were not raised by mere bulk of muscle, nor by skilful apparatus, strong beyond modern making: they were raised by those who understood and could control the forces of terrestrial magnetism, so that the stone lost its weight and floated, guided by the touch of a finger, to rest on its appointed bed.’ 67

67/ Annie Besant, The Pedigree of Man.

And even to this day there is the huge boulder of ‘Tay Ninu’, Annam, in French Indo China. Reported to weigh over 300 tons, it hangs suspended in mid-air, with no visible means of support; a floating miracle of levitation. The natives believe that it is held in the air by means of sound, so every moment of the day and night somebody is humming a mantra to keep it from falling. Surely, if the reports on it are correct, it would be well worth while for a scientific expedition to visit Annam and investigate ?

Now one legend concerning the building of the pyramids goes on to tell how a rain of meteors struck the Earth causing great earthquakes and tidal waves but, it says, ‘great white birds’ descended to Earth and carried the people of the King up into the sky to safety. This legend occurs in two forms, both practically identical. One says that the people were carried off by huge white birds, the other says they were transported by ‘shining stars’ that fell to Earth. Another legend tells how the tidal wave that destroyed Atlantis swept on round the world, inundating Egypt. A terrifying account is given of the fear-crazed survivors trying vainly to scale the slippery polished slopes of the pyramids, slipping back into the flood until all had perished; only those who left in the ‘white birds‘ or ‘stars‘ were saved.

This may possibly refer to the ‘Old Commentary’ given on page 115 concerning the coming of the ‘Lords of the Dazzling Face’ in their vimanas to take the survivors of their doomed motherland to safety.

It does not matter which country you are in, or which of the esoteric schools you study, nor which of the ancient legends you interpret, you will always find the same basic fundamentals— that, not once but several times, civilisation was destroyed by a deluge or other planetary catastrophe, from which picked survivors were removed to form the nucleus of a new race and to preserve the ancient records and knowledge.

The Hindu ‘Puranas’ go further. Besides the ‘deluges’ and sinking of continents (which they say are rhythmic and cyclic and as predictable as the solar eclipse), they contain records, in allegorical form, of Universal Man’s ceaseless pilgrimage through space. These documents tell of the arrival of his ‘seeds’ on each new planet (Hymavat) as it condenses, and the growth of that tiny seed upwards through the mineral, vegetable, animal and human kingdom until it becomes Vishnu (God) Himself. When man at the end of a planetary cycle recognises his true Self, and the hidden God within him is no longer hidden, then, say the ‘Puranas’ and other ancient works, the seeds are gathered up and taken through space in immense shining ships to the next planet for development.

Besides this, many of the arcane traditions assert that in times of partial dissolution (Pralaya 68), either the pralaya of a continent, or the temporary annihilation of life on a planet, certain men, according to plan, proceed to a neighbouring globe, but not exactly as refugees. There is a strong tradition, particularly in the Rosicrucian Schools, that at certain times bands of Adepts and their disciples removed themselves physically from Earth to one of our neighbours, where they became most welcome guests.

68/ ’Pralaya’ is a term associated with ‘Siva, the Destroyer’. There can be the pralaya of a tribe, of a nation, a continent, a planet, even of a whole solar system by ‘supernova‘ or ‘Yuga Fire’. Mahapralaya is the great consummation of the whole galaxy, the returning of ‘the sons to the Father’ which occurs every 310,400,000,000,000,000 years, according to the Brahmin tables.

The full details of these migrations, particularly these that preceded the destruction of Atlantis, are kept in the secret books of these Orders and would scarcely be divulged to the non-Initiate, for obvious reasons. But it is safe to say that enough tradition is available for us to be certain that not one but several inter-planetary migrations from Earth have taken place in the past by means of the vimanas which, as you may recall, could go to the ‘solar‘ and even the ‘stellar’ regions, and that the site of the last departure was not the Atlantean mainland but Gizeh itself.

I am afraid I can give few references that would be of immediate help in confirming this statement. The esoteric writings are carefully veiled but may be understood by anyone capable of using his intuition, while the factual (manusa) accounts are the property of the White Lodges, and are written largely in the ancient language of the mysteries which only the hiero-phants can understand. However, a study of the legends, and the books of ‘Manu’, will reward the intuitive with much fascinating information. In a later work I hope to discuss them at length, but at the moment these few words must suffice.

The idea of inter-planetary ‘Noah’s Arks’ are not new, nor are they so very strange and fantastic to those who believe (as did every civilisation preceding our own) that the whole Universe is alive—is life itself.

Simply because we cannot raise a solid body much higher than 200 miles above the Earth’s surface, using the crude rockets and combustion fuel of the mid-twentieth century, we should not laugh at the idea of earlier humanities being able to do so by subtler means. Particularly when those humanities have left in their wake structures that have defied time, tempest and every attempt to reproduce them, or to solve their methods of construction.

A vimana propelled by sound or by magnetic force would require no colossal exhaust velocity to carry it beyond the Earth’s attraction; in fact, as soon as it left the ground, it would have annihilated that attraction for ever. Sailing ships do not require huge guns to fire them across the sea. They merely spread their canvas and sail. And flying saucers are only sailing ships of a different kind; fuel-less, silent and incredibly simple —once you know how to ‘sail’.

Food and air will be another objection raised against the success of an Atlantean space-flight. Why ?

These great scientists of the previous cycle, as their name, ‘Lords of the Dazzling Face’, implies, had reached that stage of mastery over Nature where the chemical requirements of the physical form were of very minor importance. When a man has attained to the full degree of ‘Master’ he becomes liberated; he is independent of the pull of solid matter, so that he can live almost entirely on solar energy in its direct form. The whole long process of training given in the Ancient Wisdom, and its ultimate aim, is to make a man awake his spiritual centres to full activity, at which stage he can, if he wishes, remain in a prolonged trance-like condition, or function without a physical body at all. This is plainly seen, even with men on the first rungs to attainment. A genuinely holy man has several times the energy and endurance of the ordinary mortal, sleeps little, eats practically nothing and seems to live entirely on some mysterious inner source of energy. This energy was clearly understood by the ancients—by all true scientists for that matter —and is known as ‘Kundalini’, or the great positive electricity —an aspect of fohat—the primal, cosmic energy. Now in case anyone should think 1 have invented all these ideas, I hasten to point out that everything I am saying is based on the oldest science in the world. The greatest civilisations of pre-history flourished and reached stupendous heights in their cycles, by experiment and knowledge in this realm of science that we have forgotten, through pre-occupation with its physical and mechanical aspects. So it would be very unwise to say that because the Atlanteans and Egyptians knew nothing of modern rocket fuels and alloys, they did not know of other metals and other modes of propulsion equally effective and less complicated to make

So if, without bloodshed or envy we could kindly allow them the power we covet—the power to leave our Earth—we could surely allow, also, that their mastery over their human forms could solve the food and air problems ?

All very well, but what about the rest of the crowd (humble mortals like ourselves) who may have travelled into space in the retinue of the ‘Lords of the Dazzling Face’; their problem is more serious ?

Serious, but not impossible. Today, the ordinary fakir, barely versed in the anterooms of Yoga arts, can put his body into a cataleptic trance, or state of suspended animation, for weeks on end. Many such demonstrations have been given and recorded.

So to place their followers in a state of suspended life, requiring lungs, heart, every organ silent, would be no great feat for those who could raise the pyramids, or make silent, fuel-less flying-saucer-vimanas. Whether it took their vehicle a month, a year, or a century to reach its destination, the ‘living dead’ within it would be awakened on arrival none the worse for the experience, and completely without sense of the time involved; as we awaken from a ten-hour, dreamless sleep as from a gap —a void in time.

So if, as all Arcania insists, this communication has existed all along, then it is quite in order to suppose that at certain times of great crisis, physical communication is effected in great inter-planetary vehicles for the sake of those not advanced enough to travel alone, and that in this exciting century of our own (whatever else one may call it, it has never been dull) we are convinced we shall be able to fly to the planets using purely physical-mechanical means—the most difficult. And provided we don’t collide with an asteroid, or run into something quite outside our present comprehension, there is no reason—save a mortal one—why we should not succeed. In order to become perfect, say the arcane books, man must become perfect on every plane. So at this, the densest point in our planetary evolution, we are naturally concerned with things of the dense, or physical, plane. Knowing all material things, learning all its secrets, must be part of this perfecting process; and presumably inter-planetary travel by these means is another part of the lesson. In every cycle and sub-cycle, there must come a time for loosening the bonds of gravity and hopping off the parent globe in search of new adventures. We are not the first nor are we the last to do it. But to us it is an experience entirely new and exciting, as unique and thrilling to us as a child’s first ride on a bicycle, which to it seems the first time in history anyone has accomplished such a marvel.