Expert Gives Opinion On The Saucers

The Charleroi Mail de Charleroi (Pennsylvanie), 10 juillet 1947 Aubeck, C.: Magonia Exchange, 4 septembre 2007

L'article d'origine
L'article d'origine

(Editors: R. Dewitt Miller, one the world's foremost authorities on psychic phenomena and author of "Forgotten Mysteries," has spent 15 years accumulating authenticated case histories on inexplicable happenings. In the following dispatch, Miller shows that the mysterious appearance of objects in the sky dates back 150 years.)

By R. Dewitt Miller
(Written For the United Press)

LOS ANGELES, July 10—(UP)—There have been thousands of reliable reports during the last 150 years of strange things seen in the sky. There are at least 100 cases in which the queer objects were said to have a disk-like" form.

Never have reports of strange sky phenomena been so wide-spread and so uniform as the "flying saucers."

On March 22, 1870, a flat, light-colored disc was observed by the ship "Lady of the Lake," then in mid-Atlantic between South America and Africa. The disc appeared to be of large size and seemed intelligently controlled. A report of it was made in the journal of the Royal Meteorological Society and a sketch included. The sketch is strickingly similar to sketches made by observers of the flying saucers.

Other disks were seen in North Wales Aug. 26, 1839, in India in 1839 and in Norway Nov. 3, 1886.

It seems to me the three most likely explanations—and at this point only guesses—are:

  1. The Army and NAvy are experimenting with a new weapon. Although they have denied it, there is much in favor of this explanation.
  2. The disks actually are from Mars or somewhere outside the earth. The fact that similar objects were seen before the invention of aircraft strenghtens this explanation. There has been increasing evidence of life on some other planets. If there are martians, I would like to meet one.
  3. They are things out of other dimensions of time and space. Certain thinkers in abstract science long have held that some other dimensional being could conceivably enter our world.

Although many reports of the saucers are undoubtedly untrue or distorted, there is plenty of evidence that something very queer is going on.

This is not the first time strange things have occurred. But the previous ones have been "forgotten." Many weird things have crossed the skies of this earth.