More "Flying Saucers" Reported

Las Vegas Review, Thursday, July 3, 1947

Army Experts Puzzled

Persons in six states, including the lieutenant governor of Idaho, today reported that they had seen the mysterious "flying saucers".

The projectiles, variously described as "too fast for an air- plane and not fast enough for a falling star, not moving at all" and "traveling at great speed," were reported seen again last night streaking over Denver. It was the first report of the "saucers" in almost a week. Persons in Oregon, California, New Mexico, and Idaho reported seeing many versions of the unexplained projectiles last week.

Lieutenant Governor Donald S. Whitehead of Idaho said today that he saw a strange comet-like object hanging in the western sky on June 24. That was the day Kenneth Arnold, Boise, Idaho first reported seeing the projectiles over south-eastern Washington.

Their stories varied. Arnold had estimated the projectiles speed at 1,200 miles an hour. Whitehead said the objects he and three other witnesses saw "didn't move, but just seemed to go below the horizon with the rotation of the earth". WASHINGTON, JULY 3 (UP) Army research experts can't find an explain the "flying saucers" reported in several states. But they are investigating, they said. They are even considering the possibility, however remote, that some foreign power may have something to do with the flying discs.

The army air forces checked all of their research authorities and contractors. But none of them knew or could suggest anything concrete about the saucers. At Denver, Henry Martin and Walter Harrod said they caught a brief glimpse of a group of "bright objects" flying at about 5,000 feet last night. Martin said they looked like coffee can tops. They were traveling in a south-westerly direction, he said.

State Highway Patrol Sergeant David Menary, of San Francisco's Golden Gate bridge detail, reported seeing about a dozen bright metal objects "about the size of a football" whizz over San Francisco Bay yesterday and fall into the sea.

Dick Rankin, former Portland, Oregon flyer said he saw the discs high over Bakersfield, California going from 300 to 400 miles an hour June 23. There were 10 of them in formation, flying north, he said.

Three metallic gleaming were reported seen for the first time in Southern California by Mrs. Ernest Michel of Beverly Hills and her daughter, Marian. "They were going around and around in a circle," Mrs. Michel said. "We watched them for 10 minutes before they disappeared."

Tiny, meteor-like tails were "clearly discernible," she said.