This investigation touches on many different areas of expertise and we are grateful for the patience of many people and organisations who have assisted us with information and advice. They are credited in the text along with many print and web resources. We apologise to anyone whose name has been inadvertently omitted, and for any mistaken or absent credits which we will be glad to correct (please contact the authors). Although we have endeavoured to check with authoritative sources wherever practical, the authors are of course wholly responsible for any errors of fact or interpretation that remain.

We would especially like to thank Capt Ray Bowyer (Aurigny Airlines); Kate and John Russell; Capt Patrick Patterson (Blue Island Airways); Jersey Air Traffic Control, Channel Islands Zone, in particular Paul Kelly (Air Traffic Controller), Simon Langlois (engineer, ATC Radar Processing) and Jeremy Snowdon (Director of Civil Aviation, formerly Chief Electronics Engineer); Anthony Pallot (Principle Meteorological Officer, Jersey States Airport Met Office); Frank LeBlancq (Jersey Airport Met Office); Tim Lillington (Senior Meteorological Officer, Guernsey Airport Met Office); Les Cowley (physicist, atmospheric optics; author of CHANNEL ISLANDS SIGHTINGS: An Investigation into Possible Role of Atmospheric Optical Phenomena, 2007, a report kindly prepared for us by Dr Cowley at an early stage in our investigation which helped greatly to focus the direction of our efforts); Andrew T. Young (atmospheric scientist and expert on optical mirage, San Diego State U.); Friedemann Freund (NASA, geophysics of earthquake precursors); John S. Derr (US Geological Survey, earthquake lights researcher); Miguel Angel Rico-Ramirez (radar meteorologist, Bristol U.); Robin Hogan (cloud physicist, Reading U.); Thierry Jimonet (meteorologist, METEO-France, Toulouse); Bertrand Chapron and Francis Gohin (oceanographers, Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer, IFREMER, Brest); Bruno Lassus (Le Commandant de Port, St.Malo Port Authority); AJB Pattimore (Deputy Harbourmaster, Guernsey Harbour Authority); Jersey Planning and Environment Department (PED, Fisheries & Marine Resources); Paul Ingrouille (Guernsey Clematis Nursery Ltd); UK Ministry of Defence; UK Meteorological Office; Aurigny Airlines; Blue Island Airways; Gary Anthony; Joe McGonagle; Jean-Pierre Pharabod; Dominic Weinstein & Kim Efishoff (NARCAP); Sara Doherty (CAA Safety Data Office).