The James Mortellaro Case

Hopkins, BuddHopkins, Budd: The Intruders Foundation Advisory Committee: IF Press Release, Tuesday, March 9, 2004

At any given time the Intruders Foundation simultaneously conducts more than a dozen ongoing investigations. It is unusual for us to publicly take a position on cases while investigations are underway. Such investigations may take years, depending on a subject's willingness and proximity to our office, the number of individuals involved, and the types of evidence surrounding the case. As one would expect, we focus most of our attention on cases which present multiple participants, eyewitnesses, and physical and/or supporting medical evidence.

One such case that appeared to meet all of these criteria was that of Jim Mortellaro. (Our use of Mr. Mortellaro's real name is in no way a violation of his confidentiality as he has voluntarily been using his name over the internet and on radio broadcasts for a number of years.) For some time now the Intruders Foundation has been investigating the case of Mr. Mortellaro and seeking documentation which he had promised would substantiate the case. This case was of great interest because of the alleged medical injuries resulting from his abduction in 2001. Unfortunately, Mr. Mortellaro has never produced credible evidence in support of these claims. Furthermore, he provided us with two allegedly official documents which have proved to be fabrications. Therefore, Budd Hopkins and the Advisory Committee of the Intruders Foundation no longer consider this case worthy of investigation.

Though Mr. Mortellaro may in fact have had abduction experiences and may have suffered physical trauma as a result of these experiences, his questionable credibility has forced us to abandon his case.

As always, the Intruders Foundation continues to apply a detailed, cautious and methodical protocol to the consideration and investigation of all potential abduction cases. We thank you all for your ongoing interest and support of our work.