2230Source: The Jarrold Listings, Robin Northover, Post
  A bright milky-white light followed a sailing ship for almost an hour. It came over the ship in waves.
  EFFECTS: Shuddering feeling
                   Eyes ache
Source: FSR Case Histories, Dec. 1970
A family of nine sleeping in a hut were awakened by a loud humming noise and a vivid, dazzling light which illuminated the interior of the house.
EFFECTS: Vomiting
                   Swelling of face and lips
                   Sensation of heat
                   Skin blotches and peeling
                   Raw sores
                   Hair loss
                   Trees withered on ninth day
Source: The Jarrold Listings, Australian
A farmer said a saucer shaped object landed on his farm. As he approached, a humanoid emerged from it. The humanoid aimed a torch at the farmer, knocking him unconscious. When he came to the object and the humanoid were gone. His arm was paralyzed where the beam hit him.
EFFECTS: Unconsciousness
 Night Source: The News World, NYC, 11/06/82
Woodcutter Petrovszky Ivanku went outside to get some water. He disappeared at the same time a glistening ball illuminated the area. He was never found. The other villagers gathered at the church because they thought it was the end of the world.
EFFECTS: Abduction
                   Missing person
Source: The Jarrold Listings, Ballarat Argus
An object was on the ground near the roadside with a man working on it. When the traveler went over to offer assistance, the man pointed something at him, knocking him senseless. When he came to the object was gone.
EFFECTS: Unconsciousness
                   Memory loss
 NightSource: Italian UFO Report, July 88
A man was taken from his home by a humanoid, who slapped him and left him in a tree. Neighbors helped him down.
EFFECTS: Loss of voice
                   Time loss
Source: Personal communication
A man, while mining, saw a UFO and two humanoids. He was taken on board and saw how the ship worked.
EFFECTS: Abduction
 0230Source: Personal communication
A woman with her husband and two other men saw a red light covering the valley. They then saw a circular object the size of the moon, near the car. She remembers them all getting out of the car and communicating with aliens.
EFFECTS: Fatigue
                   Ringing in ears
                   Eyes light sensitive
                   Back aches
 NightSource: MUFON UFO Journal, Oct 76
Albert Lancashire was on guard duty at a radar station. Light came from the sky 300 feet above him. It was surrounded by a black cloud. He felt compelled to go outside where he saw another beam of light. He felt himself drawn towards it. He was seized by small aliens and taken aboard a craft where he saw human sized beings. He was given a medical examination.
EFFECTS: Abduction
                   Time loss
                   Medical examination
                   Scar on tongue
                   Persistent rash on tongue
 2000Source: Flying Saucer Review, March/April 73
Joao Prestes Filho returned from a day of fishing. Prestes was terrified when he went into his house saying that he had been hit by a silent beam of light. He was stunned and knocked to the ground. A little later his flesh looked as if it were cooked and started rapid deterioration. He died.
EFFECTS: Stunned
                   Hit by beam of light
                   Flesh appeared cooked
Source: El Pais, Oct. 25, 1983
Mrs. Prospera Munoz was abducted by small aliens when she was 7 or 8 years old. Her dog was with her. Two small aliens with big eyes and white uniforms came for her. Once inside the two-level spaceship, she was frightened and half-fainted as she lay on a table for a medical examination. She received a vaginal and head exam. She had amnesia from the event.
EFFECTS: Abduction
                   Medical examination
                   Vaginal examination
Source: UFO Belgium, July 86
A 19 year old man on a bicycle heard a crackling sound from the side of the road. When he stopped to investigate he saw a disk-shaped craft and two small aliens. One of the aliens snapped an acacia bough. The young man fell from his bicycle and remained paralyzed for some time. He observed the two aliens return to the craft and disappear into it.
EFFECTS: Paralysis
Source: Missing Time by Budd Hopkins
               National Enquirer, Jan. 12, 82
Virginia Horton (not her real name) was playing on her grandfather's farm when she found she had a half inch long cut on her leg, but no pain. The cut was bleeding. There was no cut or tear in her jeans. Under hypnosis she remembered being on an operating table in a large domed room with a strange being next to her. She was told they wanted to take a little piece of her home with them - hence the cut.
EFFECTS: Abduction
                   Cut on leg
                   No pain
Source: Official UFO, Feb. 76
Witness approached a landed UFO in a field and was paralyzed. Cows also seemed to be paralyzed and birds didn't sing. He saw four humanoids working on the object. Everything returned to normal after the object flew away.
EFFECTS: Paralysis
 2215Source: UFO Belgium, July 86
A couple saw a red light in the sky that appeared as if it was going to come down on top of them. When about 18 yards above them, it appeared as a disk shaped craft. Legs came out and it landed. They felt intense heat. Then seven small beings came out. A beam of light from the craft kept him at bay every time he tried to approach the craft. The craft left marks at the landing site.
                   Light beam
                   Ground traces
                   Great emotional shock to wife
Source: Australian UFO Bulletin, June 1990
               UFO Afrinews
Four bowlers in a car encountered a glowing green ball and they passed it. Then it came up from behind the car and moved over it to the front leaving the interior lit with green light. The car's engine stopped. As the object moved by, the car was able to be started again. Then the object came back and the car stopped again. The object was circular in shape and had a glowing mist around it. George, one of the occupants, looked right into the light as it went over the car. A few minutes later he felt unwell and his eyes hurt. The object shot up vertically and disappeared.
EFFECTS: Eye injury
Source: The Jarrold Listings
Albert Thomas, a railway watchman, saw an object that looked like hot coals traveling about 400 mph. As he watched, his arms began to tingle and an electric shock ran through his body. As it came closer it looked more like a hurricane lamp. The revolver under his belt started to vibrate.
EFFECTS: Tingling sensation
                   Electric shock
1952/07/24 ITALY, VICO
Source: Official UFO, Feb. 76
A green ray from a hovering disk-shaped object struck a fisherman causing an electric shock and paralysis. One humanoid was seen.
EFFECTS: Electric shock
                   Light beam
 2300Source: Miami Herald
                San Francisco Chronicle
                Mystery of the Skymen by Alvin Moore
                True, Spring 76
Scoutmaster Sonny DesVergers (30), with 3 young scouts, saw a light in the woods from their car. Sonny took a machete and flashlight and went into the woods to investigate. He encountered a hissing, phosphorescent object hovering 10 feet above the ground. It was 30 feet in diameter and 10 feet high. A ball of fire hit him and he blacked out. The hair on his arms was singed, his hat was burned and the grass was badly scorched. The plants appeared to be damaged by induction heating.
EFFECTS: Ball of fire or beam
                   Burns on backs of hands
                   Hair singed
                   Ground traces
                   Great fear
Source: October Scenario
                Official UFO, Feb. 76
Marcus Dewilde was walking his dog near the railroad tracks when he saw an object sitting on the track. He saw two small beings. When he tried to approach them a beam of light from the craft paralyzed him. He was unable to speak. With a loud whistling sound the craft flew away, leaving impressions on the ties.
EFFECTS: Paralysis
                   Ground trace