"UFO-Related Human Physiological Effects" Page 1

John F. Schuessler: JSE, 1996

The MUFON Medical Committee defined a simplified set of instructions for field investigators to use when they are involved in a UFO investigation involving effects on or injuries to the witness. These instructions are contained in Chapter XVII of the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual, Fourth Edition, published February 1995, where they serve as a guide to help investigators secure vital medical information promptly in cases where injuries of any kind may have been caused by a UFO close encounter, including abductions. In every case, the medical help provided to the victim, patient, or client should be foremost in priority in the investigator's mind.

Obtaining Medical Consultant Assistance
The medical evidence is an extremely important part of the UFO investigation. For this reason it is necessary to assure this valuable information is not lost or tainted. Immediately upon finding evidence of medical injury, no matter how insignificant it may seem, the field investigator should contact the MUFON headquarters in Seguin, Texas for assistance by the nearest MUFON Medical Consultant.

Handling of Medical Evidence
Proper handling of the witness (victim) is of utmost importance. The field investigator must note the exact condition of the witness, documenting the first and subsequent meetings with audio recording, photographs, and video recording if -possible. If there is any doubt about the extent of the injuries, the witness should be advised to seek medical help immediately. Once the MUFON Medical Consultant is involved, he/she can discuss the case with the on-site medical specialist.

Medical Injuries Defined
Medical injuries may or may not be readily noticeable. In addition, the injuries may range from minor, which are difficult to detect, to extreme and easy to detect. When defining what constitutes a medical injury, it is important to consider anything that affects the physiological or psychological well-being of the witness.

A listing of the more obvious effects of interest to UFO Medical researchers includes: feeling of heat, field effects (hair stands on end), disorientation, time loss, pain, headache, paralysis, marks on skin, burns (first, second and third degree), lumps, bumps, growths, sores, loss of appetite, diarrhea, lethargy, eye problems, hair loss/gain, tooth damage/decay, psychological problems, and paranormal effects.

There are often hidden effects as well. The witness may not even consider that the hidden effects are related to the incident. Therefore, without leading the witness, the investigator should determine whether or not hidden evidence such as unusual feelings, strange dreams, development of possibly related problems such as cancer or heart trouble develop in the days, weeks, or months following the incident. At times the hidden evidence is so devastating that the witness focuses on the medical problem without ever thinking of the UFO incident again.

Medical effects may result from abduction events as well as close encounter events. The investigator should be alert to medical evidence caused by the abductors, including but not limited to, medical examinations, insertion of needles or other devices into the body, implants, and reactions to the technological devices used by the abductors. In the case of abductions, MUFON headquarters will also alert MUFON Abduction Consultants.

Reporting the Evidence
Every step in the medical investigation should be thoroughly documented. No information is considered inconsequential. The exact description of the injury or condition should be recorded without interruption or interpretation. Often the witness is confused or frightened, making it difficult to understand exactly what has happened. This condition is often worsened by their having to talk to a UFO investigator. Nevertheless, it is important to capture the exact feelings and words of the witness.

The investigator may want to add a separate section of the report giving his/her feelings about the extent of the medical problem. Unless the investigator has medical training, however, it is possible that these observations may be biased or totally incorrect.

Visible injuries such as burns, rashes, cuts, bruises, needle marks, discolorations, hair loss, or eye problems should be documented on videotape and film. Still photographs should be taken using a close up lens as well as panoramic views.

If obvious injuries are present, the investigator should recommend prompt medical attention. If the witness has already seen a physician, obtain the name, address and telephone number of the physician. Report that information to the MUFON Medical Consultant. The investigator should not attempt to gain access to private medical records until assisted by a medical expert. The MUFON Medical Consultant assigned to the case will provide information on how to obtain the appropriate medical records and the proper use of release forms. A minimal set of records would include admitting records, all treatments and tests with results, nursing notes, and specialists records.

Categories of Injuries
Injuries as defined by the MUFON Field Investigator's Manual are placed in one of four categories:
CATEGORY 1: Those injuries of a temporary nature, dealing with paralysis, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache, tingling sensations, electrical shocks, feeling of heat, temporary blindness, mild burns, perception of odors, and perception of sounds.
CATEGORY 2: Those dealing with the more chronic effects usually associated with skin lesions, which may represent pathology through unknown mechanisms. Lesions may appear as severe burns, scarring, open sores, etc. Effects of radiation exposure may result in the development of cancers, anemia or the like.
CATEGORY 3: Those involving female abductees and the missing fetus syndrome and those involving implants.
CATEGORY 4: Those involving psychological or paranormal evidence as noted by the witness.

Evaluation of Injuries
The extent of the injuries will determine the extent of the testing necessary in any given case. However, in cases of extreme medical injury, the MUFON Medical Consultant would like to see the results of the following tests. Where it has been determined that the witness was exposed to some type of radiation, it may be necessary to repeat a number of the tests at specific intervals.