Truzzi, MarcelloTruzzi, Marcello: Zetetic Scholar n° 3-4, 1979, p. 2, 1979

Statistics has long recognized that there are two types of error. Type I error consists of mistakenly thinking that something special is happening when it is not. But Type II error consists of thinking nothing special is happening when something actually is. Most scientists are concerned with avoiding Type I rather than Type II errors. Important exceptions exist when the search is made for something especially important, e.g., a cure for a disease. Then concern shifts to the fear of missing something that may prove quite significant. Similar reasoning exists throughout science but is of particular importance for any discussion of the paranormal. The critics, in general, do not want to make a Type I error and recognize a false anomaly. But most proponents think the anomalies are of such importance and theoretical consequence that they fear missing an important extraordinary event. ZETETIC SCHOLAR, unlike most critical journals dealing with the paranormal, will try to be equally concerned about avoiding both Type I and Type II errors. Science needs to be concerned with both. In fact, the difficulty of being concerned about both is probably at the heart of what Thomas S. Kuhn has called the "essential tension" present in science's need to be both conservative and open to change.

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