Scientists Accused on "Flying Saucers"

The New York Times, 18 septembre 1966

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L'article d'origine du New York Times L'article d'origine du New York Times

CHICAGO, Sept 17 (UPI) ? An Illinois astronomer has criticized what he calls the failure to investigate persistent reports of unidentified flying objects despite the fact that sightings of many flying saucers remain unexplained.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, chairman of Northwestern University's department of astronomy and a consultant to the Air Force on the subject, cited what he called the persistent and disturbing phenomenon.

In a letter to Science magazine, he called for a scientific investigation to dispel 20 years of confusion.

He accused scientists of shying away from study of the objects for fear of injuring their professional standing.

Many sightings can be explained as natural phenomena, Dr. Hynek said, but a sizable number defy explanation.

Dr. Hynek said it was a fallacy to assume that all reports were the work of hysteries or crackpots or cranks, or the product of uneducated or unreliable people.

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