Saucers in Atlantis

Adamski, GeorgeAdamski, GeorgeLeslie, Desmond, 1953

A large ball of steel will fly in the air if the gravitational pull of the Earth is neutralised by a magnetic force acting in the opposite direction. Nothing appears to support that ball. Nothing is visible, nothing tangible, nothing audible. If the Earth’s cold magnetic current could be studied, measured and analysed, sooner or later means might be found of producing equal and opposite forces, which would induce a weightless condition in any solid body to which they were applied. Increase them and they would exceed the pull of the Earth’s magnetism and move the body out into space.

Could the personal vibration of the body be raised sufficiently to produce this result ? Witnessed cases of levitation seem to say ‘Yes’. This might happen accidentally as with Saint Teresa, and with other saints who were seen to rise off the ground when the intensity of their devotions raised their vibrations to the required pitch. It might also happen to order, if the will were suitably tuned. James Churchward had the good fortune to discuss this with an old Indian Rishi who had taken a great fancy to him and told him of things normally not discussed with white men ‘Man has the power over what you call gravity,’ said the Rishi. ‘He can raise his vibrations above the Earth’s cold magnetic force and nullify its effects. It is only this force which draws and anchors him to the ground. When the magnetic force is nullified, man’s body being matter, and matter in itself having no weight, enables him to raise his body and float through the air. He can walk or float over water as on land. Weight measures the degree of attraction and pull which the magnetic force is enabled to exert on it. Without the magnetic pull there is no weight. The largest heavenly body, star or sun, has no weight in space. Jesus, the greatest Master who has ever been on Earth, gave a practical demonstration of this when He walked upon the water as related in your Bible. He was simply using, to Him, a well-known science which was known and practised years ago by our great forefathers of the Earth’s first civilisation. My son, these ancient cosmic forces must all be regained and brought back again to us before this world can come to its end, for without them man cannot be perfect. It is destined that man shall be perfect before the end.’ 47

47/ James Churchward, The Cosmic Forces of Mu.

Pause to consider—huge stones brought hundreds of miles to build ancient monuments; Irish Druidic stones weighing many tons which geologists assert occur in their natural state only in Africa; an Egyptian obelisk nearly 200 feet long lying in its quarry from which no possible amount of slave labour could have extracted it had it been completed; the great 1,800-ton blocks of cut stone lying at Balbek, quarried by the identical methods used on the unfinished seventy-foot monolith on Easter Island, at the opposite side of the globe; saw marks on Egyptian blocks which by calculation would require a saw exerting a pressure of several tons to produce.

Among the Arabs is an old legend concerning the transport of the great Egyptian stones: ‘They put sheets of papyrus on which were written many secret things beneath the stones and then struck them with a rod, whereupon they moved through the air the distance of one bowshot. In this way they eventually reached the pyramid.’ 48

48/ Kingsland, The Great Pyramid in Fact and Theory,

The ‘papyrus’ might have been some insulating substance to reduce the Earth’s magnetic pull. Striking the stones with a rod might be a hazy memory in the minds of bewildered and frightened natives who saw the ‘personal vibration‘ or sonic power applied to the stones through some sort of conducting rod—a copper ruler perhaps cut to the operators’ conditions.

Then why, we ask. if they knew so much more than we, did they disappear so completely, and with them all the wonderful art and knowledge they had learned ? The same question might well be asked in ten thousand years’ time of the ruins of our own civilisation, and the same answer will be true. The Ancient Civilisation perished as must all men perish whose personal power outstrips their wisdom. Man learned much of the subtle sciences and used them to advance his personal comfort and aggrandisement instead of to improve himself and the wisdom of all mankind. The result—a series of world cataclysms, one of which is probably the story of the Biblical Flood.

And from the other hemisphere come South American legends concerning the destruction of the first civilisation, which may be the fabled Atlantis. There was, say the legends, a temple of the mysteries, called the ‘House of the Flame’, in which the priest-scientists kept the secrets of cosmic power. No one except the Initiates was allowed to approach the ‘House of the Flame‘ without suffering instant death.

Now a young prince, says the story, ventured into the forbidden precincts and, like a child playing with things it shouldn’t, experimented with the terrible powers contained there in great underground vaults and tunnels. As a result, cosmic power was unleashed, flames burst out of the earth and destroyed nearly the whole country, which then sank beneath the sea with its 60,000,000 inhabitants.

Adam is commanded in Genesis not to eat the fruit of the tree of Knowledge. He does so, and the Garden of Eden, the glorious first civilisation, is destroyed. A cherub with a ‘fiery sword‘ drives him forth.

The Greek Pandora was told not to open a certain box. She did so and evil and misery came into the world. Is there a connection between any of these symbolic fables ? Pandora’s box, the fruit of forbidden knowledge, the secrets of the forbidden ‘House of the Flame’, seem only different ways of saying the same thing allegorically: that the world’s previous scientific civilisation perished through too much knowledge and too little wisdom.

In the Popul Vuh, the gods are worried that man knows all and sees all like themselves, so they blow mist in his eyes so he cannot see far and near at once. In other words, man’s knowledge of the secret sciences is reduced—for his own good, and for the health of the entire solar system in general.

The Book of Dzyan says:

‘Then the Fourth Race (Atlanteans) grew tall with pride. We are the kings, they said, we are the gods. They built temples for the human body. Male and female they worshipped (phallicism). Then the Third Eye acted no longer (man’s knowledge reduced, the psychic organs ceased to function)...

The first great waters came. They swallowed the Seven Great Islands. All holy saved, the unholy destroyed. With them most of the huge animals (saurians) produced from the sweat of the Earth.’

Air travel was well advanced in those days. According to another ancient commentary which tells in strange, moving language how the good rulers of Atlantis left the doomed continent by air, having first removed the aircraft of the evil-doers whom they had put in a hypnotic trance. When they awoke it was too late. The Great Flood was upon them; the terrible purification had begun.

‘The Great King of the Dazzling Face was sad at seeing the sins of the Black-faced (evil-doers). He sent his vimanas to all his brother kings with pious men, saying: "Prepare. Arise, ye men of the Good Law and cross the lands while yet dry. The Lords of the Storm are approaching. One night and two days only shall the Lords of the Dark Face (sorcerers) live on this patient land. She is doomed and they have to descend with her. The nether Lords of the Fires are preparing their fiery weapons. But the Lords of the Dark Eye are stronger than they. They are versed in highest magical knowledge. Come, use your own. Let every Adept cause the vimana of every Lord of the Dark Face to come into his hands lest any of those sorcerers should by its means escape from the waters, avoid the Rod of Karma and save his wicked people ".’ Overcome with grief the great King weeps. Yet even he wishes the evil-doers to be spared pain.

‘Then the Great King fell upon his Dazzling Face and wept. When the Kings assembled the waters had already moved. But the nations had now crossed the dry lands. They were beyond the watermark. The Kings reached them in their vimanas and led them to the lands of fire and metal.... When the Lords of the Dark Face awoke and looked for their vimanas in order to escape the waters they found them gone.’ 49

49/ The Secret Doctrine, Vol. III, Adyar Edition.

Then came the catastrophe. For several years, say the Indian, Puranas, and the South American, Popul Vuh, the stars and the sun and the sky were hidden by volcanic clouds and violent storms. It seemed that the end of the world had come. And the mighty Adept rulers left in despair. There is one sentence in the Old Commentary that rings out like the chill death-knell of that great civilisation:

‘The Azure seats are empty. The Lords of the Dazzling Face are departed in wrath.’’

Their departure marked the end of an age, and heralded in the mid-point of our planet’s cycle from whence onwards war, struggle, and chaos were to be the order of the day until a date (according to the Hindu figures) 300,000 years from now, when the spiritual and higher mental forces will have regained full mastery over matter.

Until then those Azure Thrones remain empty. Never again shall we see a human being of the highest possible Order ruling tribe or nation, nor gaze upon his Sun-aura or Dazzling Face which is the visible, unmistakable mark of the Adept unveiled. The Lords have departed, tome with their people and ‘keepers of the Good Laws’. Others, we are told, left the Planet Earth for ever.

Where did they go ?

The vimanas could travel to the Solar Region (Suryamandala) and thence to the Stellar Region (Naksatra) powered by forces beyond our comprehension. If, by using crude combustion giving an exhaust velocity of seven miles per second, we think we shall shortly be able to leave our planet and cruise in space, we should be ill-advised to laugh at those who could achieve the same by using the far mightier cosmic forces described in the ancient books. And if the question is asked—where did earlier space travellers go ? Venus would be the obvious answer. No other planet in our system holds such attraction for Earthlings who strive after perfection.