Cowal's "It"

Leader Post de Regina (Saskatchewan), Tuesday, February 5, 1946
s1Benedict, W. Ritchie < Clark, J. E.: "leaping ghost, Ontario, 1946", Magonia Exchange, 21 mars 2008.

COWAL, Ont., Feb. 5 (CP).  Residents of West Elgin county Monday night [February 4] pondered the problem of a "ghost" which left footprints  size six  and jumped fences at "breathless speed" when pursued.

The apparition, object of a spirited hunt since its first appearance last Tuesday, was described by various witnesses as headless, having a feminine appearance, and wearing a brown jacket and hood, a white skirt and men's boots.

Spoken of as "it" by a dozen Dunwich township residents who claim to have seen the figure on its rounds, the apparition is said to roam about an isolated area where Indians claim Tecumseh was buried in a secret grave 130 years ago.

Asked if he thought "it" was a ghost, Archie MacTavish, who took part in the hunt, said he believed it was someone "not quite right in the head."