Sees An Airship

Courier Freeman de Potsdam (New York), Wednesday, October 27, 1915
s1Clark, J. E.: "airship, New York, 1915", Magonia Exchange, 16 août 2007

Rural Mail Carrier Sights One Near Crary Mills.

The Plaindealer says, "Canton has put it over Watertown, Clayton, Brockville and other places "like a tent.' All summer long they have been seeing lights in the heavens and hearing the buzz of motors and telling about seeing flying machines that later turned out to be hot air bags while the noise of the motors came from the wheels in their heads.

"But Monday afternoon [presumably October 18] about four o'clock, while rural carrier Ernest Crosby was on his route near Crary Mills he heard the real thing, and looking up he saw the aeroplane above him, headed in the direction of Ogdensburg. It was broad day light.

"Mr. Crosby knows a flying machine when he sees one. He doesn't wear glasses and it was no bug on a lens. The noise was the real thing, and Canton and Crary Mills are dry towns.

"The Plaindealer called up a number of people on the route but has invariably been told that they are paying attention to things down there, in their homes and shops, and do not keep their heads in the clouds to see lost ships that ought to pass in the night as bunches of light."