Flying Dutchman Crosses Canada

Daily News de St. John's (Newfoundland), Wednesday, November 9, 1910
s1Benedict, W. Ritchie < Clark, J. E.: "airships, Canada, 1910", samedi 10 novembre 2007

Mysterious Airship Seen Crossing at Night from West to East.

(Toronto Star.)

Swift Current, Sask., Oct. 27. - A flying machine carrying red and green lights on the rear end and a powerful searchlight passed over here shortly after one o'clock this morning, traveling about six hundred feet high. People of Irvine, Alberta, saw it at 4.35 going west.

This dispatch coupled with others provides a mystery. It raises the question of whether some air pilot of greater ingenuity and skill than others has devised an airship that can cross the continent, and who is doing so without a lot of preliminary advertisement.

A St. Hyacinthe dispatch declares a balloon carrying red and green lights passed over that place, 40 miles south-east of Montreal, passing from east to west on Sunday [October 23].

On Wednesday the mysterious flyer, still carrying lights, passed over Fort William and was seen by two train crews on trains some distance apart.

Now comes the third dispatch from a point further west, saying an airship going from east to west is going over Saskatchewan.

To cap the climax, Mrs. Grenfell, wife of the noted sea missionary, writes that an airship was seen over St. Anthony, in far northern Labrador, a week ago. Is it the same one? Are all the reports imaginary?

Who will be the first to suggest it's a German spy?