Article on Trafalgar incident

Nieuwe Rotterdamse Courant de Rotterdam (Pays-Bas), édition du soir, Thursday, March 24, 1910
s1 Theo Paijmans: Magonia Exchange, 29 avril 2007
L'article d'origine
L'article d'origine

Through the monthly bulletin of the Circle of Belgian Sea Machinists based in Antwerp, we learned of a highly rare case in seafaring, that occurred to the steamer Trafalgar, captain Davies, mored for this time in the harbour of Falmouth.

During the voyage from Port Talbot to Bastis, the ship wrestled with high seas and snow storms. Near Wolf Rock the entire crew was alerted by an immense blow, like an explosion. A blueish flame enveloped the entire ship, wherewith everything that was made of metal began to sparkle, emitting a blueish shine, as if drenched in phosphor.

Captain Davies, who was at the bridge, immediately saw a fireball falling into the sea with a loud hiss, and that threw up a hose of foam. The engineroom was suddenly entirely lit by thousands of cinders. The third officer was struck down with a shock, by an iron bar that he had held in his hand; luckily they were able to bring him back to life. From that moment on all the compasses on board were demagnitised and the captain experienced all the trouble in the world to reach Falmouth without accidents.

Experts were brought on board, and all the compasses turned "crazy" and only pointed again towards the north, when they were brought ashore. It appears that this extraordianry case is unique. It is hoped now that the magnitised ship very slowly will demagnitise itself and that after a long period it will take on its normal condition again. In any case, for now it is totally impossible to use the ship.

(Handelsbl. van Antwerpen)