Seen Near Greymouth

Witness de Otago (Nouvelle-Zélande), lundi 2 août 1909
s1Clark, J. E.: "airship, New Zealand, 1909", Magonia Exchange, 2 avril 2008.


The captain and lieutenant of the Salvation Army, writing to the Star, say, with reference to the reported airship and mysterious lights seen in various places: -- "We beg to state that on Tuesday week, July 20, at about 10 o'clock at night, while returning from our fortnightly meeting at Ngahere to Blackball, and while going through the [illegible] near the township, we saw a bright light we could not account for. The light was away on the ranges to the left of Ford's Creek, and slowly ascending at length disappearing towards Paparoa. We attributed the same to someone carrying a large lantern, but could not understand how it was managed. The next night (Wednesday) we were out visiting rather late, and coming back sat over the fire till about 12, till the lieutenant went outside and saw apparently the same light away over the Grey River on the skyline. He called my attention to it, but it had disappeared before I took the trouble to look.”