Gore Evidence.

Witness de Otago (Nouvelle-Zélande), lundi 2 août 1909
s1Clark, J. E.: "airship, New Zealand, 1909", Magonia Exchange, 2 avril 2008

GORE, August 2.

The airship is still visiting Southland, and in an interview with the Standard, published this morning, two people named Brand, who were keeping a look-out on Saturday night, gave their impressions. At 11.30 on Saturday Mrs Brand, looking out of a back window, noticed a bright light in the air in the direction of the Blue Mountains. The light was much brighter than a star. Imagining it was moving, she called Mr Brand, and the two watched it for some time. They distinctly saw an object which looked like a ship. The bright light was obscured at times by what appeared to be two large fans, which covered the light first on one side and then on the other, and at times seemed to go completely round the light. The object was apparently making in a straight line, but with a motion like that of a boat. The object was in view for about half an hour, when it seemed to sink to the ground, and was lost to sight. This, it is now thought, was on account of the object getting behind a cloud or mountain. Mrs Brand was up again at 1 a.m., and on looking out of her window was surprised to see the object in view, but this time much closer, seemingly nearly over the Catholic Church at East Gore, but high up in the air. On this occasion three lights were visible. There was light at the two ends of the object, which was of a good length judging by the distance separating the lights, and the same bright light, looking very much like a headlight on an engine, was still burning. The object was making slow progress, and that the three lights were connected with each other was clearly proved by the fact that they moved at the same rate of speed. The object was again seen at 3 o'clock in the morning by Mrs Brand, this time apparently directly overhead, but a long way up in the air.