See Airships At Night.

New York Times, 1er août 1909 s1Clark, J. E.: "airship, New York, 1909", Magonia Exchange, 7 août 2007.

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People of Middletown Tell Tales of Ghostly Dirigible with Lights.

Special to The New York Times.

MIDDLETOWN, July 31.  A mysterious airship which flies only at night is causing considerable excitement and keeping the people of Orange County residing between Goshen and Newburg up nights in their efforts to get a look at it. For the past month persons who have been out late nights have reported seeing an airship, but few believed the stories.

For a week or more the flying machine had not been seen, but at 11 o'clock last night it made its reappearance near Goshen. It was flying high in the air and carried a light which attracted attention.

It flew very fast and was last seen traveling in the direction of Newburg. Those who have seen the machine say it is shaped like a balloon and has wings on each side and a cigar-shaped car underneath. The sound of a motor was distinctly heard by those who saw the machine.

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