Svet (Texas), 17 mars 1892 1Roslund, Stefan (UFO-Sweden): "UFO flap in tsarist Russia 1892", UFO-Aktuellt, janvier 1997


The pillar of light was pointed straight down to earth, forming a cone-shaped bundle of rays in the colour of ordinary flames. The rays spread out on their way down and seemed to come from a strong reflector with considerable curvature, since the light fell in the shape of cone with an extremely narrow top and a very broad base.

The point of light, from where the rays originated and which was seen only as the top of a cone, seemed incredibly bright. It was situated above the clouds at a distance of 1/4 of the distance between the clouds and the ground at the time, and at an angle of 30-35 degrees above the horizon in west-north west.

The light varied in brightness, probably due to the clouds hurrying by in a south-western direction. The brightness was considerable and could sometimes be compared to the brightness of an electrical street lamp with an arc. The point from which the rays originated didn't move during the whole time, and the rays were visible for 20-25 minutes.