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Projet BETA

Par le Dr. Paul Bennewitz


Ce qui suit sont des publications key mile établies ou découvertes au cours de l'étude continue concernant une intervention extraterrestre et le résultat. L'étude est uniquement limit�e au Nouveau Mexique.

  1. 2 années de surveillance et suivi �lectronique continus enregistrès avec D.F. 24 hr/day data of alien ships plus 6,000 feet motion picture of same -
  2. Detection and disassembly of alien communication and video channels - Both
  3. Constant reception of video from alien ship and underground base view - Screen ; Typical alien, humanoid and at times apparent Homo Sapien.
  4. A case history of an encounter victim in New Mexico which lead to the communications link and discovery that apparently all encounter victims have deliberate alien implants along with obvious accompanying scars. The victims cat scan. Five other cases were verified.
  5. Established constant direct communication with the alien using a computer and a form of hex decimal code communication was instigated apparently
  6. Through the alien communication loop, the true underground base location
  7. Subsequent aerial and ground photographs revealed landing pylons, ships on the ground - entrances, beam weapons and apparent launch ports - along with aliens on the ground in electrostatically supported vehicules ; charging beam weapons also apparently electrostatic.
  8. Cross correlation and matching by triangulation, etc, to official NASA CIR (Color IR) high resolution films confirmed base locations and resulted in revealing us military involvement yielding precise coordinates and the US base layout.
  9. Prior alien communication has indicated military involvement and the fact that the USAF had a ship but due to studied alien psychology this was ignored at the time.
  10. Subsequently, the alien communicated following verification with the CIR, that there was indeed a ship ; actually more that one - that two were wrecked and left behind and another built - This SHIP is atomic powered and flying, the alien indicated
  11. It was learned as stated that two women and a boy near Austin, Texas were exposed to severe radiation at close range and the ship was last seen going west with helicopters. In addition, the expenses.
  12. Subsequent inspection of motion picture photographs taken during the study revealed the US ship or one like it flying with the aliens. These match the CIR where two can be seen on the ground and in the later photographs taken on the ground after the base was abandoned.

The computer communications and constant interaction with the alien in this manner without direct encounter has given a reasonably clear picture of the alien psychology, their logic and logic methods and their prime intent.

It is important to note at the outset deception, and have no intent of any apparent peace making process and they arranged agreement.

In truth they tend to lie, however their memory for lying is not long and direct comparative computer printout analysis reveals this fact. Therefore, much "drops thru the crack", and from this comes the apparent truth.

It is not the intent of this report to criticize or point fingers. Obviously with the aliens was operating on our basis of logic and not that of the aliens and in doing so apparently walked innocently, in time, into a trap.

The alien indicated that the "greys", agreement with the US government, were still upset about the initial capture and subsequent death of the first eight of their co-fellows.

Another group, calling themselves in the computer language, the "Orange" - Mt. Archuleta - directly west of the south end of the US base and near NW of the apparent main landing area they call "the diamond", probably because it looks like that from a distance. The ridged se peak of Mt. Archuleta has no fame ; I call it South Peak. The base extends north of this peak to the edge of the cliff down a road past a large alloy dome 38' accross, with a 20' hole in the top.

Based upon some of the aerial photos during which the alien was caught in the act of launching, I would guess it is an underground launch egress facility. In the NASA CIR there is what side the dome, on a ramp. It is the same size of my 79 Lincoln town car. Wheeled vehicles and what appear to be snow-cats or caterpillars can be seen through the CIR - car and truck tracks, trucks and jeeps. I don't believe aliens have wheeled vehicles - Humans do.

Numerous road blocks extend northward maintained road some thirty feet wide. There are @Ads marked with 26' X's and servicing facilities, tanks, etc. There is also an apparent foundation for another helo pad, human housing, and another black limousine with tracks leading to it west of the road. If I were to make a guess, I would estimate the apparent black limousines are CIA. This is but a limited inventory of what was there on Sept 8, 1978, and is included only for information. The total alien basing area apparently contains several cultures, (all under the designation "unity") and is approx 3 km wide by 8 km long and is located in the middle of nowhere on the Jicarilla indian reservation west of Dulce, NM. Based on the number of ships presently in this area, the total alien population is estimated to be at least 2,000 and most likely more.

More are coming or are on the way.

Report how the initial contact was made with the US. The alien has communicated his account, and if totally true is not palatable. Computer communication has allowed a constant accounting of what is and has been going on as well as conditions what "makes the aliens tick". This is very valuable data.

Beta Report

  1. Most importantly, the aliens will allow on one abducted to go without an implant. After insertion knowledge of it is wiped out. All indications are that communication with the aliens cannot happen without the implant (with the exception of the use of the binary and the computer). This would indicate a possible immediate threat or danger for anyone. The reasons for the implant are for both language and communication by thought (there apparently is no language barrier with telepathy) and also for complete and absolute control by the alien of the human by programming through a beam or by direct contact. I have tested this and found that during this programming the person is totally alien. If this ever happened to the military... I need not go into the possible consequences. The victims "switch" can be pulled at any time and at the same time they are "walking cameras and microphones" if the aliens choose to listen in with one of their beams. No classified area in the US is inviolate under these conditions. The located and can be viewed by X-Ray.
  2. All of the aliens - human and humanoid - must have implants. Without them no communication is possible. One could say that if a person states they have communicated by thought with an alien, they probably have received an implant. They may also claim to be overly psychic and be able to prove this. Through the link-implant, the person is fed information without being aware of the origin.
  3. The alien, either through evolvement or because the humanoid is made/produced, will exhibit tendencies for bad logic (bad by earth logic standards) so they are not infallible. In fact, they appear to have many more frailties and weakenesses than the normal Homo Sapien. To the alien, the mind is the key, and therein lies a great weakness which will be discussed later.
  4. They are not to be trusted.
  5. The aliens under discussion kill with beam weapons. Results on a human will be a 3 cm-4 cm purple circle. The results on cattle are the same, essentially exhibiting purple beneath the hide, with burned circles on the outside.
  6. Cattle mutilations - It appears that the humanoids are fed by a formula made from human or cattle material or both and they are made from the use of female encounter victim's ovum. The resultant embryos are referred to by the alien as an organ. Time of gestation appears to approximate 1 year.

The aliens are picking up and "cutting" (as the aliens call it) many people every night. Eeach implanted individual is apparently ready for the oull of their "switch". Whether all implants are totally effective I cannot predict, but conservatively I would estimate at least 300,000 people have been implatend in the US and at least 2 million worldwide.

Weaponry and Inherent Weaknesses

Weaponry is of the keys and in the aliens present state we can prepare an effective offense. One tends at the outset (I did) to look at their machines and say that there is no defense or offense. One is overwhelmed by their speed, apparently capability of invisibility and "cloaking", and other covert capabilities not discussed at this time. In particular, the beam weapons are themselves a direct threat and one that let us look at just what this weapon is. It is an electrostatic weapon with plasma generating voltages - and an internal storage device - It is pulse powered. The beam, totally effective in the atmosphere can be loaded with hydrogen or oxygen. The maximum range appears to be about 2 km if it is dry weather. It is capable of sustaining a limited number of full-power charges - continuous basis, so they must be recharged periodically. If it is raining the weapon becomes ineffective and is swamped and thus discharged.

Ship Weapons

On the disks and saucers, the weapon center has a maximum range of 200 meters at which point it will plow a trench in the soil. When fired, it fires both to the front and to the back min flight.

Hand Weapons

Estimate based upon visible damage observed : hand weapons are deadly at close range. At one meter, estimate of 1600 degrees F or higher ; It can vaporize metal.

Aircraft Vulnerability

Any of our aircraft can be taken down.

Ebow wave or screen or both will take the aircraft down. The same tactic also the alien craft, however, are relatively fragile. They can be downed by lightning or any method that will interfere with they propulsion system.

Alien Command and Control

Because of the aliens apparent logic system, a key decision cannot be made without higher clearance. All are under control of what they call "The Keeper", yet it would appear that even this is not the final authority. Delays as long as 12-15 hours can occur for a decision. How long the time delay is during battle conditions is uncertain.

Because of this apparent control, individual decision making by the "greys" are limited. If the "plan" goes even slightly out of balance or context, they become confused. Faced with this, possibly, the humanoids they have created would be the first to break and run.

Psychological Aspects

Psychologically, at present, their morale is down. There is pronounced discension in the ranks - even with the humanoids. Communication can encourage this problem due to their own internal vulnerability mind-wise, and therein lies a prime weakness. Inter-echelon or individual "trust" appears to be totally lacking, so suspicion of each other is rampant. They are highly segregated as to levels - a "low" dare not conflict with a higher social level, or it may mean death. Death to the humanoid may mean either physical death or deprogramming. They appear to be totally death-oriented, and because of this, they are also death-fear oriented. This is a psychological advantage for us.

Propulsion Comments and More Weaknesses

Most of the ships run on a chage. That source depletes and needs to be replenished. Ships can replenish each other, but only up to charge balance. This is done with antennae-like extensions and the charge is distributed observing our early energy conservation laws. They can get replenished from power lines, but only to a point. Deprived of their base and charching capabilities, it is estimated that all ships would come down within 6 month to a year unless they can get transported out by the prime launch ship, which is capable of physical space travel. The disks and saucers in general cannot fly in space because of the mode of flight. Their capabilities in power survival outlasts survival.

Bases Dependent on Water Supplies

In the case of Mt. Archeleta, they are dependent upon the Navajo River for water supply, and water to them totally embodies the concept of life. Without water they have no power ; without power, no oxygen or hydrogen to service their ships and weapons. Water also sustains the organs and is necessary for the development of the feeding formula using cattle and human biologicals.

Plan for Destruction of their Water Supply and Results

There is a water intake and dam upstream that can be totally cut off and the water rerouted to Chama, New Mexico. Should this occur, at least three of the internal bases will go down. They could possibly go to atomic power periodically but obviously they would have problems without cooling capabilities. Once the bases are pressed on a large scale, all disks and saucers will on airborne.

Development of Beam Counter Weaponry

Thunder Scientific Company in Albuquerque, which is one of my companies, has developed some prototype beam weapons. Tests conducted to date indicate that they work rather well. The weapon will both penetrate their screens and the ground. The disk, when within range, begins to discharge the energy accumulated. To counteract, they must apply more power. Alloy. They cannot shield themselves from it in any way. Lastly, because of their brain implant devices, the weapon gets to them mentally ; they loose judgement and indicate almost immediate confusion, particularly the humanoids. The range of my weapon exceeds that of their present weapons.

Logistical Plans

Initital logistics would indicate a plan sequentially implemented as follows:

This plan does not include all requirements and preparatory safety measures to be employed by the ground force ; however, if Air Force INTEL desires to pursue the approaches suggested in this report, each significant requirement will be discussed in depth.

The attack must be directed almost entirely on the ground since vehicle ignition problems will be encountered. All electrical and electronic equipment must be "hardened" using specific techniques perfected prior to implementation. This information has been checked by interaction and eavesdropping on their communication channels, as far as weaknesses are concerned. The program would be instigated in hases:

  1. The first phase - Planning and logistics - would include continued implementation and testing of the final weapon prototype thru the pre-production stage. Production of at least 50 should be planned. Additional backup spares should also be included. Estimated that at least one year or less would be required to arrive at the pre-production stage. A team would be organized by Thunder Scientific to accomplish this. The key work would be done by an associated company, Bennewitz Labs, Ltd. Specific attack phases would be incorporated:
    1. The first procedure would be to close the gates of the dam above the Navajo River. This dam could be held closed for the duration. Internal to the one cave, there is a small dam for water storage. Its capacity is small. There is also a discharge outlet downstream that could be closed, causing waste water to back up into the caves. The water is vacuum pumped apparently by some electrostatic means from the river. At close range, the weapon will take out this capability.
    2. Once deprived totally of water for a minimum of four weeks, conditions will have badly deteriorated. Psychological shock is extremely effectvie with the alien: total advantage can be taken by quick action or planned observable deviation from the norm. At least three bases will go down.
    3. If they follow their normal patterns as when pressed as above, they will launch most, if not all ships.
    4. Prior to the implementation of water deprevation, the weapons should be deployed at strategic hardened locations and activated in a certain pre-planned manner determined by final weapon coordinate locations.
    5. This will put an immediate power drain upon those airborne and the alien.
    6. Because of the inherent psychological aspect of these aliens, much can be done in the open with no attempt done can be of a diversionary nature. Under most conditions they will attempt to harass but will not openly attack.
    7. Prior to an during operations, open computer communications link will be operational for continued psychological interrogation.
    8. At some point in time - again resting upon battle status, the deployment of defensive forces will begin. This deployment should be done in a near instantaneous manner under certain special conditions that can be discussed.
    9. The weapon systems should be kept in the powered-up state. In this manner, the disks will be made to stay airborne. They cannot land during the interval that the system is powered up.
    10. When the weapon is used in one specific power mode, in addition to continuous discharge on the disks that are airborne and the ground based weapons, the minde confusion and disorientation will build in those personnel at the base and underground. At the end of four or five weeks or less, all of their weapons should be totally discharged and the power should be out on the bases. Most personnel, if not all, should be totally incapacitated. Feeding formula production will be down and critical processing ruined. All embryos should be dead and alla oxygen and hydrogen consumables should be depleted.
    11. Based upon data gathered on the prototype weapons, the full power weapons should have no problem holding off the disks. In many cases some will break within the first forty-eight hours without being directly hit.
    12. At that point, standard weapon technology and logistics can come into play and used to the extent of destruction desired at the direction of those in charge.
    13. The communications can be used throughout the conflict to determine status and near the end to attempt to instigate surrender. If no response results, then they should simply be closed in and waited out.


It is important to note that my initial implementation of the computer communications was not intigated for the purpose of talking to one of the aliens "for the fun of it", but was deliberately instigated to use as a tool to study, in depth, the aliens on a long term basis without the need for physical confrontation, and to determine possible strengths and weaknesses.

The weapon theory and prototypes were built to capitalize upon and test the two key and prominent weaknesses that were discovered. This in-house funded program has been expensive, in excess of $200,000; on behalf of our nation and handled in the best representative manner humanly possible.

  1. The prime and weakest area that was discovered, probed and tested is exactly what the aliens assumed was their key strength - that being the manipulation of and control of the mind.
  2. Though their ships seem rather formidable, they also have weaknesses, solely because of their method and unique mode of flight.

It is not the purpose of this report to imply that the overall problem will be solved with the capture of these bases. Obviously it will not, but it is a firmly based beginning with a high degree of rated projected success. It is not intended to imply that this particular species of alien and their humanoid workers will not fight; they may fight, but their inclination is generally the opposite. This basing area is the key. Without it, their mission is in very deep trouble. It is noted that these are not the only bases on earth - there are others. With a conservative estimate using typical logical support numbers, it is not unrealistic to say that there are 50,000 aliens within the ecosphere of earth and the space near it. Some of us will be lost in the endeavor. That is obvious. The key to overall success is they the aliens totally respect force. And with them, the most effective method is to stubbornly continue to pick and pull at their defense with no letup. Faced with the total loss of bases that it has taken years to construct, it is believed that their mission will be grossly weakened and badly slowed.

As americans we must realize that we cannot rely upon our inherent moral principles to provide the answer.

Negotiation is out. In final conclusion:

  1. No negotiation, agreement or compromise.
  2. They are totally deceptive and death oriented and have no respect for humans or human life.
  3. They cannot under any circumstances be trusted.

We in our innocent human way, negotiated the first time by compromise - we took too little with no major safeguards and allowed too much. We must not allow that to happen again.

Dr. Paul Bennewitz

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