Foz Do Iguaçu Letter

Page 1 de la lettre d'origine
Page 1 de la lettre d'origine


Minister Celso Amorim Ministry of Defense Brasília (DF)


The participants of the IV World UFO Forum (I UFOZ 2012), that occurred in Foz do Iguaçu from 6 thru 9 of December, under signers of this letter as representatives of the Brazilian UFO Community and some 15 other countries, respectfully present the following facts as premises to your excellency, and lastly, demand for action, as follows:

  1. Considering the unquestionable reality of the worldwide manifestations of the so-called flying saucers, UFOs, which are widely known by various scientific and military segments, for at least 60 years, as advanced extraterrestrial crafts of physical and intelligent nature, and manifested by means of highly advanced technology.
  2. Considering that such manifestations, commonly known as UFO Phenomenon, are being surveyed and studied by military authorities under several circumstances, including some Brazilian Air Force (FAB) officials, via the Unidentified Aerial Objects Investigation System (SIOANI), in 1969, and by the Operation Plate, in 1977, both publicly known through the partial disclosure of documents related to their workings and achieved results.
  3. Considering the system and instrument records of these manifestations as already publicly recognized by several nations around the globe, and the same has occurred in Brazil, in August 10th, 2010, with the publication at the Nation official journal (Diário Oficial da União) of the Resolution 551/GC3, sent forth and signed by the Aeronautic commander, Brigadier Juniti Saito(tenente-brigadeiro-do-ar), making known the fact that the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) does accommodate, processes and has procedures for UFO sightings and accounts.
  4. Considering the numerous occurrences of such phenomenon, when recorded and organized in systematic manner by the Air Forces of several nations, including Brazil, had risen considerable attention to their characteristics in several military rankings and attested that the crafts involved possesses an incompatible technology to what is currently known by science and though only conceited within such reserved ranks, need further consideration and investigation.
  5. Considering that, due to their nature, though fully described and known by such military commands, and due to their constant growing manifestation throughout the planet, the UFO Phenomenon has led many nations to dispense their active military resources, through official institutions and investigation offices, cataloguing and studying their peculiar characteristics, and through such process came to being, inclusively, procedures of cooperation between military forces in these various countries, and in some cases with researchers and civil entities to investigate and research the subject aiming at properly disclosing their findings to the citizens.
  6. Considering that, in Brazil, the Air force has already produced significant quantities of information and documentation regarding sightings, recordings, radar detection, direct contact and even aerial pursuits of such vehicles, and in their majority such data has been classified in various legal security categories, some remaining as such to this day by unjustifiable means, since they do not pose any national security or civil threats, as determined by the adjunct article XXXIII of the 5th Constitutional Amendment.
  7. Finally Considering, that regardless of the dedicated efforts of researchers of the theme, such as the campaign UFOs Freedom of Information Now, from the Brazilian UFO Researchers Commission (CBU), in order to, through the legal parameters allowed, effectively proceed with the declassification of military information about the subject in its totality and promoting the full disclosure of such material for public and scientific access, only the Brazilian Air force (FAB) has opened part of its files about the matter to the national archives, while the Navy and Army are delaying in releasing their files in any possible way, against the mandate law number 12.527/2011 (Access of Information Law)
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Page 2 de la lettre d'origine

Such Brazilian UFO Community, under the umbrella of the Brazilian UFO Researchers Commission (CBU) and the Brazilian UFO Magazine, which for over three decades promotes the research and disclosure of the UFO Phenomenon, respectfully solicits to your Excellency to proceed accordingly to the following, making it through public manifestation as this OFFICIAL MINISTRY POSITION:

  1. Declassification in totality and without restriction of all information and documents previously generated through the Ministry of Defense, including all military forces, that may have had any relation with studying the aforementioned UFO Phenomenon, specifically those that have been insistently requested by ufologists, by means of the Law 12.527/2011, and especially those belonging to the Navy and Army, though they yet refuse to respond to several requests previously submitted.
  2. Determine if, henceforth, any information or manifestation of UFO nature within National Territory, should be recognized as highly valued both scientifically and culturally, and will no longer be classified within any of the three legal security categories currently enforced.
  3. Disclose to the public all the information relating to the theme in question, both in the past and any that may still be generated by this Ministry, determining the immediate surrender of any material to the National Archives, and not only copies of such, procedure that is being adopted exclusively by the Air Force (FAB), though only partially.
  4. Create a mixed and multi-disciplinary commission, with the participation of all three military forces (Aeronautics, Army and Navy) and members of the Brazilian UFO Community, such that, with the aid of military logistic and civilian ufologists, proceeding in the research of the manifestation of the UFO Phenomenon, with subsequent disclosure to society, through regular means of information that may be suited to the subject.
Page 3 de la lettre d'origine
Page 3 de la lettre d'origine

Ademar J. Gevaerd (PR) Fernando A. Ramalho (DF) Gener Silva (SP)

Inajar Antonio Kurowski (PR)

Sincerely undersigning,

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