Physical Analyses in Ten Cases of Unexplained Aerial Objects with Material Samples

Vallée, JacquesVallee, Jacques: Journal of Scientific Exploration, vol. 12, n° 3, September 1998
s1 "Physical Evidence Related to UFO Reports" de Tarrytown (New York), 30 septembre-3 octobre 1997.

Abstract (First Page of Report)

Section 1. Keywords and Introduction

Section 2. Statistical Frequency of Physical Sample Cases

Section 3. Data Tables: Classification and Incident Frequency of Anomalies

Section 4. The Alleged Crash at Aurora (Texas)

Section 5. First Case Study

Section 6. Second Case Study

Section 7. Third Case Study

Section 8. Fourth and Fifth Case Studies

Section 9. Sixth and Seventh Case Studies

Section 10. Eighth and Ninth Case Studies

Section 11. Tenth Case Study

Section 12. Analysis of the Council Bluffs Case

Section 13. Physical Analyses of Unexplained Aerial Objects

Section 14. Hoaxes

Section 15. Discussion of Element Frequency

Section 16. Liquid Metal Technology

Section 17. Data Table: Metal Sample Composition