Walter Haut affidavit

14 mai 1993 s1Pflock, K.: Roswell in Perspective, 1994.

  1. My name is Walter Haut
  2. My address is: XXXXXXXXXX
  3. I am retired.
  4. In July 1947, I was stationed at the Roswell Army Air base serving as the base Public Information Officer. At approximately 9:30 AM on July 8, I received a call from Col. William Blanchard, the base commander, who said he had in his possession a flying saucer or parts thereof. He said it came from a ranch northwest of Roswell, and that the base Intelligence Officer, Major Jesse Marcel, was going to fly the material to Fort Worth.
  5. Col. Blanchard told me to write a news release about the operation and to deliver it to both newspapers and the two radio stations in Roswell. He felt that he wanted the local media to have the first opportunity at the story. I went first to KGFL, then to KSWS, then to the Daily Record and finally to the Morning Dispatch.
  6. The next day, I read in the newspaper that General Roger Ramey in Fort Worth had said the object was a weather balloon.
  7. I believe Col. Blanchard saw the material, because he sounded positive about what the material was. There is no chance that he would have mistaken it for a weather balloon. Neither is their any chance that Major Marcel would have been mistaken.
  8. In 1980, Jesse Marcel told me that the material photographed in Gen. Ramey's office was not the material he had recovered.
  9. I am convinced that the material recovered was some type of craft from outer space.
  10. I have not been paid nor given anything of value to make this statement, and it is the truth to the best of my recollection.

    Signed: Walter G. Haut

    Signature witnessed by:
    M. Littell