Résumés d'événements d'interférence avec des véhicules

Rodeghier, MarkRodeghier, Mark: CUFOS, October 1981
July 1982 mai 1909, July 1982 at 11:30 PM Angleterre, Wroxsam, Norfolk : Un motorcycliste seul observe une lumière globulaire voyageant en direction droite au-dessus de lui. Durant son passage, le phare de la motorcyclette ne parvient pas à fonctionner. Il arrête sa machine lorsque cela arrive, mais le phare commence à re-fonctionner après le passage de l'ovni s1East Anglican Daily Times, 21 mai 1909
Printemps 1944
ou 1945
U.S., Auberry, Californie : Alors qu'elles roulent dans les montagnes de la Sierra Occidentale, 2 femmes voient un objet en forme de cigare non loin de là. Le moteur de leur voiture cale à ce moment. L'ovni reste en survol, puis glisse hors du ravin où il avait d'abord été repèré. Il montre un arc-en-ciel de couleurs tout au long de l'observation, qui se termine avec l'ovni fonçant au loin en quelques secondes ; le moteur de la voiture redémarre par la suite s2APRO Bulletin, Jan-fév. 1968
Automne 1949,
U.S., Nouveau Mexique : A UFO dropped out of nowhere into the car headlights of a couple. It was saucer-shaped and 50-60 feet in diameter. When 20 feet in distance from the car, it rose up and passed at a low altitude over the car. While this happened, the car radio had an abnormal amount of static. The couple did not see how the UFO left their vicinity s3[Tulsa Tribune, 10 décemgre 1957]
13 septembre 1952, July 1982 at 08 PM U.S., Frametown, West Virginia: The car of a married couple with their daughter suddenly stalled. They saw a bright light in the woods and smelled sulphur or ether, which made them feel nauseated. After leaving the car to check the immediate surroundings and finding nothing, they were returning to it when a 10-foot tall humanoid appeared nearby. The humanoid inspected their car, then left slowly, after which time the light rose into the sky, leaving a glowing trail. The car could be restarted then. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Oct. 31, 1952
1940, 08 PM
U.S., Fayetteville, Georgia: Lt. Col. Charles Smith Jr. observed a strange "air blimp" while driving towards Atlanta. It was an orange-colored object which came down close to the road. As Smith's car passed underneath, the car radio went dead--no static, no noise of any kind. He stopped his car to observe the UFO, which hovered overhead for 20 seconds and then climbed out of sight in 30-40 seconds. (Blue Book)
U.S., unspecified location: Four teenagers were listening to a car radio in a backyard. They saw a green flash in the sky which coincided with a screech from the radio. After leaving for the night, one couple saw a disc-shaped UFO for about 20 minutes. The UF0 had a blue light on top and a white circle on the rim. It executed various complicated maneuvers in the sky at a distance of about one mile. No more static was heard on the radio. (CUFOS)
Jan. 29, 1954
U.S., 6 mi. south of Santa Ana, California: An adult couple saw a round object with a flat bottom while driving. It was emitting a blurry white light. When it passed over the car at a 25-foot altitude, the radio went dead and the motor coughed. The UFO then rose up vertically and disappeared in seconds, but the motor continued to act up for some time on the way home.(Schopick)
May, 1954
U.S., LaPorte, Indiana: Radio and lights of a car went off and the witness saw three round or oval UFOs pass overhead. They were emitting beams of light towards the ground. (The UFO Evidence, NICAP)
June 21, 1954
100, 08 PM
CANADA, Ridgeway, Ontario: An adult couple spotted a UFO while driving one mile north of Lake Erie. It hovered over a field, flashing two lights on opposite ends. The UFO was metallic, shaped like a flattened sphere, and about 30 feet in diameter. It began moving north and the witnesses chased it in their car. At one point, when the car crossed the UFO's path by making a left turn, the car stalled. The UFO landed in some woods. The car would not start, but after the witnesses pushed it some distance away, it finally did. (Schopick)
Oct. 7, 1954
FRANCE, near St-Jeans d'Asse: A milk truck driver, when driving up a small hill, experienced a complete failure of the engine and lights of his vehicle. He got out to inspect the motor with a flashlight that functioned normally. He then saw an intense blue light in the sky shining towards him. The light blinked off in a few seconds, and the engine could be restarted and the lights turned on. (Flying Saucers and the Straightline Mystery, Michel)
Oct. 9, 1954
FRANCE, Cuisy, Seine-et-Marne: As Andre Bartoli was turning his car around when leaving his friend's home, he saw an orange yellow glow in the sky. His car's motor failed at that point. He jumped out to see a cigar-shaped UFO, half the diameter of the moon, traveling in a straight line southwest. His friend also saw the object, which was also colored orange-yellow. Mr. Bartoli then found that his headlights had gone out. Curiously, the speedometer needle still pointed to the position it occupied when the UFO was seen, not at zero. (Michel)
Oct. 11, 1954
FRANCE, Chateauneuf: Three young girls, returning from a trip, saw two luminous globes at a low altitude. The engine of their car died and the headlights went out. For five minutes they watched the two globes as they executed several movements. One globe was much larger, and it eventually turned brilliant white with a reddish halo. Both globes eventually disappeared by dropping straight down towards the Charente River valley. The car could then be restarted. (Michel)
Oct 11, 1954
FRANCE, Fronfrede: Mr. Baptiste Jourdy, a 30-year-old milk truck driver, while out on his normal route, had his engine suddenly die and headlights go out. He got out to inspect his vehicle and saw overhead a glowing, multi-colored object. It crossed the road at right angles and disappeared in one to two minutes. His headlights came back on and the engine could then be restarted. (Flying Saucers and the Straightline Mystery, Michel)
Oct. 11, 1954
FRANCE, near Sassier: Henri Gallois and Louis Vigneron, driving to a fair at Corbigny, both suddenly felt electric shocks through their bodies. The motor of the car died and the head lights went out. They became paralyzed and saw on the ground, 50 yards away, a round object. Three small figures were beside the object. The figures disappeared into the object, which then left rapidly. The headlights came on, the paralysis ended, and the engine could be restarted. A resident of a nearby village reported a UFO at the same time. (Michel)
Oct. 14, 1954
FRANCE, St. Romain-sous-Gordon: A Mr. B., riding his motorcycle aIone to Brosses-Thillot, experienced engine failure. As he got off to investigate, a bright light appeared, which was revealed to be a circular object that looked "like a plate turned upside down." After watching it for some time, he pushed the motorcycle down the road, where it was then restarted. (Michel)
Oct. 14, 1954
1930, 08 PM
FRANCE, Chazey Wood, near Gueugnon: Two men observed a reddish fireball pass over their car. The motor stopped and the headlights went out. The light quickly passed out of view in seconds, and the headlights came back on. The car could then be restarted. (Michel)
Oct.14, 1954
FRANCE, Baillolet: Dr. Henri Robert, a veterinarian, noticed four circular objects at a height of less than 1,000 feet. They moved in formation, but one then descended in a "falling leaf" maneuver close to the ground ahead of Dr. Robert's auto. At a distance of 100 yards from the UFO, Dr. Robert felt an electric shock and his engine and lights died. The UFO then landed--Dr. Robert was paralyzed. He saw a small humanoid, about three feet tall. The light on the UFO went out and every thing was dark and silent for several minutes. Then suddenly the headlights came on and Dr. Robert could see the UFO moving away low to the ground. He could now move and had no trouble starting his car. (Michel)
Oct. 16, 1954
1730, 08 PM
FRANCE, near Coheix: A 42-year-old man was driving around a bend in the road when he suddenly felt paralyzed. The motor of his vehicle slowed, even though he tried to speed up. He then noticed in a field an elongated brown object, hovering about five feet up. Since his car had not stalled, the witness continued driving out of sight of the object. (Michel)
Oct. 20, 1954
FRANCE, Turquenstein: While driving his automobile in a wooded region, the single witness noticed a luminous shape resting on the road ahead. He slowed, but when he was within 60 feet, he felt paralyzed. His hands were frozen to the steering wheel. His car motor also went dead, but as the car coasted to a stop, he noticed an increasing sensation of heat. The UFO quickly rose and left to the northeast; the sensation of heat vanished, the witness could move, and the engine was restarted. (Michel)
Oct. 21, 1954
2000, 08 PM
FRANCE, Criteuil-la-Madeleine: A bricklayer's car engine and lights failed when a ball of fire passed nearby. The witness felt a violent displacement of air as it passed. The car could not be restarted--it was found to have a dead battery and burned-out headlight bulbs. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee; The Humanoids, Bowen)
Oct. 21, 1954
FRANCE, LaRochelle: A man and his three-year-old son were out on a drive when the man felt an electric shock all over his body. He also had a sensation of increased heat, and his son began to cry. The engine of the car then died and the headlights went out. Suddenly an object on the road directly in front of the car became very bright. The witness had not seen it before. It was red in color, which changed to orange as it rose into the air. The car could then be restarted and the physical symptoms disappeared. (Michel)
Oct. 24, 1954
FRANCE, near Biozat: A motorcyclist's engine died suddenly. He was just beginning to inspect it when an egg-shaped object rose into the air from the side of the road. The UFO left a bright trail. The moorcycle could be restarted after the UFO left. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee; The Humanoids, Bowen)
Oct. 26, 1954
FRANCE, near Saint-Quirin: Two farmers and their mother saw a UFO which was orange in color, six meters in diameter, and three meters high. As it flew over them, the tractor engine died, and the tractor lights went out. After the UFO departed, the tractor could not be restarted and its battery was found dead. (The Humanoids, Bowen)
Oct. 27, 1954
FRANCE, Linzeux: A merchant and his deliveryman saw a bright light pass quickly overhead. The motor of their truck stalled and the headlights failed at this point, and both men felt electric shocks. The UFO was shaped like a sphere and quickly traveled out of view. Other people in the area saw the same object in the distance, but experienced no effects. (Michel)
Oct. 27, 1954
FRANCE, Les-Jonquerets-de-Livet: A motorcycle failed at the spot where a UFO was previously seen two hours before by a farmer. Some men from a nearby village went to investigate and saw an elongated object on the ground. Two smalI humanoids about one meter in height were near the object, wearing armortype clothes and walking stiffly. They vanished suddenly and the UFO took off noiselessly. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Oct. 31, 1954
FRANCE, "Corrompu," near Long: Three people in a field saw an oval orange object on the ground. Their tractor's lights went off when the object lifted from the ground. It emitted a bright light when taking off, and made a noise Iike bees in a beehive while in flight. It eventually turned towards the southwest and moved away. Witnesses estimated its size to be four to five meters. (The Humanoids, Bowen)
Nov. 8, 1954
FRANCE, La-Tessoualle: As a single witness saw a blue disc, his car engine died and the headlights went out. The disc came closer and the witness was paralyzed with a feeling of pricklings on his hands. When the blue light on the UFO disappeared, he could move and start the car. The UFO, which was five to six meters in size, now appeared again 200 meters away. As he drove towards it, the object again turned off the blue light and flew away with a soft whistling sound. (The Humanoids, Bowen)
Nov. 13, 1954
FRANCE, near Buchy: A luminous UFO rose from the ground as the engine of the witnesses' car slowed but did not fail completely. They also were paralyzed and felt pricklings on their skin. (The Humanoids, Bowen)
Nov. 14, 1954
ITALY, Forli: Three tractor drivers watched a bright red, luminous UFO approach them in a farm field. As it came near, the two engines that worked by internal combustion failed, but the diesel engine still ran. The men ran away; when they returned, the UFO had departed. The two engines that had failed still caused some trouble after the sighting. ( UFOs: The Whole Story, Coral and Jim Lorenzen)
Jan. 3, 1955
AUSTRALIA, Melbourne: Two witnesses saw a UFO at a distance of only 70 meters. Their car engine stalled at the same time. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
March, 1955
SPAIN, between Montornes del Valles and La Roca: Two adult males were driving when their car's motor failed. They got out, lifted the hood, then saw a grey metallic UFO about 250 meters away. It had a dome surrounded by a ring that reminded them of the planet Saturn. There were two humanoids in the dome. The UFO rose rapidly at a 45� angle and disappeared almost instantaneously. Their car could then be restarted. Scorched grass was later found. (Catalog of 200 Type-I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal, Ballester-Olmos)
Mar. 30, 1955
U.S., near Tucson, Arizona: Andy Florio sighted a "disc machine" at least 100 feet in diameter. It made the sound of "electrical humming" and had bluish-green lights on its top, and amber lights from openings on the rim. Florio stopped his car when the radio failed, the lights dimmed, and the car slowed involuntarily to 12-15 mph. The UFO swayed back and forth while hovering and shot a beam of white light at the witness, burning his elbow and bubbling paint on the car. Florio also felt heat and a tingling sensation. Eventually the UFO departed , and when the car was checked, it was found to have a defective battery, dead radio, and only three spark plugs still firing. (CUFOS)
July 17, 1957
ENGLAND: Three people on their way to a clinic saw a dark shadow hanging over the road ahead. Their car began to slow down and stop and start intermittently. Stopping the car, they saw an oval gray object 100 to 150 feet over the road. The object was hovering, but then began to rotate and make a slight swishing or humming noise. It then flipped over and revealed itself to be disc-shaped. It slowly rose up into the sky. (FSR, November 1976)
Late July, 1955
U.S., near Niagara Falls, New York: Two families were having a picnic on the shore of Lake Erie. A UFO rose out of the water and approached them, moving in swoops like a pendulum. It was 100 feet in diameter and silvery-colored. They ran to their cars to escape, but the cars wouldn't start. The UFO came within 30 feet and witnesses saw four humanoids with white heads inside, wearing black robes. The UFO then went back over the lake and rose up vertically. (CUFOS)
Aug. 3, 1955
U.S., Bronwood, near Dawson, Georgia: A UFO was seen , after which the engine of a jeep stalled and a strange, hairy, six foot-tall entity came near. It attempted to attack the witnesses, but was driven off. (Orbit, Vol . 2, No . 7)
September or October, 1955
GREECE, Agrinion: A truck driver and hotel manager driving over a mountain road saw a luminous object fly overhead. The truck engine stopped. (The UFO Evidence, NICAP)
October, 1955
1930, 08 PM
SCOTLAND, Newton Stewart: For about five minutes, Maurice Brazier's van was circled by a UFO. The object was shaped like a double saucer with a ring of rotating lights around the rim. The engine of his van failed while the UFO was approaching and circling. Brazier heard a high-pitched buzzing sound and then a clicking sound which became louder as the UFO moved around the van. (FSR, Vol. 1, No. 5; Vol. 2, No. 1)
Summer, 1956
U.S., near Nellis AFB, Nevada: As a pilot was driving in the desert at night, the engine of his car died. Then he spotted a disc-shaped UFO with a dome, about 100 feet in diameter. He saw three circular "landing gear" on its bottom. It eventually rose straight into the air and the car could then be restarted. (Flying Saucer Occupants, Coral and Jim Lorenzen)
September, 1956
FRANCE, Serdon: A man and woman, both in their early twenties, experienced car trouble. They were able to restart the car, but then saw a UFO overhead about 200 meters in altitude. The object was 100 feet in diameter and shone a light beam which was not continuous. Everything illuminated by the beam changed colors. The witnesses also experienced a tingling sensation. The UFO hovered in the area for some time while the witnesses hid. It eventually left, first vertically, then made a rightangle turn. (The Crack in the Universe, Bourret)
Easter, 1957
U.S., near Ellwood City, Pennsylvania: A two-foot diameter, red, blinking disc was observed for 10 minutes by police officers from a car. The object rose and fell in the sky and executed other gyrations. Their communications radio did not function during the sighting. (APRO Bulletin, September 1964)
April, 1957
ARGENTINA, near Pajas Blancas Airport, Cordoba: A lone motor cyclist was riding 15 kilometers from the airport when his engine died. He saw a disc-shaped object hovering hearby and hid in a ditch. A humanoid emerged from the disc and coaxed him inside, where he saw five or six similar figures. The humanoids were dressed in what appeared to be divers' suits. After a short while they released the witness, and the object left towards the northwest. (The Humanoids, Bowen)
June 25, 1957
U.S., Baltimore, Maryland: "Car radio stopped playing and street lights went out as formation of seven white discs with red rims passed overhead." (The UFO Evidence, NICAP)
Aug. 22, 1957
U.S., near Cecil Naval Air Station, Florida: A husband and wife saw a bell-shaped UFO which was rotating. Two bright white lights were suspended over the top. The object came toward their car and passed it, moving down the highway. The car stalled at this point and the UFO hovered in front of then. The UFO finally shot off at a rapid rate, but the car could not be restarted since the battery had discharged. The UFO sounded like a helicopter during the sighting. (CUFOS)
Sept. 1, 1957
U.S., Le Mars, Iowa: A married couple saw a brief flash of light in the sky. Their car's headlights and engine failed for a few seconds coincident with the sighting. (FSR, Vol . 4, No. 3)
October, 1957
BRAZIL, Quebracoco: A naval officer's truck stalled as a huge oval UFO descended to the ground nearby. He and his companion believed it to be 500 feet wide, with an "aerial" projecting from its dome. Seven humanoids emerged from the object after it landed and watched the witnesses for about three minutes. They were quite small in stature and had long hair. They then entered the object, which took off, releasing a small disc in the process. (The Humanoids, Bowen)
Oct. 15, 1957
U.S., near Covington, Indiana: A farmer, while harvesting his crops, observed a "silver-platter shaped" object hovering about 1500 feet overhead. A pinkish flame emanated from the object's bottom, and it made a whirring noise while hovering. It eventually began to rise, at which time the farmer's combine stopped working. The color of the flame changed from pink to blue as it departed. (CUFOS)
Oct. 16, 1957
100, 08 PM
BRAZIL, Sao Francisco de Sales: Antonio Villas Boas was plowing his field at night when he saw a red light in the sky that approached him. His tractor motor and lights failed as it hovered nearby. The object landed and five humanoids forced Boas onto the object. The humanoids were approximately five feet tall. The witness was forced to have sexual relations with a female humanoid, given a tour of the interior of the object, and then released. The UFO then rose slowly, rotating at high speed, and shot off to the south in seconds. (The Humanoids, Bowen)
Oct. 30, 1957
U.S., 10 miles north of Casper, Wyoming: A man and woman out driving suddenly saw a large, egg-shaped, glowing object on the road ahead. It was the size of a house and had two pointed peaks. They tried to turn around but their car motor stalled. After repeated attempts, they were able to turn the car around but the motor continued to stall out. They eventually left at high speed and did not observe the disappearance of the object. (Saucer News, December 1963)
Oct. 31, 1957
U. S., Lumberton, North Carolina: Two couples spotted a 200-foot-long UFO high in the sky. It rose straight up, shot off some type of flame, and then quickly moved away. As it flamed, the witnesses' car stalled. It could be restarted easily after the sighting. (Charlotte, N.C. Observer, November 4, 1957)
Nov. 2, 1957
U.S., Canadien, Texas: A driver in a car observed a 50-foot-long submarine-shaped UFO, colored red and white, which landed nearby. The headlights of his car failed coincident with flashes of light from the UFO. A humanoid figure was seen briefly near the object. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Nov. 2, 1957
U.S., Petit, Texas: Two grain combines, each with two engines, were working in the fields. All the engines failed as a glowing UFO passed overhead. (Schopick)
Nov. 2, 1957
2030, 08 PM
U.S., between Seminole and Seagraves, Texas: A single witness saw a light on the highway ahead. His car motor and headlights failed as he drove closer. Within a few seconds, the light rose into the air and flew away. (Schopick)
Nov. 2, 1957
U.S., Levelland, Texas: Two men were driving four miles west of Levelland on Route 116 when they saw a flash of light in a field. An object then rose up and passed over their truck. Their lights failed and the motor died as it came near. The witnesses got out of the truck and watched it pass overhead. It was "torpedo-shaped," about 200 feet long, giving off a blue-yellow flame and white smoke. The witnesses heard a sound like thunder and felt heat. The object moved away to the east and their headlights came on. They then drove away. (Blue Book)
Nov. 2, 1957
U.S., Shallowater, Texas: Two married couples saw a flash of orange light in the southwestern sky. The headlights and radio of their car failed for three seconds as they saw the light. The motor of the car was not affected. There were no thunderstorms in the area. (Blue Book)
Nov. 2, 1957
U.S., Whitharral, Texas: Jose Alvarez came across a 200-foot long object sitting in the road on Route 51. His car engine stopped as he approached and the headlights went out. At that point, the object rose quickly into the air. (Schopick)
Nov. 2, 1957
U.S., Levelland, Texas: Jim Wheeler, also driving on Route 116 about four miles west of Levelland, saw a brightly lit, egg-shaped object sitting in the middle of the road. It was about 200 feet long. The headlights and engine of his car failed as he approached it. As Wheeler got out of his car, the object rose to an altitude of 200 feet and disappeared. The car's headlights came back on at this point and he could restart the car. (Schopick)
Nov. 3, 1957
U.S., Smyer, Texas: A 19-year-old student at Texas Tech noticed his car was running poorly while driving home. At Smyer, his engine began to sputter, the ammeter discharged, and the car eventually stopped completely. The lights had also failed. After checking the engine, the student saw an oval-shaped object on the road ahead. It was about 75 to 100 feet long and gave off a blue-green glow. The witness tried frantically to start the car, but was unable to do so. After a few minutes, the object rose and moved instantaneously out of sight to the north. His car could then be started and the headlights immediately came back on. (Blue Book)
Nov. 3, 1957
U.S., near Levelland, Texas: At a point nine miles north of Levelland on Route 51, a single witness saw a UFO on the road. His motor stopped and headlights failed. The object was glowing and pulsating--as it glowed, the car headlights went out, and vice versa. After a short while, the object rose vertically with a sound like thunder. At an altitude of 200 to 300 feet, it stopped glowing and disappeared. The headlights came back on and the witness started the car. (Blue Book)
Nov. 3, 1957
U.S., Levelland, Texas: West of Levelland, Ronald Martin saw an orange "ball of fire" hovering in the sky. It then came straight down and landed on the highway. At a distance of one-quarter of a mile, the lights and engine of Martin's truck failed. After one minute, the object lifted off vertically. On the ground it had become bluish-green, but it changed back to orange in the air. Martin estimated the size of the object to be 50 feet in diameter; it was always round in shape. (Schopick)
Nov. 3, 1957
U.S., Levelland, Texas: A truck driver on the Oklahoma Flat Road northeast of Levelland approached a glowing, egg-shaped object on the road. His engine and lights failed at about 200 feet away. The witness thought the object was 200 feet long and glowing intermittently "like a neon sign." As he got out of his truck, the object lifted off and streaked away. (Blue Book)
Nov. 3, 1957
U.S., Levelland, Texas: Levelland Fire Marshall Ray Jones, while out driving around and looking for some explanation of the many UFO reports, saw a "streak of light" north of the Oklahoma Flat. His headlights dimmed and engine sputtered as he saw the light. (Schopick)
Nov. 3, 1957
CANADA, Sibald, Alberta: Three witnesses saw a light in the sky to the northwest. When it passed overhead, the engine of their car coughed and the headlights flickered. (Michel)
Nov. 4, 1957
U.S., near Amarillo, Texas: A young couple saw a glowing object on the road while returning to Amarillo. The object was surrounded by fog. The engine of their car died as they approached it and entered this fog. The battery also went dead. The car had to be pushed into Amarillo to have the battery replaced. (Shopick)
Nov. 4, 1957
U.S., Elmwood Park, Illinois: Three men, including two policemen, saw an orange fluorescent light descending nearby after the head lights failed on their car. It was 50 to 100 meters distant, but suddenly the headlights worked, so they followed it. After an involved chase, they ended up near a cemetary where they watched this light for two more minutes before it departed. The headlights never malfunctioned during the chase. (The Hynek UFO Report)
Nov. 4, 1957
U.S., near Orogrande, New Mexico: Ten miles south of Orogrande, James Stokes' car began to misfunction. The radio faded out, then the engine stopped. There were nine other cars stalled at this spot also. The occupants of the cars were watching an egg-shaped object approach from the northeast, pass low, over the cars (within 1500 to 3000 feet), move to the northwest, then come back within a few minutes and make another pass. Stokes estimated it to be 500 feet in length. He also reported heat and "pressure" when the UFO passed overhead. Later that day he noticed his skin was reddened as if sunburned. The next day this had disappeared. (Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space, Coral Lorenzen)
Nov. 4, 1957
U.S., Kodiak, Alaska: A 28-year-old policemen saw a fIaming red ball of light approach from the east and pass only 50 feet over a school. It was trailing greenish-yellow vapor. It suddenly disappeared as it traveled towards the west. While it was in view and for some time afterwards, the radio on the police car experienced a "dit-dit" interference noise. (Anchorage DaiIy News, November 5, 1957)
Nov. 5, 1957
U.S., Playa del Rey, California: Richard Keyhoe, while driving to work along Vista del Mar at the beach, experienced engine failure, as did drivers of two other cars in the area. All drivers got out and saw an egg-shaped object in a blue haze on the beach. Two humanoids got out of it and asked the men questions such as "Where are you going?" and "What time is it?" The humanoids, who had yellow-green skin, then got back in the craft which quickly departed. The witnesses' cars could be restarted. ( Flying Saucer Occupants, Coral and Jim Lorenzen)
Nov. 5, 1957
U.S., Kearney, Nebraska: Reinhold Schmidt, a grain buyer from California, experienced engine failure of his car. He then found himself near a silvery, blimp-shaped object. It was 100 feet in length and 30 feet wide, standing on four legs. Two "men" from the object searched him for weapons and took him inside. There were two women already inside the craft. The occupants were working on wiring of some type and paid him very little attention. They eventually told him to leave the craft; he did so, after which it lifted silently into the sky. His car could then be restarted with no trouble. (Flying Saucer Occupants, Jim and Coral Lorenzen)
Nov. 5, 1957
1930, 08 PM
U.S., El Paso, Texas: A single witness saw an egg-shaped object, which was glowing with a blue color, approach his car. This occurred after his engine and headlights had failed. The object gave off a whirring sound and passed overhead at a 100-foot altitude. It moved off into the distance in a straight line, but changed altitude erratically. (The Hynek UFO Report)
Nov. 5, 1957
U.S., San Antonio, Texas: Lon Yarbrough reported that his car radio quit, then his headlights dimmed. At this point he saw a glowing white light in a nearby field. His car engine then failed. He was able to observe the light for 10 seconds before it left the ground. He estimated it to be 60 feet in diameter and egg-shaped. When departing, the light rose vertically to 50-100 feet and then moved horizontally to the southeast. Yarbrough felt a "blast of heat" as it left and heard a whistling noise. The radio and headlights came back on and he started the car. (Schopick)
Nov. 5, 1957
U.S., near Hobbs, New Mexico: Two young men saw a red light north of the highway at a point 38 miles west of Hobbs. They watched for 9 to 10 minutes, thinking it was an oil-flare, when the light suddenly rose straight up. After pacing the car for a few minutes, the light turned toward the car, passed over it, and hovered over the Permian Basin Pipe Line Plant. As it passed overhead, the car engine sputtered, then died, and the lights went out. After the men coasted the car down the road, the motor restarted and they drove away. The battery was found to be dead the following morning and the dashboard clock was stopped. (Schopick)
Nov. 6, 1957
U.S., Santa Fe, New Mexico: A taxicab company owner and one of his drivers saw a UFO approach them. They heard a humming sound as it came close. The object was egg-shaped and multi-colored. As it passed over their car, the engine stalled and the dashboard clock stopped. The UFO then pulled up and moved rapidly into the southeast. One witness later discovered that his wristwatch had also stopped at the time of sighting. (Michel)
Nov. 6, 1957
U.S., near Pell City, Alabama: While delivering milk seven miles east of Pell City, the driver noticed the sky was lit up in one direction. He decided to investigate and drove eight miles on a dirt road, at which point his vehicle stalled. He got out and walked another mile and saw a 600-foot-long object about 200 feet in the air. He reported that the ground was slightly scorched under it. Even though his truck had a new battery, he was forced to hitch a ride home because it could not be started. (Michel)
Nov. 6, 1957
U.S., Springfield, Ohio: Two policemen reported seeing a "frosty" blue light over the south side of Springfield. It lasted only 10 seconds, but at the same time, Julius Roseman, who was driving to work, reported that his car engine had failed. Mr. Roseman also said that the motor of a taxi beside his car also failed. (Schopick)
Nov. 6, 1957
U.S., Danville, Illinois: Two policemen observed a brilliant white light, which changed color successively to amber and orange. They gave chase because the light appeared to be so low in the sky; during the chase, their communications radio would not function. The light eventually flew out of sight. (Hammond Times, November 7, 1957)
Nov. 6, 1957
U.S., Plattsburgh, New York: No details available. (The Challenge of Unidentified Flying Objects, Hall and Maney)
Nov. 7, 1957
U.S., Orogrande, New Mexico: The speedometer of a car began suddenly jumping wiIdly back and forth, from the top to the bottom of its range. It then stopped just as suddenly. The three witnesses later saw a metallic-appearing UFO high in the sky to the southwest. It continued moving away into the south west for three minutes until it was lost from view. The speedometer continued to function normally after the UFO was gone. (Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space, Coral Lorenzen)
Nov. 7, 1957
U. S., Lake Charles, Louisiana: While driving alone, a woman's car engine began to sputter and then stop completely. She glanced up and saw a silvery disc about 200 feet overhead, approximately 15 feet in diameter. After a few seconds, the disc moved north at high speed. Her car could then be restarted. (Michel)
Nov. 9, 1957
U.S., Lake City, Missouri: A single witness experienced complete engine failure of his car as an elongated UFO suddenly appeared, hovering only 50 feet off the ground. When the UFO eventually left the vicinity, the car could be restarted. ( Anatomy of a Phenomenon, Jacques Vallee)
Nov. 9, 1957
U.S., 12 miles northeast of Carrizozo, New Mexico: A housewife and several companions saw an object which, when passing near their car, caused the headlights to fail. It then left quickly towards the southwest. (Flying Saucers, the Startling Evidence, Coral and Jim Lorenzen)
Nov. 10, 1957
U.S., Hammond, Indiana: Many people reported a UFO in the area. Two policemen investigating these reports saw a red and white light hovering 500 to 1000 feet overhead. They also heard a beeping sound. There was interference on the police radio while the object was in view. Another witness, also out watching for it, saw a green light on a basket-shaped object. His car radio failed at the same time. The lights flew away when anyone tried to approach. (NICAP)
Nov. 12, 1957
U.S., Rumney, New Hampshire: "Car motor and lights failed. Ground observer corps reported UFO at same time." (The UFO Evidence, NICAP)
Nov. 15, 1957
BRAZIL, Cachoeira: A huge, metallic object came down and hovered over the Aero Club aerodome at the local airport.It was glowing orange, 200 feet in diameter, and only 300 feet in altitude. All attempts to approach it failed because the motors of every car stalled when near the object. After a few minutes, the object left vertically. (Schopick)
Nov. 23, 1957
U.S., 30 miles west of Tonopah, Nevada: A man's car engine died. He then heard a high-pitched whining sound and saw four discs sitting on the ground. The objects were 50 feet in diameter, with a dome in the center and a rotating ring on the edge. The four objects eventually slowly left the area after 20 minutes, at which time the car engine could be restarted. (The Hynek UFO Report)
Dec. 3, 1957
U.S., Ellensburg, Washington: Many residents of the Menastash Ridge area of Ellensburg saw a "strange ball of fire" for 20 minutes. A truck driver reported that the light hovered over his truck, causing the motor to cough and sputter. His engine did not stop completely, however, so he drove away. The night was misty, but the object was so bright that it lit up the sky as if it were daytime. (Schopick)
Dec. 8, 1957
U.S., Woodward, Oklahoma: A disc-shaped UFO with a dome and three "pads" on the underside suddenly came toward a car with three people inside. The car began to die and finally stalled out as the UFO hovered overhead at 200 feet. It was emitting a high-pitched whining sound. The witnesses said it was over 50 feet in diameter. The whine increased in pitch after about two minutes, and the UFO rose vertically out of sight. The headlights came on and the engine of the car started by itself. (CUFOS)
Dec. 8, 1957
U.S., between Coulee City and Soap Lake, Washington: Eight people traveling together in two cars saw a "huge, fiery object" pass overhead from north to south. The two cars stalled out and their headlights also failed as the UFO came overhead. In addition, the inside dome lights came on, even though they weren't turned on. The cars remained stalled until the object had passed out of sight. (Schopick)
January, 1958
U.S., Depew, New York: During a snowstorm, a woman saw an object by the side of a road. Her car stalled and the headlights went out. She saw two insect-like figures near the object, which then took off, rotating as it did so. Some of the snow was melted where it had landed and the ground was warm. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Jan. 13, 1958
AUSTRALIA, Casino, N.S.W.: A single witness reported interference with his car radio as a UFO followed him for three miles. It remained at a distance of only 50 yards, and repeatedly made passes at his car, swopping low over the roof. The UFO was dome-shaped with a light on the bottom. The car radio static occurred when the UFO came overhead. After three minutes, it flew away. (UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere, Michael Hervey)
Jan. 30, 1958
PERU, between Arequipa and Lima: A lawyer, his wife, and their nephew felt an electric shock at a point 220 miles north of Arequipa. Several seconds later the headlights and engine of their car failed. An inverted mushroom-shaped object was then observed, about 15 feet in diameter, descending from the sky. It hovered for about eight minutes at a 150-foot altitude, glowing red. A truck and a bus were also affected by the presence of the UFO. (The Challenge of Unidentified Flying Objects, Hall and Maney)
Feb. 24, 1958
BRAZIL, near Santo Antonio de Jesus: The car of three men sputtered, coughed, and finally died. The men got out, but could find nothing wrong with the car. Just as they had decided to sleep at the side of the road until morning, a disc-shaped, luminous UFO approached, with a ring spinning at high speed in the middle of the craft. The UFO descended towards the ground in a "falling-leaf" motion and hovered 12 feet in the air. Two of the men walked toward it, at which time it rose up to about 600-foot altitude. The UFO then began a series of high-speed maneuvers, finally disappearing at 0435 hours. The car still would not start. At 0630 hours, the UFO appeared once more, looking silvery in color and hovering at a low altitude. It then shot away, vanishing almost instantly, and the witnesses' car could be started easily. (Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space, Coral Lorenzen)
May, 1958
U.S., Richmond, Virginia: "Engine of car began running roughly; driver then noticed UFO following car." (The UFO Evidence, NICAP)
Aug. 3, 1958
ITALY, Rome: "Luminous UFO observed passing overhead as city lights failed; one report of car radio failure." (The UFO Evidence, NICAP)
Aug. 8, 1958
ARGENTINA, Unsue-Bolivar Highway: An official of the national senate experienced a complete failure of his car, including the dashboard clock, at the same moment he saw a UFO 300 meters away. It was saucer-shaped with a dome, giving off a soft whistle. It approached the witness, then climbed rapidly to the south. The car could then be restarted. (Challenge to Science: The UFO Enigma, Vallee and Vallee)
Oct. 26, 1958
U.S., Loch Raven Dam Maryland: Two young men observed an egg-shaped object hovering above Bridge No. 1 over the reservoir. It was 100 feet long, 125 feet in altitude, and glowing a dim white. Their car went dead 75 to 80 feet from the bridge, or about 200 to 300 feet from the UFO. After leaving the car and watching for another 45 seconds, they saw the UFO flash brilliantly white, shoot straight up, and disappear from view in 5 to 10 seconds. There was a loud noise as the object left, as well as an increased sensation of heat. The witnesses later noticed that their skin had been reddened on the side facing the object. (Blue Book)
Nov. 16, 1958
SWEDEN, Upland: The car in which two men were riding suddenly stalled. The headlights also went out. A circular blue object suddenly landed about 60 yards to their right. It was 17 yards long and 9 yards high and had a glowing yellow rim. The object took off after three minutes. The witnesses' car could now be started, so they investigated the landing area. They noticed a "closeness" in the air and also noticed the grass had been pressed down. (CUFOS)
Jan. 13, 1959
DENMARK, Bygholm: A witness driving alone saw a stationary object ahead in the sky. After about five seconds, the object moved toward the car and passed over it at a height of 100 meters. The car's engine stopped at this point but the headlights were not affected. The object, which now changed color from yellow-green to yellow-white, moved quickly away into the west. (FSR, Vol. 5, No. 5)
Jan. 13, 1959
U.S., near Greenville, Pennsylvania: Robert Collins, while driving a pick-up truck, noticed lights in the sky he thought were a plane making an emergency landing. The lights eventually coalesced into one bright light. This light then hovered over his truck for several minutes. His truck's engine, lights, and radio failed at this point. The light, which was too bright for Mr. ColIins to discern any structure, departed quickly to the west and out of sight in 30 seconds. The truck then could be restarted. (UFOs: The Whole Story, Coral and Jim Lorenzen)
Feb. 25, 1959
U.S., near Hobbs, New Mexico: While driving south of town, a lone witness spotted an egg-shaped UFO which glowed like a fluorescent light. It was moving very fast near the horizon. As it passed by, he heard a succession of two "dots" and a "dash" on his radio, which was turned on. The radio interferance faded as it disappeared toward the east. The whole event lasted 30 seconds. (UFOs: The Whole Story)
Mar. 19, 1959
U.S., Kyger, Ohio: "Buzzing static-like sound on car radio. Lights dimmed; unidentified light source seen ahead of car." (The UFO Evidence, NICAP)
Apr. 24, 1959
BRAZIL, Piata: A motorcyclist noticed a black, round object over the sea. As the object approached him, his cycle engine failed. The object was then actually observed to be a domed, silvery disc with four small domes on the underside. The disc performed maneuvers in front of the witness while his cycle was stalled. He also reported feeling a strange pressure in his head. He eventually lost consciousness; when he was revived, the object was gone. (FSR, Vol. 13, No. 3)
August, 1959
U.S., Skiatook, Oklahoma: On a very hot summer day, two cats stalled near a bridge over a smalI creek. A shiny, circular object was observed hovering over the creek. It extended a hose of six to eight inches in diameter into the water for several minutes. The witnesses noted that the water was mounded up under the hovering UFO. The UFO retracted the hose and flew away; both cars could be restarted. (CUFOS)
Aug. 13, 1959
U.S., Freeport, Texas: Four young people were driving two miles north of Freeport when they saw a bright light approaching from the left. As it neared the car, the engine and headlights failed. They also saw two smaller Iights in the sky. The large light, too bright to allow any detail to be seen, continued over the road and landed in some nearby woods. Their headlights then came back on and the car could be restarted. The group drove away, but on their return by the same road at midnight, they again saw the light in the woods. No effect on the car this time was noticed. (APRO Bulletin, September 1959)
Oct. 22, 1959
U.S., Cumberland, Maryland: Three people passing through town saw a circular metallic disc emitting a bluish-green light around its edge. They stopped the car to get a better view. The UFO then dropped down to only 50 feet in altitude, hovering with a "humming vibration." It then moved ahead to the center of the road. As two of the witnesses decided to get out and approach the disc, the engine, lights, and radio simultaneously failed. Within a short time, the disc shot up into the clouds and the lights and radio came back on. The car could be restarted. (UFOs: The Whole Story)
Nov. 16, 1959
CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Two officers of the Czech Air Force were driving to their airfield. Ten kilometers from the airfield the engine of their car began to stall. They stopped, got out and observed a sapphire-colored light moving at 500 to 800 meters altitude in a straight line. They couldn't start their car for some minutes after the light had passed. Upon arriving at the airfield, they found that many personnel had seen a flaming ball maneuvering over the field. The object was also seen on radar, executing 90° turns and extreme accelerations from a standing start. (FSR, July-August, 1960)
December, 1959
U.S., Proberta, California: The radio of a truck made a snapping noise and the headlights grew dimmer. The driver decided to stop and get out. Then he saw a bright green crescent shape a quarter mile behind his pick-up truck. He felt like he was "being sucked up into space." The crescent hovered in place, rocking back and forth. It then left abruptly towards the northeast, moving out of view in six to eight seconds. The truck's battery had melted and the wires had been burned. (CUFOS)
Jan. 18, 1960
U.S., near Lakota, North Dakota: Nine miles west of Lakota, the lights on a car dimmed considerably as a brilliant green flash lit up the sky. In the field to the north of the highway, the two witnesses saw a crescent-shaped object with an exhaust. They did not observe whether it landed or not, because it was slightly behind them and they "kept right on traveling." (Schopick)
Aug. 11, 1960
U.S., Left Hand Canyon, Colorado: A man working on a farm tractor with a shovel-loader heard an explosion, then saw a round object drop vertically through clouds and stop about 650 feet away. The object appeared to be like two concave discs glued together. It was a dull grey metallic color and gave off a low hum and blue smoke. The hum eventually increased to a high pitch and the disc was surrounded by a "shimmering field." It then took off vertically at high speed. The shovel-loader on the tractor stopped working, as the disc dropped out of the clouds, and didn't start until the disc had departed. (Bluebook)
Aug. 13, 1960
U.S., near Red Bluff, California: Two highway patrolmen sighted a UFO which was moving erratically up and down, rotating a red beam of light in the sky. They tried to get as close as possible, but could not get any nearer than about two miles. They had continual radio static during the sighting. At 0145 hours, the UFO was approached by another similar light. They both then moved away and the static ceased. The first UFO had also been spotted by a jailer and prisoners at the Red Bluff prison. ( Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of the Invasion From Outer Space)
Early Sept., 1960
U.S., between Bunnell and St. Augustine, Florida: A couple saw a tall object in a field as they drove by. It wobbled toward the car and began spinning. The driver of the car appeared to be in a daze as this happened. The car motor stalled and headlights dimmed as the object approached to about 50 feet away. It was dark blue and square-shaped. As some people came toward the car, the witnesses' memories fade untiI they see the object leaving instantly. There is a possible one-hour time lapse. (CUFOS)
Jan. 22, 1961
FRANCE, Cestas-Gazinet: Four witnesses saw a glowing, elongated orange object nearby. There was interference with the ignition of their car and perhaps telepathic contact. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
June, 1961
AUSTRALIA, Barabon Siding, Queensland: An inverted saucer-shaped object was seen by four witnesses. Their car engine failed during the sighting. (UFOs over the Southern Hemisphere, Hervey)
Sept. 20, 1961
U.S., North Concord, New Hampshire: Betty and Barney Hill were followed for some time by a large disc-shaped object. They were eventually forced to drive out of their way toward the landed craft. As they approached a roadblock of humanoids, the engine of their car died and couldn't be restarted. They were then taken on board the craft and given examinations. After their release they continued their journey home, but did not consciously remember the abduction experience. (The Interrupted Journey, Fuller)
Feb. 9, 1962
ENGLAND, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire: A metallic disc-shaped object with portholes, about 40 feet in diameter, approached a car. At a distance of 20 yards, the single male witness reported that the engine lost power, but the car was still going 20 mph. The object paced the car for 200 yards at 10-20 yards in front over the road. A halo then appeared around the disc and it moved quickly out of sight to the driver's right. The headlights never were affected during the sighting. (BUFORA)
Summer, 1962
ENGLAND. Holton Airfield, Berkshire: A couple, both in the RAF, were parked on the moorland when they saw a strange object passing by them. It was the size of a double-decker bus, shaped like a sphere, and revolving clockwise. It gave off a great deaI of Iight. After 45 seconds, it descended into some nearby trees. The couple tried to drive away, but their MG sports car wouldn't start. They pushed the car down the road to a steep hiII; after it had coasted 500 yards down the hill, the car could be started. (FSR, Vol. 24, No. 3)
July 26, 1962
ARGENTINA, near Darana: A 17-year-old motorcyclist saw a weird creature on the side of the road. His cycle would not steer correctly; it drove right up to the creature and stopped. The creature was six feet tall, with a head like a melon and three eyes. It grabbed the youth's scarf, turned around and walked away like a robot, leaving deep tracks in the dirt. The youth saw a white light low in the sky in the direction the creature was walking. He then drove away quickly. (Saucer News, December, 1962)
July 30, 1962
BRAZIL, near Cruz Alta: Two men driving home saw a strange object at the same time that their car's engine failed. This object, which had landed beside the road, was about 40 meters in length and shaped like a bottle with two necks. The men saw two humanoids standing at its ends. After about 10 minutes, the humanoids got into the object and it left at high speed. (FSR, Vol. 8, No. 6)
Aug. 5, 1962
ARGENTINA, Las Armes-Piran Highway: When the engine of his truck failed, the driver got out to investigate. The engine began working after a few minutes; then he saw a cigar-shaped UFO 300 meters distant. It was 25 meters in diameter, glowing orange, with flashes of violet and green light. The object then moved quickly away to the west, giving off a white light. (FSR, July-August, 1964)
Oct. 10, 1962
ARGENTINA, Mar del Plata: While driving a tractor, a farmer saw a bluish flash of light in some nearby trees. A light then rose out of the trees and came toward him. As it did so, the engine of his tractor stopped. The light continued over him east towards the sea. The tractor then could be restarted. (FSR--Case Histories, Supplement No. 12)
November, 1962
ARGENTINA, between Salta and San Miguel de Tucuman: Two male teenagers, riding a motorcycle, saw a glowing spherical object pass overhead and land on a hill 500 meters away. The engine of their cycle died, as did that of a truck in the vicinity. The witnesses were also paralyzed. After some time, the object took off vertically, maneuvered in the air, landed, and switched off its light. Then a red Iight came on in its center at the same moment that the witnesses' paralysis disappeared. A second light also appeared on another hill, then both objects left at high speed. The wiring in the motorcycle had melted, oil had dried up, and spark plugs were ruined. The youths had light burns on their arms. (FSR ― Case Histories, Supplement No. 12)
May 18, 1963
AUSTRALIA, Beachport, South Australia: "The radio in a car cut out as a round oval shape was seen over the car." (ACOS Bulletin, No. 15, September, 1978)
May 20, 1963
AUSTRALIA, near Glencoe, South Australia: A 17-year-old male saw an object by the side of the road while out driving. It came within 20 meters of his car, at which time the car stopped for no apparent reason. The light from the object was so bright it was blinding. After some moments, the object rose off the ground and flew away. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Aug. 4, 1963
U.S., Wayne City, Illinois: A teenaged couple was followed to the girl's house by a white fuzzy object at a distance of 500 feet for six miles. After dropping the girl off, Ron Austin left for his home. The object, which was the size of an automobile, now came close and hovered only 100 feet over the car. At this point the car radio was drowned out by static. Austin also noted a "cooling effect." The object made a close pass at the car and the motor missed. It then hovered over a barn, flashing a dull orange. The object was also seen by members of Austin's family when he arrived home. (CUFOS)
Aug. 24, 1963
AUSTRIA, near Klein-Reifling: A group of seven people saw a yellowish-white pulsating light. The light flew around in zigzags for about 50 minutes. One of the witnesses had a compass which reacted to the presence of this light by oscillating wiIdly. Later two of the group were returning by motorcycle to Klein-Reifling when a light hovered overhead. The engine of the cycle then failed three times. (FSR, Vol. 20, No. 6)
Oct. 12, 1963
BRAZIL, Monte-Maiz: The driver of a car was blinded by a bright light. His engine then stalled and he drove into a ditch. At that point he saw that an oval, metallic object, about 30 feet in diameter, had landed on the road. A few tall "robots" emerged from the craft, wearing helmets and other accessories. They beamed a light ray at him that made him feel prickly: then they got back into the metallic object and it left quickly. (Flying Saucer Occupants)
Dec. 24, 1963
ENGLAND, Rowarth, Cheshire: While driving near his farm, a man's car battery went dead in the presence of a UFO. Cows on the farm would not give milk for two days after the sighting. (ORBIT ― Tyneside, Vol. 5, No. 4)
U.S., Warrensburg, Missouri: Three people out driving on a clear night saw an orange-red ball coming toward their car. As it came close, the radio and clock failed. They stopped the car and watched the object hover nearby. As they tried to drive away, the UFO paced the car. They stopped and started several times, the UFO continuing to mimic their motion. It finally moved away and the radio then worked normally, but one witness noted that her wristwatch had stopped. (CUFOS)
Apr. 14, 1964
U.S., between Chico and Sterling City, California: A man's truck stalled; when he got out to open the hood, the hair on his body stood erect. He then looked up and saw a disc-shaped metallic UFO with a dome hovering about 1000 feet overhead. It gradually settled near the ground at an irrigation canal. He walked up and touched the object, which felt warm and gave him a small shock. A hose came out of the craft and sucked water out of the canal. As another truck approached, the object rose vertically and departed instantly. After a few minutes, it returned. The witness reports hearing a voice communicating with him upon the object's return. (NICAP)
Apr. 24, 1964
U.S., Edgewood, New Mexico: While watching television at home, a 22-year-old man heard his dogs barking incessantly. He walked outside and saw an object only about 100 feet in the air out in the fields. He got in his pickup truck and drove underneath. it. At this point the engine of his truck failed. He was frightened, so he fired his .22 caliber pistol at the object. The shots did hit it, since he heard a metallic "ping," but they had no effect. The object chased him slowly for 100 yards, then veered into the north and flew away. (APRO Bulletin, September, 1964)
May, 1964
ENGLAND, Yorkshire: A driver was sleeping in his truck when he heard a noise, looked out, and saw at treetop height a large domed disc. The disc landed 65 yards away and 36 humanoids then got out. They had olive-green tunics and carried a flashlight-like object that emitted green light beams. The driver tried to get away, but his engine wouldn't start. The humanoids eventually got back in the disc and it left slowly with a droning noise, leaving an 85-foot depression in the ground. The truck's engine then worked normally. (Awareness, Spring, 1979)
May 10, 1964
ARGENTINA, Patquia-La Rioja Highway: As the engine and headlights failed on a van with three people inside, a disc came from trees by the road. It was glowing with a blue-white light. It rose into the air with a soft hum, crossed over the road 20 meters from the van, and moved slowly away. As it left, both the car headlights and the motor came back on by themselves. A circular burned area 10 meters in diameter was found near the road. (FSR-Case Histories, Supplement 12)
May 24, 1964
U.S., Millinocket, Maine: Two witnesses saw a fiery object which followed their car. When this object, which was now seen to be a sphere, approached to within 2-3 meters, the engine died and could not be restarted. The sphere was a fuzzy "ball of fire," only 75 centimeters in diameter. After 5 minutes, it flew away and the car could be started. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
June 5, 1964
ARGENTINA, Pajas Blancas, Cordoba: While driving near the airport, a doctor and his wife had the engine of their car fail. They then found a huge object on the road ahead of them. Its bright light went out, leaving only a violet colored light. After 20 minutes of no activity, a man approached the car and suggested that they try the car again. The engine started up. After telling the couple not to be afraid and that he was on a mission, the humanoid joined two others and all entered the object. It then rose rapidly into the sky, leaving a violet-colored trail. (The Humanoids, Bowen)
June 29, 1964
U.S., near Lavonia, Georgia: A businessman, returning home, saw a circular object coming toward his car. The engine of his car began to slow unaccountably as the object came nearer. It was about 6 feet high, 8 feet in diameter, with the top half rotating one way and the bottom half the other way. It sounded "like a million snakes hissing" and left a strong odor like embalming fluid. Flames came out of small portholes on the bottom. The object followed his car only 6 feet ahead. It made three passes at the car and on the third, the engine began to stall. The witness then stopped his car and the object moved into the sky. Heat from the craft left burns on the man's arms; the car hood was warped and the paint had bubbled. (Bluebook)
Aug. 30, 1964
U.S., between Tipton and Bennet, Iowa: A teenaged couple spotted a cigar-shaped UFO, about 80 feet long, hovering at an altitude of about 500 feet. As they drove toward it, the UFO climbed higher. When it did so, the car radio went blank and the car engine sputtered. Other people in the area reported seeing the same object that night. (UFO Investigator, Vol. 2, No. 12)
Dec. 21, 1964
U.S., Staunton, Virginia: A UFO approached the car of the single witness from the north. As it came across the highway, the car stopped as if out of gas. The UFO landed 100 yards from the highway and remained on the ground for one or two minutes. It was 125 feet in diameter, 80-90 feet high, and shaped like a cone. There was a bluish glow from the bottom. As it left, it rose to about 200 feet in altitude, tilted slightly, then disappeared quickly into the northeast. The car could then be restarted. (Bluebook)
Jan. 14, 1965
U.S., between Enfield and Wilmot, New Hampshire: A reporter's car completely faiIed--lights, radio, and engine. He got out to investigate and heard a hum like an electrical whine, then saw a bright light 2000-5000 feet high. It was hovering, then moved away quickly on a straight trajectory. The lights and radio then came back on; the engine also started by itself. The whole sighting lasted only 15-20 seconds. (Manchester Union Leader, January 16, 1965)
Jan. 23, 1965
U.S., Williamsburg, Virginia: A man's car stalled and he saw an object hovering four feet off the ground about 500 feet away. It was mushroom-shaped, about 75-80 feet high. There was a red-orange glow from the near side, a bluish glow from the far side. Soon the object rose slightly and moved horizontally towards the west, making a noise like a vacuum cleaner. The sighting's duration was only 25 seconds. (Bluebook)
Mar. 23, 1965
U.S., Bangor, Maine: A driver of a car saw some lights nearby. They came closer and were revealed to be part of an elliptical UFO with a dome on top. The UFO then landed. It was glowing yellow, blue, and white. As it moved closer through the underbrush, the witness leaned out of the car (now stopped by him for a better look) and fired his pistol at it. The car lights dimmed and the radio stopped playing at this point. At 50 feet away, the UFO stopped, emitting a slight humming sound. After a few moments, it glowed brighter and took off quickly. (UFO Investigator, March-April, 1966)
May 23, 1965
AUSTRALIA, between Morawa and Mingenew, Western Australia: An adult couple heard a loud noise on their car radio, which ended quickly. One and a half miles down the road they saw an object with six glowing lights. It landed near the road, making a shrill noise as it did so. Two miles further down the road, the radio again gave off the weird noise. (Flying Saucers: Where Do They Come From, Tambling)
July 2, 1965
About Midnight
U.S., Kent, Washington: As a small glowing object suddenly appeared, a woman's car went dead: lights, radio, and engine all failed to operate. The object, which was shaped like a child's top but was about as big as a small car, hovered directly over the top of the car just a few inches away. After two minutes the object left, making a "whistling swish." The car could be restarted with effort, but the next day the battery went dead. Also, the dashboard clock was found to be running two minutes slow. (Saucer News, December, 1965)
Aug. 3, 1965
U.S., Santa Ana, California: After the radio he was using ceased to operate, the driver of a pickup truck saw a disc shaped metallic object with a dome. It moved over the road in front of him and hovered about 30 feet high. The object was 30 feet in diameter and wobbled slightly as it continued to move to the right. When it departed, it left a kind of smoke ring. The sequence of events was confirmed by photographs taken by the witness. (CUFOS)
Aug. 4, 1965
U.S., Amarillo, Texas: A group of people saw an object hovering over the road and stopped their car to watch. It was disc-shaped, had red and green lights, and was making a "motor" sound. The object soon sped upwards into the sky. The car could not be restarted for five minutes after the object had departed. (FSR, Vol. 12, No. 1)
Aug. 4, 1965
U.S., near Abilene, Kansas: About 25 miles south of Abilene, a truck driver reported that the lights on his truck suddenly went out. Then they came back on, went off, and came back on again. About that time, an object swooped low over the truck with a sizzling sound. The object stopped about 100 feet ahead of the truck as the driver braked. The object was round, about 15 feet in diameter, and orange in color. It was only two feet thick and looked like a disc. After a few seconds of hovering, the object moved away quickly into the southwest. (Schopick)
Aug. 15, 1965
URUGUAY, SaIto: Five people in a car saw an object land on the road ahead. The car engine failed at the same time. The object was changing colors from white to red to green to yellow. The witnesses saw three humanoids moving about inside this craft. The object had been making a loud hum when it landed ― now it began to emit the same sound, gave off a reddish-yellow flame, and shot upwards into the sky. (The Humanoids)
Aug. 19, 1965
U.S., Cherry Creek, New York: A farmer, listening to his portable radio while milking, noticed heavy static. Then the tractor that was running the milking machine stopped working and the animals became restless. He walked out and saw an elliptical object with a red glow about 450 feet away. It moved behind some trees in his field, emitting a red vapor and a yellow exhaust trail. He walked toward the area; it then rose, making a "beep-beep" type sound, and disappeared into clouds. It later returned, trailing a yellow vapor and giving off a pungent odor. (Incident at Exeter, John Fuller)
Aug. 20, 1965
ENGLAND, near Dilton Marsh: An engaged couple was riding a motorcycle when its engine suddenly stalled. They then saw two UFOs, shaped like spheres, which were changing color and meandering around the area. When they moved at high speed they gave off a scarlet haze. After four minutes of these erratic motions, the witnesses heard a tremendous explosive noise and the spheres disappeared instantly. (The Warminster Mysteries, Arthur Shuttlewood)
Sept. 7, 1965
ENGLAND, between Warminster and Westbury: A man's car stopped and his headlights flickered continually. He then saw an object hovering over his car at least 1500 feet high. After about three minutes, the object left very slowly in a vertical direction. A tremendous noise was heard during the sighting. (The Warminster Mysteries)
Sept. 14, 1965
ENGLAND, near Mersea, Essex: While riding a motorcycle, the cyclist heard a high-pitched hum and saw a blue winking light approaching him. The hum changed to a buzz and the cycle engine missed several times, then died completely. The blue light turned out to be coming from a translucent dome on a metallic object shaped like the upper half of a top. The witness felt spellbound, walked toward the hovering object, and felt an electric shock as the blue light became "painful." Another motorcycle now appeared and its engine also died. The buzzing sound became lower and the object landed. The witness was able to get back to his cycle and start it with much effort. (FSR, Vol. 12, No. 6)
Sept. 15, 1965
U.S., Sudbury, Massachusetts: In a rural area, the engine of a car stopped and the headlights dimmed. The driver got out to check the engine and saw a disc-shaped object with a glowing rim. He heard a whining sound from the object, which appeared to be hovering 200 feet overhead. It eventually left, at which point the car could be restarted. (UFOs: Interplanetary Visitors, Ray Fowler)
Sept. 16, 1965
SOUTH AFRICA, near Silverton: Two policemen saw a flame in the road ahead. Then an object rose with flames underneath it. The object was top-shaped, about 30 feet in diameter, and copper-colored. As the policemen drove toward it, the engine of their car stalled. The object moved away into the northwest, leaving the tar on the road burning where it had rested. (FSR, November-December, 1965)
Oct. 8, 1965
ENGLAND, Heytesbury: As a woman noticed a bright orange glow in the sky, her car engine began missing and the headlights dimmed. She then saw a UFO pass in front of her car, at which time the motor died completely. She also saw another identical UFO on the road ahead. The object hovering in the air took off higher into the sky, emitting red and blue sparks and turning from orange to crimson. At that point, both the car headlights and motor came on by themselves. While driving away, the witness thought she saw two humanoid figures by the side of the road. (The Warminster Mysteries)
Oct. 23, 1965
U.S., near Long Prairie, Minnesota: Jerry Townsend's car completely failed as he saw a rocket-shaped object on the road ahead. It was metallic, and 30-40 feet high. Three small objects, about six inches high, came out of the larger object and approached Townsend, who had gotten out of the car. They were shaped like beer cans with fins. After some time, the three got back in the large object, which lifted off into the air. An oily substance was found on the road where the objects had been. (The Humanoids)
Nov. 16, 1965
U.S., near Luverne, Minnesota: On Highway 17 outside of town, a lone motorist reported that his radio died and engine coughed as he saw an object flying overhead. It was several hundred feet high and emitting a beam of light onto the ground. After it was gone, the car worked normally. (FSR, Vol . 12, No. 6)
Nov. 16, 1965
U.S., Cyrus, Minnesota: As the speed of his car dropped inexplicably from 40 mph to 20 mph, the driver saw an object on the road ahead. It was 10 feet high and shaped liked stovepipe with a cone at the top. There was a white glow around the whole thing. As the car came closer, the object rose into the air to the northeast, leaving a vapor trail. (FSR, Vol. 12, No. 6)
Nov. 26, 1965
U.S., Totem Town, St. Paul, Minnesota: Many residents of this area saw strange objects flying overhead, emitting blue and orange flashes. Some reported that their house lights went out as the objects passed above them. One person in a car said that his headlights and radio had failed as the objects passed nearby. (FSR, Vol. 12, No. 6)
Dec. 20, 1965
U.S., near Hermann, Minnesota: A 15-year-old boy driving a pickup truck saw a UFO hovering six feet over the road. The engine of the truck then died. The object began to glow red and rose straight up into the air, giving off sparks. The witness lost consciousness. When he awoke, he found that his truck had turned around and was resting in a roadside ditch. (FSR, November-December, 1966)
Jan. 7, 1966
U.S., Georgetown, Alabama: An 18-year-old high school student returning home from school observed a large silver ball about 15-20 feet in diameter. The ball was only 15 feet from the car at its closest approach. As it hovered near the car, the car's motor died. The object was making a whining sound. It then moved in back of the car and left. The car could be restarted. The watch of the witness also stopped working. (Schopick)
Jan. 9, 1966
ARGENTINA., Chascomus.: The engine and lights of a car with three women passengers failed suddenly. At the same moment, they saw an object flying slowly away from their car. It was emitting a blue beam of light. After the object had disappeared from view, the car could be restarted. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 17)
Jan. 11, 1966
U.S., near Myerstown, Pennsylvania: Six people were driving to a scout hall when the headlights of the car repeatedly dimmed and came back on. The radio also had heavy static. They proceeded to the scout hall without further incident. On the return trip, they saw a disc-shaped metallic UFO approach the car, swerve to the right, and parallel the car for some time. The object hovered for five minutes over an open field as they watched, then left instantaneously towards the northwest. There was no electrical interference when the UFO was actually in view. (Bluebook)
Jan. 16, 1966
FRANCE, Kerrodien en Balazec: As a strange object approached a car, the engine failed. The object then landed behind the car, at which time the car could be started. The object was shaped like a square with red lights on its corners. Since the car was working, the witness quickly drove away and did not see how the object departed. (APRO Bulletin, May-June, 1966)
Jan. 18, 1966
U.S., near Fetebrogh, New Jersey: The lights of a Volkswagen car failed as an object with pulsating lights appeared nearby. This object then began to make a pass at the car, so the witness drove away quickly. (Why Are They Watching Us?, Allen L. Erskine)
Jan. 19, 1966
AUSTRALIA, Horseshoe Lagoon, Queensland: A farmer plowing in his field heard a strange hissing sound as his tractor engine misfired. A saucer-shaped object then rose from the reeds about 25 yards to the right. The object, which appeared metallic and about 25 feet in diameter, rose into the air to a low height and then moved away to the southwest. A circular flattened area was found in the spot where the object had risen. (UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere, Hervey)
Feb. 11, 1966
U.S., Skowhegan, Maine: A couple, near this town, had a complete failure of their car's electrical system and engine. They did not see any UFOs at that time, but UFOs were seen in that same area later in the evening. (Saucer News, June, 1966)
Feb. 26, 1966
U.S., Hanna City, Illinois: An oval object about 15-20 feet in diameter came within three meters of a car. There was interference on the car radio as it passed nearby. The object was glowing red with a dome on top and it made a strange "signal-like" noise. It eventually moved off to the north. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Mar. 17, 1966
U.S., Milan, Michigan: A saucer-shaped metallic object appeared in the southwest sky and descended over a policeman's car. It was about 60 feet in diameter and rotating. The object hovered over the car at a height of 75 feet for half a mile. While the object was overhead, the car radio did not work. After pacing the car, the UFO quickly departed towards the northwest. (The OfficiaI Guide to UFOs)
Mar. 21, 1966
U.S., Hillsboro, Kansas: Several people in a car saw a bright light ahead on the road. The light then approached the car and hovered right over the roof. It was now revealed to be an object shaped like an upside-down cup on a saucer. The car's engine failed as the object hovered overhead, and even though the car was stopped, it rocked back and forth quite violently. The UFO eventually left and the car could be restarted with no trouble. (UFOs Over the Americas, Lorenzens)
Mar. 26, 1966
U.S., Texahoma, Oklahoma: Two women saw a UFO coming toward their car from the north. The car's headlights and engine then failed, as the UFO flew directly overhead and hovered about 400 meters distant. The surface of the UFO had a wafflelike appearance. After 10 minutes, the car could be restarted and the witnesses departed. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Mar. 28, 1966
U.S., Fayetteville, Tennessee: A witness saw a glowing oval object hovering one meter over the road. It appeared metallic and had 30 lights along its edge. As it began to fly away, the motor and headlights failed on his car. Later the light bulbs in the headlights had to be replaced. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Mar. 30, 1966
U.S., Napeague, New York: Both the headlights and engine of a car suddenly failed. The driver tried the horn, but it also was inoperative. He got out to check things, but the lights then came on, so he started the car again. After driving only a block, the car completely failed again. The driver then saw a torpedo-shaped object near his car. As he was watching, it disappeared instantaneously. The engine could be restarted and he continued his trip. (Flying Saucers are HostiIe, Brad Steiger)
Mar. 31, 1966
U.S., Vicksburg, Michigan: A bright set of lights were observed ahead of a car. Upon approach, the driver saw a disc-shaped object hovering low over the road. The car was rocked violently, as if by a gust of wind, as the driver tried to back up. The engine of the car then stalled and the object moved to the rear of the car. After a few moments, it rose quickly and flew away. The witness heard a low humming noise when the object was behind his car. (The UFO Investigator, Vol. 11, No. 7)
Apr. 1, 1966
U.S., Tangier, Oklahoma: A 34-year-old man saw a green UFO flying nearby from a southerly direction. The object was emitting a shrieking noise. The witness felt increased heat as it passed nearby. His car engine quit operating as the UFO passed by. (Passport to Magonia, Vallee)
Apr. 1, 1966
ARGENTINA, Concepción del Uruguay: Three witnesses in a truck saw a bright greenish light. The engine of the truck failed and the truck mysteriously overturned, even though they were slowing down. The light had a haze all around it. After the light left, the witnesses needed help to right the truck.. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement 15)
Apr. 4, 1966
AUSTRALIA: Bourke's Flat, near Bendigo, Victoria: Ron Sullivan's car headlights suddenly bent sharply to the right, toward an ice cream cone-shaped object landed in the paddock. The object was 25 feet high and quite luminous. It rose quickly and was gone from view, and the light from the headlights returned to a normal position. A depression was found in the ground where the object had rested. (UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere)
Apr. 25, 1966
U.S., near Towanda, Pennsylvania: Two witnesses saw a UFO at the same time that the headlights and engine of their car failed. The object had four portholes and hovered about 350 feet away. Flames were shooting off of it. The witnesses also felt increased heat in the object's presence. When the lights on the UFO went out, the witnesses could not see it anymore, and the car could then be restarted. (UFOs, Operation Trojan Horse, John Keel)
June, 1966
ENGLAND, near Warminster: As a strange bright light passed overhead, the driver of a car noted that the engine failed abruptly. (Lecture by John Cleary Baker, Feb. 5, 1972)
Aug. 19, 1966
U.S., Donnybrook, North Dakota: A metallic disc-shaped object with a dome on top approached an automobile. The single witness reported that as it came within 250 feet, interference blocked communication on his two-way radio. The object eventually left the area and the interference stopped. Two sets of three triangular depressions were found on a hillside by the road. (Physical Traces Associated With UFO Sightings, Ted Phillips)
September, 1966
U.S., El Campo, Texas: A sheriff saw something that looked like a car on fire on the road ahead, so he accelerated to 120 mph to investigate. He then saw an object pacing him to the left, also resembling a car on fire. The object on the road now appeared three stories tall. His two-way radio went dead at this point. He continued to drive on and saw another flaming object over the Thornton Airport. The object on the road lifted off before he got near to it and flew away. The other objects also disappeared and his radio then operated normally. (UFOs Over the Americas)
November, 1966
BELGIUM, Liernu: A lone motorcyclist saw the sky become redder and redder in front of him. At the same time, the engine of the cycle began missing. The engine eventually stopped as the red glow became brighter and was revealed to be a circular object, about 4-5 meters wide and 3-4 meters high. It looked like a domed disc. Emitting a rumbling sound, it passed 10-15 meters over the witness and continued on into the distance. When it was 50 meters away, the motorcycle engine started up by itself. (SOBEPS News, No. 9, June, 1977)
Nov. 30, 1966
U.S., Taylorsville, Indiana: An egg-shaped object zoomed toward the witness "like a meteorite," then slowed to an approach speed of 60 mph. The engine and headlights of his car slowly faded and died as it came near. The object was seen to be metallic, with three red and three green flashing lights. It gave off a buzzing-sound like an electrical trans former. Passing by the stalled car, the object increased altitude to 500-1000 feet' and flew away towards the northeast. The car could then be restated. (CUFOS)
January, 1967
U.S., near Farwell, Minnesota: Six people in one car saw an orange flash of light immediately after the engine and lights of their car failed. The car was slowing down as they saw beads of light coming through the windshield. Then, before the car had completely stopped, the engines and lights came on by themselves. (UFOs Over the Americas)
Jan. 11, 1967
FRANCE, Aveyron: A white ball of light descended close to a car, at which point the headlights and engine failed. The single witness saw an oval, dishlike object also descending towards the ground. The witness then felt increased heat and was paralyzed. He watched a nearby road sign vibrating near the oval object, which was emitting a whistling sound. When the objects eventually left, the headlights came back on and the motor could be restarted. (FSR, Vol. 17, No. 1)
Jan. 20, 1967
U.S., Methuen, Massachusetts: Three teenaged girls saw a string of red lights moving low to the ground about 500 feet away. As they drove nearer, the object connected with the lights swung around to reveal a trapezoid shape with two red and two white lights and a metallic body. The object now was hovering 100-300 feet high and as it moved to the side of the road, the motor and headlights of the girls' car suddenly failed. The generator light continued to pulse, however. The object abruptly shot away to the southwest and everything worked normally. Another group of people saw the same object 15 minutes later. (NICAP)
Jan. 25, 1967
U.S., near Winsted, Minnesota: The engine of a car stalled and the driver got out and saw a bright light coming nearer. It landed on the road on a tripod; it was 25 meters in diameter, longer than it was wide. A man-like figure got out of the object, checked the exterior of it, then got back in. The object then departed and the car could be restarted. (Passport to Magonia)
Feb. 10, 1967
U.S., Plum Brook Naval Air Station, Ohio: An adult male saw a bluish disc one and a half miles from his car. The disc moved toward the ground and heavy static came over the car radio as he tried to contact his headquarters at the Air Station. The disc appeared to land, but the witness did not investigate. (UFO Investigator, March-April, 1967)
Feb. 13, 1967
ENGLAND, between Ashington and Peg's Wood, Northumberland: A witness driving alone felt a prickly feeling as he sighted a UFO nearby. There was heavy static on the car radio simultaneous with the sighting. (CONTACT (UK))
Feb. 13, 1967
U.S., Big Fork, Montana: The engine and the headlights of a pickup truck failed at the same time. The witnesses stepped out and saw a blue-green light overhead, which changed to a reddish-orange color. They felt a great deal of heat. As the light moved away to the right side of the road, the engine of the truck started by itself. (The New UFO Breakthrough, Brad Steiger and Joan Whritenour
March, 1967
U.S., Easthampton, Massachusetts: A single witness saw two bright lights in a field. After a few moments, her car was surrounded by a white, bright light. The car radio gave off a hissing noise. The driver increased her speed but the white light stayed with the car. The light was only as large as the car. The light left the car after a couple of minutes, but hovered briefly over the house to which she was traveling. (CUFOS)
Mar. 8, 1967
U.S., Leominster, Massachusetts: Two people saw heavy fog in a cemetery and a domed disc-shaped object hovering about 500 feet overhead. One of the witnesses got out of the car, pointed at the object, and simultaneously the motor and headlights went off. He felt an electric shock and his arm was pulled against the roof of the car. He found he couldn't move at all. After one minute, the object departed, emitting a humming sound. The car was restarted and the witness suffered no ill effects. (NICAP)
Mar. 8, 1967
U.S., Newport, Vermont: No details. (NICAP confidential files)
Mar. 12, 1967
U.S., McIntosh, South Dakota: A single witness saw an object with red, green, and white lights. After he reported the incident, four young men went to the area to investigate. They saw four green lights hovering low over the road, but the engine of their car stalled as they approached them. Since the car had stalled on a hill, the group turned the car around and coasted downhill. The car started then, so they drove away without further investigation. (UFOs Over the Americas)
Mid-March, 1967
U.S., Ravenswood, West Virginia: The driver of a garbage truck reported that the engine and headlights unexpectedly failed completely. He then saw a glowing disc hovering overhead. (Dell's Flying Saucers, No. 4, 1967)
Mar. 18, 1967
U.S., Lebanon, Ohio: A 50-foot diameter, round object hovered over the treetops near a road. It was glowing white, sometimes red, with a "halo effect" and appeared to be rotating. The headlights of a car passing nearby went out. The object emitted a high-pitched sound, and after its departure, the car's headlights functioned normally. (FSR, March-April, 1971)
Mar. 21, 1967
U.S., Hillsboro, Kansas: Four teenaged girls saw a strange light and drove closer to investigate. The light then approached the car and hovered overhead, at which time the engine quit. The car also rocked back and forth while the object was nearby. (UFOs Over the Americas)
Mar. 30, 1967
AUSTRALIA, near Peterborough: A car's engine failed and the two witnesses then saw a disc-shaped object rising from a field by the road. The object gave off a blue and purple glow. It rapidly disappeared into the sky. A few minutes later, another disc shot up from another field, emitting sparks the color of a blue mercury lamp. After this second object was gone, the car could be restarted. (UFOs Over the Southern Hemisphere)
Apr. 6, 1967
U.S., Redvale, Colorado: Upon topping a hill, the single witness saw an orange-colored object about 100 feet in diameter. The lights of the car went out and the engine backfired but did continue running. The witness felt increased heat, so turned the car around; however, the object followed the car. Eventually it left the car and hovered over a store by the road. Another witness saw a a portion of this event. (CUFOS)
Apr. 8, 1967
U.S., Banner Elk, North Carolina: Four college students saw a greenish fluorescent glow on the ground 180 feet away. Their radio had interference and the car's engine quit. The glow turned out to be from an object which passed nearby and flew away. Imprints in the shape of an equilateral triangle were found in the ground. (Physical Traces Associated with UFO Sightings, Ted Phillips)
Apr. 10, 1967
U.S., Jonestown, Pennsylvania: The witness had trouble starting his car at home. Then after getting underway, the engine missed three times and finally stopped after driving half a mile; the headlights went out also. A huge round UFO moved above the car at this point, with pale white lights on its periphery. This object then tilted slightly and moved away at high speed to the northwest, flashing a blue light as it did so. The car was picked off the ground and moved four feet as the UFO departed. The car lights and motor came back on by themselves and the witness smelled something like burnt camphor. (CUFOS)
Apr. 11, 1967
U.S., near Loco, Texas: A witness who reported previous contacts with the occupants of UFOs, said that he saw a light near his home as his pickup truck stalled. An egg shaped object landed directly behind the truck and four small, muscular humanoids got out. They were dressed in white cover alls and took the witness aboard their craft, which rendezvoused with a larger craft, where the witness was examined. He was released without being harmed. (Strange Creatures from Space and Time, John Keel)
Apr. 12, 1967
U.S., Phoenix, Arizona: A bell-shaped object approached a car from the left side, glowing red-orange with yellow-orange pulsations. It hovered over a street light, then made a pass at the car. At that point, the engine of the car stopped. The UFO banked eastward, then westward, and flew away. The three witnesses continued their trip and saw the same object eight more times, plus another whitish object. The car engine continued to operate normally throughout the remaining sightings. (Bluebook)
Apr.14, 1967
about 2100
U.S., near Melville, New York: A driver saw a glowing object in the sky. As the engine of his car suddenly stalled, he saw a smaller, circular metallic object land beside the road. His car radio, which had been turned off, began to broadcast the sound of strange voices. A tiny figure appeared in the doorway to the object, which actually seemed to be a mechanical device. The machine dug up some dirt and placed it inside the object. The doorway closed, the UFO turned a bright red, and it rose into the sky with a whirring sound. It joined up with the glowing object in the sky. The car could then be restarted. (CUFOS)
Apr. 21, 1967
U.S., Ephrata, Washington: Driving 10 miles south of Ephrata, four people saw a bright light on the road ahead. They approached it closely and were stopping when the light disappeared, appeared to their left as an amber color, then disappeared and reappeared behind them with a white color. As the witnesses tried to escape, their car sputtered and lost power. When another car approached, the light rose and disappeared. A wet, sticky spot shaped like a teardrop was found later at the point the light had landed on the road. (CUFOS)
May, 1967
CANADA, Vauxhall, Alberta: A couple traveling from Vauxhall saw a lighted object in the sky. During the sighting, the headlights of their car would not remain on steadily.Another motorist traveling two miles south of the couple saw the same object. His car engine failed during the sighting. The object remained quite distant from both cars and disappeared into the sky. (Saucers, Space, and Science, Vol. 50, 1967-68)
May 26, 1967
U.S., Albuquerque, New Mexico: A strange white light chased a car with three teenagers, then hovered directly overhead while the car was still moving. After a few moments, the engine and headlights of the car ceased operating. After the car had halted, the light then sped away and the car couId be restarted. (APRO Bulletin, May-June, 1967)
June 6, 1967
BRAZIL, near Itajuba: A strange object buzzed a car whose motor and headlights then failed. The object was mushroom-shaped. The witness also saw the faces of humanoids through the transparent front of the UFO. It flew away and the car could be restarted. (FSR, Vol. 14, No. 6)
about June 25, 1967
U.S., Bethel, Connecticut: Six teenagers, sleeping in the backyard of a home, saw a bright light. They drove to Sunset Hill to get a better view and saw it was a domed disc with red and green flashing lights around the dome. Their car radio experienced interference when the object was in view. Several weeks later, some of the group found an area of grass matted down where the object had hovered. (PhysicaI Traces Associated with UFO Sightings)
July 10, 1967
U.S., Meridian, Mississippi: A car's engine suddenly stopped and the radio died. The driver got out and saw a saucer-shaped, dirty gray object hovering 200-300 feet overhead. The saucer was 60-80 feet in diameter. In a few seconds, the object tilted upward and disappeared into some clouds. The radio then came back on and the car could be restarted. (CUFOS)
July 17, 1967
U.S., Millerton, New York: A woman driving north of Millerton saw an object the size of a softball hit her windshield and bounce off. Simultaneously, the headlights and engine of her car failed. There was a bright flash of light briefly inside the car as the object hit. The witness was stunned and drove away back to town, but cannot remember turning around or starting the car. The windshield was found to be cracked. (Saucer News, Fall, 1967)
August, 1967
ENGLAND, Chingford, North London:, A couple parked near Epping Forest saw a red light at the end of the bridle path. After a firework-like light shot up from the vicinity, they saw a small figure by the road. Another "firework" also shot off. Suddenly a light about six feet high approached their car along the path. The light was white and only a foot or two in diameter. As it came close, the couple attempted to drive away, but their car engine refused to start. Finally, after 10 seconds, it did and they drove away, but not before stopping to talk with another witness nearby who also saw the lights. The trouble in starting the car was not normal. (FSR, Vol. 23, No. 1)
Aug. 23, 1967
CANADA, Lacombe, Alberta: A witness on a motorcycle traveling near a lake two miles north of Lacombe saw a UFO which landed on the ground. His motorcycle engine sputtered as he drove by the vicinity of the landing. (Saucers, Space, and Science, Vol. 49, 1967)
Aug. 27, 1967
U.S., Texas Creek, Colorado: Three cars simultaneously experienced complete failure of their headlights and engines. All passengers saw an oval object on the ground by the road. One driver was approaching the object when suddenly there was a flash of light and he became unconscious. The object slowly rose into the sky. The witness struck by the light remained dazed for some time afterwards. (APRO Bulletin, March-April, 1969)
September, 1967
CANADA, near Taber, Alberta: A youth driving a pickup truck noticed the engine begin to overheat. He pulled over to the shoulder to check, and as he put his hand on the door handle to get out., he saw an oval-shaped object with a green glow hovering right next to the truck. His radio began to give off strange beeping noises, and when he shut it off and looked back out the window, the object had vanished. (Saucers, Space, and Science, Vol. 50, 1967-68)
Sept. 6, 1967
U.S., Bethpage, New York: Near the state park at Bethpage, two witnesses saw a cigar-shaped object very low in the sky. Their car engine and headlights failed and the radio "chattered" during the sighting. (Saucers, Space, and Science, Vol. 49, 1967)
October, 1967
ENGLAND, Lytchett Minster: A couple saw a cigar-shaped, brown object about 70 feet in length hovering over a building near the road. The engine of their car suddenly stalled out. Several other cars also stopped and many witnesses watched the object for about five minutes. The couple's car could then be restarted, so they drove on, watching the object, which rose higher in the sky. They stopped by a police station, at which point the object changed from to red, green, yellow, and blue bands of light. It split into two parts and vanished. One witness became sick after the sighting. (FSR, Vol. 15, No. 6)
Oct. 1, 1967
CANADA, ElIiot Lake, Ontario: The engines of several cars failed in the vicinity of a large glowing object which was changing colors. The object moved erratically around the area about 300 feet high, but the car engines only experienced trouble when the object hovered. (Saucers, Space, and Science, Vol. 50, 1967-68)
Oct. 11, 1967
CANADA, Aldersyde, Alberta: The headlights and engine of a car died. The driver then noted an oval-shaped object with a "turret" on top begin to circle his car. The object had two white lights and a lighted underside. It circled the car four or five times at a height of 300 feet, then flew away. The witness felt cold during the sighting. The engine of the car started by itself as the object left. (CUFOS)
Oct. 26, 1967
ENGLAND, Hook, Hampshire: At the same time that a driver noted a dark object over the road ahead, the lights and engine of his car failed. After a few minutes he could start the engine and turn on the lights, so he drove away. The car failed again shortly thereafter and the driver now saw the object more clearly. It was shaped like a squashed ice cream cone. The witness noticed a strange smell and felt a pressure change in his ears. After a short wait, the object moved into the air and the car could be restarted. (FSR, Vol. 13, No. 6)
Oct. 27, 1967
U.S., Parshall, North Dakota: A police officer saw a bright glowing object which hurt his eyes when he looked at it directly. A short time later, another witness driving home saw a large round object rise from the ground and follow his car. The car became hard to control while the UFO was following, veering back and forth over the road and bouncing up and down slightly. The object eventually lost interest in the car and moved to the north; the car operated normally again. (The UFO Investigator, Vol. 4, No. 7)
Oct. 27, 1967
ENGLAND, Crendon Hill, Buckinghamshire: A generator-like object appeared over a car. The engine of the car failed. (CONTACT (UK))
Oct. 28, 1967
ENGLAND, near Tunbridge Wells, Kent: A car suddenly stalled out completely and the lights went off. The driver looked up and saw a triangular object near the road ahead. It had six bright white lights and looked like a church steeple. It slowly rose into the air and moved off in the direction of the sea. The car could then be restarted. (FSR, Vol. 14, No. 3)
Oct. 31, 1967
AUSTRALIA, near Boyup Brook, Western Australia: A bright blue beam enveloped a car, causing its headlights and engine to fail. The light beam came from a mushroom-shaped UFO about 30 feet in diameter. The car seemed to instantly deaccelerate from 65 mph to a dead stop, but the witness felt no forces. For about five minutes the beam of light shone on the car. The witness felt like he was being observed. Suddenly the beam was switched off, the object dimmed, and it flew away. The witness immediately found his car moving at 65 mph again with no recollection of starting it or feeling an acceleration. (FSR, Vol. 14, No., 4)
November, 1967
BRAZIL, Americanus: A policeman saw a huge, elongated, metallic object approach his car. The engine of his car then failed. The object was 15 stories tall, shaped like a tube, and spinning about its short axis. After shining a bright light, it gave off a hum and slowly moved away. The car could be restarted. (APRO Bulletin, September-October, 1968)
Nov. 2, 1967
U.S., near Ririe, Idaho: After seeing a blinding flash of light, two people in a car saw a domed object hovering close to the ground. The engine of the car then failed, and two small figures were seen in the object. One humanoid, about three feet tall, got out and climbed into the car, which began to move off the road into a field. One witness fled from the car when it stopped in the field. Eventually the humanoid got back in the craft, which rose in a zigzag path and made a whirring sound. The car could be restarted and was driven back on the road. (The UFO Investigator, October, 1969)
Nov. 5, 1967
ENGLAND, near Sopley, Hampshire: A cigar-shaped object ― bright, phosphorescent green with a white bottom ― approached a diesel truck. The lights and radio went off but the engine continued running. The driver stopped his truck about 60 feet away from the object, which was moving now no more than 10 feet over the road. After two minutes, a pipe came out of the object and sucked up dirt and leaves. It made a whining noise during this operation. A Jaguar car came upon the scene during the sighting and its electrics and engine failed. The pipe was retracted and the object moved slowly up into the sky. Both the truck and car then operated normally. (Spacelink, Vol. 5, No. 1)
Nov. 8, 1967
U.S., Lake Elsinore, California: During very foggy weather, the engine and lights of a car failed. The driver also felt a strong pressure on his shoulders. He then saw a saucer shaped object, 30 feet in diameter, hovering over the road. It was glowing reddish-orange with rotating lights on the rim. It wobbled slightly while hovering, then left after about one and a half minutes. The car could then be restarted. (Condon Committee)
Nov. 28, 1967
CANADA, near High River, Alberta: The radio in a car began fading in and out and the headlights and dashboard lights dimmed. The witness then saw a bluish-green, elongated object to his left. The "object" was quite fuzzy and no details could be made out. He stopped the car and heard a noise like a "jet motor," only very loud. The object continued traveling on a straight line towards the east and disappeared. The lights and radio then operated properly. (CUFOS)
Dec. 12, 1967
U.S., between North and South Lansing, New York: During a snowstorm, a woman and her young daughter saw a strange object hover over their car, direct a light beam at the car, and take control. The car moved sideways off the road, the headlights slowly faded, and the engine stopped. The woman heard a noise like a hum, then voices giving her a message about a future death. The car was then moved back on the road and driven for three miles with the lights and motor on, but the driver not touching the controls. As another car approached, the object departed. (The Official Guide to UFOs)
Dec. 13, 1967
CANADA, near Edmonton, Alberta: The lights of a car dimmed and the motor sputtered. The driver pulled to the side of the road and opened the hood. He then noticed a dome-shaped object hovering 150 yards away. It was metallic, had lights around the edge, and was about 50 feet high. He felt the battery of the car ― it was warm. He got back in and watched the object, which rocked back and forth 10-15 feet but stayed over the road. During the next hour the car body began to heat up and even his hair got hot. His flashlight also wouldn't work. Finally the object shot straight up and disappeared from view in two to three seconds. The headlights came back on, but the motor could only be started with difficulty. (CUFOS)
Dec. 3, 1967
U.S., Ashland, Nebrasks: Herbert Schirmer, a police officer, saw a bright, metallic object nearby. It was emitting a red light and hovering low over the road. A red-orange beam of light shot toward the car and prevented any communication on the two-way radio. The policeman saw a small humanoid figure on the ground beneath the object; the figure communicated with Schirmer. Then the object left, making a shrill beeping sound. (The UFO Investigator, Vol. 4, No. 5)
Dec. 24, 1967
U.S., near Tucson, Arizona: A couple saw a blob of red light. The engine and headlights of their car then quit. The light came near the car, passed overhead, and moved away to the south. The engine and lights both came back on as it departed. Two minutes before this sighting, both witnesses had seen a star-like object fall to earth. (CUFOS)
1968 SPAIN, El Padul (Granada): A man and his mother saw a luminous object coming from the east. It changed colors from yellow to blue, was shaped like an oval with two domes, and had a spinning central section. The engine of their car failed as the object flew overhead. (Catalogue of 200 Type-I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal)
Jan. 2, 1968
CANADA, Whitehorse, Yukon: Two snowmobile drivers observed a pulsating, orange-yellow object nearby. This object was extremely bright. One of the snowmobile's engines stalled during the sighting and its driver felt increased heat. The object shortly moved out of sight and the snowmobile could be restarted. (The UFO Investigator, Vol. 4, No. 6)
Early January, 1968
GERMANY, Freiburg: A young couple in their twenties experienced complete failure of the lights and engine of their car. They then saw a bright red light, round and very large, about 1000 feet away. The hood of the car began glowing and sparks came off the hood. Five seconds after the lights and engine quit, and before the car had stopped moving, everything came back on. When the witnesses looked up, the light was gone. The couple noticed an ozone odor in the air after the sighting. (UFO Nachrichten, November, 1968)
Mar. 4, 1968
U.S., West Seneca, New York: A cigar-shaped object approached a car from the left, then went over the road in front of the car. The object was 50-60 feet long with blinking lights.The witness tried to drive away but the car wouldn't respond to the accelerator. As the UFO came quite near, the witness could only see a bright yellow light. The object disappeared instantly. (CUFOS)
Apr. 4, 1968
U.S., near Cochrane, Wisconsin: Two young men saw a UFO hover over a car ahead of them; its headlights suddenly went out. The object appeared metallic and glowed orange when standing still, but glowed redder and brighter when moving. The object then came toward their car and the engine conked out. It hovered overhead for a moment, during which time the witnesses felt increased heat and "weightless." The object left over a nearby field, emitting a cloudy haze all around its periphery. (CUFOS)
Apr. 23, 1968
U.S., between Denver and Limon, Colorado: A family of four observed a red light which paced their car for some time. The radio had a strange "thrumpette"-like noise as the light paced them. Suddenly a bright white light appeared only one and a half city blocks away, hovering 75 feet in the air. That light went out and three red lights appeared which were attached to an oval-shaped structure. The witnesses became frightened and drove quickly away. (CUFOS)
Apr. 29, 1968
ENGLAND, Norridge Hill, Wiltshire: A single witness saw a globular light. At the same time his car engine and headlights failed and the radio had heavy static. The car operated normally after the light left his vicinity. (Awareness, Summer, 1968)
May 1, 1968
AUSTRALIA, Heyfield, Victoria: A strange light from a bluish object passed over the home of Frank McCullough and hovered over the nearby Hayden farm. A weird whining sound, like an electrical generator, was also heard. As two of McCullough's ranch hands drove to the Hayden farm in a pickup truck, the engine, lights, and a transistor radio all quit. The whining noise became louder, then the blue light grew dimmer and the noise subsided. The headlights came back on and the motor could be restarted. ( Saucer News, Summer, 1968)
May 27, 1968
U.S., near Punta Gorda, Florida: Both the headlights and engine of a car failed. The motorist got out to investigate, then saw a light at tree-top height, slowly settling to the ground. As the light came nearer, the witness saw it was attached to a metallic body, shaped like a pilgrim's hat , with a green glow and bluish outline around the edges. A few minutes after landing, the object reappeared, then moved off at high speed to the northwest. The headlights of the car immediately came on; the motor could be started. The watch of the driver was found to have stopped. (CUFOS)
June 18, 1968
ARGENTINA, near Catamarca: Four people in a car saw a bright, stationary object only five meters above the ground. At this point, their engine failed. The object rose, flashing a light, then quickly moved away. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement 16)
June 29, 1968
ARGENTINA, San Luiz de Palmer: Three men saw a circular flattened UFO which emitted orange-colored light. The object passed close to their car and as it did so, the car shook violently, the gear shift went into reverse, and the car began moving backwards. This motion ended once the object was gone. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 18)
July 16, 1968
ARGENTINA, Andacollo, Neuquen: Five members of the national police force saw a flattened, metallic object, about two meters in diameter, slowly flying near their jeep. A pale blue light came from the object throughout the sighting and their jeep lost power. After about five minutes, the object left. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 18)
July 25, 1968
ARGENTINA, La Pastora: A family of three saw a si]very object about 25 feet in diameter. The engine of their car began to slow down, then die completely as the object came near. The object, which looked like a spinning top, hovered for five minutes only 10 meters from the road. Then it rose quickly and vanished ― the engine came on by itself. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 16)
July 29, 1968
ARGENTINA, La Atalaya: Four people driving late at night saw an object that looked like a wash basin upside down. It was 30-40 feet wide and glowing on the underside. As it flew low over the road, the headlights and engine of the witnesses' car failed. After the object had landed about 250 meters from the car, the headlights came back on. The object remained on the ground for 45 minutes while the motorists watched. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 13)
July 30, 1968
ARGENTINA, near Colonel Dringles: Two families driving in the same area reported independently observing the merging of two orange UFOs. The two objects came together and coalesced into one, then extended a "tower" which had the same color as a mercury vapor light. The engines of both cars died during the sighting. After the actions were completed, the single object left instantly and disappeared in seconds. (UFO Nachrichten, October, 1968)
August, 1968
CHILE, Cauquenes: A saucer-shaped object landed near a car. The engine and lights of the car failed during the sighting. (The UFO Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 1)
Aug. 21, 1968
U.S., near Brooksville, Florida: One round object approached a car traveling through some woods. The engine of the car wouldn't operate during the sighting. (The UFO Chronicle, Vol. 1, No. 1)
Aug. 29, 1968
U.S., between Ely, Nevada and Delta, Utah: Larry Sorenson saw a stationary bright, white light low to the horizon. It turned a red color and became much brighter. Sorenson's truck suddenly failed as he continued to drive towards the light. He got out and watched the light travel overhead and disappear behind him. It was changing colors from red to green to white and back to red. After the light was gone, the truck could be restarted. Sorenson noticed another car had also been stopped on the road. When he got home, the trip had taken almost two hours longer to complete than expected. (The Utah UFO Display, Frank B. Salisbury)
September, 1968
SPAIN, Zafra: The engine of a truck suddenly failed and the driver saw a luminous sphere nearby. It was about eight feet in diameter and emitted greenish-colored rays of light. There were independent witnesses who saw the same object from a distance of one kilometer. The truck operated normally after the sphere left. (UFO Nachrichten, Feburary, 1969)
Sept. 1, 1968
ARGENTINA, Mendoza: Two young men in their twenties were driving home. The engine and headlights went out on their car. They got out and opened the hood, then saw a huge circular object hovering nearby. Three small humanoids appeared by the car and the witnesses felt paralyzed. Two more beings were seen by the craft. The three beings communicated telepathically with the men and also showed them pictures. They then got in the craft, which flew away quickly. (FSR, November, 1968)
Sept. 8, 1968
ENGLAND, near Beaminster, Dorset: Seven witnesses in two cars heard a loud aerial, throbbing noise. The engines and headlights went out and the car bodies became magnetized. The noise continued into the distance as if coming from some object, but the witnesses saw nothing. (Awareness, Autumn, 1968)
Oct. 24, 1968
CANADA, Hudson Bay area: The headlights of a car dimmed, then went out, then came back on. This sequence occurred four times altogether. The driver stopped, got out, and saw a bright orange light with a white tail moving into the distance. The object was quite high in the sky. (Hudson Bay Review, October 30, 1968)
Nov. 1, 1968
SPAIN, near Los Monegros: Five witnesses saw an orange-colored disc approach their car from the west. At a distance of 500 meters, the lights and engine of the car failed, plus the men's watches stopped working. The object, which was 200 feet in diameter, landed near the car. After three minutes the object rose slowly, then flew away. The car operated normally then, as did the watches. (FSR, Vol. 15, No. 1)
Nov. 13, 1968
CANADA, near Forbes Landing, British Columbia: A globular light with no apparent structure landed on a nearby road. A motorist's car engine failed and there was interference on his radio while the light was on the ground. (Saucers, Space, and Science, Vol. 57, 1969)
Nov. 14, 1968
SPAIN, Zafra: A man saw a two-meter tall humanoid with long arms, green phosphorescent clothing, and no facial features. As the humanoid appeared, the engine of the man's car began to fail and his watch stopped. He also heard a "wind" sound as if something was moving in the area. The man continued to drive on and didn't see where the humanoid went or what he did by the road. (A Catalogue of 200 Type I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal)
Nov. 22, 1968
U.S., near Newton, Georgia: The single witness saw a bright object 100 feet ahead over the road. As a light beam came from the object and struck the car, the engine and headlights went off. The object was yellow-white and oval-shaped. After a few minutes, the object changed color to orange-red, withdrew the beam, and flew away. The vehicle could be restarted. (Bluebook)
Nov. 25, 1968
U.S., Marcellus, New York: A mother and her small son saw an object with a red blinking light on top. As it came within 100 feet of their car, the engine lost power and the radio was filled with static. The UFO moved away then, but paced them down the road. One more time it made a pass at the car, and again the engine lost power and the radio wouldn't work. Eventually the object left the car's vicinity and the engine and radio again worked properly. (FSR, Vol. 17, No. 4)
Jan. 25, 1969
U.S., Platteville, Illinois: A couple in a car were approached by an ice cream cone-shaped object, which stopped a quarter mile away. It was two to three stories tall and had a "lattice" on the bottom that "shone like diamonds." The headlights and engine of the car went off, as did the outdoor lights of a nearby farm over which the object hovered. The object then spun around, stopped, repeated this sequence twice, gave off a light beam, then tilted up and rose to the northwest. The front end of the car rose three feet while these actions took place. After the object had left, the car could be restarted. (CUFOS)
Feb. 2, 1969
CHILE, near Nuble: Close to the "Los Francos" thermal springs, a strange sphere was seen passing overhead. Two car engines started by themselves even though their batteries were disconnected. (CONTACT (UK))
Feb. 20, 1969
AUSTRALIA, near Norseman: A luminous cigar-shaped object followed a car. When it first appeared, the car's engine began to stop but then ran normally. The object paced the car for some distance quite low to the ground. It then rose quickly into the sky, raising a cloud of dust and dead leaves at the point on the ground under which it began its departure. (The UFO Investigator, Vol. 4, No. 11)
Feb.- April, 1969
ENGLAND, near RAF Fairford, Wiltshire: A family felt the air become electrified as the engine and lights of their car went out. Their dog became quite excited. They then saw three disc-shaped metallic bodies moving in a V-formation high overhead. The car engine could be restarted after the discs had disappeared. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 3)
Feb. 25, 1969
ARGENTINA, Chabut: Four people in a car saw a disc-shaped object. The engine of their car quit running when the disc was in view. (Phenomenes Spatieux, Vol. 20, 1969)
Mar. 4, 1969
U.S., near Atlanta, Missouri: A motorist on his way to work saw a red light moving slowly north. After he rounded a curve in the road, the light was suddenly right in front of him. It was a reddish-orange ball about 100 feet in diameter, only 50 feet over the road. As the driver's pickup truck went under it, a white light beam struck the truck and the object became blue-white with red and yellow bands. The driver felt heat from the beam, and his two-way radio wouldn't work. The motor stopped too, but as he slowed down and got out of the beam, the motor started again. The UFO paced the truck for three miles, but only had the light beam on for three-quarters of a mile. The object changed back to its original color and left towards the southeast. (CUFOS)
Mar. 6, 1969
U.S., Glenwood, Missouri: A woman noticed her dog acting strange as he tried to hide under the seat in the car. Then her hair stood up on her arms. She saw a beam of light on the road ahead of a bluish-white color. Her car slowed in speed from 50-60 mph to 10 mph as it entered the beam. Looking up, she saw a disc-shaped object hovering at 1000 feet overhead. The car wouldn't respond to the accelerator until after it left the beam. The woman's eyes bothered her for three days after the sighting. (CUFOS)
Mar. 6, 1969
SPAIN, Buscot, Alicante: A married couple saw three UFOs illuminating a mountainside for three minutes. Their car failed as the three objects landed on the mountain. (A Catalogue of 200 Type I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal)
Mar. 10, 1969
U.S., West Hope, North Dakota: An object shaped like a top with a red light on top and glowing white all over overtook a car and hovered a quarter of a mile ahead. The car's radio had heavy static and the driver smelled an odor like burning rubber. A light beam shot out of the object to the ground. During the sighting, the witness felt strange "psychological forces." The object eventually wobbled, slid sideways, then lifted vertically into the sky. (CUFOS)
Mar. 11, 1969
BRAZIL, Campinas, Sao Paulo: A motorist saw a light moving erratically in the sky, changing color from yellow to green, then blue, then purple, then back to green. The light halted right in front of his car; the car's engine slowed down and the motorist felt paralyzed. After the light flew away, both the car and motorist were back to normal. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 6)
Mar. 12, 1969
SPAIN, Merida, Badajoz: A family saw a disc-shaped object with a dome which glowed "brighter than the sun." It buzzed their car and the headlights failed. The object then paced the car for 20 minutes at a low height. A woman also saw the object when she went outside her home after her television reception had heavy interference and static. (UFOs in Two Worlds)
Mar. 19, 1969
AUSTRALIA, near Gladstone, Queensland: A saucer-shaped object approached two cars, hovered near one car, and began pulsating. As it got brighter, the cars' headlights spread wider than usual; as it dimmed, the headlights went back to normal. The two cars kept driving together, but the craft again hovered over one of the cars. They therefore stopped again, but nothing happened to the headlights. The object rocked gently while keeping its position. After a few minutes of hovering, it flew quickly into the distance. (Data-Net, April, 1970)
Apr. 19, 1969
U.S., near Hill City, Kansas: Two witnesses saw a multi-colored object five miles east of Hill City. As the object came within 100 feet of the car, the car engine failed. The object hovered at 75 feet above the ground for 3 mn, then slowly moved away. The car could be restarted with no trouble. (CUFOS)
May, 1969
BRAZIL, Itajuba, Minas Gerais: Without warning, a car struck what seemed to be an invisible wall across the road. The wheels of the car continued to spin, though the headlights did go off. The driver turned off the car and saw a luminous UFO overhead. The object quickly moved away and the lights could be turned on and the car moved. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 7)
May 21, 1969
BRAZIL, between Pelotas and Camaqua: Three people in a car saw a globular light come very low to the ground. The car engine wouldn't operate when the light source was nearby. (CONTACT (UK))
May 31, 1969
BRAZIL, Sao Paulo: A large sphere flew erratically in the sky. It released a smaller sphere which flew away. Several witnesses reported that their cars failed during the sighting, including both the lights and motor. (CONTACT (UK))
June, 1969
CHILE, between Antofagosta and Mejillones, Santiago: A UFO shaped like a cylinder was seen by two witnesses driving between these towns. The engine and lights of their car went out during the sighting. (CONTACT (UK))
June, 1969
and 0100
near Salt Lake City, Utah: A car was chased by a bright light which made a humming sound. The two witnesses tried to escape but the car actually slowed down as they pressed on the accelerator. They stopped the car and the object hovered nearby. A strange-looking humanoid then approached; the driver started the car and drove away. The object continued to follow the car until dawn. (FSR, Vol. 16, No. 5)
Early June, 1969
BRAZIL, Uba, Minais, Gerais: Seven young people in a car were followed by a bright orange object which came low and circled their car. The engine stalled out for a few moments and there was interference on the car radio during the sighting. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 7)
June 19, 1969
ENGLAND, Docking: A van's engine began to misfire and its headlights dimmed so the driver pulled off the road. Then everything failed on the van ― even the battery seemed dead. The driver's hair stood on end and he felt static electricity; looking up, he saw a luminous blue object shaped like an inverted mushroom. Then his wristwatch became luminous. After one and a half minutes, the object sped away. It was about a quarter mile from the van during the sighting. Everything on the van worked normally after the sighting. (CUFOS)
July, 1969
BRAZIL, Paulo Lopes, Santa Catarina: Four men saw a saucer shaped object which shone a beam of light onto their car. The headlights and engine went out and the car was lifted off the road, then set down some distance ahead. The saucer then left the car and hovered over a truck, whose engine and lights also failed. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 7)
July 21, 1969
U.S., near Waldo, Maine: The radio in a car had heavy interference and static. The driver looked up upon seeing a reddish glow in the sky and saw a large object overhead. The object paced the car for three miles, but moved away just before the driver got home. (The UFO Investigator, Vol. V, No. 1)
July 31, 1969
U.S.S.R., Usovo: While stopped at a railroad crossing with six other cars, several people saw two silvery disc-shaped objects appear above them. They streaked overhead quickly and were gone. Immediately after the train passed, none of the cars could be started, but after waiting two minutes, all the motors could then be started. (Felix Zigel)
Late July or early August, 1969
CANADA, near Trois-Rivieres, Quebec: A group of teenagers were parked near a reservoir. One of their two cars inexplicably wouldn't start, so several of them left in the remaining car to get assistance. The three people left behind saw a light about 20 feet over the water, then seven or eight humanoids floating toward them. They hid in the car, which became hot and shuddered as if being buffeted by a heavy wind. They also heard footsteps on the roof-marks were later found at that spot on the car. Eventually the strange events stopped and the light was nowhere to be seen. (UFO Occupants and Critters, John Musgrave)
Aug. 5, 1969
U.S., Raleigh, North Carolina: A large, shiny metallic object approached a car. As it moved over the road in front of the car, the headlights dimmed and the radio had heavy static. After a few moments, the object quickly departed and the car functioned normally. (The UFO Investigator, Vol. V, No. 1)
Aug. 19, 1969
BRAZIL, near Araruma: No details available. (UFO Nachrichten, July, 1972)
Aug. 27 or 28, 1969
ENGLAND, Burscough, Lancashire: In a rural area, a motorcycle's engine suddenly stopped. The driver then saw an oval, fuzzy strawberry-shaped thing hovering in a nearby field. A faint sound was heard during the sighting, which lasted 15 minutes. The object was yellow-orange in color and enveloped in a green haze. It eventually left and the bike could be restarted. (BUFORA)
November, 1969
CANADA, Invermere, British Columbia: A young schoolteacher saw a green luminescence by the side of the road. It was low to the ground near a depression in the ground. Her car radio stopped playing during the sighting, and she felt "emotionally involved" in a manner she cannot explain. She continued driving, however, and did not see the light again. (Our UFO Visitors, John Magor)
Nov. 15, 1969
ARGENTINA, Corral de Bustos: Three people observed a luminous object approach their car at great speed. As it passed over the road close to the car, the tachometer needle fell to zero, even though the engine continued to operate normally. (UFO Nachrichten, March, 1969)
Nov. 30, 1969
U.S., Quincy, Illinois: Thirteen miles southeast of town on State Highway 96, three people saw an object shaped like a rounded triangle. It came very low and close to their car and, suddenly, the car was lifted 10 feet off the road. The motor and lights continued running, but the steering was out until the UFO left the area. (UFOLOG, No. 68, 1970)
Jan. 30, 1970
ZIMBABWE, Mrewa: Two policemen saw three oval metallic objects hovering near their cruiser. The headlights went out during the sighting, which ended when the objects moved away at high speed. The headlights did not come on until 10 minutes after the objects were gone. (FSR, Vol . 16, No. 5)
Apr. 1, 1970
ARGENTINA, Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires: A hat-shaped object was observed by a witness after he pulled his car over to the side of the road because the engine had begun to inexplicably stall. He took a photo of the object, which rose into the sky after a few minutes. The car gave no trouble after the sighting. (CONTACT (UK))
Apr. 1, 1970
ENGLAND, on the A3 in Surrey: A motorist saw a triangular- shaped object at the same moment there was heavy static on his car radio. (CONTACT (UK))
April/May, 1970
NORWAY, Tronstadsletta: A lone motorist saw a strange object about seven feet in diameter. The headlights of his car went out as the object paced his car. After the object broke away, the headlights functioned normally. (CONTACT (UK))
July 29, 1970
U.S., Old Forge, New York: Several people noticed an ovoid, metallic, and fairly large object which began following their car. While it followed, the car radio was inoperative due to heavy static. (UFOLOG, No. 83, 1971)
Aug. 13, 1970
DENMARK, Kastrup: A policeman saw a saucer-shaped metallic object. It was about 30 feet in diameter and shone a blue-white beam of light on his car, which caused the engine and lights to fail and the car body to become hot to the touch. It hovered only 60 feet overhead for a few minutes, then retracted the beam. The beam was retracted slowly, not as if it were light but like it was a solid body. The craft then flew away, the headlights coming on as it did so. The motor could be restarted. (APRO Bulletin, January-February, 1971)
Aug. 16, 1970
SPAIN, Aznalcazar-Pilas, Sevilla: Four people saw a white, foggy object hovering only two meters above a field by the road. The obect flew away from their car as they approached, and their headlights became dim as it did so. It repeated this evasive action a few times, then finally rose into the sky. (A Catalogue of 200 Type I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal)
Aug. 16 or 17, 1970
FRANCE, Puits d'Edme, Yonne: A hemispherical metallic body landed near a car. The engine and radio both failed. The car operated normally after the object flew away. (Phenomene Spatieux, No. 26, 1970)
Fall, 1970
U.S., near Van Dyne, Wisconsin: Five young women saw a round flat object hovering by a tree near the road. They drove within 25 feet and stopped. The radio in the car suddenly gave off only static as they stopped. After five minutes, the object, which was giving off a faint hum, moved behind the car. The witnesses tried to drive away, but were followed by the object about six car lengths behind. They drove four miles; then it shot quickly away to the east. (CUFOS)
Oct. 5, 1970
CANADA, Charny, Quebec: Two people saw a long, luminous object. Their car radio had heavy static during the sighting. ( Data-Net, Vol. 5, No. 6)
Oct. 11, 1970
U.S., between Caro and Bay City, Michigan: Two disc-shaped objects buzzed a car. There was interference with the car radio as they flew over. (UFOLOG, No. 78, 1971)
Oct. 18, 1970
U.S., Mount Greylock, Massachusetts: At about the same time as a mysterious power failure in this area, a car's electrical system was affected by a strange ball of light. The effect on the system was quite brief as the object passed quickly by the car. (The UFO Investigator, December, 1970)
Oct. 29, 1970
NORWAY, Jaeren: A motorist saw a bright light and pulled his car to the side of the road. The light came closer and was seen to be a disc-shaped, steel-blue object with a dome. It was 10 meters in diameter and had a yellow ring around the circumference. The car engine suddenly stopped when the object hovered overhead. After a few minutes, while the object was leaving quickly, the motorist was knocked to the ground and the windshield was broken. (APRO Bulletin, January-February, 1971 )
Nov. 7, 1970
U.S., Deland, Florida: An object with flashing lights and making a throbbing sound hovered near a car. The driver reported that both his car headlights and motor failed in the object's presence. The sound from the object intensified after some time and it flew away. The car could then be restarted. (FIying Saucers Magazine, March, 1971)
Dec. 5, 1970
U.S., near Everett, Washington: An older couple in their sixties were driving over a bridge crossing a river when they saw a deep red light. The light passed over them and their car motor sputtered as it did so, the speed dropping from 40 mph to 5-10 mph. The light continued in a straight line to the north, then rose vertically at a high rate of speed. The car functioned normally afterwards. (APRO)
Dec. 14, 1970
RUMANIA, Bucharest: Waking up in his house, a man saw a vivid red light in the sky and heard a pulsating, humming sound. He ran to his window and saw a policeman running toward a car, which suddenly started. A whitish-blue sphere of pulsating light was hovering over the car, then it suddenly disappeared. The whole event lasted less than one minute. (UFOs Behind the Iron Curtain, Ian Hobana)
Jan. 3, 1971
U.S., Aberdeen, Washington: Three small, fuzzy, round objects moved near a bridge and hovered over it as a car approached. The engine of the car stopped, the radio had heavy interference, but the headlights remained on. The three objects, which were only about two feet in diameter, then rose slightly and drifted down the river quite slowly. The car could then be restarted. (APRO Bulletin, May-June, 1971)
Sept. 22, 1971
BRAZIL, Natividade: A motorist saw a strange object, then was confronted by a luminous object on the road. It changed color from red to white and shot a light beam at the car which caused the engine to fail. Two humanoids came out and carried devices that gave off red and blue light rays. The driver was taken aboard the craft by the beings, then released. The driver got a ride to the local hospital, where he noticed his wristwatch was running 15 minutes slow. (FSR, Vol. 17, No. 6)
Sept. 24, 1971
CHILE, Caleta, Buena: Two truck drivers reported sighting a UFO to the local police. Three policemen went back to the scene with the drivers. They again saw the object, which was oval-shaped with a dome and quite luminous. The object came from over the ocean close to the beach, and one policeman reported that the engine and two-way radio of the police car failed when near the object. (APRO Bulletin, March-April, 1972)
Sept. 25, 1971
BRAZIL, Itaperuna: A car suddenly went out of control, slowed down and stopped despite the driver's efforts. There was an object on the road ahead which gave off an intense red light. Three small humanoids came out and levitated the driver with a yellow beam of light. After 15 minutes, he was lowered to the ground. The craft then left and the car could be driven away. (FSR, Vol. 17, No. 6)
Autumn, 1971
YUGOSLAVIA, Podpec: Three people saw a light in the sky which was oval in appearance and reddish in color. It spiraled quickly toward their car and their transistor radio stopped playing. It hovered briefly over the car, changing color from red to yellow back to red, then flew swiftly away. The whole event lasted only 15 seconds. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 13)
Oct. 3, 1971
BRAZIL, near Anapolis: The car of an adult couple began to sound odd, then suddenly sped up to 160 kph despite the efforts of the driver. Suddenly a large glowing ball of light appeared in front of the car, shaped like a Mexican sombrero. As it passed back and forth across the road, the speed of the car oscillated up and down. The object finally sped away and the car worked normally. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 10)
Dec. 17, 1971
ENGLAND, near Newark: A car-engine stopped running, but the headlights stayed on. The driver got out and saw a huge gray sphere as big as a house in a nearby field. He checked his motor, but could find nothing wrong. Then he saw a light moving across the road, looked up and saw that the sphere was gone. The car could then be restarted. (NUFON)
Dec. 22, 1971
SPAIN, Osuna, Sevilla: A married couple were followed by a bright light which seemed to cause interference with the radio of their car. Their dog also became quite excited. They lost sight of the light, then suddenly noticed a strange object hovering to the side of the road. It was rocking back and forth in place and making a shrill whistling sound from its rotating upper half. (A Catalogue of 200 Type I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal)
AUSTRALIA, near Murray Bridge, South Australia: The lights of a car began to dim and then brighten repeatedly. The engine lost power, then came back to normal on the same cycle as the lights. As the driver stopped, the radio began to make a "bleeping" noise. An object shaped like a cut diamond had landed only 40 feet away. The object did not move for 35 minutes and the car would not function, though the "bleeping" noise still came over the radio. Then the object rose off the ground with a sound like an electric turbine. The car functioned normally after the object had left. (ACUFOS)
February, 1972
ARGENTINA, 150 kilometers from Bahia Blanca: The engine of a car began to vibrate and the radio was filled with static. The four witnesses decided to stop. They then saw a luminous disc with a cupola and another smaller object behind the disc. The disc gave off a red light. Both objects performed aerial acrobatics for seven or eight minutes before flying away. The car then could be restarted with no problems. (UFO Nachrichten, June, 1972)
Mar. 10, 1972
FRANCE, Eure, Normandy: A 63-year-old fireman spotted an object descending from the sky. It landed rapidly about 200 meters from the witness. It was elliptical with a "red ball" on the top and two portholes. After 40 seconds, the lights on the object suddenly blinked out. The witness had stopped his car to view the object, but it sputtered for the first 200 meters after he turned it back on, even though the engine was new. (APRO Bulletin, May-June, 1972)
April, 1972
PERU, Huaypo Lake: In a mountainous area, a number of cars stalled simultaneously. The 17 witnesses then heard a humming noise becoming louder and saw a silver-blue metallic disc with an orange halo of light. It quickly dived into the lake and disappeared. After two or three minutes, the cars could be started and the witnesses drove away. (SOBEPS News, No. 3)
May, 1972
U.S.S.R., near Volgograd: A group of people were traveling 12 miles west of Volgograd when the engine of their car stalled. They got out, saw a "huge metallic mass," and heard a voice telepathically saying, "We come in peace. Do not fear us." The object then sped away and when it was out of sight, the car's engine started by itself. (The New Soviet Psychic Discoveries)
June 9, 1972
SPAIN, Algodonales, Cadiz: A young man observed a very bright light which temporarily blinded him. The engine of his car failed but the headlights remained on. In the middle of the road ahead, he saw a yellow oval of throbbing light about two meters in length. Blue protuberances came from the light. It suddenly disappeared, then reappeared over a ditch and moved away at treetop height. (A Catalogue of 200 Type I UFO Events in Spain and Portugal)
July 10, 1972
SPAIN, Alcaracejos, Cordoba: A motorist suddenly realized his car was slowing down from 90-100 kph to 70-80 kph, even though he had not lifted his foot from the accelerator. He then saw a light bulb-shaped UFO hovering only a few meters from the car and directing a light beam on the car. The object was only five meters high and one to one and a half meters wide, rotating clockwise. After one minute, he lost sight of the object and the car came back up to speed. (Ballester-Olmos)
July 25, 1972
AUSTRALIA, Frankston, Victoria: The witness, a 37-year-old woman, saw a blue light from a saucer-shaped object. She tried to accelerate away from the object, but her car's engine died, even though the headlights remained on. She felt as if she was "under observation" and heard a voice. Her engine then started by itself and the saucer left. The woman had seen the same object before on July 3. (ACUFOS)
August, 1972
U.S. and CANADA, between Thief River Falls, Minnesota and Tolstoi, Manitoba: A family of six was returning from vacation when they saw a very bright light following them. After about 10 minutes, the light came straight at the car. One of the boys flashed a flashlight four times at the object, which then turned its lights on and off four times. They continued flashing at the object, which came closer. At this point, the radio and engine began to fail and the interior of the car grew hot. The engine stopped completely and they pulled over to the shoulder. The object hovered overhead and when the driver got out, he felt a "prickly sensation." When another car approached, the disc-shaped UFO moved away instantly. The car could then be restarted, and as the family continued driving, they could see the UFO come close again. It released three smaller discs, which traveled in different directions. Then the object departed from view instantaneously. (APRO Bulletin, August, 1976)
Aug. 21, 1972
U.S., Waukesha County Trunk Road JF, Wisconsin: The lights and engine of a car went off and it skidded to a stop. The radiator began to boil over. The young driver immediately saw an orange-colored object hovering over some treetops. It was 20-30 feet in diameter and was making a beeping sound. After 10 seconds, it flew away and the car could be started, but the lights, horn, and radio wouldn't work, and the radiator was very low in water. (FSR, Vol. 18, No. 6)
Sept. 20, 1972
CANADA, near Mount Rouge, Quebec: A motorist saw a Saturn-shaped disc, which moved with a pendulum motion, climb up Mount Rouge very close to the ground and then land on the summit. He drove to the foot of the mountain for a better view. The object was 100-150 feet in diameter, with a row of oval "windows." The motorist flashed his headlights three times, whereupon the object came straight at him and passed only 30 feet overhead. His lights, engine, and radio went out as it did so and he felt increased heat. The object sped quickly away and the car then functioned normally. (Canadian UFO Report, Vol. 3, No. 1)
Nov. 10, 1972
ENGLAND, near Heathfield, East Sussex: A teenager on a motorcycle noticed his lights dimming. They then went off completely just as the engine stalled. He smelled an electrical "arcing" type smell while checking the cycle, then saw a glowing white blob hovering nearby. It quickly sped away after a few seconds and the motorcycle started by itself. (Author's files)
Jan. 1, 1973
CHILE, Osorno: A disc-shaped object flew over the car of a married couple twice. The engine of their car had stalled the same moment they saw the object, which had a green light and a flashing red light. After it had gone, the car engine came on by itself. (FSR, Vol. 19, No. 3)
Jan. 3, 1973
U.S., near Blacksburg, South Carolina: A domed, metallic, saucer-shaped object chased a car at very low altitude. The headlights of the car dimmed during the sighting. (UFO Register, 1974)
Jan. 16, 1973
U.S., Winston-Salem, North Carolina: A domed, metallic object followed a car, which was raised off the road by the object. The two witnesses felt weightless and they could not control the car until the object had departed. (UFO Register, 1974)
Jan. 27, 1973
U.S., near Gaffney, South Carolina: A motorist reported static on his car radio as he was paced by an oval, metallic UFO. (UFO Register, 1974)
February, 1973
U.S., Peppertown, Alabama: A man was parked near the city dump listening to his car radio. It went dead and he observed a saucer-shaped object pass in front of him over some nearby trees. The object had a row of red, square "windows." (UFOs Over the Tennessee Valley, George Fawcett)
Feb. 9, 1973
ENGLAND, between Hemel Hempstead and St. Albans: A number of people saw a bright yellow sphere of light hovering near a road, about 20-30 feet above the ground. One of the witnesses said that his car's engine stopped during the sighting, which ended with the sphere rising vertically into the sky. The car's engine started by itself when the object left. (FSR, Vol. 19, No. 2)
Feb. 20, 1973
U.S., Draytonville, South Carolina: A glowing sphere followed a car for some distance. The car radio went dead while the sphere was nearby, then functioned normally after the two witnesses lost sight of the object. (UFO Register, 1974)
Apr. 10, 1973
U.S., southern half of Rhode Island: A woman saw an orange-red object moving slowly toward her car. About one mile further down the road from the first sighting of the object, it passed directly overhead. The lights and engine of her car then began to die, but did not fail completely as the object moved quickly away. The object was 42 feet in diameter and surrounded by a green haze. (APRO Bulletin, May-June, 1973)
Apr. 15, 1973
U.S., near Manor, Pennsylvania: Twelve witnesses saw a disc-shaped object which came very near a car. The headlights of the car dimmed simultaneously with the sighting of the object. ( UFO Register, 1974)
Apr. 22, 1973
SPAIN, near Guadalcanal, Sevilla: A teenager saw four yellow lights pulsating in the sky. He stopped his car and signaled with his headlights and the lights made a diametrical violet-colored stripe in seeming response. He began to drive away when the lights buzzed his car and landed on the road. His car engine failed, so he got out to run away; however, the lights now took off and flew away. Two yellow burn marks were found on the pavement. (Ballester-Olmos)
Apr. 30, 1973
AUSTRALIA, between Kinchela and Gladstone: Four teenagers saw an egg-shaped object, colored bright yellow, which dived quickly to the ground. After losing sight of it behind some trees, they saw a glow in a field about a mile from the road. They drove toward the glow and their headlights "blacked out" momentarily. Then they saw the object on the ground; it was shaped like a helmet and kept changing colors, though the bottom section remained yellow. After watching for about five minutes, the group became frightened and drove away. (FSR, Vol. 21, No. 6)
May 2, 1973
AUSTRALIA, near Kalyan, South Australia: A farmer driving his truck saw a bright reddish-white light rising up into the sky. His engine and headlights went off for 4-5 seconds, then came back on by themselves. The light was circular and about 300 yards away, moving in a straight line. The next day the witness found the truck battery was dead. (ACUFOS)
May 22, 1973
MEXICO, between Tinajas and Tierra Blanca, Veracruz: The engine of a truck failed; the driver then saw several dwarfish humanoids on the road. A beam of light destroyed his truck. (FSR, Vol. 19, No. 6)
May 22, 1973
BRAZIL, between Catanduva and Itajobi: The single witness heard static on his car radio. His car's engine failed shortly thereafter. A blue beam of light began shining into the car so he pulled over with the last of the car's momentum. Feeling increased, heat, he got out and saw an oval object only 10-20 meters above him emitting this light. As a tube came out of the object, he decided to run away, but fainted as he did so. When he awoke, the object was gone. (FSR, Vol . 21, No. 3-4)
May-June, 1973
ENGLAND, Bellerby Moor, Yorkshire: Two soldiers on maneuvers were parked in a Landrover listening to the two-way radio. The radio then began to give off static, and after a few seconds, went dead. The headlights of their vehicle also went out (the motor was not turned on). After a few moments, they saw a rugby ball-shaped object moving over a field to their right. It stopped 100 meters away, giving off a form of vapor and emitting a faint buzzing sound. Cows in the field were also watching the object. Five to ten minutes after it appeared, the object flew away and the radio and lights came back on. Later the witnesses found a burnt circle of grass 30 feet in diameter. (FSR, Vol. 24, No. 1)
June, 1973
ARGENTINA, Oriente, Mar del Plata: Two people saw a disc shaped object land nearby. Their car stalled at the same time. Scorched vegetation was later found. (FSR Case Histories, Supplement No. 17)
June, 1973
ARGENTINA, near Tres Arroyas: A man saw a round object take off from a field after his car's engine inexplicably failed. A round hole in the ground and burnt grass were later found in that field. (FSR, Vol. 19, No. 6)
June 7, 1973
BRAZIL, near Sousas: Three people in a car saw a "fireball" which came toward them and stopped 50 meters away. It was 15 feet in diameter and gave off a yellow light. The engine of the car failed when it was nearby and the witnesses felt "prickly." They also had intense headaches later. The object eventually left and the car could be restarted. (FSR Case Histories, SuppIement No. 17)
July 21, 1973
FRANCE, near Gavignano, Corsica: A motorist felt himself "paralyzed" at the same moment his lights, radio, and engine failed. He felt very cold and was unable to move, then saw a bright shining object rise from the ground and shoot into the sky. As soon as the object was gone, the engine started by itself, as did the lights and radio. He suffered no after-effects from his experience. (FSR, Vol. 23, No. 6)
Aug. 12, 1973
SCOTLAND, Broxburn, West Lothian: Several persons watched a star-like object pass overhead. The engine of their car malfunctioned during the sighting. (Awareness, Vol. 2, No. 4) Probably Sept., 1973 ARGENTINA, near Colonel Porrego, Bahia Blanca: A car's engine and headlights failed in the presence of a UFO. The driver experienced a form of paralysis during the sighting. No more details available. (CONTACT (UK))
Late Sept. or early Oct., 1973
FRANCE, Puy-Verday: A motorcycle misfired as a bright light landed on the road ahead. It was a luminous, oval-shaped, metallic object with smoke underneath, actually hovering just over the road. A two-meter tall humanoid wearing an aluminum-looking uniform and helmet came out and spoke with the witness. After the humanoid got back in, the object rose with a sound like a swarm of bees and vanished. The motorcycle could then be restarted. (1973 ― Year of the Humanoid, Dave Webb)
Oct. 8, 1973
U.S., near Laurel, Mississippi: A policeman followed a strange object for a number of miles. It was shaped Iike a top, glowing yellow, and made an exhaust-like noise. As the policeman came within 150-200 feet directly underneath the object, his lights, radio, and engine all died. Then, as the object moved away, the lights and radio came back on, but not the engine, which couldn't be started for several minutes. (UFOs Over the Tennessee Valley, George Fawcett)
Oct. 16, 1973
U.S., Hattiesburg, Mississippi: A grapefruit-sized object landed directly on the roof of a car. The motor or headlights were not affected, but all the doors opened by themselves. (CONTACT (UK))
Oct. 16, 1973
U.S. , Europa, Mississippi: A bluish object came from the southern sky and landed on the highway 100 yards from a car. The engine and headlights failed as the object landed. A strange entity emerged, with flippers for hands, a wide mouth, and feathers on its back. It held onto a handrail on the craft and never went down to the ground. It got back in and the object rose into the air. The car could then be restarted. (1973 ― Year of the Humanoid, David Webb)
Oct. 17, 1973
U.S., near Crooked Mountain, Pennsylvania: A small metallic object the size of a tractor-trailer tire hovered 40 feet over a car. It had rotating lights on the rim. As it hovered overhead, the interior of the car heated up, and the car suddenly made a 180° turn on the highway, even though the driver had not turned the steering wheel. The object then flew away. (Skylook, December, 1973)
Oct. 17, 1973
U.S., Danielsville, Georgia: The radio of a car suddenly went wild with strange sounds. The driver then saw a silvery, oval-shaped object land 300 feet ahead on the road. He stopped his car and watched two four-and-a-half foot tall humanoids clad in silver suits appear underneath the object. The humanoids had red faces and white hair. After they got back inside, the object took off with a whooshing sound. (1973 ― Year of the Humanoid, Dave Webb)
Oct. 19, 1973
FRANCE, Draguignan: After a couple on a motorcycle saw an orange-yellow sphere of light disappear near a peak in this mountainous area, the young man decided to investigate. He and three friends went back in two cars. They saw a white glow near the peak, heard a "modulated sound" and felt increased heat. A large humanoid approached them and a beam of light was shone upon them at the same time. The four then left, but one car encountered two phosphorescent "red legs" crossing the road. At the same time, the headlights and dashboard lights went out. After passing by this apparation, the lights came back on. This car was also thrown off the road sideways a few miles down the road, and returned to the road, even though the driver never turned the steering wheel. The other car experienced no EM effects, but the two witnesses did see three humanoids wearing red one-piece uniforms. (FSR, Vol. 20, No. 4)
Oct. 20, 1973
U.S., Round Valley, New Jersey: A strange object passed over Round Valley Reservoir. A car passing nearby with three witnesses who were watching the object failed completely ― both lights and engine ― during this sighting. (CONTACT (UK))
Oct. 20, 1973
U.S., Fort Smith, Arkansas: Two women in a Volkswagen saw a glowing object approach them from the south. it descended within six feet of the car, at which point the headlights, radio, and engine all failed. The object was about eight feet in diameter, shaped like a disc, and emitting a "computer-like" sound. After about five minutes, it moved quickly away towards the eastern horizon and vanished in one second. The car could then be restarted. (Southwest Times Record, October 21, 1973)
Oct. 24, 1973
U.S., near Dobson, North Carolina: A car's engine and headlights went out as an oval-shaped, metallic object landed nearby. The object was only 12 feet in diameter. The driver then saw a humanoid with eyes "like balls of fire" looking into the car. The car's engine and lights came back on by themselves after the humanoid had left. (1973 ― Year of the Humanoid, Dave Webb)
Oct. 25, 1973
U.S., Uniontown, Pennsylvania: Three young men saw an orange light which changed color to white as it approached their car. It landed nearby and two entities, seven to eight feet tall, got out. The headlights on their car dimmed as the entities appeared. The youths fired a rifle at them. There was a sulfur smell in the area during the sighting and a sound like a loud lawn mower. The entities got back in the object and the headlights brightened; the object departed. (SkyIook, December, 1973)
Nov. 3, 1973
U.S., Lewisville, Texas: A saucer-shaped metallic object hovered very low over a golf course. The radio, lights, and the engine of a passing pickup truck died, and the truck itself vibrated and shook as if moving over a very bumpy road. (CONTACT (UK))
Nov. 4, 1973
U.S., Inkster, North Dakota: Two teenagers saw a bright light in a field, which appeared to be a cube about 10 feet in width. It had five red, white, and green lights on all sides and was hovering 45 feet over the field. The boys felt static in the air. After 10 minutes, the object flew away. Two hours before the sighting, their father's truck had run intermittently, which was very unusual. Traces of dead vegetation were later found in the field. (CUFOS)
Nov. 19, 1973
BRAZIL, near Sidrolandia: Two men first observed a strange low, white cloud. An orange oval object about 12 meters in diameter came from the cloud and hovered near their truck. The object continuously changed colors and had a light beam directed upwards from the top. The truck's engine stopped as the object neared, and the men could only run the engine of the truck when the object was colored blue. They saw a small humanoid figure inside the object during the 10 minutes the truck was followed. After the UFO had gone, the truck worked normally, but three days later the battery had to be replaced. (1973 ― Year of the Humanoid, Dave Webb)
Jan. 7, 1974
BELGIUM, Warneton: The headlights, radio, and engine inexplicably failed on a car. The driver then saw an object that looked like "a soldier's tin hat" with tripod legs landed in a field nearby. Two humanoids walked over to his car while a third stood by the object. The two were wearing one-piece suits and walked like robots. The witness felt a shock at the back of his head and heard a modulated sound as they stopped about four meters from the car. The sound stopped and the humanoids got back in the craft which rapidly departed. Another driver in the area saw the event and said that his car's engine had sputtered but not stopped completely. (FSR, Vol. 20, No. 5)
Jan. 24, 1974
BELGIUM, near Liernu: A young woman returning home saw an object shaped like a flattened cupola resting on the ground. The engine and radio in her car both failed and she stopped near the object. It had three sections, colored red, yellow, and black. After about 30 seconds, it rose up slowly and disappeared behind a line of trees. The car's engine came on by itself as the object left. (SOBEPS NEWS, No. 9, June, 1977)
Feb. 14, 1974
U.S., near Ely, Nevada: Two brothers were moving some of their possessions in a truck. The engine of the truck began missing and the lights flickered, so they shifted into neutral. They then felt a blast of wind shake the truck and saw an orange colored light moving low to the ground from right to left. They stopped the truck and saw six different lights or objects surrounding them: three blue stationary lights, a red pulsating light, a silver-colored saucer, and a reddish-orange saucer. The red light then came directly at the truck, passed close by, and continued on behind them. After the objects had finally disappeared, they found the rear axle on the truck broken in half. (CUFOS)
Mar. 17, 1974
SPAIN, near Rota Naval Airbase, Cadiz: On a foggy night a motorist saw a bright light only 10 meters from the road, then a large humanoid figure over 2 meters tall. The figure appeared to be wearing a diving suit. A bright beam of light came from the collar of his suit. The motorist did not stop, but as he drove by the humanoid, his engine failed for a few moments and his car shuddered. (Ballester-Olmos)
Mar. 20, 1974
SPAIN, El Campillo, Sevilla: A man saw a strange object come from the sky and fall into a valley. He drove to the site and walked into the valley, where he saw a 200-meter-long, cigar-shaped object. Two smaller objects then entered it, but a third object, shaped like two oval spheres with cupolas on both top and bottom, began to chase him. He got in his car and was able to escape, but noticed heavy static on his car's radio as he drove away. (Ballester-Olmos)
Mar. 21, 1974
SPAIN, Valdehijaderos, Salamanea: A young man saw a strange light in the sky and stopped his Ford "Avis" diesel truck. The driver then saw two objects come low to the ground, one of them landing. The engine and headlights of the truck went out and he saw two humanoids by the landed object, wearing "diving suits." After they disappeared, the UFOs flew away and the truck now functioned normally. At 11:15 pm that same day, he saw three objects along the same road. The engine and head lights again failed and four humanoids appeared. He ran away as they walked toward his truck. When he returned they had gone, but after he got back in they appeared again. The truck now started, so he drove 200 meters away and watched the beings inserting two tools into the ground for three minutes. (Ballester-Olmos)
Mar. 30, 1974
SPAIN, Hombreiro, Lugo: A married couple were momentarily blinded by the light from a yellowish-green object to the right of the road. The headlights and engine of their car failed as they saw the light. The object was only four meters wide and making a soft buzzing sound. After three or four minutes, it slowly rose and moved away at low height. The car could then be restarted. Three rectangular holes and two other indentations were found in the field where the object had landed. (Ballester-Olmos)
April, 1974
BELGIUM, Koningslo: As a group of three people saw a luminous object nearby about the apparent size of the moon, the engine and headlights of their car went off. After some time, the object flew away and the car's engine and headlights came back on by themselves. (FSR, Vol . 20, No. 5)
Apr. 19, 1974
SPAIN, Valdegrana Islet, Cadiz: A couple in their twenties observed a round, flattened, metallic, orange-colored object descend from above and come within three meters of the ground. The couple drove by the object, but then decided to go back. As they did so, the engine of their car failed. After a bright green fluorescent light had risen quickly from the ground where the object had been, the engine could be restarted. (Ballester-Olmos)
May 31, 1974
ZIMBABWE, near Umvuma: After a couple saw a bright blue object begin to pace their car, they lost all control of the car. The headlights went out and the steering, brakes, and accelerator would not respond, even though they continued to travel approximately 160 kph. After two hours, the object moved away and they regained control of the car near Ft. Victoria. At 5:30 am, two objects reappeared and one of them again began pacing their car. They again lost control of the car, this time for one and a half hours. The landscape they traveled through did not look like Rhodesia but was instead a tropical swamp. The objects left them finally at Beit Bridge, where they discovered the odometer of the car had registered only 17 kilometers and the gas tank was almost full. (FSR, Vol . 21 , No. 2)
Early June, 1974
U.S., Middleton, Massachusetts: A 23-year-old woman saw a disc-shaped, metallic object with a dome hover over her car. There was heavy static on her car radio. It shone a light beam into the car for a few minutes, during which time she felt "calm and at peace." The disc was about 15 to 20 feet in diameter, hovering only 30 feet from the car. After five minutes, the beam was switched off and the object left. (CUFOS)
September, 1974
AUSTRALIA, Renmark, South Australia: A woman noticed a white, dazzling light in her rearview mirror. She had pulled off the road previously, so as it passed by her, her engine stopped and the car vibrated. The light then suddenly vanished and the car could be restarted. The whole event lasted under one minute. (ACUFOS)
Sept. 16, 1974
AUSTRALIA, St. Helens, Tasmania: A woman and her two small children were driving home during a drizzle when she noticed static over the car radio. A bright light now lit up the sky in front of the car and the engine stalled out, the headlights, radio, and heater also failing. After 10 seconds, a "vibrating" noise surrounded the car and the three felt painful electric shocks on their bodies. After another minute, the car filled with a choking smell, so the group left the car and walked to the nearest home. Upon returning to the car about an hour later, nothing was found amiss except that the hood was warm. The car continued to function normally, but the woman had swollen arms and fingers and a numb right side of the face. These symptoms eventually disappeared. (TUFOIC)
Sept. 22, 1974
AUSTRALIA, Tayene, Tasmania: During a rainstorm, a bright light lit up the sky near a parked car with the radio turned on. A high-pitched whistle was then heard by the single witness, an adult woman, who also saw an orange and silver object, shaped like a saucer, dropping toward the road. Her radio immediately had static on it as the bright object appeared, and it continued as she backed up her car to get away. The object hovered for one minute about 25 meters in front of the car, then shot vertically into the sky. The witness felt physically sick after the incident. (FSR, Vol. 21, No. 5)
Sept. 24, 1974
ENGLAND, Eggardon Hill between Newport and Bridport: The interior of a car suddenly became cold and the driver could get no acceleration. The headlights then dimmed for four seconds and the two witnesses could see a bluish, fluorescent light climbing into the sky. This light came from an object shaped like a circular neon-light tube with blurred, indistinct edges. The object zigzagged as it rose and was out of sight in 15 seconds, after which time the car functioned normally and the witnesses felt no continued sensation of cold. (BUFORA)
Oct. 11, 1974
U.S., Cloudcroft, New Mexico: A metallic, domed disc-shaped object was observed about a quarter mile from the road by the driver of a pickup truck. His engine stalled out as he tried to accelerate, but the tape deck continued to operate. The saucer quickly curved up into the sky after only 8-10 seconds and the truck's engine functioned normally. (CUFOS)
Oct. 21, 1974
U.S., near Perry Center, New York: A policeman on patrol saw a blinding flash of light, then a bright yellowish light which passed overhead. A weird, high-pitched whine or wail came from his two-way radio as the light went over his car. Many other people also saw a strange light in this area at about the same time as this sighting. The noise was recorded on tape at the police headquarters, even though the radio had been switched to "receive" in the car. The tape was analyzed by the company that makes the equipment and found not to be a hoax or to be any easily reproducible sound. (CUFOS)
Dec. 2, 1974
U.S., Frederic, Wisconsin: A 69-year-old dairy farmer saw a disc-shaped object next to the road. As he drove by, he could see a figure moving inside since the object was partially transparent. He tried to quickly drive by the object, but as he did so, his headlights became dim and he heard a "whooshing" sound. The engine was unaffected throughout the sighting. (APRO Bulletin, February, 1975)
Jan. 6, 1975
U. S., near Lordsburg, New Mexico: Three peopIe listening to a CB radio in their parked car saw lights approaching them from behind. As the driver tried to move the car, the CB radio broke into static and the engine wouldn't start. A bluish light beam then shone on the car for a few seconds and the group heard a sound like the hum from high tension wires. The light then disappeared and they could start the car. As they drove away, they saw a blue glow behind a nearby hill. The battery on the car went dead a few days later. (APRO BuIIetin, June, 1975)
Jan. 12, 1975
U. S., North Bergen Park, New Jersey: A 72-year-old liquor store owner was returning home when he heard static on his car radio, then a humming sound from outside his car. He saw a domed saucer-shaped object come down quickly and land in a park. Ten small humanoids about three-and-a-half feet tall emerged and gathered soil samples for three minutes. This all occurred only 100 feet from the road. The humanoids, who were dressed in some type of uniform, then got back in the craft which slowly moved away. Holes were found later in the ground where the humanoids had taken samples, (Ted Bloecher)
Feb. 19, 1975
DENMARK, Orbak: At the same moment a woman saw a large circular object descending behind her, the car she was driving failed completely. The object gave off a blue luminescence and the witness felt increased heat in its presence. After a few moments, the object abruptly vanished and the car could be started. The witness became physically sick after the sighting. (MUFON Journal, August, 1976)
Apr. 19, 1975
U.S., Carson City, Nevada: While stopped for a traffic light, two people observed a metallic disc only 50 feet overhead. Their car radio began emitting a beeping noise three times per second. The object was 75 feet in diameter and had an orange glow on the bottom and white rotating lights on a dome on top. After 30 seconds, it quickly flew away and the radio returned to normal. (MUFON)
Summer, 1975
U.S. , near Ogenia, Wisconsin: Three men saw a blinking light in the sky. It was hovering close to the road, so as they drove closer, they could see it was a triangular object with a red, green, and yellow light at each vertex. They stopped the car underneath the object, which then moved about a mile down the road quickly. They tried to get closer, but the object continued to keep its distance, so they continued their journey. They found that the Cruise Control on their car wouldn't work, and after taking it to a garage a few days later, discovered its transistors had been burned out. (CUFOS)
July, 1975
AUSTRALIA, near Hobart, Tasmania: A family of four were 30 kilometers east of Hobart when the interior of their car suddenly became hot and the car's engine stalled. They saw an object ahead about 200-300 meters, hovering 20 meters over the road. It was five meters in width, round and colored white or gray, with its own luminiscence. After about two minutes, the object took off very quickly on a spiral trajectory to the south or southwest. The husband checked the car, could find nothing wrong, so the family continued their journey. (ACOS Bulletin, December, 1977)
About July, 1975
AUSTRALIA, Poatina Highway, Tasmania: On a cold and snowy night the driver of a car experienced a chilly sensation even though the heater was on. He then had difficulty steering the car and was forced to slow down. At that point, he observed an orange-colored light to the side of the road. It disappeared, but 100 meters further, he again had trouble steering and saw an oval object with orange and bluish glows on its body, and a blue and yellow-colored tail. It was hovering by the road, then slowly moved away, and he experienced no further difficulty with the steering. (ACUFOS)
Aug. 5, 1975
AUSTRALIA, Orielton, Tasmania: While driving to work, a man had considerable difficulty with his car. The battery discharge light remained on and the lights kept dimming. After half an hour, he turned around and just then spotted a whitish-colored object descending from the sky in a "curling" trajectory, leaving an exhaust. It was 80 feet in diameter and 450 feet away, but visible for only 10 seconds. After arriving home and leaving his car shut off for a few moments, he found that it wouldn't start. But 15 minutes later, it started perfectly and gave him no more trouble. (ACUFOS)
Aug. 17, 1975
U.S., Keams Canyon, Arizona: A 33-year-old policeman observed a strange bright light surrounded by red and green rotating lights. Three to five minutes after losing sight of the object, his car's engine, headlights, and radio inexplicably failed for 30 seconds. (CUFOS)
Sept. 5, 1975
U.S., near Mt. Wilson, California: A 58-year-old man driving in a mountainous area saw an array of turquoise-blue lights in a triangular formation. He watched these lights as he descended the mountain. Eventually he stopped to get a better view and while he was watching, his car radio emitted "white noise." This was the only time during the sighting there was any interference with the radio's reception. The witness estimated the formation of lights was 15 feet wide and had come within a half mile of his car at its closest approach. After 15 minutes, he lost sight of the lights. (CUFOS)
Nov. 4, 1975
U.S., Ross, Ohio: Six people noticed a cylinder-shaped object hovering at treetop height near the road. The engine and lights on their car went off while it was in view. It was 75 feet in length and had blue, green, and red rotating lights and square windows. As it began rotating faster, a three-foot diameter red ball of light was ejected from the large object. Both then flew away. (Skylook, January, 1976)
Nov. 15, 1975
U.S., near Pacific, Missouri: A luminous red object approached a car. The radio reception became quite poor with heavy static. The object jettisoned some white balls of light. The metal on the car was reported to be magnetized after the sighting. (Skylook, February, 1976)
Nov. 16, 1975
SPAIN, between Bocos and Curiel, Valladolid: A priest driving home saw an ellipsoidal reddish object much larger in apparent size than the full moon. He tried to drive away, but the engine of his car died suddenly and the car ended up partly in a ditch. The headlights continued to work. The object was hovering about one or one and a half kilometers away near the mountains, then suddenly moved away. He was still unable to start the car, so he walked to the nearest village for help. When he returned to his car, it started with no difficulty. (FSR, Vol. 22, No. 6)
Late Nov., 1975
U.S., near Goodridge, Minnesota: Nine miles west of Goodridge, two men saw a glowing red object in a field. They stopped their car to watch, but the engine stalled out. The object was only eight feet in diameter, and it rose into the air, hovered for a few seconds, then landed again. Their car could then be restarted, so the witnesses drove away. The car, which was new, required an extensive tuneup afterwards. (Author's files)
Mid-Dec., 1975
SPAIN, between Castrouno and Pollos, Valladolid: Two people saw a white transparent light hovering over the road ahead. The engine of their car failed, but the headlights remained on. The light was about four meters in width. It then gradually moved off to their left, and the engine of the car could be restarted. A local farmer's son had seen the same type of light a few days before. (FSR, Vol. 22, No. 6)
Dec. 23, 1975
U.S., Goodridge, Minnesota: Three teenaged girls noticed a bright light in the sky, whereupon their car's engine and lights failed. The light came closer and they saw it was an orange object, flat on top and round on the sides. It also had several flashing yellow lights and appeared to be 20-30 feet in diameter. After passing only 25 feet from the car, it suddenly disappeared and the lights and engine came on by themselves. (Author's fiIes)
Feb. 17, 1976
about 0400
AUSTRALIA, Tarraleah to Berridale, Tasmania: A truck driver saw a bright object ahead and to his left, low to the ground. After some time, the light had maintained its position relative to the truck, so the driver woke up his companion. The driver estimated the object was about one kilometer away and 300 meters in altitude. The men tried a transistor radio, but it had only static until the end of the sighting. They estimated the object to be 10 meters in diameter, with a dome on top. After being paced for 60 kilometers, they stopped to change drivers. The UFO dropped down within 300 meters of the truck, then hovered nearby. As they started driving again, the UFO moved over the road and paced them again at varying distances until sunrise. A small orange light accompanied the main object during the latter half of the sighting, (ACOS Bulletin, June, 1976)
Feb. 18, 1976
U.S., near Okatchee, Alabama: Two women driving in a rural area saw lights pacing their car high in the sky, then saw a large orange object in the woods near the ground to their left. Their CB radio stopped working--no static, nothing at all. Two objects then followed them for 13-14 miles until Lincoln, Alabama, where they approached within 300-400 feet. The women saw five objects at this point. After passing through Lincoln, the objects stopped pacing the car and the CB radio suddenly started working. The two objects that had paced the car were egg-shaped and glowing with a fluorescent light. (CUFOS)
Feb. 20, 1976
U.S., Essex County, Massachusetts: A young man and woman saw some odd red lights in the sky. Then two flattened disc-shaped objects with three triangular lights descended close to their car and maneuvered nearby for about 10 minutes. The car's radio had heavy static during a portion of the sighting. The two objects finally flew out of view. (MUFON)
Mar. 5, 1976
U.S., Redmond, Oregon: A 23-year-old woman first saw an object high in the sky, which then dropped down to an altitude of only 75 feet. The object was disc-shaped, about 26 feet in diameter, and had red and white lights revolving around its exterior. Two light beams were directed from the object to the ground. The radio in the car went dead when the object came near, and though the woman kept driving, it did not work again until two miles down the road. The object did not follow the car. (CUFOS)
Apr. 21, 1976
U.S., near Stacy, Minnesota: While driving through marshland, a 23-year-old woman saw a greenish-colored light off the highway. She stopped her pickup truck on a bridge and noticed that the light was pulsating and moving towards her. It passed overhead at 300-400 feet, and she estimated it was 12-15 feet in diameter. There was static on her CB radio as it came near. The light suddenly went up vertically and disappeared. (CUFOS)
Apr. 22, 1976
U.S., Elmwood, Wisconsin: A 71-year-old policeman saw an orange glow over a hill and drove to investigate. He then observed a huge object 250 feet in diameter and only 100 feet in altitude. It had six blue windows, projections like fins, and landing legs. He could see figures moving inside. Suddenly the UFO flashed a blue color and his headlights and two-way radio went off. It then left quickly, giving off a loud sound. The witness was stunned and needed treatment at the hospital; the car needed new spark plugs and a condenser. Other people reported their TV sets hadn't worked at the same time the policeman saw the object. (CUFOS)
June 3, 1976
U.S., Troy, Michigan: Two people saw a disc-shaped object the color of silver or chrome moving nearby in the sky. They followed it in their car for some time as it changed directions and moved erratically about. They also heard unusual static on the car radio during the sighting. Eventually the object suddenly left very quickly and they could not keep pace with it. (Author's files)
June 11, 1976
FRANCE, near Romans: The witness' car stalled and the head lights went out. She then observed an orange domed disc approach the car. Her memory then blanked out until she arrived home two hours later than usual. Under hypnosis, it appears she was examined in the UFO by two three-foot humanoids. (CUFOS)
Aug. 6, 1976
CANADA, Gaspesie, Quebec: Driving on a foggy day, a family's car was paced by a red "spotlight." Then the car lights and engine failed and the interior of the car became hotter. The witnesses got out and saw a huge oval object with windows. They could see strange entities inside with very large eyes. The object finally flew away. (UFO Occupants and Critters, John Musgrave)
Aug. 15, 1976
AUSTRALIA, New Norfolk, Tasmania: Two teenagers saw a domed metallic disc which paced their car for some time. The car radio decreased in volume during the sighting. A yellow glow came from the bottom of the disc, which was always quite distant during the sighting. (ACUFOS)
Aug. 28, 1976
NORWAY, Malsjoen: A man sitting in a parked car with the motor running decided to start moving, but the car gave him trouble. He got out to investigate and saw a glowing square object coming down the side of a nearby mountain. It remained 30 meters from the ground and passed close to the witness. As it did so, he heard a cracking sound from the car's motor, and he thought he saw the outlines of a dark object around the light. The car could be restarted after the object was gone, but he later found that two of the sparkplugs had broken clean across. (MUFON Journal, February, 1980)
Sept. 17, 1976
AUSTRALIA, Wingen, New South Wales: While enroute to a broken-down truck, a mechanic noticed his engine begin to lose power and the headlights go out. After he stopped by the side of the road (by which time the engine had stopped completely), he got out to see what was wrong. First he noticed that the speedometer was jumping from 0-40 kph even though the car was turned off. His flashlight wouldn't work either, and the magnet on its side wouldn't hold the flashlight to the metal. He then saw a light approaching from his left. After two minutes, it appeared as a roundish, very bright object moving in a straight line. It passed only 12 feet over the car and moved into the distance, giving off an intense blue glow. The engine then "turned over" a few times but didn't completely start, even though the ignition keys were not in. The headlights and radio came back on and he restarted the car. He had trouble with the car later and finally sold it. His watch had also stopped during the sighting. (ACUFOS)
Nov. 22, 1976
U.S., Rockford, Michigan: A man observed an oblong, greenish-colored object about 60 feet in diameter descend towards the ground. It had a surrounding haze and a reddish-colored backside. He saw it for only four or five seconds until it moved behind some trees. There was interference on his car radio during the sighting. (CUFOS)
Dec. 26, 1976
CANADA, near Whitehorse, Yukon: Two ambulance attendants saw two oval objects pacing their vehicle for some time. The objects were about two miles away and were observed intermittently as they passed behind the mountains. At one point in the sighting, the men had no control of the electrical system of the ambulance, including the lights and siren. The objects eventually moved out of view. (CUFOS)
Jan. 27, 1977
U.S., Prospect, Kentucky: A teenaged boy spotted a rectangular, orangish-red object coming down to the car. His jeep's radio failed 15 seconds into the sighting. He felt compelled to watch the object, which stayed in the vicinity only a short time. However, under hypnosis, he related being taken inside the object and examined by three strange creatures that were shaped like machines. The electrical system on his jeep went haywire the day after the sighting. (CUFOS)
Feb. 4, 1977
ENGLAND, Basford, Staffordshire: An automobile club patrolman sighted a luminous orange object at some distance from his car. His two-way radio had heavy static while the object was in view. There was simultaneous radio interference at the Stafford police headquarters. (NUFON News, 1977)
Mar. 9, 1977
ENGLAND, Nelson, Lancashire: A cigar-shaped, metallic object appeared, so the two witnesses stopped their car for a better view. The UFO had lights on either end which were changing color and it was surrounded by a gray mist. The witnesses heard a sound like the tide coming in and out. As the object came very close, the engine stopped and the headlights dimmed. After five minutes, the object left and the car could be restarted. The witnesses both got headaches after the sighting. (FSR, Vol. 23, No. 2)
Mar. 13, 1977
AUSTRALIA, near Mandurah, Western Australia: Two teenagers observed a globe of light moving in a straight line. Their car's engine died during the sighting, which lasted only a few seconds, but the headlights remained on. The object was bluish-white in color and vanished in the distance, still moving at a steady speed. The car's engine then could be restarted with no trouble. (ACUFOS)
Apr. 22, 1977
AUSTRALIA, Adelaide, South Australia: A motorist saw a bright light low in the sky coming toward her car. The car lights and radio went off and the battery light came on, but after a few seconds, they both came back on. The witness, a 19-year-old girl , said the object traveled over her car in a straight line and continued into the distance. It was oval and gave off red, green, and yellow rays of light. The whole sighting lasted only one minute. (ACUFOS)
June 6, 1977
ENGLAND, near Barnard Castle, Yorkshire: A 16-year-old motorcyclist saw two purple objects for 30 seconds alongside the road. A pinkish-purple object, shaped like an oval meat dish, suddenly appeared over his cycle and an approaching car. The engines of both vehicles began to lose power. The cyclist also felt increased heat and the cycle's metal was hot to the touch. Even though both engines stopped quickly, the vehicles were dragged at least 25 feet along the road. The object then suddenly disappeared. The next day, the brakes on the cycle were found to be abnormally worn. (FSR, Vol. 23, No. 5)
June 22, 1977
SPAIN, Guia, Canary Islands: Three men in a taxi observed a gray-colored, perfect sphere which hovered a few meters above the ground. The taxi's radio stopped working and the witnesses felt very cold. Inside the sphere, which was transparent, they saw two humanoids about three meters tall, wearing reddish, tight-fitting clothing. The driver switched on a spotlight and pointed it at the object, which rose up about 30 feet and emitted a bluish gas. It then grew as large as a 20-story building, though the two humanoids and their control panels remained their original size. After a few minutes, the huge object flew away, giving off a whistling sound. People in a nearby house reported that their TV had stopped working during the sighting. (FSR, Vol. 23, No. 3)
About June 23, 1977
SOUTH AFRICA, between Noupoort and Middelburg: A driver of a newspaper delivery van saw a dull glow at a quarry beside the road. A glowing phosphorescent UFO then came out of the quarry and hovered in front of the van as its engine and lights went out. After a few moments the UFO left, making a buzzing sound. The engine of the van started by itself, then stopped, then started again when the driver pressed the pedal. (MUFON Journal, September, 1977)
July 2, 1977
AUSTRALIA, Kingston, Tasmania: An 18-year-old couple saw a reflection in their rearview mirror of a reddish-colored light. The engine of their car then lost power for 15-20 seconds, after which the light disappeared. The car came back to full power and they continued their trip. Several miles down the road the engine again lost power, but the couple could see nothing unusual. After a few seconds, the car worked perfectly again. (ACUFOS)
July 8, 1977
U.S., Jessup, Maryland: A 66-year-old farmhand was operating a tractor when a round, silver-domed disc with green "windows" came over the field. He stayed on the tractor and watched the disc move erratically about the farm for 20-25 minutes. It never came lower than about 70 feet during this time. The disc eventually moved away slowly into the distance and the witness noticed the tractor had stalled, which was very unusual since it normally would idle for hours at a time. (CUFOS)
Dec. 7, 1977
NEW ZEALAND, Tatapouri: A red, disc-shaped object came over land from the direction of the sea. It followed a car with three people inside. The headlights on the car dimmed but did not go out during the sighting, which ended when the UFO veered off into the sky. When the witnesses arrived home, they found the car's battery had no water in it, even though it had been serviced only two days before the sighting. (Spaceview, 1st quarter, 1978)
Dec. 17, 1977
U.S., Kenyon, Rhode Island: An older woman in a pickup truck observed an "ovoid, plate-like" object and pulled off the road for a better look. Another car also drove up and that driver got out and watched, too. The object was three or four times the size of a B-29 in diameter and gave off a blue-white glow. It also had four or five windows and the bottom half was blurred, as if spinning. Both cars stalled out after several minutes when the object rose on its edge vertically, but then returned to its former position. After 10 minutes, the object rapidly moved to the west. The truck and car could be restarted immediately after they stalled out. One of the witnesses reported eye irritation after the sighting. (APRO Bulletin, July, 1978)
Dec. 30, 1977
AUSTRALIA, near Keith, South Australia: A white, oval light about 27 feet in diameter paced a car 30 meters away. The two witnesses, brother and sister, reported that as they slowed the car to 8-15 kph, the engine began misfiring. They stopped then and the light continued on its course. After it was gone, the car could be started and driven with no difficulties. (UFO Research (S.A.) Newsletter, July-August, 1978)
Apr. 23, 1978
U.S., Goleta, Calfornia: A car's engine suddenly slowed inexplicably as the speed of the car dropped from 55 to 35 mph. The motorist saw a bright light at the same instant the car slowed, which made a "zinging" sound. The radio also went off. The light then became less bright, revealing four revolving lights, two green and two blue, on some type of object. After about three minutes, the witness had driven out of sight of the object and she reported that the engine and radio worked normally. (CUFOS)
May 24, 1978
U.S., Tuscaloosa, Alabama: Driving in the city, a 21-year-old college student saw a metallic object nearby. His car radio had a burst of static as he sighted the object, which was glowing yellow-white with blue, orange, green, and yellow lights rotating on its bottom. The driver continued to drive past the object and did not see how it departed or when. (CUFOS)
July 27, 1978
U.S., Sheffield Village, Ohio: Three people observed a silver, banana-shaped object with red and blue flashing lights. The engine and headlights of their car went out as the object came close to the ground about 600 feet away. It made a wavering, humming sound and moved up and down near the ground for about 15 minutes, then flew away. The car could not be restarted for an hour and a half after the sighting. (IUR, September, 1978)
Aug. 24, 1978
U.S., Ottumwa, Iowa: Ten miles south of Ottumwa, a 54-year-old woman saw a red or orange light fly from east to west in front of her car, a '72 Ford LTD. Her windshield fogged up and the engine failed. In a few seconds, the car restarted without her turning the key and the window defogged. The UFO, which appeared the size of the full moon, vanished behind some treetops. (IUR, December, 1978)
Aug. 24, 1978
U.S., Ginghamsburg, Ohio: Two 19-year-old girls saw two orange lights, "prominent in the middle, faded at the ends." The car radio gave off a hum and the car wouldn't go faster than 20 mph. The two lights also gave off this humming sound. One of the lights shone a light beam on the witnesses for one second. The witnesses then looked away and didn't see the lights again when they looked back. The car continued to have engine trouble after the event. s4(IUR, December, 1978)
30 août 1978, 23 h 30 U.S., Nisula, Michigan: A cone-shaped object flew directly toward a pickup truck. The object had two red lights on top and bottom, and a white light in the middle. The driver of the truck reported that it stalled as the object flew fairly low, directly overhead. The truck did not have a history of engine trouble. As the object receded into the distance, the engine could be restarted. s5(IUR, December, 1978)
26 septembre 1978, 0 h 05 U.S., Strongsville, Ohio: A teenager observed a flattened disc-shaped object with a flat dome on top. It gave off a dim glow through openings around the edge. The driver stopped the car to watch. The object moved to her right, then back to her left. When it was directly in front of the car, her FM car radio had heavy static for 10-15 s and the headlights went out for one second. The object then flew away quickly. The engine of her '70 Dodge Challenger was never affected.s6 (IUR, July, 1979)
28 septembre 1978, 2 h 00 U.S., Omaha, Nebraska: Driving north of Omaha, two people saw a cone-shaped object approach their car from the west. It had three bright, white lights on the bottom which seemed to be rotating. It then slowed and the witnesses passed by and lost sight of the object in under 1 mn. During the sighting, a pre-recorded cassette tape playing in the '69 VW's tape player became erased, even though the tape player had no provision for erasing tape. s7(IUR, July, 1979)
9 novembre 1978, 3 h 15 AUSTRALIA, Risdon Vale, Tasmania: While driving a taxi during a light rain, the driver saw a green shape drift out into the road ahead. It seemed to be a four-foot-tall triangle. As he quickly braked to avoid hitting it, the radio stopped working and he heard a high-pitched squeaking noise. The taxi stopped five meters from the triangle, and at that moment, it suddenly vanished. s8(TUFOIC)
19 novembre 1978, 3 h 30 ITALY: While trying out a CB radio in a car, the three witnesses heard a noise like a harvester or reaper. The CB radio then stopped working and the area around the car was illuminated by a red, glaring light. As they started to drive away, they noticed the car had moved 20 m from where it had been parked and was pointing in the opposite direction. As they left, they observed a sphere traveling away in the distance as the red light faded.s9 (IUR, September-October, 1979)
22 novembre 1978, 17 h 30 ENGLAND, Church Stowe, Weedon: A woman saw an egg-timer-shaped object with red and green lights on either end hovering low over the road ahead. She kept driving for 1/2 mile, then the car's engine suddenly failed. She downshifted and the engine started, but 100 yards further, the headlights and engine both went off and the car became surrounded by "blackness." White circles of light one yard across circled the car at window level , then disappeared. The next moment the witness was driving in third gear, not recalling starting the car. When she arrived home, she found the trip took 10 minutes longer than usual. The sidelight on her car did not work before the sighting, but did work afterwards. s10(BUFORA Journal, April, 1979)
Avril 1979, 0 h 20 AUSTRALIA, Gormanston Saddle, Tasmania: A taxi driver noticed a green light with purple edges hovering over some gravel by the road. It then came directly over the taxi, lighting up the interior. The taxi's engine lost power and the two-way radio wouldn't work for 1 mn. The light, which was three quarters of a meter in diameter, moved ahead of the car, then disappeared. The engine problem cleared up and he drove on to get his passenger. A flashing white light was seen in the eastern sky as he arrived at his destination. s11(ACOS BuIIetin, October, 1979)
1er août 1979, 01 h 35 U.S., Lewisboro, New York: A policeman saw a dull white ball of light flying over his car, about 700 feet in altitude. It appeared to be slightly larger than his car. He watched it for 70 s; 20 mn later the ball of light appeared again, hovered, went north, and vanished in seconds. The two-way radio in the car and the portable radio wouldn't work during the 2nd sighting. At least 6 other people in this area reported seeing a ball of light that night, one of whom reported static on her radio. s12(IUR, September October, 1979)
12 août 1979, 22 h 00 U.S., near Rolla, Missouri: 2 teenaged brothers out practicing driving saw a red light and a blue light come over the car, revolving around each other. The boys head a whooshing sound as the lights passed over the car. They felt pressed against the seat and thought the car was floating. Their chests felt warm. The lights blended into a white light which disappeared in the western sky. On the trip home, there was heavy static on their AM radio and they couldn't hear the engine. The car seemed to be going very fast and steered with difficulty. They also had trouble speaking and breathing. After 10 mn, their symptoms vanished. s13(IUR, September-October, 1979)
27 août 1979,
01 h 40
U.S., near Stephen, Minnesota: 10 miles west of Stephen, a 35-year-old policeman saw a light low to the ground on his left. It was hovering by a stand of trees. He drove toward it and at a distance of one and a half miles, it instantaneously accelerated and hit the car. The witness blacked out. When he awoke, he found the windshield broken, the antenna bent, and the car skidded sideways across the road. Both the car clock and his wristwatch were running 14 mn slow. His eyes were irritated as if by welder's burn. Extensive investigation revealed no known phenomenon that could have produced the damage to his vehicle. s14(CUFOS)