Effets électromagnétiques

Cas 30 - June 24, in Cascade Mts., Oregon

On the morning of the same day that Kenneth Arnold made his sighting, a Portland prospector, Fred M. Johnson, saw a loose group of five or six objects in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. He described them as round, metallic-looking discs and said they appeared to have tails, or fins, as they banked in the sun about 1000 feet overhead. They were approximately 30 feet in diameter and Johnson turned his telescope on one of the objects for a closer look. As he did this, he noticed that the needle on his compass was behaving in an unusual manner, weaving wildly back and forth while the objects were overhead. This strange reaction stopped as soon as the objects moved off to the southeast. They had been in view from 45 à 60 s. The Air Force classifies this sighting as Unidentified.

Cas 386 - July 6, Acampo, California

Residents of Acampo, a residential community just north of Lodi, reported that they had heard a loud roar and saw a strange glow in the sky just before dawn. At the same time, the entire town had a power outage. Mrs. W. C. Smith, wife of a high school physics instructor, said the noise was like a four-motored bomber with its props feathered for a take-off. Looking toward the sky she saw a red glow just as all the power in the community failed. Neighbors reported having seen the same glow and hearing the same roar.

Erving Newcomb of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company threw cold water on any connection between the outage and flying saucers. He said a low-flying crop-dusting plane had probably struck a power line and burned out a transformer. There were no reports of any damaged power lines and as far as anyone knew, there had been no crop-dusting going on before dawn on that Sunday morning.

Cas 637 - July 7, Hollywood, California

Six silver discs like silver reflections were reported by Ralph Whitmore, an advertising man. He saw them at 3:10 p.m. going northeast over Roosevelt Park in the direction of Mount Wilson (Case 636).

Around the same time, an anonymous man from the Hollywood area phoned the papers to report that he had just seen 6 discs the size of small plates hovering over power lines near his home when he went outside to find out what might be causing "strange noises" on his radio.