The Straith letter

R. E. Straith: Cultural Exchange Committee, Department of State, Washington, Wednesday, December 6, 1967
Original letter
Original letter

Prof. George AdamskiAdamski, George
Star Route,
Valley Center

My Dear Professor:

For the time being, let us consider this a personal letter and not to be construed as an official communication of the Department. I speak on behalf of only a part of our people here in regard to the controversial matter of the UFO, but I might add that my group has been outspoken in its criticism of official policy.

We have also criticized the self-assumed role of our Air Force in usurping the role of chief investigating agency on the UFO. Your own experiences will lead you to know already that the Department has done its own research and has been able to arrive at a number of sound conclusions. It will no doubt please you to know that the Department has on file a great deal of confirmatory evidence bearing out your own claims, which, as both of us must realize, are controversial, and have been disputed generally.

While certainly the Department cannot publicly confirm your experience, it can, I believe, with propriety, encourage your work and your communication of what you sincerely believe should be told to our American public.

In the event you are in Washington, I do hope that you will stop by for an informal talk. I expect to be away from Washington during the most of February, but should return by the last week in that month.