UFO Report - Lower Wood Harbour, N. S.

RG 24, acquisition 83-84/167, boƮte 7523, dossier DRBS 3800-10-1, partie 1

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A RCMP Corporal and 6 other witnesses observed what they believed to be an unidentified flying object off the southwest coast of Nova Scotia, Canada on the 4th October 1967. The object was described as approximately 60 feet in length and was flying in an easterly direction when first sighted. During their observation, the UFO descended rapidly to the surface and made a "bright splash" as it struck the water. For some time after the impact a single white light remained on the surface. The RCMP Corporal endeavoured to reach the location the object sank. A search of the area failed to produce any material evidence which could assist in explaning or establishing the identity of the object. An underwater search conducted by divers from the Department of National Defence also failed to locate any tangible evidence which could be used to arrive at an explainable conclusion.